Mini PC Linux, AMD Ryzen 7 5700U (8C/16T, up to 4.3Ghz) Mini Gaming PC, 32GB DDR4 RAM 1TB PCIe

SSD Mini Computers Supports 4K Triple Display WiFi/BT5.0/HDMI+DP Micro Desktop Computer OS –  Ubuntu 22.04.

An excellent machine, fast and reliable, its only flaw… the stock version of Ubuntu and the inability to access the BIOS to install Ubuntu version 23.10. The size doesn’t match the speed of the machine, which is a true powerhouse in this version, far too powerful for playing Roblox, which can suffice with much less, but it will make an incredible office machine, provided you’re a system expert. On my end, mastering Mac OS, Windows, and Linux, it took me 4 hours to overcome it, install Ubuntu version 23.10, and then struggle to finish its installation manually because the Home wasn’t appearing, rendering the machine unusable.

For those who want a simpler machine delivered with Ubuntu, I recommend one of the models from Belkin. In case of issues, you’ll have real access to the BIOS and thus the possibility of performing a “clean install” of version 23.10. The model we present to you will be perfect for experts. This small machine has two Ethernet ports like the old Mac Pros, Wi-Fi 6, and two HDMI ports, a headphone output, two USB 3.2 ports on the front, and two other USB ports at the back of the machine.

Wi-Fi 6 works very well; however, I recommend using the Ethernet port if possible for installations and updates or if your work requires handling large files, as Wi-Fi is by definition fluctuating and unstable for such operations. If needed, you can add a Blu-Ray player. And for your information, even though we managed to recognize and print with a lot of effort using a LaserJet Pro MFP M130fw printer, the HP Envy Photo 7855 is recognized by the system but unusable due to the inability to perform a “clean install.” The installation via the terminal was also very problematic, forcing us to install a whole bunch of elements manually. For this color photo printer, we found no solution; we’ll have to wait for a future update…

So, it’s a very well-designed machine. Hopefully, the manufacturer will offer versions with Ubuntu 23.10, which would solve quite a few issues, as version 22.04 is very problematic for printer management and other functions.

Design: *****
Ubuntu OS 22.04 **
Machine reserved for IT professionals.
Price: *****”