The downfall of a former president.

The Republican Party, which is being decimated by extremists of all kinds, is in turmoil with its champions, starting with the former American president, and also with George Santos caught up in financial scandals.

For Donald Trump, his trial ended in a conviction for “Sexual Assault” and a five million dollar payment to the plaintiff, not to mention other cases that will undoubtedly follow in the coming months… It must be said that for a party that claims to be the king of virtue in all areas, they should reconsider the prohibition of the right to abortion, which in a case like this with such characters could be helpful to the victims, if they had an ounce of intelligence…

But in reality, it seems that the victims, like the victims of gun violence, too numerous, far too numerous, still do not sway this party… so virtuous… on these issues, even though their membership is no longer holding. For the most extreme Republicans, all these values of another century, which are the prerogative of people with little culture, are their breviary, and nothing would make them waver, no matter how many scandals and reprehensible acts they are totally responsible for by virtue of their belief.

There is little time left before the next elections, and we may wonder where the moderate Republicans have gone, who would do well to wake up if they want to have a small chance of winning or gaining a few more votes in the next presidential election. As it stands, the Republican Party has become completely inaudible, with a majority of the population able to reproach them for a great number of things, and they should be suggested to lift their noses from their Bible to face society, provided they remove their glasses that are clearly not tuned to the right channel. Banned books, banned abortion pills, banned abortion, authorized guns, look for the error, and the list goes on… it is time, high time, that moderate Republicans clean up their party and address their own issues, otherwise the next elections will become a succession of stinging defeats.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in Chief