Social Democracy Is the European Poison

What is happening in France right now on the political level reveals the deadly politics of social democracy. To understand it properly, social democracy is nothing more than a right-wing that is vaguely social purely for electoral purposes. Evidence of this is the unnatural alliances on both the left and the right, attempting to continue existing and keep their positions. Many politicians are willing to do anything to maintain their privileges. The level of corruption is such in every French political party that citizens have become accustomed to not voting for decades.

Recent statistics in France show that for the upcoming legislative elections, the voter turnout is expected to exceed 60%. This can be easily analyzed, as no one wants to see Macron’s party’s elected officials re-elected. There are those who yield to the sirens of the far right, more out of a desire to expel the current powers than a genuine wish to see them in power. There’s also a very unhealthy game on the left, where social democrats are willing to sell themselves to the president’s party after the first round of elections to continue the deadly economic policies implemented at the European level since the Maastricht Treaty.

President Macron, far more effective in political scheming than in real strategies, is aware of all this and has provoked these early elections, knowing that even if hated by the people, the social democratic elected officials would again eat out of his hand to avoid losing their place to the far right. Without being a soothsayer, the big losers will be the voters, who in such a configuration will once again be betrayed in one way or another. This risks plunging the country quickly into a form of civil war, as for now, there is no serious alternative to this system that the population no longer wants.

The Editorial Team