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John Ellis (Quartet) – Carmen In Jazz (ENG review)

Blue Room Music LLC – Street Date December 22th 2023

When one has been immersed in classical music from early childhood in Europe, many of us have experienced an overdose of Georges Bizet’s Carmen, whose great-grandson directed a music conservatory where I played my first (sometimes off-key) notes. So, I had forgotten about this work by my fellow countryman, genuinely hoping never to hear it again, preferring other works by the composer, such as his Symphony in C, which no one talks about today. Continue to read, here!

Germano Zenga – Gato! (ENG review)

Caligola Records – Available

What we know about this album: Germano Zenga, born in Milan in 1971, despite a busy professional career, has not released many records as a leader. However, each one is the result of a project developed over time and never by chance. Many years after ‘Tide of Dreams’ and ‘Changin’ Balance,’ ‘Gato!’ is now released, also recorded as a quartet, his favorite formation. Continue to read, here!

Germano Zenga – Gato! (Italian review)

Caligola Records – Available

Ciò che sappiamo su questo album: Germano Zenga, nato a Milano nel 1971, nonostante una intensa attività professionale alle spalle, non ha pubblicato molti dischi come leader, ma ognuno è il risultato di un progetto sviluppato nel tempo e mai a caso. Molti anni dopo “Tide of Dreams” e “Changin’ Balance”, ora esce “Gato!”, anch’esso registrato in quartetto, la sua formazione preferita. Continuare la lettura qui!

Caligola Records – Available

Germano Zenga – Gato! (FR review)

Caligola Records – Available

Ce que nous savons sur cet album et cet artiste: Germano Zenga, né à Milan en 1971, malgré une intense activité professionnelle derrière lui, n’a pas sorti de nombreux disques en tant que leader, mais chacun est le résultat d’un projet développé au fil du temps, et jamais au hasard. De nombreuses années après “Tide of Dreams” et “Changin’ Balance”, sort maintenant “Gato!”, également enregistré en quartet, sa formation préférée. Poursuivre la lecture ici!

Baptiste Trotignon – Brexit Music (ENG review)

Baptiste Trotignon/ Matt Penman/ Greg Hutchinson – Naïve – Available

Yes, we took our time to talk to you about this album, and the reason is simple. At Bayou Blue Radio, we wanted to highlight it for the year-end holidays to give it the spotlight it deserves. Who knows, it might be a great opportunity to gift it to someone close who loves jazz. Continue to read, here!

Jason Arkins – In Focus


A very uplifting EP! Jason Arkins is a saxophonist and composer from Miami who already stands out for his remarkable saxophone sound and excellent skills as a composer and arranger – the kind of musician we love on Bayou Blue Radio. As a result, an EP leaves us wanting more, as we feel so good listening to this album. If you enjoy jazz fusion, this is right up your alley. The youthfulness of this musician is surprising when you hear his complete mastery of this art.Continue to read, here!

Miguel Espinoza Fusion – Gabriella (ENG review)


If I were to begin by describing this album as a flamenco album, you would rightly say that I am completely off-topic, and you would be absolutely correct. The credentials of contemporary flamenco are definitively sealed by the master of flamenco guitar, our friend Juan Carmona; everything that comes after now seems dull. It’s essential to mention that the group’s name ends with “Fusion,” and here, this group truly makes sense. Indeed, the USA is thousands of kilometers away from the source of flamenco, and what we have here is, at best, a vague impression. This is evident as they borrow the technique, set aside the traditional codes, and inject a very American and world music perspective into their intentions.Continue to read, here!

Michael Costantino – The Song Inside the Tune


Pianist, composer, and conductor, major figures in the music industry have not been mistaken in letting him open for them over the years—Etta James, Earth, Wind and Fire, Richard Pryor, the Persuasions, and the Coasters. Performing both in the USA and abroad, this album is a true gem, both in terms of compositions and arrangements. It even includes a rendition of “The Godfather” theme, making Michael Costantino’s music sparkle like champagne bubbles—just in time for the season! Continue to read, here!

Kait Dunton – A Very Keyboard Christmas (ENG review)

Street Date December 6th 2023

Can’t stand Christmas albums anymore? Fortunately, Kait Dunton is here and manages to create a particularly fun funk/jazz album that could have served as the soundtrack to a Snoopy episode. In fact, from the first notes of the first track of this album, ‘Joy to The World,’ I couldn’t help but laugh because Kait Dunton’s arrangements are particularly amusing, funny, and clever. Continue To read, here!

Roger Lin – Exploitation Suite (ENG review)

Jazzfuel – Street Date December 6th 2023

Jazzfuel informs us: “New York holds the reputation of being the global capital of jazz and is often looked upon with admiration and envy by musicians worldwide. The new album from Brooklyn-based guitarist/composer Roger Lin aims to encapsulate a realistic image of the city’s scene, exploring the dichotomy between talent and hard work, as well as the exploitation, pretension, and ignorance he has experienced.” Continue to read, here!

Margot Sergent – Douce France / Sweet France (ENG review)

Street Date December 8th 2023

Here is a timeless album that you won’t hear on Bayou Blue Radio because it doesn’t fit our programming criteria. However, it could be a lovely gift for your grandparents who probably know these songs in both French and English.
Margot is a harpist and singer, and one can easily imagine the challenge of combining the harp with jazz. This is already an accomplishment in itself. Add to that a very beautiful voice worth noting, and the result is a truly charming ensemble. – Continue to read, here!

Chico César – Vêtu d’amour (ENG review)

Street date – November 24th 2023

When the Brazilian songs of Chico César grace your attentive ear, you open the door and let yourself be swayed. Chico César distributes his love, love for others, love for the world through the 16 tracks of this album. The warmth emanating from his music, sometimes folk, sometimes pop, sometimes flirting with jazz, this artist, entirely uncategorizable, has managed to carve out a special place, appreciated as much by the common people as by intellectuals, for very different reasons, all equally valid in each case. Continue to read, here!

Sofia Rubina – I Am Soul (ENG review)


If there is a country that we hear little about, it is Estonia, a small country nestled between Finland and Latvia. Yet, it is here that a real talent in the world of jazz is hidden – the singer Sofia Rubina. With three albums already released and her fourth album, “I am Soul,” now available, her well-established career has taken her all over the world, from the famous Blue Note in New York to the corners of Asia and back. Continue to read, here!

Walter Wolfman Washington – Feel So at Home (ENG review)

Tipitinas Record club – Available

A short message from my friend Gilbert Guyonnet (Radio Clapas/ ABS Magazine): I’m watching, and, boom, this magnificent album that I immediately start spinning. As soon as Walter’s voice appears, I have the strange impression of listening to a cousin of Ray Charles, but Walter has something more “Roots” in him. The comparison stops there; for the rest, there is a permanent emotion on this album, linked to moments both soulful and smiling, between blues and even some jazz riffs… So I try a search on the web, and quickly I come across this article from The New York Times, “Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington, New Orleans Musical Luminary, Dies at 79”. Continue to read, here!

Maria Grapsa Sextet – Life (ENG review)

Musical Dojo Records – Available

More beautiful surprises sent thanks to our friends at Jazzfuel, this time featuring the up-and-coming generation of young English musicians, with pianist and composer Maria Grapsa, originally from Greece but now living in England. As we are always excited about new discoveries at Bayou Blue Radio, we always start with multiple listens to an album that we will review and/or broadcast on our radio.Continue to read, here!

Sean Taylor – Short Stories (ENG review)

Available – Digital only

If you’ve been listening to Bayou Blue Radio for many years, Sean Taylor is one of the few white blues artists we broadcast. Why? The reason is simple: this artist never tries to be anything other than himself, possesses a broad musical culture, and his previous albums are there to prove it. He is to England what Eliza Gilkyson is to folk music in the USA—both are artists in love with words, for whom the word “Art” has meaning. Continue to read, here!

Cal Tjader – Catch The Groove (ENG review)

Two CD set // Jazz Detective – Street Date December 1st 2023

Cal Tjader left an indelible mark on jazz for many years before his passing in 1982. A percussionist, pianist, and vibraphonist, the Jazz Detective label presents yet another exceptional document consisting of two CDs. The deluxe package includes reflections from producer Zev Feldman and Brent Fischer (son of pianist Clare Fischer), liner notes from DJ and music journalist Greg Casseus, as well as interviews with Poncho Sánchez, Eddie Palmieri, Joe Locke, Gary Burton, Carl Burnett, and a statement from Tjader’s children, Rob and Liz Tjader. The extended booklet contains unpublished photos by Ray Avery and Fred Seligo. Continue to read, here!

Irina Pavlovic – The Soulful Heritage (ITALIAN REVIEW)

A.MA records – Street Date November 24th 2023

Irina Pavlovic è una pianista e compositrice originaria della Serbia. Ha iniziato lo studio del flauto all’età di sette anni. Quando la musica è diventata una passione seria per lei, Irina si è trasferita a Belgrado per studiare il pianoforte. Affascinata dal jazz, ha approfondito anche questo genere musicale. La passione per il jazz traspare in questo meraviglioso album prodotto dal nostro amico Antonio Martino. Continua a leggere, qui!

Irina Pavlovic – The Soulful Heritage (ENG review)

A.MA records – Street Date November24th 2023

Irina Pavlovic is a pianist and composer from Serbia who began studying the flute at the age of seven. As her interest in music deepened, Irina moved to Belgrade to study the piano. Fascinated by jazz, she also delved into the genre. The passion for jazz is evident in the marvelous albums produced by our friend Antonio Martino. One may even wonder where he finds these incredible artists whom we might not know if it weren’t for him. Whether it’s Italian jazz artists or those from Eastern European countries, every new proposal from Antonio dazzles us. Continue to read, here!

Wes Montgomery: Maximum swing – The Unissued 1965 Half Note Recordings

Jazz Detective – Street date: December 1st 2023

This album does not shine for its sound quality; it is assumed that the original recordings were not made under optimal technical conditions. However, regardless of this, it is a rare document primarily aimed at jazz and guitar enthusiasts or students who will find an endless source of ideas to refine their art. And if you purchase this album, you will find even more things that will allow you to closely study the music of Wes Montgomery. Continue to read, here!

Flying Horse Big Band – A Message From The Flying Horse Big Band (ENG review)

Flying Horse Records: Street Date: November 27th 2023

The Flying Horse Big Band, who are they? What is it? On the band’s website, it can be read: “UCF’s flagship jazz ensemble, the Flying Horse Big Band, swings under the direction of Jeff Rupert. American-Armenian jazz singer Lucy Yeghiazaryan takes the stage with The Jazz Professors, followed by trombonist Wycliffe Gordon and the Flying Horse Big Band.” Continue to read, here!

Scott Emmerman – Spheres (ENG review)

Street date: November 15th 2023

I wouldn’t know how to tell you about the journey of this fascinating guitarist and composer, so I refer you to this article from our colleagues at All About Jazz: link. This is because Scott Emmerman does not have a website. Continue to read, here!

Randy Bernsen – Heart Mind and Soul (ENG review)

Jericho Jams – Available

Since 1986, when guitarist and composer Randy Bernsen embarked on his career by directly recruiting the stars of the time for his debut album, including Jaco Pastorius, it was a more complex time when Bob James and Peter Eskine decided to participate in this project that came to life under the Zebra label.Continue to read, here!

Bryan Lubeck – Welcome Winter (ENG review)

Vineyard Music Productions – Available

And there we go! This year, Christmas albums are falling like snowflakes at the Bayou Blue Radio editorial office. Not all are equal; some are excellent, while others are so dismal that we won’t even mention them. Just arrived is one that not only bears the name “Christmas,” but is simply titled “Welcome Winter.” Thank you, Mister Lubeck. This makes you want to open the CD cover and give it a listen. Continue to read, here!

Philippe Côté & Francois Bourassa – Confluence (ENG review)

ODD Sound – Street date November 24th 2023

This is an album that oscillates between romanticism, poetry, and even delves into personal introspection. Indeed, one does not emerge unscathed from this album, which compels a profound listening experience as the only means to appreciate its meaning. In the press notes, one can read, ‘Just as two streams come together to form a single river, multi-instrumentalist Philippe Côté and pianist François Bourassa have joined forces to record the duo album titled “Confluence.” With Côté’s five-movement suite as the focal point, this recording represents a unique musical universe with improvisation at the forefront. Inspired by jazz and contemporary classical music, this Montreal-based duo presents a selection of compositions that are mysterious, emotional, and accessible.’Continue to read, here!


Marcel Smith – From My Soul (ENG review)

Little Village – available

On the cover, Marcel Smith appears as a jovial man, probably to the extent that it leaves iTunes scratching its head as it categorizes him in various genres (Soul, Blues, Pop, R&B, Oldies, Gospel, Rock, Funk). This is the first time I’ve seen iTunes so indecisive about categorizing an album. It must be said that, like your humble narrator, Marcel Smith seems to have swallowed a Muppets – an eclectic album that is often amusing and surprising, with an intriguing voice. “From My Soul” features five songs co-written by Smith and a handful of others that he makes his own from the start, including songs by artists like Jimmy Liggins, Willie Nelson, and the Bee Gees. Continue to read here!

Kim Scott – Shine (ENG review)

Innervision records – available

For at least three years, I had been planning to seek out Kim Scott’s albums. Why? Because, from my perspective, she holds a unique place in the world of smooth jazz, likely due to her highly structured compositions, sumptuous arrangements, and an evident personality that gives meaning to her compositions. With remarkable precision in her playing, Kim Scott is one of those artists who manage to surprise me, and I truly appreciate her art. Continue to read, here!

Solidaridad Tango – Distancia (ENG review)

Street Date November 17th 2023

Poems and tango are on the menu of this album. “L’ Arrivée de l’hiver” is the first poem, and 28 seconds later, we find ourselves in a kind of classy tango. However, while the first track strictly adheres to the musical rules of Argentine tango, the rest of the album ventures into charming conjectures that, while delightful, do not quite live up to the project’s potential. Continue to read, here!

Michael Wollny & Joachim Kühn – DUO (ENG review)

ACT – Street date January 26th 2024

Here is an excellent album, which for once you won’t hear on Bayou Blue Radio, and the reason is simple: when you’re in your car, the sounds need a constant impedance so that your ears don’t experience too pronounced high and low sound fluctuations. This work is meant to be listened to at home in perfect acoustic conditions to savor all its subtleties because we have here two of the greatest European composers and pianists, each very different in their style but perfectly compatible because they understand their respective music and easily find the sonic spaces to communicate. Continue to read here!

Isahiah J. Thompson – A Guaraldi Holiday (ENG review)

Outside In Music – Street date 12/01/2023

In holiday albums, not all are created equal, but “A Guaraldi Holiday” stands out for several reasons. The first reason is the exceptional composer and pianist, Isaiah J. Thompson, who has already given us the beautiful album “The Power Of Spirit,” which we have extensively featured on Bayou Blue Radio. So, we could only expect a high-quality album with his latest release, and that’s exactly what we got! Continue to read

Dominique Fils-Aimé – Our Roots Run Deep (LP – ENG Review)

Ensoul Records – September 22th 2023 – Available

This 180-gram pressed LP is of very good quality. Compared to the CD, of course, the definition in the midrange and treble is less impressive, and the bass is rounder. It requires a very good audio system to fully appreciate the subtleties of this album. We particularly love the front cover, which allows us to appreciate the beautiful photo on the cover, and the same goes for the carefully designed graphics on the back cover. In fact, this is the aspect of the LP that I particularly appreciate – the readability of the album covers and the highlighted graphics. You may have noticed that each new album by Dominique Fils-Aimé has a distinct color. In recent years, it’s been red, yellow, and green for this latest installment. It’s true that this album also has a ‘natural’ ambiance. Continue to read, here!

Dominique Fils-Aimé – Our Roots Run Deep (CD – ENG Review)

Ensoul Records – September 22th 2023 – Available

Few artists receive as much favor from Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio, which can be attributed both to Dominique’s charisma and her impressive qualities as a vocalist and composer. I previously discussed this in 2019, you can find the article here. There’s also a French interview with Dominique Boulay (ITW here), and another article on the album “Three Little Words” here. And I can’t resist the pleasure of telling you about her new album, “Our Roots Run Deep.” Continue to read, here!

Gregory Porter – Christmas Wish

Blue Note – Street date November 3th 2023

Another Christmas album, right in the middle of the pack, with thankfully plenty of songs that capture the holiday spirit without boring us with the usual religious or kitschy lyrics. It’s a classic album in the genre, perfectly interpreted, but then again, it’s Gregory Porter, whose talent needs no introduction. Continue to read here!

Michelle Lordi – Two Moons (ENG review)

Imani – Street date 10/06/2023

With the staggering number of albums we receive, we could have easily missed this masterpiece, and I choose my words carefully. But over time, connections are forged with the artists, and Michelle Lordi rekindled our memory, a thousand thanks! Because this album deserves the same level of praise that I have had for composers like Anthony Branker, for example. With this album, Michelle Lordi has pushed the boundaries of her art even further. Continue to read, here!

Sean Mason – The Southern Suite (ENG review)

Blue Engine Records – Street date October 27th 2023

What Blue Origin Records tells us about Sean Mason: Sean Mason, a young prodigy who has garnered praise and support from both Wynton and Branford Marsalis, blends the melodic and captivating compositions that combine the elegance of his native North Carolina with the urban sophistication of his current residence in New York. “Closure” showcases Mason grappling with duality, as the composition represents… Continue to read, here!

Get The Blessing – Pallett (ENG review)

Jazzfuel – Available // CD/LP/DIGITAL

Get The Blessing is an English group originating from the city of Bristol, offering a form of urban jazz influenced by both rock and classical music. Although they have made waves on international stages, this high-quality album is aimed at a discerning audience. The album begins with a rather radical track, “Oscillation Ochre,” in the form of repetitive music, later giving way to sumptuous melodies set against a backdrop of post-industrial atmospheres. Undoubtedly, there may be inspirations from the city of Bristol’s port, which, though now dedicated to tourism, was long devoted to trade and industry. The current mayor is Martin Reeves, a Labour Party member elected until 2024, and the cultural background of the group’s members is extremely diverse. Continue to read, here!

Ahmad Jamal – Emerald City Nights: Live at The Penthouse 1966-1968

Jazz Detective – Street Date December 1st 2023 // LP release date November 24th 2023

Having always been fascinated by Ahmad Jamal, I am truly delighted by the release of this album. Here is what we know about it: “Emerald City Nights: Live at the Penthouse (1966-1968)” is the third release of previously unreleased recordings by the iconic pianist Ahmad Jamal, captured live at the prestigious jazz club, the Penthouse in Seattle, Washington, between 1966 and 1968. He was joined by the bassist Jamil Nasser and drummer Frank Gant. Produced for release by the “Jazz Detective” Zev Feldman and supervised by Ahmad Jamal himself. Continue to read, here!

Shrizz N Maze – Dope Frequency (ENG review)

Street date November 17th 2023

From Switzerland comes funk music that manages the feat of having collaborations with some of the best artists in this musical genre, including Amp Fiddler from Detroit (George Clinton) and Greg Boyer (Prince, Maceo Parker, etc.). Certainly surprising for our American friends, as this funk music here is clearly inspired by European pop/rock culture, which gives it a unique originality. We can only hope that such collaborations will give even more strength to the funk movement in the USA, as it is from these cultural differences that the arts generally evolve. It must be acknowledged that this album is a beautiful success in terms of blending cultures and arrangements. Continue to read, here!

Steve Cole – Without a Doubt (ENG review)

Mack Avenue – Release Date: October 6, 2023

If you are a regular listener of Bayou Blue Radio, the name Steve Cole is probably not entirely unfamiliar to you, as we extensively featured his previous album “Smoke and Mirrors” on Bayou Blue Radio and also discussed it on Paris-Move in 2021 (review). Continue to read, here!

Tower Of Power – Oakland Zone (ENG review)

Mack Avenue – CD – Release Date: May 19, 2017

One of the legendary band’s finest live albums, which has been successfully gracing stages since 1968 in Europe, albeit less known than Earth, Wind & Fire, but equally impressive in their live performances. This band will likely outlast the excellent team of musicians who created it. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the remarkable recording of this concert in Oakland, which, like all albums produced by our friends at Mack Avenue, benefits from an extraordinary mix. You really have to listen closely to realize that it’s a live album. The jazz influences in this group are particularly evident, primarily in the arrangements, and that’s probably what sets this band apart. Continue to read, here!

Dominik Schürmann Ensemble – The Seagull’s Serenade (ENG review)

Jazzfuel / Suisa – Street Date December 1st 2023

Here is a magnificent album coming to us from Switzerland. However, you may not be familiar with the composer and double bassist Dominik Schürmann. So, here are some excerpts from his biography before we discuss this album. Dominik Schürmann is the son of jazz pianist Niggi Schürmann. Thanks to his father, he was exposed to music, especially jazz, from a very young age. Continue to read, here!

John Herberman – Spring Comes Early

Ceola Records – Street Date October 27th 2023

John Herberman is a multiple-time nominated film music composer, as well as a composer and producer for the Avalon and Solitudes labels, with 45 albums to his name and record sales for both labels worldwide.
Like everyone during the Covid period, John Herberman found himself face to face with himself and took the opportunity to return to his “roots” and his passion for late 1950s and early 1960s jazz with the Canadian release of his first independent jazz album titled “Overheard On a Park Bench” in 2021. Continue to read, here!

Emmet Cohen feat. Houston Person – Masters Legacy Series Volume 5

Bandstand Records – Street Date November 10th 2023

We were accustomed to hearing Emmet Cohen on his own compositions on the Mack Avenue label. Here he is on Masters Legacy Series Volume 5, in the company of 88-year-old saxophonist Houston Person, who exudes an incredible sense of class, poise, and lends a special brilliance to this admirable album that kicks off with a highly enticing ‘Why Not?’ – what a beautiful album opener in which you can feel the perfect chemistry between Emmet Cohen and Houston Person. Continue To read here!

Donald Vega – As I Travel (ENG review)

Imagery records – Street Date October 27th 2023

Donald Vega is far from being an unknown figure. Having studied directly under jazz legends such as John Clayton, Billy Higgins, and Kenny Barron, being an integral part of the legendary Ron Carter Golden Striker Trio, and recently being selected as a Guggenheim fellow, Vega has had an impressive and diverse career that has consistently propelled him to the heights of the jazz landscape. Originally from Nicaragua, Vega immigrated to the United States at the age of 14 and was deeply influenced by the people and experiences that accompanied him from his childhood to becoming the musician and person he is today. Continue to read, here!

Lucas Pino – Covers (ENG review)

Outside In Music – Street date October 20th 2023

Undoubtedly, you may already be familiar with the name Lucas Pino. You may have heard him on Bayou Blue Radio over the years or seen him on stage alongside fantastic artists such as Dave Brubeck, Christian McBride, and Takuya Kuroda. Pino is acclaimed as a modern master in the world of contemporary jazz composition and arrangements.
We had been eagerly awaiting this album, as it’s the first time he’s performing with his quartet. The result lives up to our expectations—a delicate album with sumptuous arrangements that doesn’t aim to impress. What more can you ask for? Lucas Pino’s saxophone sound remains as impressive as ever. Continue to read, here!

Benet McLean – Green Park (ENG review)

Street Date: November 2023

If there’s one instrument in jazz that I’ve never appreciated, it’s the violin. But that was before I heard Benet Mclean, who is both an excellent composer and an exceptional violinist. Right from the first track, it works like a charm – modern, inventive, with arrangements that take your breath away. This guy is like the Zawinul of the violin, and in the presence of such genius, one can only have deep respect. Continue to read, here!

Clark Sommers – Feast Ephemera (ENG review)

Irabbagast Records – Street Date October 15th 2023

We primarily know the bassist Clark Sommers as an accompanist to the singer Kurt Elling, but he has also developed a long personal career with The Chicago Yestet, Jeff Parker, Matt Gold, Darrell Grant, Joe Locke, Gary Versace, and many others. He has also led his own ensembles, including his trio Ba(SH) and the quintet Clark Sommers Lens. Clark speaks about this new creation: “I wanted to delve deeper into composition. Continue to read, here!

Andreas Schaerer, Kalle Kalima – Evolution – Inviting Tim Lefebvre (ENG review)

The ACT Company – Available

Sometimes we receive albums that amuse us with their structure, as is the case here. “Evolution” is a new-age jazz album, soft and often approaching the realms of pop or folk, yet with a distinct character that makes this album unclassifiable. For my part, I see shortcuts to Monteverdi’s Madrigals, especially for those familiar with the version by the late Alfred Deller, playing with silences. Here, Andreas Schaerer could be considered a distant heir, influenced by the pop-rock of the 80s/60s, and so beyond the initial amusement of the discovery, we find ourselves immersed in a unique work in which the singer Andreas Schaerer is delightfully complemented by the delicacy of the guitarist Kalle Kalima. Continue to read, here!

Sophie Alour – Le Temps virtuose (ENG review)

Music From Source / L’Autre Distribution – Street date October 13th 2023

For years, we have been trying to obtain Sophie Alour’s albums without success, due to distribution quirks. This time, however, this album was offered to us, allowing us to introduce you to this excellent saxophonist and composer. In addition to her successful solo career, she is also a part of the outstanding team of musicians surrounding the elegant Rhoda Scott and her Lady All Starr, who impress just about everyone. Continue to read, here!

Marius Neset – Geyser – Live at Royal Albert Hall – BBC proms

The ACT Company – Street Date October 27th 2023

It all begins in the style of a film score; it’s true that the saxophonist Marius Neset loves immersing the listener in mysterious, thrilling, or vibrant atmospheres on each of his albums. You need to take the time to immerse yourself in his world to appreciate every detail. This album is no exception to the rule and is certainly not for an uninitiated audience, at the very least, one must have. Continue to read, here!

Allison Au and the Migrations Ensemble – Migrations (ENG review)

Street Date October 27th 2023

The intellectual approach of this album resonates with me particularly, as I myself am an immigrant here in the USA, like many others, each of us for different reasons, often for economic reasons, or like me, for political reasons, having an insatiable need for freedom of speech and writing, which my home country, France, denied me. “Migrations” is a musical exploration of why people leave their homes to pursue their lives in a new country, and the resonating impact it has on future generations. It is an acoustic tribute to the complex yet universal act of migration, weaving lush soundscapes and mosaics with poignant and heart-wrenching lyrics. Continue to read, here!

Nikki Iles & NDR Bigband – Face to Face (ENG review)

Edition Records – Street Date November 17th 2023

In England, Nikki Iles is an iconic figure in British jazz, and she is set to release her first big band album titled “Face to Face” as part of a groundbreaking collaboration with the prestigious German NDR Bigband. Continue to read, here!

Bob James – Jazz Hands (ENG review)

Evosound – Available (SACD and MQA-CD) or (Vinyl LP – Solid Blue and Black)

The legendary Bob James releases his new album, Jazz Hands!

I couldn’t tell you how many years I’ve been listening to Bob James and following his career. The first Bob James album I ever held in my hands was “All Around The World” from 1981, which unfortunately was stolen during a move. This new album reflects his entire career, from jazz to jazz-funk and smooth jazz, with guest appearances by other legends like Geelo Green, our friend Dave Koz, who shines as always, and also DJ Jazzy Jeff.Continue to Read, here!

Oscar Peterson – Con Alma: The Oscar Peterson Trio – Live in Lugano, 1964

Mack Avenue – Street Date November 24th 2023 – CD/Vinyl/Digital

Oscar Peterson’s formation with Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen is widely regarded as Peterson’s “classic trio,” with fans considering it the most popular and sought-after trio in his long and illustrious career (featured on albums like 1963’s “Night Train” and 1964’s “We Get Requests”). Recorded during their creative peak in 1964 (five years into their collaboration), this previously unreleased and never-before-published live performance is destined to become a fan favorite in the Oscar Peterson archives. In his memoirs, Peterson reflects on the dedication that Ray and Ed brought to the group – Continue to read, here!

Chris Botti – Vol.1 (ENG review)

Blue Note – Street Date October 20th 2023

When a smooth jazz star joins the Blue Note label, it inevitably attracts attention, but what is he doing here? Jazz, yes, but…
What we can say is that Chris Botti didn’t choose the easy path for his first album here, taking on a multitude of jazz standards: “Danny Boy,” “Blue In Green,” “Someday My Prince Will Come,” “My Funny Valentine”… Typically, when an artist does this, disaster is not far off—either they imitate what has already been done, or it results in an uninspiring interpretation fit for a dance hall. But that’s not the case with a character like Chris Botti, one of my favorite trumpet players, and this album confirms all of Chris’s artistic qualities… Continue to read, here!

Søren Bebe Trio – Here and Now

Street date November 17th 2023

Although the compositions are very different, upon first listening to Søren Bebe’s compositions, one immediately thinks of the late Esbjorn Svensson, not so much in form, but in the precision of the writing. Here, we can speak of World Jazz, a European jazz of very high quality and great accessibility. Søren Bebe masters the art of melody to perfection, drawing from the folklore of his culture. He also accompanies one of our favorite singers, Caecilie Norby. Continue to read, here!

John Ghost – Thin Air. Mirror Land (ENG review)

Sdban Records – Street Date October 6th 2023

Here is an excellent album that you won’t hear on Bayou Blue Radio, simply due to a stylistic mismatch with our programming. However, for the rest, this collective of excellent musicians from the Gent region in Belgium, where Flemish is spoken, and French is reserved for tourism, guitarist and composer John De Geest offers us an electro-rock jazz album, rather dark and exceptionally deep in composition and arrangements. As far as atmospheres go, we are in for a treat. With a track like “The Hedges,” it reminded me of my walks in the rain through the streets of Gent many years ago. Continue to read, here!

Chris Mondack – Blank With Colour

Summit Records Street date October 6th 2023

 We are currently spoiled with these extraordinary albums that keep coming out one after another. This time, it’s bassist Chris Mondack who will be presenting his album “Blank with Colour,” a blend of jazz-funk or funk-jazz, whichever you prefer, and it sounds marvelous. The group is composed as follows: Continue to read, here!

