Audio Edit Studio – for radio stations, journalists and podcasters


How many times have the technical staff at radio stations been forced to explain the workings of GarageBand dozens of times to the same person? Often, even a regular user just needs to forget to click a box for nothing to work.

Audio Edit Studio will make you forget all of that; indeed, it will automatically recognize your DAW source. A big advantage is that its interface is reduced to the minimum useful functions: recording, editing, fade in, fade out. To record, simply export in the desired format and sample rate.


For those who remember Sound Forge Pro, which was available on Mac back when Sony created this application, Audio Edit Studio is in the same vein. You will be surprised by the recording quality of Audio Edit Studio. If your mixing console is quiet, and if you use an audio interface from brands like Neumann, Focusrite, or Yamaha, the playback quality will be worthy of the best studios.

To buy Audio Edit Studio ($9.99)