Editorial June 2023

If you have invested in Nvidia, you must be happy right now. Indeed, the dividends being paid out are skyrocketing with this company that seems poised to break all records, and nothing seems to be able to stop this trend. The demand for graphics chips is exploding, driven by strong industrial demand. It must be said that here in the USA, inflation is low, and the only concern for the population is the debt negotiations.

Once again, it is the Republicans who are attempting to sabotage the negotiations leading up to the next elections, in an attempt to undermine the chances of the Democrats. It must be said that they are not helped by a former Republican president whose legal troubles seem to be never-ending, and an even worse challenger than this former president. In Florida, not a day goes by without a protest against the decisions of this challenger being contested. It must be said that for these Republicans, who are primarily religious extremists obsessed with sexuality and literature that challenges their delusional interpretation of the Bible, applying their vision to society is their sole goal. Fortunately, not everyone shares such twisted views, and there is little chance that the Republicans, by continuing down this path, have a chance of winning the next elections.

On the Democratic side, even though some would have preferred a different challenger than Mr. Biden, the ranks are closing around him, strengthened by his way of governing, free from any form of scandal and with respect for all. It must be said that with the judgments surrounding the events of January 6th, even the weakest minds remain shocked by this fortunately aborted attempt at a coup.

Overall, the economy is doing well, businesses are thriving, there is no need to panic, even though some sectors of the economy are tense, such as the oil sector where stock market games are driving up prices, despite there being no fundamental reason for such price increases. In any case, this is nothing compared to the prices of oil in Europe, which are generally around 2 Euros per liter, whereas here it is more around 3 dollars for 4 liters (1 gallon). If it weren’t for so many financial games around oil, the price would stabilize between 2.40 dollars and 2.55 on average.

The web is having fun witnessing Elon Musk’s various defeats. Indeed, SpaceX crashing, a Twitter outage at the moment DeSantis announces his candidacy for the presidency – we also find amusement in his desire to create a new AI, probably too late, and who would want to work under the conditions of a boss known for poorly managing his teams? Unless one is truly desperate, there are many other more interesting sectors in this field.

The coming weeks are likely to be exciting here. We already know the main themes developed by the Republicans: restrictions on abortion, banning certain literature, immigration, etc. These are all topics that are far from convincing a country accustomed to its freedoms and proud of its cultural and intellectual diversity, and certainly not willing to endure such medieval-like politics again.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief