The trial of Trump reveals a societal unease

While it is still difficult to know the outcome of Trump’s trial, we can already sense the unhealed wounds of his presidency’s end, which was already marred by an unprecedented rise in racism in decades, a geopolitical vision completely at odds with reality, and a governance that is more than questionable, tainted by vulgarity and psychotic aggression, fueling the most extreme groups in an attempt to retain the presidency by force or sow doubt in the minds of a portion of the population through the actions of January 6th, which still leave traces through this irresponsible attack on democracy.

In Virginia, the heirs of January 6th are still trying by all means to make their deceitful vision of democracy heard and accepted in the ongoing elections, as reported by the Associated Press on its pages. Read here.

A portion of the population is still fearful of a resurgence of heightened racism, such as the one provoked during Trump’s presidency, and it is understandable to share those concerns. Even though President Joe Biden’s administration is a model of democracy that many states around the world should emulate, starting with Europe… Even though this administration has made tremendous efforts to repair the extensive damage inflicted by the Trump administration, the preparation for the upcoming elections, combined with the ongoing Trump trial and a Republican Party that cannot break free from its most extreme elements, raises fears of the worst-case scenario in the event of a Republican victory.

In fact, some journalists believe that these two Americas, one composed of religious libertarian extremists who have been attacking democracy by any means for years, and the other composed of Democrats, are now irreconcilable. However, it would only take a few things to return to some form of normalcy, as the most extreme Republicans are not the majority, contrary to what they want us to believe. They are simply the ones who shout the loudest and possess the money for elections. Instead of a short-term vision focused on winning the upcoming presidential elections at all costs, Republicans would be wise to rid themselves definitively of their demons.

Other questions that are starting to emerge concern the ultimate outcome of the Trump trial, the possibility of clashes, and, more importantly, what to do with a former president sentenced to prison if that were to be the case. There is no precedent for this to date, and it is indeed difficult to envision him escaping conviction given the charges. Imprisoning him would require ensuring his security under delicate conditions. It is evident that we are not done with these stories, and society will remain tense as long as the subject remains in the spotlight.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief