Are Republicans obsessed with sexuality?

 In all Christian-related religions, the best way to force individuals to conform to those religions has always been through coercion (such as abstinence before marriage and other related principles). However, when extremist religious groups take over political issues, especially since Trump paved the way for them to try to secure his election and re-election, they have undermined the more moderate Republicans. Another obsession of these religious extremists in politics is their obsession with security and their desire to rewrite history to fit their truncated vision.

Mix all these ingredients together, and you get today’s Republican Party, embroiled in its own affairs, obsessed with trying to bring society back to the Middle Ages, and using all its power to force women into a role that was believed to have been firmly relegated to the dustbin of history, as is the case with anti-abortion laws and extremist politicians who are now trying to ban the abortifacient pill.

It is already strange enough for men to speak out on issues that do not concern them, but it is even more strange in extremist Republican circles to see women subscribing to these beliefs.

Fortunately, the Democratic Party, with President Biden at the helm, is working to limit the effects of these villainous laws, and we are beginning to see the perverse effects of these Republican laws turning against them. Resistance through voting is growing, and we see Democrats beginning to regain ground in many places. If they continue in this way, Republicans could end up like some right-wing parties in Europe, i.e., no longer having any weight in the political balance.

What is happening today in the Republican Party is the result of Trumpism. The former president is embroiled in his own affairs, and other equally extreme candidates are vying for the post. However, this party is no longer very united, and many moderate Republicans may abstain from voting, while others who are more “social” may vote for the Democrats in the presidential election, no longer recognizing themselves in this party. This reinforces the Democratic Party, whose younger members are beginning to rise to the top. Currently, we can see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becoming more present on television and in the news, legitimate in her positions, lively, intelligent, and facing increasingly challenged Republicans, who are obviously putting themselves at odds with the majority of the population by being obsessed with women’s sexuality.

Another problem for Republicans is their rigidity on gun legislation. With the number of deaths by firearms in schools in recent years, this is a position that is contested not only by Democrats but also by an increasing number of Republicans who are thinking about their own children.

It will be particularly interesting to see the results of the midterm elections currently taking place, which could change many parameters in the coming weeks and months.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in Chief

USA correspondent

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