Phil’s Roadhouse & Grill

If you want to eat well in Texas and love meat, the best option is to venture outside the big cities and travel through the countryside. Sometimes, you’ll stumble upon a village where cuisine is practically an art, as is the case with this restaurant. Vegans can settle for an excellent salad, but for others, whether it’s steaks or barbecues, this place has it all.

Push the door open, and you’ll find a cozy atmosphere. The kindness of the servers is undoubtedly one of the ingredients for the success of this restaurant. For the rest, just take a look at the menu to know that you’re in for a good time, check it out here: The service is fast and very friendly. In this village, everyone loves to chat with everyone, whether you’re American or European. In the latter case, you may need to get used to the local accent, but you can easily strike up a conversation with the staff.

I opted for the 1 Meat BBQ Dinner, and when the plate arrived, it was appetizing. Having developed the habit of enjoying such meals without bread, considering the richness in calories, I delved into the BBQ. The flavors that unfolded in my mouth were a medley I hadn’t expected – remarkable and daring! A true piece of art skillfully juggling with all these ingredients.

The local atmosphere is reassuring, making it a highly recommended place. The meat is of excellent quality, and so is the cuisine. Will we go back? Absolutely! Besides, how can one resist with reasonable prices and quality cuisine?

To make a reservation, visit: 936-597-6733

1475 Liberty St – Montgomery, TX 77316


Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move