Mike Pence, a Republican like any other…

It didn’t take long for the more moderate Republicans, who saw Mike Pence as a possibility to counter the extremists represented by Trump and De Santis, to bring out their handkerchiefs to dry their tears. Indeed, since yesterday, Mike Pence, like the others, speaks with one voice in an attempt to defend the indefensible, namely the numerous legal issues that accumulate month after month in Trump’s case… It’s reminiscent of the Russian Communist Party in the 1950s to 1970s, where internal dissent was impossible, and only the voices of the strongest were allowed to be heard. We saw the result later…


The Republican Party, like that infamous party, seems to take pleasure in self-sabotage. We will remember Mike Pence’s black-themed website highlighting his differences with Trump, but now all of that is over. Perhaps after much negotiation, but it doesn’t matter, Mike Pence’s credibility is now close to absolute zero.

And even if we try to look at things objectively, we must remember the time during Trump’s presidency, with an economy that benefited only the elites, a wave of racism that emboldened many, January 6th, the protection of his closest allies, the erosion of fundamental rights, which allowed, among other things, a rollback of abortion rights, thus enabling the most extreme para-religious factions to be heard and regain their voice. The wall, and the list goes on… The Republican Party is now completely in the hands of these people. The question now is, who will the more moderate Republicans vote for? For them, the Republican Party is nothing more than a shadow of a past in which they could recognize themselves.

This lack of agitation within the Republican Party is a gift to the Democrats, who just have to patiently wait for the Republicans to tear themselves apart. As the elections approach, this will happen, and the Democrats will reap the benefits. Let’s not dream, this forced unity around Trump will crumble when the legal issues are settled, and the internal war between the extremists will resume, more violent than ever. It is difficult to say what will come out of it, but certainly nothing grand.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief

Bayou Blue Radio – Bayou Blue News