Why do many people no longer believe in the press?

In both Europe and the USA, few people have faith in the press, though the reasons differ, the conclusion remains the same. In Europe, the press has been undermined by various lobbying groups tied to politicians from all sides, resulting in a single, often devastating narrative being delivered. On the other hand, in the USA, the reasons are somewhat different, and many Europeans would appreciate having such a diversity of opinions as seen in the USA.

Every day, I take real pleasure in sharing links to articles from various newspapers, showcasing this beautiful diversity of thought. However, I only select less than ten different newspapers for you. Two online newspapers, in particular, attract me due to the high quality of their articles: The Associated Press and The Washington Post. Intellectually, their treatment of various subjects is of a very high standard, with well-sourced articles. Whether we agree or disagree with a particular topic, it is evident that these media outlets maintain intellectual honesty, freedom, and independence.

The other newspapers I share links to are clearly opinion-based, sometimes lacking in editorial lightness, but they offer a potential point of view and are not conservative newspapers.

Like in Europe, a significant number of people in the USA turn away from newspapers due to the overwhelming bipartisan divide, which has left opinions tired and lacking in intellectual development in the analysis of texts within the educational framework. Such analytical instruction is usually only found at the university level, and not everyone attends university. As a result, how can one trust people who write in a style that is not their own? With growing distrust and disappointment, people end up losing faith in everything. This intellectual deficiency is what sustains Trumpism, as it speaks in an ultra-demagogic manner, primarily targeting individuals with a lower level of intellectual capacity.

Many now rely only on YouTube and social media as their references. In both cases, while someone with intellect can easily detect lies, an individual with little education may accept any message, especially if it is populist and understandable. However, populism is not exclusive to conservatives; even media outlets like CNN can sometimes adopt a populist tone to promote their ideas.

It is, therefore, crucial for everyone to think critically, not to read just anything, and to reject simplistic ideas. After all, human actions are rarely purely black or white; most truths lie in the gray area. This is what interests us at Bayou Blue Radio: taking a societal issue, offering thoughtful reflections, knowing that we do not possess the absolute truth. Our goal is for each article we present to be that small spark that inspires questioning, discussion, reflection, and sharing.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor In Chief

Bayou Blue Radio/ Bayou Blue news