Two Things of Gold

A.M.A records – Street date September 29th 2023 – vinyl and digital

Our friends from A.M.A Records are preparing to release a particularly fun album produced by Diego Lombardo. This duo is graced with the presence of singer Francesca Sortino. Here we have all the talent that makes A.M.A Records successful, capable of releasing both classic jazz albums and albums like this one, which are decidedly urban. To be honest, this is a genre we love. Besides Francesca Sortino’s beautiful voice, which fits perfectly with this project, the arrangements are truly sumptuous, with clear influences from Miles Davis’ recent albums, even though the compositions are quite different. The way they place brass and wind instruments adheres to these rules. Continue to read, here!

Joey Alexander – Continuance

Mack Avenue – Street Date November 3th 2023 — LP or signed CD

At just twenty years old, this extraordinary composer and pianist is preparing to release his new album on the Mack Avenue label, bringing together his touring band, consisting of Kris Funn on bass and John Davis on drums, to translate their unique improvisation from the stage to the studio with the assistance of trumpeter Theo Croker. Continue to read, here!

The Black Gold Orchestra – Genesis

Lane Records – Available

What we know about this group: The Black Gold Orchestra is a 19-member big band based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2021 by Grammy-nominated producer Larry Wilson, this group is a gathering of world-class musicians, artists, and music educators. The collective resume of this ensemble includes some of the biggest names in music and entertainment, such as Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Prince, Wynton Marsalis, Tyler Perry, George Duke, Pattie Labelle, Usher, Maxwell, Kurt Elling, and Jazzmeia Horn, to name just a few. Many of them have played on Grammy-winning albums and have received various awards and accolades. Continue to read, here!

Candice Ivory – When The Levee Breaks – The Music Of Memphis Minnie

Bluestown Music – Street date, October 6th 2023

Once again, it is thanks to our friend Gilbert Guyonnet, a renowned blues expert from the ABS Magazine/ Radio Clapas in Montpellier, France, that this album has reached us. It is the third album from this highly authentic singer. “When the Levee Breaks” brings together all her formative musical experiences in a tribute to Memphis Minnie (1897-1973). A heartfelt homage to Memphis Minnie that I invite you to rediscover here with the track “Me and My Chauffeur,” which is also the opening track of Candice Ivory’s new album. Continue to read, here!

Bellbird – Root in Tandem (ENG review)

In the press release, it can be read: Bellbird’s debut album, titled “Root In Tandem,” is the result of several years of composition and musical creation by tenor saxophonist Claire Devlin, alto saxophonist and bass clarinetist Allison Burik, bassist Eli Davidovici, and drummer Mili Hong. Recorded during the winter in a lakeside cabin in St. Zenon, Quebec, the album represents a communion of four distinct minds pouring all their creative weight into a collective work. The group is a collective, with each member contributing compositions to the album. Continue to read, here!

Jesse Dietschi Trio – Gradient (ENG review)

Street Date October 6th 2023

When the beauty of sounds surpasses the beauty of words, it’s the golden thread upon which this trio sails on a radiant and sunny sea… The Jesse Dietschi Trio travels along a continuum between modern jazz and contemporary chamber music, adjusting their position as they navigate through compositions that blend these styles. The album’s progression invites the listener on a journey, transitioning from the sonic landscapes of modern jazz to the aesthetics of chamber music and back again. Continue to read, here!

The Belgian Soundtrack (ENG review)

A Musical Connection Of Belgium With Cinema (1961 – 1979) // Sdban records – Street Date September 29th 2023

When the highly protectionist European cinema takes center stage, there are always music tracks that have contributed to the success of the films. This is especially true when it comes to the 1960s and 1970s, during which many films, thanks to their quality and originality, managed to internationalize themselves in this period. Since then, only a few rare films have succeeded internationally, mainly for their aesthetics, as the storylines have become increasingly uninteresting. Continue to read, here!

KAU – The Cycle Repeat

Sdban Records – Street date September 22th 2023

Take musicians from various European countries, shake it all up, and you get the band KAU, based in Belgium, releasing their album “The Cycle Repeat.” Today… Clearly, rock influences and cinematic vibes are on display, with bass and drums taking the forefront, while the rest is all about the atmosphere. Their goal is simple but direct: make your heads move. Their formula to achieve this has remained the same since their inception: improvisation, endless jam sessions, and an open-mindedness towards various genres and styles. Continue to read, here!

Hip Holland Hip – Modern Jazz In The Netherlands 1950-1970

Sdban Records

Long before the arrival of the internet in Europe, information barely trickled between countries, and even less so among neighboring countries. For many Europeans, the Netherlands had only a postcard image, wedged between Gouda, tulips, windmills, coffee shops, and people cycling through the streets of Amsterdam.
And then one day, we discovered a Dutchman unlike any other: Dick Annegarn. Fluent in French, poetry, humor, and possessing an extremely broad musical culture that one could only uncover during his concerts… Continue to read, here!

Seulah Noh Jazz Orchestra – NOhMAD (ENG review)

Street date September 25th 2023

Seulah Noh is a Korean-born composer, arranger, and conductor currently residing in Boston. She is set to release her album ‘NOhMAD’ in a few days, which undoubtedly reflects her own journey, much like the experience of any migrant who settles in the USA, the land of endless possibilities. Continue to read here!

Azmari – Maelström (ENG review)

Sdban records – Street date October 20th 2023

Maelström, much like the famous cosmopolitan capital of Belgium, Brussels, resembles it like two peas in a pod—spicy and vibrant. It’s no surprise, considering that the Azmari group hails from this city. Once you venture beyond the city center, you can quickly find yourself immersed in Maghreb or Pakistani vibes. Brussels is a city that bears the brunt of Europe’s indiscriminate migration policy, which has created the intractable problems that Europe finds itself mired in today. Azmari has made the most of this situation, capturing its cultures and giving them much more than a vessel to traverse the world—a truly fascinating “jazzification.” Continue to read, here!

Joshua Redman – Where are We

Blue Note – Street Date September 15th 2023

This will be the first album from the excellent composer and saxophonist Joshua Redman, set to be released on Blue Note. It features 13 tracks in the form of a sort of jazz opera, astonishing as well as fascinating, a timeless journey around various cities in the United States. These cities are brought to life and made vibrant by the excellent singer Gabrielle Cavassa. In addition to Joshua Redman’s magnificent and brilliant saxophone performances, this delightful project includes pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Joe Sanders, and drummer Brian Blade. Continue to read, here!

Teri Parker – Shaping The Invisible (ENG review)

Street date September 29th 2023

Here is a truly magnificent album, but not one for everyone, as if you’re not accustomed to highly structured urban jazz, you might miss out. Composition is the key focus for composer and pianist Teri Parker in this work. We are delving into a very intellectual creation here, as evidenced by Teri’s own words about this album: “Music is just sound particles in the air, but it doesn’t exist until you give it life. The challenge of being a musician lies in trying to shape something invisible, unlike how painting and other art forms produce visible results. What is music? It’s nothing until you conceptualize it and bring it to life.” Continue to read, here!

The Moore-McColl Jazz Society – Up and Gone (ENG review)

Madison Records – Street Date October 2nd 2023

If you’re looking for a fun album that draws from just about every musical style of the twentieth century, this is the album for you. Pop, rock, jazz, and probably more that I’m forgetting, but it doesn’t matter. I won’t deny myself the pleasure of listening to this album. It’s true that most of today’s pop or rock creations no longer make any sense, and even the younger generations prefer to attend a Stones concert and go to Spotify to listen to current music. Continue to read, here!

Verneri Pohjola – Monkey Mind (ENG review)

Edition Records – Street Date November 3th 202

Verneri Pohjola is one of the most inventive and exciting composers and trumpet players you can hear in Europe. At Bayou Blue Radio, we have been following his career since his first album was released in 2011 on the ACT label. You can find it here: ACT Music – Verneri Pohjola.
Verneri Pohjola is gearing up to release his highly anticipated album “Monkey Mind” in November 2023. Collaborating with renowned musicians Jasper Hoiby, Kit Downes, and Olavi Louhivuori, he effortlessly blends traditional and modern elements to create a captivating and distinctive sound. “Monkey Mind” follows Verneri’s previous albums and electrifying live performances, which have garnered widespread acclaim, establishing him as one of the most talented jazz musicians of his generation. This demonstrates that Bayou Blue Radio continues to have a keen ear for young artists shaping the jazz scene of tomorrow. Continue to read, here!

Adrian Dennis – Moon Rising (ENG review)


Listening to this album, I primarily consider Adrian Dennis as a composer. Indeed, the guitar is one element among the other musicians (Matt Woroshyl: saxophone, Malcolm Connor: bass, Mark Ballyk: drums) on these original compositions that are truly fascinating. “Rising Moon” features seven original compositions by Adrian Dennis, and the album explores a wide range of musical textures and complex harmonic landscapes. It highlights his developed melodic voice as a composer and improviser. The seven compositions offer a unique perspective on contemporary modern jazz, flawlessly performed by Adrian’s quartet. Continue to Read, here!

Boney Fields – Give Me some Mo’ (ENG review)

Available October 13th 2023

If you’re into blues, you probably know the showman and trumpeter Boney Fields, who, along with Malted Milk, is one of the most impressive groups based in France. The first thing you notice when listening to this album is a kind of “jazzification” of the arrangements, not surprising when you consider that Sébastien Danchin was in charge of production, and the musical direction was in the hands of the extraordinary guitarist and composer Herve Samb, equally at ease in high-level jazz, world music, or blues. Whenever he works his magic on a project, you can expect the best. Continue to read, here!

Jazzrausch Big Band – Malher’s Break Down

ACT – Street date November 10th 2023

The poor Gustave Mahler must be turning in his grave with such a hyper-commercial arrangement that completely distorts his work. We can understand that record companies will do anything to sell, but in this case, it will only appeal to the German techno scene, which is very broad and will probably find some interest in it. Continue to read, here!

Hutchinson Andrew Trio – The Senator – A Tribute to Tommy Banks

Chronograph Records – Available September 15th 2023

Tommy Banks was primarily a Canadian composer and pianist who also served as a senator. This album pays tribute to him, Tommy Banks (1936-2018), a jazz legend who was both a world-class musician and an advocate for the performing arts in his community. Banks, a pianist, conductor, arranger, composer, television personality, actor, producer, and politician, had an exceptional and versatile career spanning over 60 years in virtually every aspect of the entertainment industry in Canada. Continue to read, here!

