Decoding Emmanuel Macron’s Speech – Dissolution of the National Assembly and Consequences

Solemnly announcing the dissolution of the National Assembly, regardless of the rhetoric, as we mentioned in the previous article, the French president has made a logical decision for once, given that the current government already lacked a majority.

In practical terms, what will happen? The French will have to go back to vote at the end of June, with the second round of these elections on July 7. We will know the winning party then. It is likely that the far right will take governmental power. It is difficult to predict how cohabitation between Macron and the far right will work, possibly with the underlying aim of creating a sort of upheaval that brings voters back to traditional parties in the long run. However, no one can say today how the National Rally (far right) will behave, as this political party has never governed before.

What is certain is that if the National Rally wins these elections after the European elections, it will reflect the growing sentiment in both France and the rest of Europe for many years. This is certainly regrettable, but this movement seems logical given the number of disappointed voters from previous elections, the lack of hope, and the inflation largely caused by European policy that has impoverished populations and stripped many of their freedoms.

The mistake would be not to recognize this state of affairs, which will change European and national policies for several years. This will have geopolitical consequences, and it is quite probable that, given the French far right’s ties with Russia, aid to Ukraine is likely to collapse.

Political parties are already clashing on 24-hour news channels, and time is running out to form alliances against the National Rally. However, in the current analysis, the affinities between the right in France and the RN, as well as some centrists, offer additional hope to the far right. Traditional political parties disqualify themselves from the outset by their behavior. More profoundly, it is also the political partnership between France and Germany that is at stake today, as in Germany and Austria, the far right is achieving good results. The trend in Europe is shifting towards the far right. How will it now behave with the rest of the world?

The Editorial Team.