Editorial January 2024

Let’s bid farewell to the wretched year 2023, which witnessed an incredible erosion of freedoms in Europe, trampled upon both by European leaders and national authorities. France holds the heavy and somber record in this regard. Europeans are fleeing Europe, Americans are falling in love with Spain and Portugal, attempting to escape a potential return of Trump to power. No one is a prophet in their own country, and the stage for the year 2024 seems set for a year of unprecedented dangers. This is evident not only in the American elections, where the Republican Party leans towards the far right, but also in Europe, where religion is brandished as an absolute truth, a truth highly disputable on all fronts.
At a time when everyone’s eyes are fixed on conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, the most serious threat undoubtedly comes from China. Recall the supposedly weather-related Chinese balloons sent over the USA—not for tourism, certainly, but rather as a visible aspect of their preparation for a conflict to seize the position of world leader. It is essential to consider a China grappling with economic problems, a population daring to voice discontent, albeit still timidly, and a real desire in certain cities to fully embrace the allure of capitalism and democracy.
The global upheaval gives rise to various extremism worldwide, whether political or religious. In Europe, right-wing extremists blend a medieval vision of religion with attempts to impose it on society. This shift also alters migration patterns, no longer confined to movements from Maghreb countries or the Arab world in general. European populations are migrating to new horizons, much like the broader American population, as this phenomenon also affects Canada, whose economic and social policies are as absurd as those in Europe, if not worse.
For now, the USA still has a constitution that safeguards Americans from the worst. Thus, 2024 will reflect the evolving nature of societies. It is still challenging to predict the choices individuals and groups will make, but what is certain is that both Republicans and Democrats find ample grounds for criticism, whether concerning anti-abortion laws or immigration policies, to name a few examples.
Concerns also loom over the Paris Olympics. The numerous risks of terrorist attacks are evident, and even though a potential terrorist network has been uncovered, security forces are unable to ensure the safety of the large influx of people the Olympics will generate. If you are a true fan, it is advisable to stay in front of your TV rather than taking unnecessary risks.
What is certain is that 2024 will be a significant year for the press, especially here, where all streams of thought can be expressed. As no one can foresee the outcomes of the upcoming elections, media services like ours will be in perpetual observation mode. Moreover, 2024 marks our entry into FM broadcasting, but we will have time to discuss this in detail when the moment comes.
On behalf of the entire Bayou Blue Radio and Bayou Blue News team, we wish you a wonderful 2024.

Thierry De Clemensat
Editor in Chief
Bayou Blue Radio/Bayou Blue news