The Three Far-Right Parties in France, Explained…

The reason behind the impossibility of creating a stable government in France lies in this issue we already know about: Marine Le Pen’s party, Eric Zemmour’s party, and the “Ensemble” party of the presidential majority. These represent the new face of far-right parties, denigrating and exploiting political parties with whom they do not share opinions, governing by using every constitutional trick to forbid any form of debate, with the only acceptable debates being their own.

It is interesting to see, on French television at the moment, the language used that clearly suggests they are trying to steal the legislative election from the people. They use insulting terms for the political parties they do not want to see in Matignon, attempting to instill in the French people’s minds that they are the only ones capable of governing with the right and the right wing of the Socialist Party. Even though President Macron’s party was significantly defeated in the last elections, they are once again trying to present themselves as the only party capable of forming a government and thus attempting to find a new majority for Macron, who clings to power like an octopus. He is the sole person responsible for the rising hatred since he came to power, and by dissolving his government, he has plunged the country into chaos.

As intransigent as Marine Le Pen’s party, Macron’s “Ensemble” party does everything to set the French against each other and thus take advantage of this situation to impose their vile way of governing, if necessary by force, making no more of democracy and respect for the voters than any other far-right political party. It is thanks to Macron’s successive governments that almost the entire national press has fallen into the hands of far-right financiers, a far-right that the president’s party denigrates in front of cameras but whose political ideas on security, immigration, and the destruction of the social and economic fabric in favor of the rich it uses. This policy has prevented him from having a majority, and by calling to block the National Rally, he managed to retain seats. It has artificially increased the number of socialist, ecologist, and communist elected officials, hence the impossibility of forming a stable majority. We are even beginning to hear that the ultra-liberal former socialist president, who is compatible with Macron’s clan, could become prime minister, essentially continuing the little tricks among friends, which is unlikely to calm the population.


By the editorial staff