Music News – 2024

Remy Le Boeuf’s Assembly of Shadows – Heartland Radio (ENG review)

On SoundSpore Records – Street Date March 15th 2024

From the very first track, it’s clear why Remy Le Bœuf and his Assembly of Shadows were nominated for the Grammys. Continue to read, here!


Louise Jallu – Jeu (ENG review)

Klarthe records – Street Date March 8th 2024

As the worthy heir of Astor Piazzolla, French bandoneonist Louise Jallu dazzles us with each new album, Continue to read, here!

Curtis Taylor – Taylor Made (ENG review)

Curtis Taylor Music – Street Date April 12th 2024

Here is a magnificent jazz album offered by trumpeter Curtis Taylor. Taylor has performed and recorded with Patrice Rushen, Continue to read, here!

Monty Alexander – D-Day (ENG review)

Peewee music – Street date March 29th 2024

Monty Alexander celebrates his 80th birthday, coinciding with the 80th anniversary of World War II. Continue to read, here!

Julian Lage – Speak to Me (ENG review)

Blue Note – Street Date March 1 2024

Julian Lage is a surprising composer and guitarist. In the opening of this album, Continue to read, here!

Wollf, Clark and Dorsey – A letter to Bill Evans (ENG review)

Jazz Avenue 1 – Street Date March 8th 2024

“A Letter to Bill Evans” features pianist Michael Wolff, bassist Leon Lee Dorsey, and drummer Mike Clark on a generous and vibrant tribute album. Continue to read, here!

Jean-Jacques Milteau – Key to The Highway (ENG review)

Street date March 29th 2024

I wouldn’t presume to retell the entire story of this harmonica player who, throughout his career, Continue to read, here!

Ernesto Cervini Turboprop – A Canadian Songbook (ENG review)

TPR records – Street date March 8th 2024

When our friend, the composer and drummer, releases a new album, inevitably it draws special attention, Continue to read, here!

Kelly Green – Seems (ENG review)

Green Soul Studios – Street Date March 29th, 2024

There are albums that barely out of their sleeve start speaking to you, such is the case with the new album by composer and pianist Kelly Green, Continue to read, here!

Malted Milk – 1975 (ENG review)

Mojo Hand Records / L’Autre Distribution – Street Date February 23th 2024

Two dates to remember, February 23, which will be the release day of the album “1975”… Continue to read, here!

Chris Rottmayer – Being (ENG review)

Shifting Paradigm Records – Street date March 8th 2024

Here is a composer, pianist, and vibraphonist from Wisconsin who had the distinction of working at Disney from 1999 to 2020. Continue to read, here!

Gregory Privat Trio – Phoenix (ENG review)

Buddham Jazz – Available

Let’s be clear, this album is a true musical gem, unfortunately spoiled by Gregory Privat’s voice, Continue to read, here!

Moppa Elliott – Advancing On A Wild Pitch – Disasters Vol II

Hot Cup Record – Available

On a rather classic setup, Moppa Elliott on bass, Charles Evans on baritone saxophone, Sam Kulik on trombone, Continue to read, here!

Moppa Elliott – Acceleration due to Gravity (ENG review)

Hot Cup Record – Available

Another album by bassist and composer Moppa Elliott is being released today. Continue to read, here!


Wide Hive Records – Street Date March 1st 2024

Barely out of its sleeve and placed in the CD player, filled with joy and happiness, the heart twirling to the sounds… Continue to read, here!

Lynne Arriale Trio – Being Human (ENG review)

Challenge Records – Street date March 1st 2024

The composer and pianist Lynne Arriale will release her new album (the 17th) with the arrival of spring.Continue to read, here!

Delgres – Promis le Ciel (ENG review)

Discograph – Street Date February 16th 2024

What we love about Delgres is that almost Cajun aspect of their music, although the band’s story differs from the Cajun story except for, continue to read, here!

Yosef Gutman Feat. Lionel Loueke – Soul Song (ENG review)

Street date February 19th 2024

It is impossible to know all jazz artists, as there are so many that we would have to travel the oceans day and night to meet them all.Continue to read, here!