Saso Popovski – Steps (ENG review)

Art Melodies – Available

The guitarist and composer Saso Papovski was kind enough to send us his new album “Steps,” which warmed our hearts because most of the recent productions coming from Europe haven’t really managed to captivate us. Here, it’s quite the opposite, with an original and poetic album that also draws a bit from Balkan folklore. “Steps” also incorporates multicultural influences with clean lines and exotic motifs. The structures are well-crafted, highlighting the author’s ingenuity. Saso consciously leaves room for development and pushes the boundaries of sound, exploring the unique characteristics of each instrument and the unpredictable sensitivities of the musicians. Continue to read, here!

Wayne Shorter – Zero Gravity

Director: Dorsay Alavi. Executive Producer: Brad Pitt.

If there were two composers who left their mark on the 20th century, it’s Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter. This documentary cleverly sheds light on these facts, as the lives of these two men intertwined on stage to create the most beautiful fusion jazz group, Weather Report, which came to an end with the untimely death of its talkative bassist, Jaco Pastorius. This documentary also features several prestigious contributors, including Wayne himself, Sonny Rollins, Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock, Joni Mitchell, and Esperanza Spalding. It is a three-part documentary, remarkably executed. Continue to read, here!

Marvin Gaye – Let’s Going On (2023 edition – ENG review)

Deluxe Edition 50th Anniversary // Available – (5 CD)

A Deluxe edition, with 33 bonus tracks to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this album… with 33 unreleased tracks and sessions with Herbie Hancock, a real treat on many levels because the songs have been remastered, and the result truly lives up to expectations. It’s a 5-CD set, mainly due to the numerous bonuses that turn this new edition into a genuine historical documentary. It offers various studio takes of the same song, and even purely instrumental tracks, without Marvin’s voice, which we miss so much… Continue to read, here!

Alyssa Giammaria – In Time (ENG review)

This album is not without reminding of some early 2000s Swedish pop singers’ albums, except here we are in the realm of airy jazz, with a voice that soars through the air to tell you its imaginary tales. “In Time” is the first album of original songs by singer and composer Alyssa Giammaria. Half of these songs (Conversations, Dream Life, For Now) were written in 2016 when Giammaria began to seriously explore her interest in music composition, while the other half was written in the months leading up to the summer 2022 recording session of the album (The Only Part, In Time, What Are the Words, Mend). Continue to read, here!

Will Clements – Compass (ENG review)

Available – (1 CD)

In February of last year, I introduced you to the trumpeter Rachel Terrien and her album “Mi Hogar.” This time, we find the trumpeter on the album of singer Will Clements, a hipster album with a very urban vibe. Will Clements, known for his distinct style, offers us a very pleasant album, as gentle as a sunny autumn afternoon. Continue To read, here!

The Diva Jazz Orchestra – “30” Live at Dizzy’s Club

Diva Jazz – (1 CD) – Street Date September 4th 2023

In the biography of this all-female orchestra, one can read: “Since their first performance 30 years ago, DIVA has traveled the world to critical and popular acclaim. Among the highlights of their performances are Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, the Lincoln Center, Dizzy’s Club, concert halls in St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Cleveland, as well as the Hollywood Bowl. Continue to read, here!

Layla Zoe – Back To The Spirit Of 66 (ENG review)

Available – 2 CD

As you know, the singer Layla Zoe holds a special place in our hearts, an incomparable showgirl with a strong and distinctive style, improving with each passing year. While this album remains a blues-rock album, it’s on the softer tracks that we can truly witness the extent of her vocal qualities. Like Big Daddy Wilson, she has been based in Germany for a long time and has been working with the same musicians, whom she never fails to thank, whether on stage or in her communications. As seen in her press release to introduce her new album: “This is one of my best live albums to date, and I am so proud of the music that my band members, Krissy Matthews (guitar), Paul Jobson (bass and keyboards), Felix Dehmel (drums), and I have created together on stage. Thirty concerts in two months in six countries, ending in one of my favorite concert venues in Europe, created the perfect atmosphere, dynamics, and sound quality on stage for this double album.Continue to Read Here!

Big Daddy Wilson – Plan B (ENG review)

Available – CD or Vinyl

Each Big Daddy Wilson album is a true marvel, American, indeed, but his music also carries a European soul shaped by his life in Germany. It’s purely coincidental that another expatriate living in Germany, but Canadian, Layla Zoe, is releasing her new album at the same time.
Big Daddy Wilson, with his deep voice and the arrangements on this album, sets the tone for a new show that will include some songs from this new album. This is sure to delight all European fans when they see him on various stages, and there are even rumors that he might perform in Montpellier, France, in 2024. Stay tuned for confirmation. Continue to Read, Here!

Andrew Rathbun – The Speed Of Time

Steeplechase records – Street Date September 15th 2023

Andrew is described by The New York Times as follows: “Industrious saxophonist and imaginative composer-arranger”. Elected as a “Rising Star” in the DownBeat critics’ polls in 2018 and 2022, his new album, “The Speed of Time,” follows this trend. It features a nice urban groove on compositions that may not necessarily be easy to access but are truly exciting, allowing him to make use of all the available sounds on his tenor saxophone. Continue to read, here!

Goliath (Documentary)

Goliath (Documentary) – Directed by Rob Ford & Christopher Dillon.

“Goliath” is a three-episode series dedicated to the life of the basketball player Wilt Chamberlain, whose story is intertwined with the history of American civil rights. He revolutionized basketball by shattering all possible records. There’s no need to say too much here, as the main goal is to encourage you to watch this mini-series. It’s a blend of archival footage, interviews, and shadow animation that occasionally intensifies the drama, set against a backdrop of jazz music. This curiosity achieves its purpose as a historical document that can appeal to everyone, thanks to its fast-paced editing. Continue to Read, here!


Ivan Lins – My Heart Speaks

Resonance records – Street Date September 18th 2023

How to wait until September 18th after having already listened to a track from this album? The answer is simple: impossible. Ivan Lins, one of the greatest Brazilian composers, is coming with “My Heart Speaks,” an album filled with lush music that instantly transcends boundaries thanks to the accompanying artists. Featuring the magnificent voices of Diane Reeves, Jane Monheit, Tawanda, and on the instrumental side, Randy Brecker on trumpet, Josh Nelson on piano, Leo Amuedo on guitar, Anthony Wilson on guitar, Carlito Del Puerto on bass, and drummer Mauricio Zottarelli. Continue to read, here!

Joshua Espinoza – Songs From Yesterday

Street Date – September 29th 2023

“Piano, piano…” yet another beautiful work presented by the Joshua Espinoza trio. Latin American pianist Joshua is unveiling his highly anticipated second album titled “Songs From Yesterday.” A sonic reflection on his life and the music that has shaped him, the album’s inception took place during the early days of the pandemic—a period that prompted Espinoza to contemplate his life, his complex childhood, and his earliest musical memories. Continue to read, here!

Doug Richards Orchestra – Through a Somic Prism

It was during the pandemic that Doug Richards delved into the works of Antonio Carlos Jobim, an impressive catalog of compositions. All that was left was to make choices. Richards, being one of the most important jazz musicians in Virginia, a composer and educator, the project would have started taking root in 2020. It was at this precise moment that Doug Richards began transcribing Jobim’s works for his big band. It’s here that the idea of collaborating with Laura Ann Singh, a great specialist in Brazilian singing, arose. Continue to read, here!

Shalosh – Tales Of Utopia (ENG review)

ACT – Street Date September 29th 2023

In 2019, I already spoke to you about this Israeli jazz trio Shalosh that had captured my admiration with the album “Onwards & Upwards”. This time, they are making a comeback on September 29th with “Tales Of Utopia,” a work that reflects the turmoil of a world shaken by wars and various threats. Shalosh has matured, emphasizing the melodic lines, and “Tales Of Utopia” emerges as a gem, undoubtedly the most accomplished and significant album of the group. It’s no coincidence that it’s signed under the magnificent German label, ACT. Continue to read, here!

Veronica Swift – Veronica Swift (ENG review)

Mack Avenue – Street Date September 15th 2023 // CD – Vinyl (Red or Black)

Veronica could sing an entire dictionary, and we would remain filled with admiration for her vocalizations, which are, by the way, at the core of the creation of the first track of this self-titled album, “I am What I Am”. With Veronica Swift, the question of whether her art is contemporary or not doesn’t even arise, as every album she releases is essentially a part of herself, an instantaneous vision of the period she lives in, resolutely modern, with a profound respect for what jazz is, and an immense culture that makes her truly unique. Continue to read, here!

Aguankó – Unidad (ENG review)

Latin jazz enthusiasts, welcome! Aguankó is the band led by percussionist and conductor Alberto Nacif, and to tell you the truth, he was at the heart of the legendary Santana group for about a decade…
Here, this group offers us the best of modernized Cuban jazz where rhythms and brass are perfected, making it one of the standout albums of the season in this unique style. If we delve into the musical arrangements of this album, we particularly love both its modernity and its ability to dive into a much older musical culture, making it an album that can be listened to attentively or can make you want to dance until the end of the night. Continue to read, here!

Artful Dodgers – Three Story Sandbox

Here is an album that you won’t hear on Bayou Blue Radio, simply because it doesn’t align with our programming. Nevertheless, culturally, it’s a marvelous album, a kind of music meant to be experienced and enjoyed live. From my perspective, it doesn’t make much sense in a recording format where we lose the full intellectual engagement of the listener/viewer. Continue to read, here!

Aaron Diehl & The Knights – Zodiac Suite (Mary Lou Williams)

Mack Avenue – Street date September 15th 2023

Pianist and composer Aaron Diehl’s passion for the work of Mary Lou Williams comes to fruition with the release of the Zodiac Suite — the first complete interpretation of this incredible arrangement. Composed, arranged, and orchestrated by Williams herself, this recording provides insight into her grander ambitions for the piece, despite the setbacks she faced during its initial release in 1945. Continue to read, here!

Interview with Jean-Philippe Koch of the band Dock In Absolute (US)

Interview with Jean-Philippe Koch of the band Dock In Absolute
Conducted by Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

To read here!

