Charles III, the unpopular king, the end of the monarchy?

Unlike Queen Elizabeth II, his mother who became an icon over time, acclaimed by the crowds, even if gradually the role of the British monarchy has been increasingly criticized. It is difficult to imagine the disappearance of the British monarchy, which is the foundation of this nation and finds its supporters even among the poorest layers of the population. However, there are many in England and around the world who have still not digested the behavior of Charles III with his deceased wife Diana, who was also a true star that the press and magazines fought over and who found a tragic end in a somewhat dubious accident on which many questions remain unanswered…

The reign of Charles III thus begins in a dying Europe from which the country has managed to withdraw in time before the ship sinks, against a backdrop of demonstrations against the monarchy and a parade that will be greatly shortened, and a foiled terrorist attack, which places this coronation under a rather defeatist sign.

As much as Diana was simple and radiant, his new wife, carries a rather dark aura that is far from appreciated by the population, a royal family torn apart, pushing Harry and Meghan to make their lives away from the sarcasm of the British monarchy, its racism and tabloids that made their lives impossible. If we look at the situation with a cool head, Harry and Meghan inspire respect for their simplicity and actions, to the point of considering these two lovebirds today as a couple of superstars.

There is no doubt that if Harry and Meghan had been called to reign, they would have quickly conquered the court, even those who are most critical of them. But alas, the English will have to settle for an unconvincing king, whose mind seems quite far from the concerns of the English, and it is to be feared that the splendor of the coronation this Saturday will not erase this sad reality. Moreover, how can one be in a festive mood in today’s declining Europe?  This highly publicized event will not make us forget the reign of Elizabeth II who, through her class and aura, has managed to weather all the storms of history and has seen countless presidents, prime ministers, and diplomats pass by, all of whom respected her.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief

Bayou Blue Radio – Bayou Blue News