Térez Montcalm – Step Out (ENG review)

Street Date February 16th 2024

We eagerly awaited Terez Montcalm’s new album, which will be released on February 16th. Continue to read, here!

Jim Rotondi – Finesse (ENG review)

Cellar – Street Date February 9th 2024

Here is an album of orchestral jazz that will inevitably make you think of film music, as it was still being made in the 80s. Continue to read, here!

Mike Downes – The Way in (ENG review)

Street Date – March 1st 2024

There are albums that leave a mark on you from the very first track, leaving a familiar imprint, Continue to read, here!

Mike LeDonne Groover Quartet with Gospel Choir – Wonderful (ENG review)

Cellar music group – Street Date February 16th 2024

Here is an album that truly lives up to its title and brings a certain joy from the very first listen. Continue to read, here!

David Larsen – Cohesion (Eng review)

Self-released – Street date March 1st 2024

The art of composition is a solitary and little-known art to the general public. It is like being an author of a novel, Continue to read, here!

Pernille Bevort – Bevort 3 “Northbound” (ENG review)

Jazzfuel – Street date February 9th 2024

This new CD by Pernille Bevort is, in my opinion, a somewhat mixed album, with musicians who play wonderfully well but sometimes with compositions that are a bit boringThis new CD by Pernille Bevort is, Continue to read, here!

Randy Washington – The Door is Open: The Music of Gregg Hill

OA2 records – Street date February 19th 2024

Guitarist Randy Washington, originally from Michigan, who migrated to New York in 1999, Continue to read, here!

James Zollar – The Ways in (ENG review)

JZAZ Records – Available

This album is released under the New York label JZAZ Records. When I saw the cover of this album, Continue to read, here!

John Korbel – Falling Feels Like Flying (ENG review)

Self-released – Available

At first listen, this album seems familiar, possibly reminiscent of the 80s. It only lacks the excellent voice of Michael McDonald in… Continue to read, here!

Jo Lawry – Acrobats (ENG review)

Whirlwind Recordings – Available

With our partners who promote artists, we manage to make impressive discoveries, and for them, Continue to read, Here!

Cliff Beach – You Showed Me The Way (ENG review)

California Soul Music – Street date March 15th 2024

Sometimes we receive an album, we play it, and we start dancing. Is this normal, doctor?  Continue to read, here!

Ruben Caban – Kangana (ENG review)

Self-Released – Street Date February 12th 2024

Here is a spicy album that jazz/funk and Afro-Cuban-inspired music lovers will enjoy. It offers a journey beyond borders and a delightful experience. Continue to read, here!

Will Régnier – Traces (ENG review)

Street date February 16th 2024

This is the debut album by drummer and composer Will Régnier. The album explores numerous paths, Continue to read, here!

Willy Rodriguez – Seeing Sounds (ENG review)

Street Date March 29th 2024

There are albums that have a greater impact than others, and for various reasons. Seeing Sounds, and the work of composer and drummer Willy Rodriguez, Continue to read, here!

Grace Kelly – At The Movie (ENG review)

Pazz productions – Street Date March 1st 2024

Do not be fooled by the appearance of the album cover, as Grace Kelly, who borrowed the name of the famous actress, has a deep connection to it. Continue to read, here!

Jean-Paul Raffit & Paamath – Mburu (ENG review)

Home Records – Available

Guitarist Jean-Paul Raffit, well-known in French jazz, is quite hard to classify and always in search of different cultures to draw from for his inner sources. Continue to read, here!

Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra – Tidal Currents: East Meets West (ENG review)

Chronograph Records – Street Date February 2nd 2024

What we know about this music group: Founded in 1997 (registered as a charity organization in 2000), the WJO has evolved to become an important part of Winnipeg’s cultural landscape, Continue to read, here!

Andy Watts – The Way Back From Here (ENG review)

Andy Watts productions / Jazzfuel – Street Date February 23th 2024

Here is an album as we like them, urban, infused with world music and with a distinctive sound and a danceable beat, making this work unclassifiable. Continue to read, here!

