2023 Ranking – Bayou Blue Radio’s Austin Burger Picks


This ranking is primarily intended for those who are discovering Austin.

  1. Terry’s

Undoubtedly one of the best burgers you can enjoy in Austin. The burgers are delicious, well-prepared, and if you’re not a fan of sodas, you can ask for their fantastic lemonade instead. The ordering setup has a touch of Disneyland charm, it’s visually pleasing, and the waiting time is minimal. The staff is friendly. https://pterrys.com/

  1. Dan’s Burgers

A historic restaurant with multiple locations in Austin. The burgers are simple and excellent. You can also have your breakfast here. The original 1950s decor adds to the experience. The only downside is they offer only sodas, no lemonade. https://www.dans-hamburgers.com

  1. Waterloo Ice House

With several branches in Austin, this place offers a wide variety of equally succulent burgers. You can also enjoy Tex-Mex cuisine and cocktails here. A word of advice: I don’t recommend American beers for Europeans, as you might find them bland and uninteresting. https://www.waterlooicehouse.com/

  1. Applebee’s

An excellent restaurant chain found all over the USA that allows you to taste a variety of American cuisine, including burgers and Tex-Mex dishes. The overall quality is good, and their cocktails are excellent. https://www.applebees.com/en/

  1. Whataburger

What sets Whataburger apart is its Texan heritage. The burgers are generously sized, and they even have a version with chili. However, it’s the least impressive among the Top 5. It’s worth trying, especially for its quirky charm, and you can easily spot their distinctive orange and white slatted roof from a distance. https://whataburger.com/home

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, and we’ll continue to expand it as we make more discoveries.