Hostinger, a hosting provider respectful of its clients!


Hostinger, a hosting provider respectful of its clients!

When Bayou Blue Radio was in France, we used the services of OVH, a hosting provider with which we had the worst experiences, never really available for its clients and with very poorly secured servers. Since we moved to the USA, we migrated everything to Hostinger, initially a bit wary due to our past experiences in France and due to the total automation of their services. We easily set up one website, then a second, then a third, with fast and efficient servers. However, as technology is not infallible, on the morning of April 15, 2024, Hostinger had a problem that took the entire morning to resolve, allowing us to test their chat and email support.

Right from the start via chat, we had a very competent person who, given the nature of our problem, transferred our discussion to the technical service, which took over. They were attentive, very courteous, and highly competent, inviting me to visit a section of their website to see the progress in resolving the issues. Minutes and hours passed, then suddenly we saw the problem marked as resolved. We tested our websites, but they still weren’t working. I reached out to Hostinger’s chat for help again, and a technician promptly addressed our request. With their issue resolved, we had a very kind technician on the chat who declared taking charge of the problem.

A few minutes later, he returned and said it was fixed, with the honesty to admit that one of their plugins, which hadn’t been updated, had caused the problem, and they had just updated the plugin. I must admit that this honesty pleases me and even strengthens my trust because it’s the first time I’ve seen such a technical problem addressed with such dedication. Of course, we have good technical knowledge at Bayou Blue Radio, but the inner workings of servers are foreign to us. Seeing that we were taken seriously and kindly treated is noteworthy because in the world of technology, that’s far from the case everywhere. So, we can only recommend this hosting provider, which also offers very affordable packages, provides a bunch of useful gadgets like website building with Artificial Intelligence, allows easy upgrading of your PHP version, helps you easily identify problematic plugins, facilitates upgrading from one package to another, and backs up your websites every week. The list of advantages is so long that I can’t cover them all here.

You can find Hostinger’s website here!

Thierry De Clemensat Editor in chief, Bayou Blue Radio/Bayou Blue News