Gianluca Vigliar – Eclipse (ENG review)

A.MA records – Street Date January 26th 2024

Gianluca Vigliar presents here his third album, which is actually the second one released by our friends at A.MA Records, whose productions are known to be among the finest in Europe, Continue to read, here!

Gianluca Vigliar – Eclipse (Italian review)

A.MA records – Street Date January 26th 2024

Gianluca Vigliar presenta qui il suo terzo album, che in realtà è il secondo pubblicato dai nostri amici di A.MA Records, le cui produzioni sono conosciute per essere tra le migliori in Europa, Continuare a leggere qui!

Ulysses Owens Jr. and Generation Y – A New Beat (ENG review)

Cellar Music Group – Available

This album was released on January 19, but the number of albums currently being released has caused us to fall behind a bit… Continue to read, here!

Garry Dial & Rich DeRosa – Keep Swingin’ (ENG review)

The music of Charlie Banacos // Outside In Music – Available

It is truly a magnificent idea to pay tribute to Charlie Banacos, who sadly passed away but created over 100 programs for improvisation since the 1950s and whose compositional work remains prominent in 20th-century music. Continue to read, here!

Gustavo Cortiñas – Live in Chicago (ENG review)

Desafío Candente – Street date : February 9th 2024

A new album by a composer, and not just any composer, but Gustavo Cortiñas, performing live with the musicians from his sextet, all based in Chicago. The sextet includes trumpeter Drew Hansen, renowned saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, and educator Artie Black, trombonist Matthew Davis, bassist and composer Kitt Lyles, and pianist Joaquin Garcia.Continue to read, here!

Myles Wright – Gamer (ENG review)

Street date : February 5th 2024

Myles Wrigt is an Australian composer who has been passionate about video games since his pre-adolescence. – Continue to read, here!

Jason Anick and Matt De Champlain – Reverence (ENG review)

A tribute to Stephane Grapelli and Oscar Peterson // Street Date: February 2nd 2024

For stylistic reasons, you won’t hear this album on Bayou Blue Radio; however, the editorial teams of Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move consider it one of their favorites. Continue to read, here!

The Afro Caribbean Jazz Collective – Fiesta At Caroga (ENG review)

Street Date: January 26th 2024

The Afro Caribbean Jazz Collective was initiated by guitarist José Guzmán from Puerto Rico, who skillfully blends jazz with Puertorican spices. Continue to read, here!

Andrew Binder – Conspiracy Deliracy (ENG review)


Andrew Binder is a young composer, double bassist, and educator. It’s good to start with how Andrew presents his creation: Continue to read, here!

Last Ark Out – Lift (ENG review)

Street date: February 23st 2024

The Canadian-European collective of musicians,Last Ark Out, is actively preparing for the release of their new album “Lift.” LAO was initially formed during their music studies at Vancouver Community College and Capilano University. Continue to resd, here!

Ethan Iverson – Technically Acceptable (ENG review)

Blue Note – Street Date January 19th 2024

What we know about this album: This new eclectic project, rich in twists and turns, features Iverson leading two different trios, with the bass/drums teams of Thomas Morgan/Kush Abadey and Simón Willson/Vinnie Sperrazza. Continue to read, here!

Scott Petito – Many Words (ENG review)


The bassist Scott Petito presents his new album, Many Words, a gathering of stars contributing to a magnificent album that deserved a more explicit cover. The group includes Bob Mintzer, vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, trumpeter Randy Brecker, drummers Steve Gadd, Peter Erskine, and Omar Hakim, percussionists Mino Cinelu and Bashiri Johnson, pianists Rachel Z Hakim and Kevin Hays, bassist Larry Grenadier, and singer Anna Maria Jopek. Continue to read, here!

Nadia Washington – Hope Resurgence (ENG review)


“Hope Resurgence” is the debut album by Nadia Washington, and what an album it is! A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Nadia made her first performance in a church that could accommodate five thousand people at the age of 5. Continue to read, here!

Danette McMahon – No More Excuses (ENG review)

Street Date: January 26th 2024

If we refer to her biography, Danette McMahon started her career behind a microphone at the age of 7, but to truly understand what makes this album a beautiful vocal masterpiece, one probably needs to look at another part of her biography: “Over the years, Continue to read, here!

Kristen R. Bromley – Muagsician (ENG review)

Kristen R Bromley Music, LLC – Available

This is an album that you won’t have the pleasure of discovering on Bayou Blue Radio, a matter of style that doesn’t align with our programming.However, it is an excellent album worth sharing with all of you who are interested in jazz guitar, as Kristen’s quality of interpretation shines through. Here, you’ll find various modes of jazz guitar playing executed to perfection, along with particularly intelligent and clever arrangement of the titles. Continue to read, here!

Andrea Superstein – Oh Mother (ENG review)

Celar Live – Street Date February 2024

Firstly, the pretext of this album is particularly interesting, as much as the musical compositions or the voice of Andrea Superstein. “Oh Mother” was inspired by the personal experience as a mother of the Vancouverite singer and composer Andrea Superstein. Continue to read, here!

The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Live From The Northwest, 1959 (ENG review)

Brubeck Editions – Available

This is the third release from Brubeck Editions, the official label of the Brubeck family. Previous releases include “Time OutTakes” (2020) and “Live From Vienna 1967” (2022). Each release is proudly and meticulously edited, mixed, and remastered, available on 180-gram vinyl, CD, and digital formats. Continue to read, here!

Markus Rutz – Storybook (ENG review)

MARQ Records – Available

This album by trumpeter Markus Rutz is primarily a concept that is listened to like reading a book; certain added atmospheres are there to bridge the chapters (the tracks of this album). The saxophonist is surrounded by saxophonist Sharel Cassity, pianist Adrian Ruiz, bassists Kurt Schweitz and Samuel Peters, drummer Kyle Swan, and guitarist Kyle Asche.Continue to read, here!

Sanah Koudara – Duality (ENG review)

Sanah has produced, recorded, or shared the stage with the legendary Kirk Lightsey (Dexter Gordon, Sonny Stitt, Chet Baker), Philip Harper (Art Blakey), Ed Cherry (Dizzy Gillespie), Mark Whitfield (Herbie Hancock).  Continue to read, here!

Marlon Simon & The Nagual Spirits – On Different Paths (ENG review)

Truth Revolution Records – Street date January 26th 2024

The journey of this composer and drummer extends from Venezuela, his native country, to the city of New York, and finally, he is now a neighbor in Katy, Texas. Despite being close, we haven’t had the opportunity to meet him at Bayou Blue Radio. Continue to read, here!

Derrick Gardner & The Jazz Prophets – Pan Africa (ENG review)

Impact Jazz – Available

About Derrick Gardner: For over thirty years, Derrick Gardner has been an unmatched force in the world of jazz, boasting an extensive list of collaborations with personalities such as Frank Foster, Dizzy Gillespie, Nancy Wilson, and Clark Terry. Gardner has been recognized as a prominent bandleader since his debut in 2005 with Slim Goodie. Continue to read, here!

Allan Harris – Live at Blue LLama (ENG review)

Love Productions Records in association with Live at the Blue LLama Records – Available

Singer and guitarist Allan Harris presents his new album “Live At Blue Llama,” a brilliant, tender, and friendly live performance that kicks off with a cover of Sony. We particularly love his way of appropriating the songs, all of which are hits, injecting his soulful touch. As we progress through this live recording, the tracks become more deconstructed in a very soulful jazz, featuring pianist and keyboardist Arcoiris Sandoval – piano; Marty Kenney – bass; Norman Edwards – drums; Irwin Hall – saxophone/flute. Continue to read, here!

Dave Liebman – Live At Smalls (ENG review)


Although I have been programming jazz on the radio for years and years, I have always been fascinated by the composer and saxophonist Dave Liebman, who is also a friend of a friend, pianist Andy Emler. Continue to read, here!

Lakecia Benjamin – Phoenix (ENG review)

Whirlwind Recordings – Available

There are artists who have things to say, and those are the ones we prioritize on Bayou Blue Radio. The saxophonist Lakecia Benjamin is unquestionably one of these artists, and the announcement of this album is living proof. “Phoenix” is the highly anticipated and expansive album in the musical evolution of alto saxophonist and composer Lakecia Benjamin. Continue to read, here!

