Decoding Political Language Elements in Western Countries

You are passionate about politics, yet for years, the words used to define political groups have lost their meaning and sometimes even changed meaning, depending on trends and societal developments. Whether in Europe or the USA, both conservative and so-called democratic parties have evolved, and it must be admitted that their values have also changed.

However, it should be noted that the Democratic Party in the USA has never been a left-wing party; it is more accurately classified as a socially moderate right-wing party, similar to how it would be classified in Europe based on the values it upholds. Therefore, contrary to what the Republicans would have people believe in their current race to gain power, there are no leftists or communists in the USA in reality, except perhaps a few scattered individuals who likely represent nothing.

In Europe, there are no longer any true democrats, only some heirs of communism who are labeled as extremists by conservatives. However, that is not the case; it simply serves as a way for conservatives to justify their own extremist policies. The right-wing in France provides a good example, ranging from Emmanuel Macron to Marine Le Pen’s National Rally. They share, with a few nuances, the same values: curtailing individual freedoms, spreading falsehoods, suppressing the press by having most major media outlets acquired by individuals who share their vision, thereby disseminating only official statements and forbidding any dissent, distorting statements and facts to suit their own agenda. In case of any issues, they blame a particular politician or group of individuals, targeting the LGBTQ+ community, women’s rights, immigration, and placing religion as the ultimate value while relying on the police rather than social support.

Americans are familiar with this conservative system that was established by Trump and serves as the theme of his new campaign (which is identical to the previous one). The question is why recycle old themes? The answer is quite simple, both here and in Europe: they are banking on an older or less educated population that predominantly votes for nationalist, religious, and racial ideas.

In Europe, far-right ideologies have gradually gained ground in almost every country, with the latest being Italy, as there is no real counterbalance in Europe anymore. Europe has blurred national identities.

In the USA, there are significant differences, starting with the communities, especially the African American community, which, due to its history, has developed a strong political and cultural identity since the late 19th century. This identity was powerful enough to help elect the first African American president, Barack Obama. Its influence still resonates today through President Joe Biden and his administration, who are attempting to defend strong human and social values in a context heavily influenced by Republicans who are campaigning and trying by all means to undermine his policies.


On le voit, même s’il y a des différences fondamentales entre l’Europe et les USA, les conservateurs dans les deux cas utilisent les mêmes éléments de langage et la même façon de détourner la vérité, ce qui change tout et permet de conserver une forme de démocratie aux USA, c’est la constitution, sans cette constitution le système serait aussi bloqué qu’en Europe. L’autre richesse, ce sont ses communautés ethniques, il se dit que la communauté hispanophile vote principalement pour les conservateurs, ce qui est en partie vrai, pour autant, là aussi plus les enfants ont accès a des études universitaires, plus cette différence de vote s’estompe. Car dans la réalité, voter pour des conservateurs est même contre-productif économiquement, il suffit de voir le comportement des bourses quand les conservateurs sont au pouvoir et quand les démocrates sont au pouvoir, lorsque les conservateurs sont au pouvoir cela ne rapporte qu’aux plus riches, et lorsque les Démocrates sont au pouvoirs les plus riches comme la middle class, tout comme les petits épargnants y trouvent leur compte, autant de points a bien connaitre et sur lesquels il est bon de réfléchir avant de prendre une décision au moment de voter.