Interview de Jean-Philippe Koch, du groupe Dock In Absolute (ITW en FR)

Interview de Jean-Philippe Koch, du groupe Dock In Absolute
Conducted by Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

A lire ici!

Peter Xifaras – Fusion (FR review)

Music For With No Expiration – Street Date: August 25th 2023

Voici un album qui se laisse écouter mais qui, pour autant, n’est pas d’une originalité folle, les inspirations trop évidentes entre St Germain et Miles Davis donnant un air de déjà-vu/ déjà entendu. “Fusion” a été enregistré pendant la crise du Covid entre New York, Prague, la Belgique et Los Angeles. Continue to Read, Here!


Alema Records – Street Date: Septenber 8th 2023

“I waited for almost twenty years to record another album with a big band,” says Durán. “But there was a lot to prepare for this recording,” he reveals. He refers to the four radio broadcasts of his compositions and arrangements with the great WDR Big Band in Cologne, Germany. “It was wonderful to present my music and ‘work’ on new arrangements… aspects of the craft I learned while working with the Orquesta Cubana de Música Moderna in Havana, which I inherited from Chucho Valdés… So much to be grateful for the gift of music… Continue to read here!

Mike Clark – Kozen Rufu (ENG review)

Wide Hive Records – Street Date: September 8th 2023

If you don’t appreciate albums that delve too deep into musical experimentation, then this might not be for you. For the rest of you, grab your napkin and fasten it around your neck, because with the feast that’s on offer, you’re in for a treat. Featuring legendary drummer Mike Clark accompanied by Eddie Henderson on trumpet, Henry ‘The Skipper’ Franklin on bass, Skerik on saxophone, Wayne Horvitz on piano and Rhodes, and fellow Headhunter Bill Summers on congas and percussion. Continue to read, here!

Marc Copland – Someday (ENG review)

InnerVoiceJazz – Street Date September 1st 2023

Pianist and composer Marc Copland will release his new album “Someday” with a quartet formation on September 1st, 2023, through InnerVoiceJazz. The quartet lineup includes Marc Copland on piano, Robin Verheyen on tenor & soprano saxophones, Drew Gress on bass, and Mark Ferber on drums. This New Yorker, abundant in both talent and humor, is sure to make a striking debut on this album. Today, Marc Copland needs no introduction. Continue to Read here!

George Benson – Live In London (LP – ENG review)

Mascot Label Group – Available

Imagine for a moment, you’re in London at Ronnie Scott’s, the lights come on, and the cheerful George Benson starts off with the opening track “Give Me The Night” – we all danced to it in the 80s. Here, over time, George Benson presents a more rock-infused version that drives us crazy, and it’s so good that a plethora of images rush through our minds. Especially since Benson has returned to the club where his career began to record this magnificent album.
What a journey it has been since the 70s, having managed to establish his style, marked by the exceptionally high quality of his compositions and his masterful performances. We’re delighted to see that this exceptional artist has not only retained his genius but also has the ability to offer us a fresh perspective on his works. Continue to read, here!

HAROLD LOPEZ-NUSSA – Timba a la Americana (ENG review)

Blue Note – Street Date August 25th 2023

As you know, Harold Lopez-Nussa is well-known on Bayou Blue Radio. We have always considered him to be one of the major current artists in the jazz galaxy. This time, his new album is being released by Blue Note, and from the very first track, it’s a musical explosion and a beautiful evolution as well, with a more airy music than usual, without sacrificing the style that we all love. Continue to read, here!

Rubim De Toledo – The Drip (ENG review)

Street Date – 08/25/2013

How to describe such a beautiful album in just a few lines?
You probably aren’t familiar with Rubim De Toledo, so here’s an excerpt from his biography: Rubim de Toledo, an award-winning bassist and composer, blends the influences of his Brazilian heritage and his dedication to the jazz tradition to create a musical approach that is both refreshing and inspiring. Continue to read, here!

Technocats – Thecnocats The Music Of Gregg Hill (ENG review)

Cold Plunge Records – Street Date 8/11/2023

Too Classic to be aired on Bayou Blue Radio, it remains an excellent jazz album that will satisfy all of you who love this form of musical expression that has shaped the history of jazz. However, it is far from the excellent album by trombonist Michael Dease that I talked to you about some time ago (review: here), which also paid tribute to Gregg Hill’s music, but with particularly daring arrangements. Continue to read, here!

Danny Jonokuchi – Voices (ENG review)

Outside In Music – Street date 08/18/2023

Generally, I really can’t stand albums of old song covers, but this time I must admit that this Big Band is truly impressive, both musically and in terms of the choice of voices it incorporates. This New York-based musician, composer, and arranger, a Broadway regular, leaves his unmistakable mark here with undeniable talent. Eleven vocalists for eleven tracks offer us vocally high-level interpretations that make us feel like we’re rediscovering these songs that everyone has heard at least once in their life. Continue to Read, Here!

Danny Jonokuchi – Voices (FR review)

Outside In Music – Street date 08/18/2023

En général, j’ai vraiment horreur des albums de reprises de titres anciens, mais cette fois je dois avouer que ce Big Band est vraiment très performant, autant musicalement que sur le choix des voix qu’il intègre. Ce musicien, compositeur et arrangeur new-yorkais , habitué de Broadway, ici imprime sa marque avec un talent incontestable. Onze vocalistes pour onze titres qui nous offrent des interprétations vocales de très haut niveau qui font que nous avons l’impression de redécouvrir ces titres que tout le monde a pu entendre au moins une fois dans sa vie. A lire ici!

Maci Miller – Nine (ENG review)

Street Date August 25th 2023

“Nine” is the album of an excellent American vocalist, Maci Miller, who has been consumed by a passion for jazz for a long time. The result here is a captivating album by a dedicated artist who has brought all her expertise to it. Continue to read, here!

Maci Miller – Nine (FR review)

Street Date August 25th 2023

“Nine”, c’est l’album d’une excellente vocaliste américaine, Maci Miller, qui a la passion du jazz qui la dévore depuis bien longtemps, et le résultat, ici, est un album passionnant d’une passionnée qui y a apporté tout son savoir-faire. A lire ici!

Baba Sissoko & Jean Philippe Rykiel – Paris Bamako Jazz (ENG review)

Caligola Records – Available

It makes you wonder what’s happening in France right now. Indeed, the most important albums are now being distributed through Italy. No worries for us, as we have quite a few contacts in this beautiful country, which is how we got hold of this album. Continue to read, here!

Baba Sissoko et Jean Philippe Rykiel – Paris Bamako Jazz (FR review)

Caligola Records – Available

C’est à se demander ce qui se passe en France en ce moment… en effet, les albums les plus importants sont désormais distribués via l’Italie, mais pas de souci pour nous car nous avons pas mal de contacts dans ce beau pays, ce qui fait que cet album, par exemple, nous est bien parvenu. A Lire ici!

Jeremy George Quintet @ Monks jazz club (ENG report)

August 2nd 2023
Report: Thierry De Clemensat, Correspondent in USA, Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

We’ve been talking to you for a while now about this extraordinary double bassist, Jeremy George, based in Austin, who was playing for the first time at Monks. To put it simply, it was an evening that ranged from Sonny Rollins to Sam Cooke. Jeremy, in his role as the group’s leader, blended humor and passion for all the artists who made the golden days of jazz and earned the admiration of the world. Continue to read, here!

Jeremy George Quintet @ Monks jazz club (FR report)

August 2nd 2023
Report: Thierry De Clemensat, Correspondent in USA, Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

On vous parle depuis un moment déjà de cet extraordinaire contrebassiste, Jeremy George, basé à Austin, et qui jouait pour la première fois au Monks. Pour faire simple, une soirée qui allait de Sonny Rollins à Sam Cooke, avec Jeremy dans son rôle de leader du groupe, mêlant humour et passion pour tous ces artistes qui ont fait les belles heures du jazz et ont eu l’admiration du monde entier. Lire la suite ici!

Alfredo Rodriguez – Coral Way (ENG review)

Mack Avenue – Street date August 18th 2023

After moving to Miami in 2019, Rodriguez noticed the rare collaborations and cross-pollination between mainstream Latin music and Latin jazz. “Coral Way,” featuring guest vocalists Cimafunk (whom you’ve already heard on Bayou Blue Radio) and Alana Sinkëy, serves as a link between these worlds. As a pianist and composer, everyone in the industry has taken favorable notice of Rodriguez since his arrival in the USA. He utilizes his Cuban roots to offer us a uniquely blended music, combining his art and culture with a heavily Americanized jazz. The result is simply dazzling, joyful, sometimes danceable, and always surprising! Continue to read here!

Alfredo Rodriguez – Coral Way (FR review)

Mack Avenue – Street date August 18th 2023

Après avoir déménagé à Miami en 2019, Alfredo Rodriguez a remarqué les rares collaborations et la pollinisation croisée entre la musique latine grand public et le jazz latin. “Coral Way”, qui met en vedette les chanteurs invités Cimafunk (que vous avez déjà entendu sur Bayou Blue Radio) et Alana Sinkëy, sert de lien entre ces mondes. Pianiste et compositeur que tout le monde dans le métier remarque avec grand intérêt depuis son arrivée aux USA, Alfredo se sert de ses origines cubaines pour nous offrir une musique unique en son genre en y mêlant son art et sa culture avec un jazz très américanisé. Le résultat est juste éblouissant, joyeux, parfois dansant, toujours surprenant! Lire la suite ici!

Edison Herbert – Time For Love (ENG review)


Sometimes, fate plays its part well. Despite being overwhelmed with album releases, I had been advised to watch some videos of this musician for quite some time. I watched a few, thinking to myself that I should contact him someday. Then, out of the blue, I receive a message from the musician, and we chat for a while. I ask him kindly to send me his album, and within seconds, it’s in my hands.
Nominated by the Hollywood Independent Music Award, it proves that I wasn’t mistaken about the quality of this English artist, whose music lies precisely between jazz and smooth jazz. It’s a music filled with tenderness and infinite poetry, and the album’s title, “Time For Love,” is perfectly fitting. Continue to read, here!

