Denial of democracy in France

 It’s a tough time for independent journalists in France, where almost all of the press is at the mercy of the state, self-censoring and only reporting in line with the prevailing winds. What’s worse, independent journalists are prevented from doing their job at protests, as only images of violence serve the repressive state and prevent any meaningful debate.

Independent journalists are also threatened through social media. It is impossible to publish a photo of a state service that has overstepped its bounds, for example, when peaceful citizens are forcibly arrested or injured by these services. Websites are sometimes blocked for the same reasons, and the right to inform is completely violated. That’s why from now on, we will no longer relay any information from France or the European community, as it is a matter of our safety.

This is certainly difficult to understand for our American friends, who are used to total transparency, and where it is not uncommon to see issues of abuse of public force and even an actual former president being charged. This is the difference between a democracy and a state that oversteps its bounds.

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