The iPhone is just a social marker…

You probably remember the Apple advertisement from a long time ago, “Think Different,” right? Nowadays, Apple and Samsung dominate the mobile phone market, but in either case, the quality is not up to par. Regardless, those who want to showcase a high-level social affiliation are willing to make any sacrifices every two or three years to demonstrate that they are different or important because they can afford to always have the latest model.

In the case of both Apple and Samsung, everything is done to motivate the customer, even to the extent of making them believe that their phones can replace professional cameras and devices. Certainly not— if lenses of 85mm are still being sold today, there are fundamental qualitative reasons that a mobile phone can never possess.

In reality, Apple and Samsung use a method to optimize quality on their screens, but you will often hear people who have tried to print images from their mobile phones say that they were disappointed with the quality. This is normal because precise colorimetry in printing cannot be satisfied with this kind of image in a large format.

I won’t even mention the incompatibility of certain iPhones with various networks here in the USA. Whether it’s Apple or Samsung, they are just big toys for adults. The iPhone has the additional disadvantage of not being able to integrate SD cards, given the importance of storage for the images and videos produced by these devices; it’s another senseless limitation.

Other brands offer phones of much higher quality, such as Sony, for example. Due to its dominant position in the professional world of video, audio, and photography, Sony often offers interesting devices. So, if you prefer discretion over bling-bling, Sony, Google Motorola, are diverse and varied examples of brands that, according to your needs and desires, will offer you experiences better suited to your preferences and needs.

Personally, I had the first iPhone, which I got rid of for the reasons I mention in this review, to move on to other brands and eventually adopt Sony’s Xperia, a brand I have always used professionally, and I have never been disappointed.

But each person must decide for themselves. Personally, my choice is made; I will never be a fan of the iPhone or the giant from Japan.


Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief

Bayou Blue Radio/Bayou Blue News