Originally, before becoming Bayou Blue Radio, this media was owned by French bluesman Phil Bonin https://www.philbonin.com/

Originally specialized in blues and called W3 Blues Radio, Phil ran out of time to take care of it, and asked Thierry De Clemensat https://thierry-artbroker.com/, journalist, translator and art director, to take over, progressively. Thierry’s specialty is contemporary jazz, and he transformed the radio into a format a little less “roots.”  Two years later, jazz appears, singer Ilene Martinez https://ilene-martinez.com/ joined the radio, and little by little, it took its current form.

Always looking for the best artists in jazz, smooth jazz, Americana and funk, Bayou Blue Radio began to take an educational turn.  Because of the lack of diversity of the current media and the poverty of the content they offer, Bayou Blue Radio started producing interview shows, featuring artists in jazz and soul.  The latest presents French artists, telling their story up to their latest album; other programs are in preparation for our arrival on the FM antenna in the USA, which should be in 2023

A new host-producer joins Bayou Blue Radio, a great specialist of funk music, Jay Myers, who you certainly know if you have followed Funktropolis on Bayou Blue Radio, these past few years.

Four people are at the head of the future Bayou Blue Radio ship… Ilene, Thierry, Jay and Cynthia Montgomery, who is also part of Funktropolis.

An association of diverse talents who share a common view of the world.