Editorial July 2023

At Bayou Blue Radio, we fine-tune our programming every week, taking the time to listen to all the albums that are submitted to us. This early summer marks a slight slowdown in album releases, although for you, the announcements of new albums are visible every day on our social media platforms.

In Europe, we are becoming increasingly selective with jazz album releases. Too many albums sound alike, often lacking soul and flavor. Perhaps this can be attributed to the economic and intellectual desolation that has taken hold of Europe in recent years, along with its rampant inflation that continues to affect all sectors of activity.

In Canada and the USA, on the other hand, the quality level of album proposals is increasingly significant. This applies to both the younger generation of jazz musicians you hear every day on Bayou Blue Radio and the older ones who are also present, often with politically charged themes. It must be said that the noxious atmosphere perpetuated by the Republicans in anticipation of the presidential election plays a role in this, as they struggle to rid themselves of the nationalist and religious extremists who have taken power since Trump’s presidency. Trump is once again campaigning, which strongly displeases many voters, not to mention the Democrats.

The Democrats, however, are conspicuously absent. Is it a strategic move leading up to the elections or a lack of desire to engage in the fight? The reality is much crueler. It seems that no one wants to relive an election between Trump and Biden, especially with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launching his campaign on the Democratic side, leaving President Biden’s friends unsure of how to counter him. It is difficult to determine if this presidential candidate has a real chance, but it seems likely that the Democrats do not want to give the impression of a bloody internal battle like the Republicans.

The only thing that leaves Democratic voters uncertain is President Biden’s age. His policies are in no way questioned by his supporters, as his presidency and administration have been remarkable and free of scandals.

The Republican Party’s attacks on the Democrats involve taking legal action whenever their challenger is too critical of the issues burdening them, risking imprisonment. This technique is also widely used by the European right, which is plagued by the far right and its harmful and noxious ideas. They too attempt to bring religion back to the center of debates and target abortion and other themes reminiscent of the Middle Ages. They are aided in this by media outlets that are completely devoted to them. It should be noted that in Europe, there is no longer any room for dissent, as everything has been locked down for many years under a form of uniform thinking that it is preferable to conform to.

In the USA, it is therefore difficult at the moment to get a clear picture of what the next presidential elections will look like, whether among the Democrats or the Republicans. Everything still seems possible regarding the choice of final candidates. And in the event that it is not the politicians whom these two parties are trying to impose who end up at the finish line, what could be the map and its consequences?

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor In Chief

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