On the Consequences of Wars (Ukraine and Israel) on Western Economies and Individual Freedoms

Wars are excessively costly, in all times, and even more so today when technology plays a significant role in the sky, as well as in the numbers of military weapons and vehicles. This will inevitably force Western countries to make economic choices in the days, weeks, and months to come. This is disheartening because the suffering of Ukrainians and Israelis is equally significant, and the atrocities committed by Russia are as shocking and revolting as the actions of the terrorist army of Hamas on Israeli soil. Nevertheless, choices will have to be made if the war in Israel continues, which seems likely, and we must see behind it the hand of Putin, who has long sought to divert Western attention from the war in Ukraine, possibly enabling a massacre and invasion of the Ukrainian population in the current context.

It is impossible to stay on all fronts, and the reality is that the terrorist groups that have operated in Western countries over the past decades have left their mark. These countries find here a reason to possibly eliminate them, although not all Islamist groups, unfortunately, as these terrorist groups emerge from the poverty of peoples and are now present on almost every corner of the earth.

The consequences in European countries, which already pay little regard to freedom of the press and freedom of speech, are that this war in Israel creates even less freedom of speech. It is forbidden to say that one does not appreciate the policies of the Israeli state without being labeled as an accomplice to terrorists. Moreover, it is said that this is not the time to discuss such matters. However, any intellectual can distinguish between a state with highly contested policies and an Israeli people in which many share this view and suffer from the policies that led to the creation of Hamas, ruining all hopes for peace.

One can indeed mourn the Israeli casualties as a whole, support grieving families, and remain clear-sighted about the overall problem, which means that today any notion of a peace attempt is sidelined. The horror of terrorism or the horror of revenge, in both cases, on one side as on the other, it is entire families who mourn, and the majority of them did not wish to reach this point, and this escalation will continue, most likely pushing Western countries to strike Iran to end terrorist financing in the region and arms deliveries to Hamas and other terrorist groups, in order to find a lasting form of peace that we desire.

It is to be feared that in such a context, Ukraine will now be pushed into the background and delay the inevitable direct or indirect confrontation with Russia and China, who remain credible threats in the coming decades.


Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in Chief

Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News