Harry and Meghan, victims of the English media system!

 The dreadful English tabloids, for whom nothing deserves respect, and if they can stoke jealousy of all kinds, they will report all sorts of false and defamatory things about various personalities, including Harry & Meghan, who have been enduring their wrath for far too long.

What is Meghan being reproached for? Being beautiful? Being a talented actress? Being an intelligent woman? Being discreet?

What is Harry being reproached for? Being a prince with a charming smile? Marrying a beautiful woman? Not leading a scandalous life?

In reality, there is nothing to reproach them for. They live their lives as they please, doing good around them. It’s not enough to feed a daily tabloid press, which is probably why a bunch of English paparazzi chased the couple through the streets of New York… For what purpose? Trying to show that their security is not assured in the USA?

The reality is quite different here; even American paparazzi adhere to a certain number of rules that don’t endanger the lives of public figures.

One could have imagined that Harry’s participation in his father’s coronation could have appeased these bloodthirsty sharks, but that’s not the case. For many people, Meghan is a true star, so her absence at the coronation was perceived by the press as a real provocation.

One must have a relatively disturbed mind to think in this way, but it’s the bread and butter of this horrible tabloid press, which is only readable by weak or sick minds, ready to believe any lie that appears in these newspapers.

No one, absolutely no sensible person, wants to relive a tragedy like Harry’s mother’s. In the absence of being able to silence this press, it is now necessary to find a way to prevent these English paparazzi from causing harm again. There are certainly legal possibilities to limit their nuisance.

Fortunately, outside of England, few people are interested in tabloids; otherwise, the world would be unbearable… So… Let them live!

Thierry de Clemensat

Editor in chief