Republican Mike Pence in the race for the presidency

It will be necessary to wait for Mike Pence’s statement on June 7th. In the meantime, a significant portion of Republicans must feel relieved to see one of their own, who is neither a sycophant nor an extremist, stepping forward while two other Republicans shout with false and outrageous statements at each of their appearances.

Mike Pence seems quite discreet. We remember his courage during the end of Trump’s term, and we have also witnessed his ability to unite his camp regarding the debt to come up with an acceptable solution. These gestures compel us to take an interest in this character, who will need to make himself known to the voters.

On June 7th, Mike Pence and his team will release a video to launch the campaign, and we should expect a barrage of hateful remarks from his former president, as well as from De Santis. These can only attract the most extremist Republicans. Therefore, it will be interesting to see Mike Pence swimming among the sharks and fascinating to observe the tone of his campaign and the ingredients he will sprinkle over the months.

There are many subjects on which we have not heard him speak, but which obsess his two challengers. Will he have the courage to take a different stance on abortion, censorship of certain books, LGBT rights, and other issues? If so, he can become a serious candidate; otherwise, he will be just another uninteresting candidate among Republicans.

It is almost certain that Mike Pence plays his cards shrewdly and only reveals important information about his positions if it endangers Trump and De Santis. This is certainly the approach Mike Pence will choose, considering how he managed the debt problem—quietly, yet with determination.

The common ground with President Joe Biden is undoubtedly a profound political sense that leads them to manage things in the interest of the common good. So, can Mike Pence be the savior of the Republican Party? The one who will put an end to the extremist ranting that plagues his party? He certainly has the capabilities, but will he have the means? It will be an exciting saga to follow in the coming months.

As a result, many Americans are beginning to dream of a healthier campaign than those of previous years.


Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief