Editorial November 2023

The pitiful spectacle put on by the Republicans for the election of their Speaker has ultimately resulted in the election of Mike Johnson from the far-right branch of the party, endorsed by Trump. The internal divisions within the party are far from healed, with the more moderate Republicans reluctant to be locked into the delusions of Trump’s supporters. In fact, a majority of them wish to soften anti-abortion laws, yet they ended up electing one of the staunchest advocates of anti-abortion laws. This is undoubtedly a provocation by Trump’s team towards the other Republicans.

This far-right faction, which has severely handicapped the party for far too long, could very well cost them the upcoming presidential elections if they continue down this path. Among Republicans, as well as elsewhere, many women and others are opposed to these anti-abortion laws and against the lack of regulation for weapons that harm their children.

This election could be a catastrophe for the current government as it risks being obstructed from functioning. Moreover, at a geopolitical level, this extremist movement blindly supports Israel and opposes aid to Ukraine. In the current context, the Russia-China-Iran axis poses the greatest threat to Western democracies. Although Johnson claims to continue supporting Ukraine, there are doubts about whether he will actually provide adequate assistance, which poses the same risk as minimal support. Read this review on Associated Press. This puts many countries in danger. Blindly funding Israel without requiring any concessions would be the worst course of action, as nothing can be achieved in that region without a political solution and the departure of settlers from illegally occupied territories.

The coming weeks, especially this November, will undoubtedly be fascinating for all observers. With an inexperienced Speaker who lacks the majority’s endorsement and presidential candidates declaring themselves from all sides, Trump will undoubtedly try to use Johnson to his advantage for personal gain. Thus, we can expect all sorts of delusions. Let’s only hope that this noxious atmosphere doesn’t deter moderate voters from participating in the elections, as that would herald the return of the man in the red cap and his unhinged rants – something that normal people certainly do not wish for.


Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief

Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News