Edison Herbert – Time For Love (FR review)


Le hasard fait parfois bien les choses. Bien que croulant sous les arrivées d’albums, on m’avait conseillé depuis pas mal de temps de regarder quelques vidéos de ce musicien. J’en ai regardé quelques-unes, en me disant il faudra que je le contacte un jour, puis un message m’arrive de ce musicien. Nous discutons un moment et je lui demande d’avoir la gentillesse de m’envoyer son album, ce qui a été fait dans les secondes suivantes…
Nominé par le Hollywood Independent Music Award, comme quoi je ne m’étais pas trompé sur la qualité de cet artiste anglais dont la musique est exactement entre jazz et smoothjazz, une musique d’une tendresse et d’une poésie infinies, avec ce titre d’album parfaitement trouvé, “Time For Love”. A lire ici!


Celine Bonacina – Jump (ENG review)

Cristal Records – Street Date: September 2023

Thought you knew everything about the music of the incredibly talented saxophonist Céline Bonacina? You won’t believe your ears when you hear her new album, Jump! As I mentioned earlier, this year we are overwhelmed with album releases, and we are already talking about September releases due to the pandemic’s impact. Albums scheduled for this period are all coming out together over the past few months. Continue to read, here!

Celine Bonacina – Jump (FR review)

Cristal Records – Street Date: September 2023

Vous pensiez tout connaitre de la musique de la très talentueuse saxophoniste Céline Bonacina? Vous n’en croirez pas vos oreilles en entendant son nouvel album, “Jump”! Et comme je vous le disais précédemment, nous croulons cette année sous les arrivées d’albums, tant et si bien que nous sommes obligés de parler dès à présent des sorties de septembre. La faute en incombe à la pandémie, car des sorties d’albums prévus durant cette période sortent tous ensemble, depuis quelques mois. A lire ici!

Pamela Hart @ Cactus Cafe – Austin TX
July 26th 2023

The Cactus Cafe, you quickly feel at home there, except that there is little chance you’ll have the pleasure of seeing Pamela Hart singing with the excellent saxophonist Michael Malone at her side and the fabulous bassist Jeremy George in the background, but at the Cactus Cafe… Yes! Contimue to read here!

Pamela Hart @ Cactus Cafe – Austin TX
July 26th 2023

Le Cactus Cafe, on s’y sent rapidement comme chez soi, sauf que vous vous dites qu’il y a peu de chance d’avoir le plaisir d’y voir Pamela Hart chanter avec l’excellent saxophoniste Michael Malone a ses côtés avec en arrière-plan le fabuleux contrebassiste Jeremy George, mais en revanche, au Cactus Cafe… oui! Lire le suite ici!

Terell Stafford – Between Two Worlds (ENG review)

Le Coq Records – Street Date September 8th 2023

We are starting to tell you about the albums that will be released in September because the production is so significant this year that we can no longer keep up with all the proposals. And this kind of album deserves to be widely talked about, as undoubtedly, it will be one of the standout albums of the season, just like the new album from European saxophonist Céline Bonacina, which will be our next article. Continue to read here!

Terell Stafford – Between Two Worlds (FR review)

Le Coq Records – Street Date September 8th 2023

Nous commençons à vous parler des albums qui sortiront en septembre, car la production est si importante, cette année, que nous n’arrivons plus à faire face à toutes les propositions et sollicitations, mais ce genre d’album mérite largement que nous vous en parlions, car il sera sans nul doute un des grands albums de la rentrée, tout comme le nouvel album de la saxophoniste européenne Céline Bonacina, qui sera l’objet de notre prochain article. A lire ici

Joe Alterman Plays Les McCann – Big Mo & Little Joe (ENG review)

Alterman Music – Street Date August 7th 2023

In the beginning… The first time the two pianists met, Les McCann didn’t even bother to formally greet Joe Alterman. McCann, then in a wheelchair, simply approached the stage at the legendary Blue Note in New York, where the young pianist was adjusting the sound, and said to him, “Play me some blues, young man.” Continue to read, here!

Joe Alterman Plays Les McCann – Big Mo & Little Joe (FR review)

Alterman Music – Street Date August 7th 2023

Au commencement… La première fois que les deux pianistes se sont rencontrés, Les McCann n’a même pas pris la peine de saluer formellement Joe Alterman. McCann, alors en fauteuil roulant, s’est simplement approché de la scène du légendaire Blue Note, à New York, où le jeune pianiste était en train de faire des réglages sonores, et il lui a dit: “Joue-moi du blues, mon garçon!”. Lire la suite ici!

Gerry Gibbs Thrasher People – Family (ENG review)

Street Date July 24th 2023

Once upon a time… Amidst the pandemic, Gerry Gibbs and his wife embarked on a 15,000-mile journey across America, recording in various locations. Joined by esteemed artists such as Chick Corea, Ron Carter, and Kenny Barron, they aimed to capture their musical essence. In San Antonio, Texas, destiny intervened when Gerry discovered a group of local musicians with undeniable chemistry and talent. With the addition of saxophonist/keyboardist Eric Hargett, saxophonist Jerry Espinoza, bassist James Suter, guitarist Tommy Howard, and vocalist Michelle Gaibay Carey, the Thrasher People family was complete. Continue to Read here!




Gerry Gibbs Thrasher People – Family (FR review)

Street Date July 24th 2023

Il était une fois…. Au milieu de la pandémie, Gerry Gibbs et sa femme se sont lancés dans un périple de 15.000 miles à travers l’Amérique, enregistrant dans divers endroits. Rejoins par des artistes réputés tels que Chick Corea, Ron Carter et Kenny Barron, ils ont cherché à capturer leur essence musicale. À San Antonio, au Texas, le destin est intervenu lorsque Gerry a découvert un groupe de musiciens locaux dotés d’une chimie et d’un talent indéniables. Avec l’ajout du saxophoniste/ claviériste Eric Hargett, du saxophoniste Jerry Espinoza, du bassiste James Suter, du guitariste Tommy Howard et de la chanteuse Michelle Gaibay Carey, la famille Thrasher People était complète. A lire ici!

Dock In Absolute – [RE]FLEKT (ENG review)

AM Jazz – Street date October 13th 2023

Here is an album that will undoubtedly be one of the best of 2023. The piano trio Dock In Absolute hails from Luxembourg, and if you’re familiar with the excellence of Luxembourgish musicians in jazz, to name just one, the trumpeter Gast Waltzing, a leading figure in the jazz scene of the Grand Duchy, search for his videos on the web, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about… Continue to read, here!

Dock In Absolute – [RE]FLEKT (FR review)

AM Jazz – Street date October 13th 2023

Voici un album qui sera certainement l’un des meilleurs de l’année 2023. Le trio de piano Dock In Absolute est luxembourgeois et si vous ne connaissez pas l’excellence des musiciens luxembourgeois dans le jazz, n’hésitez pas et écoutez le trompettiste Gast Waltzing, pour n’en citer qu’un, tête de proue du jazz du grand-duché, en regardant ses vidéos sur le web et vous comprendrez de quoi je parle… A lire ici!

Brian Bromberg – The Magic Of Monnlight (ENG review)

Mack Avenue – Street Date July 28th 2023

When the Mack Avenue label sent me this album, I couldn’t resist immediately listening to it from one of my favorite bassists. And from the first track, the atmosphere lived up to the anticipation of this album, which will be released on July 28th and will certainly make waves until 2024. Apart from the excellence of the compositions, arrangements, and performances, Brian Bromberg covers a wide range of jazz styles in this album, including smooth jazz. He is accompanied by very solid musicians: Lenny Castro, Ray Fuller, Grant Geissman, Tony Guerrero, Everette Harp, Nick Lane, Gary Meek, Tony Moore, Andrew Neu, Michael Paulo, Lin Rountree, Michael Stever, Joel Taylor, Tom Zink… Continue to read here!

Brian Bromberg – The Magic Of Monnlight (FR review)

Mack Avenue – Street Date July 28th 2023

Quand le label Mack Avenue m’a envoyé cet album, impossible pour moi de résister a écouter immédiatement cet opus de l’un de mes bassistes préférés. Dès le premier titre, l’ambiance est à la hauteur de l’annonce de cet album qui sera de sortie ce 28 Juillet et fera parler de lui jusqu’en 2024, car voilà, car outre l’excellence des compositions, arrangements et de l’interprétation, Brian Bromberg ratisse large dans le monde du jazz, y compris celui du Smooth jazz. Il est accompagné par de très solides musiciens: Lenny Castro, Ray Fuller, Grant Geissman, Tony Guerrero, Everette Harp, Nick Lane, Gary Meek, Tony Moore, Andrew Neu, Michael Paulo, Lin Rountree, Michael Stever, Joel Taylor, Tom Zink… A lire ici!

Michael Ragonese – Stracci (ENG review)

Street date August 24th 2023

oming from the world of classical music, Michael Ragonese is a highly sought-after pianist who has already toured with Barbara Streisand, Dave Koz, Charnett Moffett, Walter Smith III, Mark Turner, Bennie Maupin, Engelbert Humperdinck, Rick Braun, Aubrey Logan, Grace Kelly, Bob Sheppard, and many others. As you can see, this short list includes musicians you regularly hear on Bayou Blue Radio, so it’s no coincidence when I tell you that this album is truly delightful, surprising, and captivating. Continue to read here!

Michael Ragonese – Stracci (FR review)

Street date August 24th 2023

Venu du monde de la musique dite classique, Michael Ragonese est un pianiste très demandé qui a déjà tourné avec Barbara Streisand, Dave Koz, Charnett Moffett, Walter Smith III, Mark Turner, Bennie Maupin, Engelbert Humperdinck, Rick Braun, Aubrey Logan, Grace Kelly, Bob Sheppard et bien d’autres encore. Comme vous les constaterez, il y a dans cette liste des musiciens que vous entendez régulièrement sur Bayou Blue Radio, et ce n’est donc pas un hasard si je vous dis que cet album est pleinement réjouissant, surprenant et séduisant.A lire ici!

Steve Snyder – Prime Vintage (FR review)

DPU Records – Street date July 24th 2023

Steve Snyder a accompagné de multiples groupes pendant trente ans sur divers enregistrement et c’est la première fois qu’il enregistre à titre personnel. Sept titres originaux, extrêmement classiques, mais qui séduiront facilement tous les amateurs d’orgue. On est très loin de prendre autant de plaisir qu’avec l’album de Kait Dunton dont je vous parlais il y a peu, ici en anglais et ici en français, A lire ici!

