Another way to enjoy the sound quality of Bayou Blue Radio

Whether in our upcoming FM version or on the web or via satellite, you will experience the same audio quality. Whether it’s for our future shows or playlists, you will have the option to enjoy a sound akin to what one can experience in recording studios, providing you with an exceptional audio experience.

Here’s another way to savor the audio quality of Bayou Blue Radio by assembling a hi-fi system with separate components.

High-end amplification with the Marantz Model 50, See here

Retrieve the sound via FM, streaming, or satellite with the Marantz M-CR612, See here


And the incomparable sound of JBL Studio 698 speakers, which are equally impressive with acoustic and electronic sounds. See here

Upgrade your audio experience with these high-quality components, and stay tuned for an even better listening experience as we make the move to FM. Thank you for being a part of Bayou Blue Radio!