George Benson – In Flight (1977 original LP)

Warner Bros Records

It is not always easy to find this LP that has not yet been reissued, however, if you come across an original 1977 version, just a few years before the release of the first CD, you will notice that the audio quality had significantly improved compared to the early 1970s. “In Flight” is a jazz album infused with disco rhythms, showcasing the genius guitar and vocal skills of George Benson. This album features the track “Nature Boy,” which has been somewhat tarnished by various European jazz singers, more or less talented, as you can hear, for example, on certain albums from the ACT label. My favorite track on this album remains “The World is A Ghetto,” which resonates with my feelings when I used to live in France. Since then, I have been much better, thank you. Continue to read, here!