H Wines

With a name like this, it’s hard to imagine that it is a highly friendly corner of France located in the charming city of Montgomery. Open the door, and you will come across Steve and his team, formerly a winemaker in Burgundy, now a winemaker in Texas, producing some quality wines to discover and purchase on-site. But that’s not all, far from it! It’s a very friendly place where you can come and taste wines from France, and not just any wines.

While there are many quality wines and champagnes in California, Texas-produced wine is generally quite mediocre and has a high alcohol content. Stevie’s work, which is starting to bear fruit, is to offer quality Texan wine. From my point of view, the white is currently the most refined, along with his ratafia (sweet aperitif or dessert wine), and the red is pleasant and evolving.

The setting is amusing as it used to be the first bank in Montgomery. You can see the door of the vault, which is now the wine reserve. It is also possible to eat there, and you can see what is offered here: https://www.h-wines.com/services

A wide selection of fine French wines and a variety of Texan wines from H Wines production are offered on this page:https://www.h-wines.com/sparkling

And then there’s a very good Burgundian Crémant that is offered, a kind of champagne (for those who are not familiar). It is both a place of culture and discovery, and you can also play while tasting wine. Again, as everywhere in Montgomery, friendliness is the rule. Steve speaks English and French and will always be happy to welcome you with his team.

To be classified in the “4-star” category for the quality of what is offered, here is, for example, the menu of French wines: [link to the website], and we are still far from everything you can taste there.

You can also become a member of the club; see the conditions here:

https://www.h-wines.com/sparkling , et on est encore loin de tout ce que vous pouvez y déguster.

Vous pouvez également devenir membre du club, voir les conditions ici https://www.h-wines.com/wine-club

This place is recommended by Bayou Blue Radio.Contact

Steve : 832-8709303

Philippe : 832 992 2032

Tasting Room: 14343 Liberty Street – Montgomery, TX 77536

Winery: 110 Pinto Lane – Coldspring TX 77331