PixelStyle Photo Editor




Over the years, Adobe Photoshop has become a bloated software, and the subscription sales are borderline extortion, forcing all graphic designers to purchase at a high price an application of which, most of the time, they only use at best 25% of its capabilities.

PixelStyle Photo Editor is an excellent initiative on Mac, and if like me, you have used Photoshop since its very first version, it will only take you a few hours to get used to it. Economically, the application is free; let’s consider this the basic engine, and if you want to, for example, also replace Adobe Illustrator, you can purchase Super Vectorizer Pro: AI for only $9.99, which is also very impressive.

PixelStyle Photo Editor incorporates the main functions of Adobe Photoshop. I would say that its scope is directly aimed at the press because, with a little practice, you can significantly increase productivity compared to Adobe Photoshop. It’s also ideal for photographers, as the image processing you can do is similar to Photoshop, without too many gimmicks, just what you need. From the first launch of the application, you will have a sense of familiarity; for the rest, certain functions have different names but do the same thing as Photoshop, often better and faster.

Download it on the Mac App Store