Only Office, the Best in Office Suites

As you may have noticed, we work on various operating systems, whether it’s Apple, Windows, or Linux through its most popular version, Ubuntu. However, when you’ve worked for a long time on commercial operating systems, most of the time you’ve been tied to Microsoft’s office suite with the famous Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

There exists an office suite just as capable and visually appealing, which will remind you like two drops of water of Microsoft’s suite and functions similarly, but completely free in its standard version. Its name is OnlyOffice, which will provide you with almost the same services, although naturally less powerful than Microsoft’s suite, but more than sufficient in most cases. You can even go as far as writing a novel without a problem. If you’re a spreadsheet enthusiast, there’s a standard one that works like Microsoft’s, and the same goes for the presentation tool, which is a clone of Powerpoint.

To top it off, another tool is available in the OnlyOffice suite that allows you to generate or read PDFs.

We’ve installed it on our Ubuntu machines, on Mac, or on Windows, and in all cases, we’ve observed very smooth performance for this application, which is light on memory and disk space.

It’s also a suite that can be useful for journalists, students, etc…

One could even create “radio show scripts” with it, which shows how reliable this application is.

Download OnlyOffice, here!

Proposed article by the Bayou Blue Radio editorial team.