Passage from LG 32QN600-B (IPS) screen to Viewsonic VA3456 MHDj34 (IPS)

We made this change without any regret, because indeed while LG panels are of good quality, on the electronic side it’s a guaranteed disaster, with color calibration being impossible and causing eye strain with each use. At best, the LG 32QN600-B will serve as a fairly average screen for office work and suffers from excessive power consumption, whereas the generous Viewsonic VA3456 MHDj34 34-inch consumes only 43w…

Barely installed, immediately tested, the result is simply amazing with a display of 3440X1440 at 60hz; the quality is remarkable, the screen being matte, it’s almost like looking at a piece of paper, which is a win for the eyes. The panel allows for photographic work or video editing; even more surprising, after a driver update search, a new driver version is proposed, just needing to recalibrate which is very easily done from our Nvidia card application.

34 inches may seem large, but from my point of view for photographic work where you often need to zoom in to spot certain defects, up to 40 inches is not a luxury, just the bare minimum. Gaming enthusiasts who prefer the flashy aspect of glossy screens will pass on this, as with a 60hz refresh rate, it’s not sufficient for gaming anyway compared to the LG 32QN600-B (IPS). The audio output is also of very high quality, allowing us to pass the audio from our computer to a large mixing table at maximum quality, which was not the case with the LG screen whose audio electronics were questionable.

The only downside from my point of view is the menus are very difficult to navigate; you just need to pay attention to the color calibration. It’s best to manually adjust each step if you’re a professional in the field, with a bit of tweaking, you’ll achieve more than satisfactory results.

What’s important for professionals is to have deep blacks and whites that don’t lean towards red, blue, or green. Here everything is perfectly clean, to the point that I’m considering using this screen for my black and white photos in the long run because the image processing on this side is remarkable. This screen is almost too good for office work and less straightforward to manage than a graphics screen; however, once properly adjusted, which will take some time initially, you won’t regret it. Only Benq and Eizo offer higher quality screens, but at much higher prices, so this is a very good compromise that will even suit demanding professionals who will have in their hands a screen that will allow them to manage their large format printing on fine art paper without any problem.

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Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief

Bayou Blue RAdio/Bayou Blue News