In France, the social democrats are once again trying to steal the election from the French people

 The social democrats, who in the past included Republicans, Socialists, centrists, ecologists, and communists, had already pulled a similar trick with the Maastricht Treaty election, which the French had massively rejected. The votes were then diverted by Sarkozy, who invited all elected politicians to vote “the right way” in exchange for various advantages.

Macron’s presidential camp is currently attempting the same strategy, trying to gain the support of the right-wing faction of the Socialist Party, as well as Republicans, ecologists, and communists, to prevent the left-wing LFI and the National Rally from reaching Matignon. The social democrats are mainly those who benefit personally from the European community by imposing laws and decrees that have impoverished the population since the Maastricht principles were applied.

However, it is uncertain whether this kind of maneuver will work this time. Many voters on both the right and left are disillusioned with the presidential camp, and if Macron were to win this battle, the population might turn against him and potentially take to the streets. It is also hard to imagine the National Rally or the left-wing coalition securing a majority in the second round. Whatever the outcome, it is likely that the country will be ungovernable for the next three years, as the centrist faction in power has managed to deeply divide the country into three fiercely antagonistic political camps.

The best solution would probably be the resignation of the current president, which would allow for a real clarification of the situation. However, like all social democrats, narcissism seems to prevail over any political reason, and it seems almost inevitable that France will sink into chaos and a long period of uncertainty.


The editorial staff