France, after the first round of elections, is heading for chaos!

President Macron, who has been in power for seven years, has managed to turn the majority of the French population against him by implementing security, economic, and social policies reminiscent of the far-right. These are the same policies advocated by all European social democrats, pushing them to form unnatural alliances to preserve their positions.

In reality, whether it’s the alliance of the far-left and the so-called moderate left, or the far-right, which still has substantial reserves of votes on the right for the second round of legislative elections to be held in a few days, most Republicans—aside from a small segment aiming for the presidency with extreme Catholic tendencies—largely share the far-right’s ideas.

President Macron is trying to play both sides with the socialists, communists, and ecologists who share his pro-European values. These values have led to the legislative deadlock and economic disaster plunging the country into immense poverty, exacerbating security problems, sometimes linked to uncontrolled immigration decided authoritatively by Europe.

The National Rally can even count on some socialists, like former “socialist” Prime Minister Emmanuel Valls, who is willing to do anything for an honorary position. Valls is the type of personality that the National Rally envisions in its government if they come to power in the second round of elections on July 7.

The French are therefore heading for chaos, regardless of the outcome of the legislative elections. Whether it’s with Macron’s camp and MoDem managing a far-right governance allied with certain socialists, ecologists, and even communists, or a far-left policy that will be completely unmanageable and likely create chaos in the streets alongside an unmasked far-right, or if the far-right comes to power and faces violent opposition from the far-left in the streets. In any scenario, France will pay dearly for this dissolution by a president who, instead of reasoning like an adult upon realizing he no longer had a majority, chose to break his toy, leaving the entire political class, including his own camp, in total confusion.

The editorial staff