Editorial August 2023

What strikes Republicans here as well as in Europe is their mode of communication, which ranges from lying to insulting, and a policy based on outdated religious foundations and racism, which results in a complete racism concerning the management of immigrants. Currently, Texas is exemplifying this approach by attempting to divide the Rio Grande in two with large buoys that are supposed to slow down said immigration.

Of course, this will hardly slow down immigration because the people trying to cross from Mexico to the USA are driven by dire personal circumstances in their country, Mexico. This lack of humanity is a rare violence against these individuals, and it is perpetuated by the most extreme elements of the Republican Party found in Texas and Florida.

No one has forgotten the anti-abortion laws that religious extremists have managed to impose on a population largely against such decisions, including among the less extreme Republicans.

As if that weren’t enough, this pre-election period is characterized by the false and insulting outbursts of Trump, who is trying to divert attention from the accumulating issues he faces…

Elon Musk is also a cause for concern with Starlink, which reigns supreme in communication around the world. His megalomaniacal delusions lead him to make decisions for his companies that may end up costing him dearly.

Heatwaves are occurring everywhere around the globe, in the USA as well as in Europe. Certainly, we must make efforts to behave more environmentally friendly – it’s the responsibility of each one of us. However, we must also be cautious of the messages sent by “experts.” Some of them would say the same as I do, but they are rare, and they are not the ones given a voice, as human activity has little weight in climate change. We should probably look back at past centuries when warm and ice ages succeeded each other. At our level, we can only limit our ecological impact and force certain companies to pollute less. However, the direction we are being pushed towards with electric vehicles does not meet these criteria. Ultimately, an electric car at the end of its life will be more polluting than conventional vehicles. But with the brainwashing imposed on the people, we are inevitably heading towards this new form of pollution, not to mention that we will need to produce more and more electricity, and for the moment, only nuclear energy can meet such demand. These are all raised questions that will require a quick answer, probably involving diversification of energy sources.

Europe is currently on vacation, while activities in the USA have barely slowed down because people work all the time here. Nevertheless, things seem to be changing; a city like Austin, for example, outside the historic center, no longer truly comes alive at night. Most restaurants close before midnight, due to the city’s rapid growth, which now exceeds two million inhabitants and increasingly resembles a bedroom community like those found in Europe.

Cities growing too fast are causing more and more Americans to move elsewhere. Currently, some are choosing Spain because houses are far too expensive in large American cities. Spaniards may enjoy the party life, but the massive influx of Americans will also drive up house prices there… We have likely reached the end of an economic system that needs to reinvent itself.

The musical event of the season will be the release of Céline Bonacina’s new album “Jump” in September, and I’m telling you about it here.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor In Chief

Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News