Why and How We Are Returning to Mac?

After more than two years of using Windows 11 Pro, which, while a significant advancement for Microsoft, proved to be too unstable and not the best at handling file transfers, we decided to switch back to Mac. Our initial move away from Mac was due to the fact that the Apple machines we needed became excessively expensive and difficult to upgrade, except for the Mac Pro, which was financially out of reach.

There’s no justification for such high prices, even considering that Apple designs its own chips, which quickly become profitable as they are used across all their devices. While these processors are indeed very fast, we questioned whether we truly needed that speed since our audio, photo, and video applications run perfectly well on Intel Macs. Therefore, we are turning to the second-hand market to find a configuration that partially meets our needs. Ideally, we would have preferred a Mac Studio that could be easily opened to add or remove components such as RAM or SSDs, with the possibility of installing up to three internal SSDs at a more reasonable price.

Since this is not an option, we are compelled to explore the second-hand market, which fortunately in the USA is well-stocked with decent, well-equipped products. Many of us are increasingly looking at the second-hand Apple market, hoping that in the future the company will come to its senses and remember that professionals have specific needs and limited budgets. Over time, even Steve Jobs understood this.

Editorial Team
Bayou Blue News