Viktoria Tolstoy – Stealing Moments

ACT – Street Date – March 1st, 2024

For me, the album that stands out and allowed me to discover the music of Viktoria Tolstoy was her beautiful album “Letters to Herbie“, released in 2011. Her previous album “Stations” from 2019 only added to Viktoria’s musical excellence over time. Continue to read, here!

Hot Club of Los Angeles – Nova

Street Date January 29th 2024

Formed in 2011, the group brought together local musicians with diverse backgrounds in country, jazz, pop, folk, rock, blues, and world music. The current lineup, which includes founding members drummer Jim Doyle and accordionist/ pianist Carl Byron, as well as bassist Paul Eckman and acoustic guitar masters Josh Workman and Jake Bluenote, draws from eclectic experience and taste, offering a unique and modern approach to the iconic “Hot Club” sound. Continue to read, here!

Marshall Gilkes and the WDR Big Band – Live Songs

Alternate Side Records – Street Date January 26th2024

The trombonist Marshall Gilkes, in collaboration with the renowned WDR Big Band, offers us a rich musical journey inspired by life itself. “LifeSongs” represents a remarkable achievement for the two-time GRAMMY-nominated artist, internationally known for his virtuoso mastery of the trombone and widely recognized as one of the great big band composers of our time. Continue to read here!

Kirsten Edkins – Shapes and Soud (ENG review)

Cohearent Records – Street Date January 22th 2024

For her second album, saxophonist Kirsten Edkins enlisted the mastering engineer Kevin Gray. This album was recorded using all the analog and tube equipment that Gray meticulously built over the past 17 years. The group recorded live in a room designed by Gray with the same attention to detail as Rudy Van Gelder’s Blue Note Hackensack studio.
Clearly, this is what gives this album its “live” quality, and the roundness of the sounds that are reminiscent of certain recordings from the 1960s made with Studer mixing consoles – Continue to read, here!

Youn Sun Nah – Elles

Warner – Street Date January 26th 2024

We were excited to discover Youn Sun Nah’s new album, but the result is rather disappointing. Indeed, her previous album, ‘Immersion,’ marked an innovative, inventive, and joyful turning point, with a genuine reimagining of tracks and a musical shift towards a new, fitting ‘Pop’ direction. This new album, ‘Elles,’ while showcasing tracks originally interpreted by female artists, makes us long for the period when she was accompanied by the extraordinary guitarist Ulf Wakenius, who captivated us both with ‘Momento Magico.’ Continue to read, here!

Max Beesley’s High Vibes – Zeus (ENG review)


Max Beesley is both an actor and a comedian. To explore his career, you can visit this page. In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Max Beesley is a musician, and his compositions are heavily influenced by funk. Given that funk is arguably the musical genre closest to jazz, his album “Zeus” straddles both genres. “Zeus” is the debut full-length album from Max Beesley’s ensemble, High Vibes. The group had previously released two classics in 12-inch format on the Boogie Back Records label during the height of the Acid Jazz movement in 1993/1994. Continue to read, here!

Menagerie – The Shores Of Infinity (ENG review)

Free Style – Available


Menagerie, an Australian jazz group with a purely conceptual approach, comprised of nine members, enthusiastically announces the release of its fourth album titled “The Shores Of Infinity.” This marks the third album to be published by Freestyle Records for this Melbourne-based jazz ensemble, founded by producer, lyricist, guitarist, DJ, and recording artist Lance Ferguson (known for his work with The Bamboos, Lanu, Rare Groove Spectrum, Machines Always Win). Continue to read, here!

Marius Van Den Brink – New York Knock (ENG review)

Highline Music NYC – Street date January 15th 2024

It is not uncommon for European musicians to split their lives between Europe and the USA, usually in the urban jazz cauldron of New York. The result is always music with a complex architecture, to the point that in this case, Marius Van Den Brink is compared by the trumpeter and composer Sean Jones to the writing of Horace Silver. Continue to read, here!

Jun Lida – Evergreen (ENG review)

Origin Records – Street Date January 19th 2024

For a debut album, Jun Lida reaches the summit! Indeed, Evergreen is all about balance—nothing excessive, whether in compositions or arrangements; everything is perfectly calibrated, beautiful, intelligent, and one simply allows oneself to be carried away, thinking that with this musician, we are certainly only at the beginning of delightful surprises. There is a bit of the soul of a Ryuichi Sakamoto. Continue to read, here!

Jacob Manz – The Answer (ENG review)

ACT – Street date January 26th 2024

Jacob Manz is a young German saxophonist and composer, who arrives here with his fourth album on the ACT label. His music sometimes flirts with funk, world music, and other influences that are often hallmarks of contemporary jazz, particularly in Europe. The new album, “The Answer,” is something different. It marks a return to his original foundation, the Jakob Manz Project. He reunites with a group of loyal and supportive friends and kindred spirits. “The Answer” is a rediscovery of the fearless enthusiasm of youth that originally brought them together. It’s the group where it all began, a lineup that engages with all their heart and mind – and yet continues to evolve. Continue to read, here!

Gerald Cannon – Live at Dizzy’s Club (ENG review)

Live at Dizzy’s Club : The Music of Elvin & McCoy // Woodneck records – Street Date January 19th 2024

What we know about this album: Recorded at the famous Jazz at Lincoln Center, Cannon’s latest musical project pays tribute to two giants of music: McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones, with whom Cannon proudly played for 14 and nine years, respectively. Evoking the true essence of McCoy and Elvin, Cannon’s vehicle features an exceptional ensemble of musicians who also shared the stage with these giants: pianist Dave Kikoski, drummer Lenny White, tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano, alto saxophonist Sherman Irby, trumpeter Eddie Henderson, and trombonist Steve Turre. Continue to read, here!

Francesco Crosara – Circular Motion (ENG review)

Origin Records – Street date January 19th 2024

is red cover is far from living up to the project it contains. If you love the piano, you’re in for a treat! Indeed, according to DownBeat, ‘An Italian-born pianist, Crosara is well-versed in the tradition of bop, and his delicate flow could suggest a debt to Bill Evans.’ For Jazz Times, ‘… precious insights into his fertile imagination and harmonic boldness. Continue to read, here!

Andrea Sabatino feat. Vince Abbracciante – Melodico (Italian review)

Dodicilune – Available

Questa uscita dell’album, intrisa di dolcezza e poesia, è l’opera di due musicisti italiani, il trombettista Andrea Sabatino e l’organettista Vince Abbracciante. Il duo propone una reinterpretazione di otto brani che hanno segnato la storia della musica italiana: “Cos’hai trovato in lui” di Bruno Martino, due grandi successi cantati da Mina come “Noi due. Da leggere qui! 

Andrea Sabatino feat. Vince Abbracciante – Melodico (ENG review)

Dodicilune – Available

This album release, characterized by its gentleness and poetry, is the work of two Italian musicians, trumpeter Andrea Sabatino and accordionist Vince Abbracciante. The duo offers a reinterpretation of eight songs that have marked the history of Italian music: “Cos’hai trovato in lui” by Bruno Martino, two big hits sung by Mina such as “Noi due,” written by Alberto Testa and Augusto Martelli, and “Brava” by conductor, composer, arranger, and lyricist Bruno Canfora, Continue to read, here!

Christopher Grab’s Reflections – Oneness (ENG review)

Lamento Records – Street date: January 26th 2024

The pitch: While contemporary jazz often seeks to modernize the genre by leaving tradition in the past, Swiss saxophonist Christoph Grab aims to prove that creative music can be rooted in history while remaining fresh and vibrant. His new album, titled “Oneness,” will be released on January 26th on Lamento Records. Continue to read, here!

David Bixler – The Langston Hughes Project Vol. 1 (ENG review)

Tiger Turn – Available January 12th 2024

Here is a very elitist, fascinating album that oscillates between contemporary music and jazz. It’s the kind of album that, like a good play, nourishes your brain, questions you, and leaves a lasting mark. It’s also a very urban jazz that, for some strange reason, brought me back to reading Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy. Continue to read, here!