A Supreme Court Tailored for Trump

America is more divided than ever and continues to suffer the consequences of Trump’s politics. For purely electoral reasons, religious extremists who have infested the Republican Party have also been placed on the Supreme Court. For those who thought Trump had no long-term vision, the nightmare is just beginning.

Religious fundamentalism is the cornerstone of Trump’s voters. They are not very numerous, but they are generally extremely wealthy and accustomed to making a lot of noise in an attempt to impose their prehistoric vision of society, as interpreted in a completely delusional and unfounded manner from the Bible. They appeal to a segment of society composed of poorly educated white individuals, whose actions on January 6th were witnessed by the whole world.

It is not surprising, therefore, that these same fundamentalists, placed on the Supreme Court by Trump, are attempting to sweep away decades of laws and jurisprudence that have advanced society’s progress on women’s rights, affirmative action, LGBTQ+ rights, and more.

Everything that has earned the admiration of the United States from civilized countries around the world is being destroyed for purely electoral reasons, with the sole purpose of preventing Democratic policies from surviving. It is idiocracy in its most basic sense. The number of people in society who harshly judge the Republicans for these actions is growing, including within their own ranks. The amplification of the most extremist ideas by the Supreme Court is causing irreparable damage to society.

The Biden administration is doing everything possible to limit the damage, which is an extremely difficult task. Clearly, the tone has been set for the upcoming elections, which are likely to be particularly combative with a Republican Party ready to employ any means and lies possible to win.

All this noise orchestrated by the Republicans serves two purposes. The first is, of course, to try to overshadow the legal issues surrounding Trump. If they fail in that, the second purpose is to pave the way for another one of their champions who also caters to the religious extremists within the Republican Party. Whether it’s De Santis or someone else, the Democrats will have to be both highly strategic and fiercely combative to win the next elections.

Two radically different visions of society, where bipartisanship can only create a black-and-white perspective.

It is sad, it is distressing. Hopefully, society will react to these repeated attacks on democracy and send a clear message in the upcoming elections, proclaiming loudly, “Never again!”


Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief – Bayou Blue Radio/Bayou Blue News