The Republican Party has indeed become an extreme right-wing party.

There are increasingly more similarities between the Republican Party and the foundations of such a party. Since the most extreme members took control of the party during Trump’s presidency, decisions made by individuals who can be considered religious fundamentalists, denial of truth, book censorship, and the recent ban on abortion, along with Trump’s desire to abolish the Department of Education (read here:, all of this brings to mind the destruction of culture and book burnings to conform the population to the dictator’s sole voice in a dark era that we thought was behind us.

Yes, this party is no longer a typical and respectable party. It is easy to understand the fear it instills in a very large population, and these fears are perfectly justified. What is most astonishing is that this extremist trend is actually a minority, but they have a lot of money behind them, hence the fears, and their only goal is to win at all costs, no matter how many lies and denigrations of opponents they have to use to achieve their ends.

If we look more broadly, Europe is mired in the same problems. There are no longer any right-wing parties; the entire spectrum of liberals now represents only the most extreme views. This is aided by a subservient press. Gradually, after tasting this extreme liberalism, each European country is inexorably sliding toward historical far-right positions. Migration, security, and the imposition of a single way of thinking are obsessions, with any divergent thought considered extremist. In this game, democracy is in danger, as are individual liberties. Questions about abortion and censorship are on some minds in Europe as well.

Everyone has everything to lose in this game, and no one comes out unscathed. The wounds of January 6th are not healed. Why? Because Trump’s outbursts remind everyone every day of that dark period. And as with any far-right party, the louder they shout, the more they manage to impose ideas on people’s minds, and the bigger the lie, the more it works.

On Trump’s side, there is currently an attempt to dismantle the trials, to push back the dates, and various subterfuges are being tried to divert attention. There is agitation and millions of dollars spent on trials. Why? For nothing other than attempting to seize power, with no other project than to impose the principles of this far-right ideology during governance, which is based on a naive and delusional interpretation of biblical texts. One could consider this a return to the Middle Ages.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief

Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News