Burger Fresh – recommended by Bayou Blue Radio


Often, for Europeans, burgers are seen as low-quality food. When living in the USA, one can also have this impression, as in many fast-food chains, burgers are often too greasy, too dirty, and the fries are quite lamentable. So, one must step out of convenience and not hesitate to go, as we did, to the heart of Texas, in the charming town of Montgomery, where you will find a burger restaurant, renowned for the quality of its hamburgers…

The first thing that will strike you in Montgomery is the quality of the welcome and the kindness of the people you’ll encounter. Burger Fresh is the name of this restaurant, located in what historically was the Montgomery post office. We step in, and for the first time for me, it smells good. I quickly glance at the kitchen, extremely clean, with very fresh products on display. We place our order, the burger arrives promptly, and its appearance is already a delight for the taste buds.

The fries, beautifully cut in a spiral, are just right—not too much, not too little—remarkably calibrated and reminiscent of the good fries from the main square in Ixelles, Belgium, which are the kings of fries. I taste one quickly, and yes! These are genuine little wonders—not greasy, cooked just right, thick but not too thick—a delight.

For the burger, the same applies. We’re not in excess, but in extreme quality. The meat is not thick, just the right size for the burger, perfectly cooked with a very pleasant and lightly salted taste. The accompanying vegetables are very fresh. You quickly forget the typical burger aspect because this burger is real cuisine—an art! It’s easy to understand why this small restaurant was designated as having the best burgers in the region.

Bayou Blue Radio recommends it, just about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Austin in the lovely little town of Montgomery, which has a charming allure.

Burger Fesh

14409 Liberty St, Montgomery, TX, United States, Texas

(936) 597-8448