Editorial – September 2023

As Europe, as predicted, becomes mired in rampant inflation, a consequence not of the war in Ukraine but of European economic mismanagement—an issue conveniently glossed over by the continent itself—it also strives to divert attention by embracing an ultra-security stance, a strategy championed by a European right wing now eerily akin to the far-right in the USA. Meanwhile, the focus shifts to the impending trials of Trump and his confinement at Fulton Prison, where he now stands as the most renowned figure held in anticipation of trial, known by the identification number P01135809.

The media circus surrounding his official photo gains traction because Trump is an adept actor, capable of wearing the pout of a sulking child in the moment the picture is taken. This portrayal resonates with a segment of society constituting his electoral base—comprised of those with limited education, religious fundamentalists, ultra-nationalists, racists—for whom the simplest signals are the most resonant.

For this fraction of the population, he assumes a godlike persona, unjustly persecuted by the entire world. However, it’s essential to bear in mind that these individuals constitute a minority, albeit a noisy one. They’ve managed to co-opt the Republican Party, but referring to the debates among GOP candidates for the presidency, it seems that winds of change are blowing in that direction, finally!

By abstaining from participating in these debates, Trump aims to further cultivate his victim narrative among his supporters. In truth, the debate date could have been rescheduled. Now, all of his public appearances serve the purpose of victimization and rekindling a semblance of the events of January 6th, in the event of his conviction. This narrative effectively resonates with Trump’s supporters, who yearn to witness the fulfillment of his promise, which essentially entails current government members landing in prison. To implant such far-fetched notions in his supporters’ minds, he employs the same recipe: falsehoods, truth distortion, and self-victimization.

Looking at the number of co-defendants in the Trump affair, beyond the fact that many of them are historically significant Republican members, a colossal financial empire stands behind them. This is likely at the heart of the matter. Trump’s anticipated approach to the upcoming trials is, therefore, clear. With no political aspirations other than evading imprisonment through re-election, he needs to address his supporters, stimulate their reactions, even actions. Regrettably, it’s plausible that his actions could fuel further violence—whether verbal or otherwise.

All this theatrics might distract us from the overall calmness of American society. The majority of people are generally kind and well-educated, living alongside different populations harmoniously. Let’s not forget that the history of the USA is fundamentally one of migration, resulting in a diverse array of individuals—those resembling Europeans (Irish, German, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and more), Native Americans, African Americans with a legacy of slavery and civil rights struggles, and countless others I’ve likely missed. In most cases, individuals from diverse backgrounds coexist rather well. It’s crucial to occasionally shield ourselves from Trump-like rhetoric that breeds hate and to understand that the world consists of a multitude of distinct individuals. Recognize that animosity towards others is the realm of the narrow-minded.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in Chief

Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News