Richie Cole – PopBop (LP – 1987 reissue 2003)


Richie Cole was a highly prolific composer and saxophonist who produced countless albums. He accompanied many jazz stars such as Manhattan Transfer or Art Pepper, to name just a few. He passed away too soon in 2020. PopBop is a nod to bebop, from which he borrows some attributes, but in a jazz/pop/funk form that was his secret specialty. Mixing genres and styles was his calling. Since the 1970s, he was part of the bebop movement. On this album, PopBop, Richie indulges in one of his pleasures, Latin music, which takes you away right from the beginning of the B side of this LP. This album was one of the best-sellers at the time in its category due to the quality of compositions and arrangements, as well as Richie Cole’s majestic saxophone playing. Continue to read here!