Twitter changes its look, or the psychopathic delusions of Elon Musk

Once upon a time, there was a ruler who ruled his companies without sharing and whose only talent was finding funds to keep his businesses running. But little by little, the image of this rather eccentric man took a serious hit.

It was already known that his way of managing employees was often described as particularly brutal. The change of Twitter’s logo is just as eccentric. Without a doubt, in an excess of madness, Elon seemed to have thought of himself as Steve Jobs, imposing a logo that is an X, which shamelessly resembles the logos of OS X.

Since the acquisition of Twitter and the removal of key executives and a significant number of employees, the company has been faltering, having lost a considerable amount of advertising and subscribers. It is evident that this logo change is fatal for the company because such a radical change without any creative genius can only accelerate the slow death of the company.

In his other company, Tesla, besides the particularly flawed design of Tesla products, problems are piling up. Many users of these cars report various issues, such as accelerator pedals cutting out, steering defects, not to mention various software bugs. Once again, the CEO of Tesla, Twitter, SpaceX, and Starlink should be wary because he is no longer alone in the market. If we look, for example, at Mercedes’ electric vehicles, their customers are much more satisfied.

In the USA, German vehicles are highly present and increasingly appreciated. Mercedes, BMW, AUDI, Volkswagen, Mini, Range Rover, Jaguar are everywhere and technologically more advanced and better designed than Tesla.

We used to like that little blue bird much more than this unsightly X forced upon us by its boss, who is also a megalomaniac. A logo that everyone had known forever. We can understand that the X borrowed from Apple’s OS X is meant to recall SpaceX X, but the space adventure no longer inspires many people and certainly won’t leave a mark on future generations.

Behind his immense fortune, short-term vision, and lack of talent will certainly lead to the end of Twitter, or at least its inevitable sale. It should also be noted that Elon Musk is increasingly contested within Tesla’s board of directors. It’s true that no one can be everywhere and succeed in the long term. If Elon Musk thinks his future is with SpaceX, he should concentrate on that and give us back our little blue bird.

Thierry de Clemensat

Editor in Chief

Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

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