Questions Surrounding the Fourth Indictment of Trump in Georgia

A European observing American press coverage on the subject, one can only admire the transparency of the news and also admire the work of the judge and her team who conducted the investigation. One can imagine the enormous pressure that must have weighed on their shoulders, and the high quality of their press briefing, as well as the sobriety of their discourse.

It must be said that the long list of indictments in this case must be unsettling for the Republican Party, as a significant number of their prominent members are implicated. In Europe, we have lost count of the number of ministers or presidents entangled in affairs without any clear resolution, and we never receive such precise updates.

Of course, these observations do not predict the outcome of this trial, especially considering the millions of dollars invested in Trump’s defense. However, at the very least, the facts are now established and known to all, which is the minimum requirement for a democracy.

The entire American press, on September 15th, features this case on their front pages. Articles continue to appear throughout the day. I cannot recommend enough the articles from The Washington Post, which are always of very high quality. The work of all journalists is now focused on the eighteen individuals indicted in this case, revealing a genuine malevolent organization surrounding the main accused.

Among the recurring questions is: if Trump is convicted, what will happen? We already know that it won’t prevent him from continuing his election campaign, but in the event of victory? It’s difficult to imagine a president governing a country like the USA from a prison cell, and as there is no precedent, any speculation is permissible.

Another question is how long the religious fundamentalists that have infested the Republican Party will continue to dominate and support Trump. It’s undoubtedly time for this party to clean house and become more credible, because by supporting the untenable, they are putting democracy at immense risk, which is already struggling to recover from the Trump era.

Without a doubt, this trial, like the three others that the former president must face, will be fascinating to observe. What will the consequences be, both in the coming days and after the trials? This is a historic, unique moment, and we hope that something positive will emerge from it.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in Chief

Bayou Bue Radio, Bayou Blue News