Steve Snyder – Prime Vintage (ENG review)

DPU Records – Street date July 24th 2023

Steve Snyder has accompanied multiple groups for thirty years on various recordings, and this is the first time he is recording on a personal title, with seven original tracks that are extremely classic but will easily appeal to all organ enthusiasts. However, it falls far short of the enjoyment found in Kait Dunton’s album, which I mentioned recently in English here and in French here. Continue to read here!

Eliza Gilkyson – Home (ENG review)


There are a number of folk music artists that we particularly appreciate on Bayou Blue Radio, such as Shawn Colvin, Gretchen Peters, Mary Chapin Carpenter, among others, and of course Eliza Gilkyson, whom you regularly hear on Bayou Blue Radio. Besides their particularly well-mastered voices, the compositions, arrangements, and themes of their albums make us resonate, and let’s admit it, we have never been disappointed. Continue to read, here!

Eliza Gilkyson – Home (FR review)


Il y a certains artistes de la musique folk que nous apprécions particulièrement sur Bayou Blue Radio, c’est le cas par exemple de Shawn Colvin, Grethen Peters, Mary Chapin Carpenter, entre autres, et bien entendu Eliza Gilkyson que vous entendez régulièrement sur Bayou Blue Radio. Outre leur voix particulièrement bien maitrisées, les compositions, les arrangements et les thématiques de leurs albums sont autant de raisons qui nous font vibrer, et avouons-le, nous n’avons jamais été déçus. A lire ici!

Mighty Mo’ Rogers – Memphis Callin’ (ENG review)

Those of us who have expatriated – perhaps several times – recognize that some places and things are best-loved from a distance. Artists go where they need to feel free. The Blues Prophet, Mighty Mo Rodgers, has lived in France for a few years now, so why should it surprise us that “Memphis Callin’” is his most nostalgic album so far? Continue to read, here!

Mighty Mo’ Rogers – Memphis Callin’ (FR review)

Ceux d’entre nous qui se sont expatriés – peut-être plusieurs fois – reconnaissent que certains endroits et certaines choses sont mieux aimés de loin. Les artistes vont là où ils ont besoin de se sentir libres. Le Blues Prophet, Mighty Mo Rodgers, vit en France depuis quelques années maintenant, alors pourquoi devrait-on s’étonner que “Memphis Callin’” soit son album le plus nostalgique, jusqu’à présent? A lire ici

Jon Menges – Spirit of 3, Spirit of 4 (ENG review)

Street date July 28th 2023

Jon Menges is a New York-based trumpeter, composer, and arranger who has revitalized Latin jazz standards or rather offered his own vision through re-compositions. For many years, it was the audience in Chicago who had the opportunity to appreciate his work. Jon has played with great artists such as Cab Calloway, Lou Rawls, Neil Sadaka, Leslie Uggams, Joel Gray, Jim Nabors, Freddie Cole, and Jon Faddis. Contimue to read here!

Jon Menges – Spirit of 3, Spirit of 4 (FR review)

Street date July 28th 2023

Jon Menges est un trompettiste, compositeur et arrangeur New Yorkais qui remet au goût du jour des standards latinos-jazz, ou plutôt il en propose sa vision au travers de recompositions. Pendant de nombreuses années, c’est le public de Chicago qui a pu apprécier son travail, Jon ayant joué avec de grands artistes tels que Cab Calloway, Lou Rawls, Neil Sadaka, Leslie Uggams, Joel Gray, Jim Nabors, Freddie Cole et Jon Faddis.A lire ici!

Sidney Jacobs: video “Stayin Alive” (ENG review)

PARIS-MOVE, July 12th 2023 – Sidney Jacobs is one of the artists who has made the biggest impression on me in recent years. In 2022, I wrote about his album “If I Were a Woman,” … Continue to read here !

Sidney Jacobs: video de “Stayin Alive” (FR review)
PARIS-MOVE, July 12th 2023 – Sidney Jacobs est un des artistes qui m’a le plus marqué ces dernières années. En 2022 je vous parlais de son album “If I Were a Women”… A lire ici!


Pete McCann – Without Question (ENG review)

However, if you’re not familiar with this guitarist yet, here’s some information extracted from his biography: Originally from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, jazz guitarist Pete McCann has been an integral part of the New York jazz scene for over 30 years. His new recording, “Without Question” (his seventh as a leader), will be released in August 2023. McCann has played and/or recorded with Kenny Wheeler, Dave Liebman, Lee Konitz, The Manhattan Transfer, Patti Austin, Brian Blade, Bobby Previte, Grace Kelly, the Mahavishnu Project, and the Maria Schneider Orchestra. Continue to read here!

Pete McCann – Without Question (FR review)

Si vous ne connaissez pas encore ce guitariste, voici déjà quelques infos extraites de sa biographie: Originaire d’Eau Claire, dans le Wisconsin, le guitariste de jazz Pete McCann fait partie intégrante de la scène jazz de New York depuis plus de 30 ans. Son nouvel enregistrement, “Without Question” (son septième en tant que leader), sera publié en août 2023. McCann a joué et/ou enregistré avec Kenny Wheeler, Dave Liebman, Lee Konitz, The Manhattan Transfer, Patti Austin, Brian Blade, Bobby Previte, Grace Kelly, le Mahavishnu Project et le Maria Schneider Orchestra. A lire ici!

Eunmi Lee – Introspection (ENG review)

What we know about this album comes from the words of Eunmi Lee: “As a pianist and composer, I have gained valuable experience in enjoying my inner observations by describing emotions, images, and phenomena through musical materials. The album “Introspection” consists of seven original compositions entirely composed and arranged by myself, which I have written since 2017.” Continue to read here!

Eunmi Lee – Introspection (FR review)

Ce que nous savons au sujet de cet album arrive par les mots de Eunmi Lee: “En tant que pianiste et compositeur, j’ai acquis une précieuse expérience en appréciant mes observations intérieures en décrivant les émotions, les images et les phénomènes à travers des matériaux musicaux. L’album “Introspection” se compose de sept compositions originales entièrement composées et arrangées par moi-même, que j’ai écrites depuis 2017.” A lire ici!

Jazz @ Monks Jazz – J. Serrato with Rob Dixon (ENG report)

Thierry De Clemensat, Correspondent in USA, Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

Quality jazz remains discreet in Austin; this isn’t New York, Chicago, or L.A. As a result, jazz venues are often hidden, especially the most exciting ones, like Cactus Café located within the University of Austin or Monks, situated on a former industrial site. It’s barely noticeable, to the extent that you can pass by without seeing it—a narrow door and a small discreet sign. Push the door, and magic happens. Continue to read, here!

Jazz @ Monks Jazz – J. Serrato with Rob Dixon (FR report)

Thierry De Clemensat, Correspondent in USA, Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

Le jazz de qualité se fait discret à Austin. Ici, ce n’est pas New-York, Chicago ou L.A, les lieux de jazz sont donc souvent cachés, tout au moins pour les plus passionnants, comme le Cactus Café qui se trouve dans l’Université d’Austin ou Le Monks, situé sur un ancien site industriel, à peine indiqué, tant et si bien que vous pouvez passer et repasser devant sans le voir. Vous remarquez enfin une porte étroite et un petit panneau discret, vous poussez la porte et la magie s’opère. A lire ici!

Adrian Younge releases new album with Tony Allen (ENG review)

The label’s first posthumous release, Tony Allen JID018 // Street Date July 7th via Jazz Is Dead

Adrian Younge explains the origins of this album to us: “It was a considerable honor to welcome Mr. Allen for a very special recording session at Linear Labs Studio during the summer of 2018, and we are thrilled to share these crucial and incredibly funky tracks with you.”
On the album opener, “Ebun,” guitars and horns build off of Allen’s instantly recognizable drum patterns, stretching and warping time signatures as they cross paths. It immediately recalls the seminal Africa 70 recordings on which Allen made a decisive contribution. Psychedelic keyboards and percussion clash on “Steady Tremble,” a powerful track specially designed for dance floors around the world. Continue to read here!

Adrian Younge releases new album with Tony Allen (FR review)

The label’s first posthumous release, Tony Allen JID018 // Street Date July 7th via Jazz Is Dead

Adrian Younge nous explique les origines de cet album: “Ce fut un honneur considérable d’accueillir M. Allen lors d’une session d’enregistrement très spéciale au studio Linear Labs durant l’été 2018, et nous sommes ravis de partager avec vous ces morceaux cruciaux et incroyablement funky”. Sur l’ouverture de l’album, “Ebun”, les guitares et les cuivres s’appuient sur les motifs de batterie immédiatement reconnaissables d’Allen, étirant et déformant les signatures rythmiques alors qu’ils se croisent. Cela rappelle immédiatement les enregistrements essentiels de l’Afrique 70 auxquels Allen a contribué de manière décisive. A lire ici!

Francois Bourassa Quartet – Swirl – Live at Piccolo (ENG review)

Effendi records – Street date July 7th 2023

Europeans will not be surprised by this album, which draws its sources from classical music, free jazz, and improvised music. In this regard, it doesn’t bring much new to what already exists in Europe, where it even comes across as a pale imitation. However, the musicians play admirably, but definitively, as much as this kind of music can be exciting to follow live, on an album, it’s the opposite. Fortunately, the mixing is superb.Continue to Read Here!

Francois Bourassa Quartet – Swirl – Live at Piccolo (FR review)

Effendi records – Street date July 7th 2023

Les européens ne seront pas surpris par cet album qui trouve ses sources entre musique classique, freejazz et musiques improvisées. Dans ce cadre il n’apporte pas grand-chose à ce qui existe déjà en Europe, dont il fait même office de pâle copie, mais cependant les musiciens jouent admirablement. Autant ce genre de musique peut être passionnante à suivre sur scène, sur un album c’est tout l’inverse, et heureusement, le mixage est admirable. Les compositions sont extrêmement pointues et parfaitement interprétées. A  lire ici!

Written In Their Soul: The STAX Songwriter Demos (ENG review)

STAX – Available

I feel that just the title of this STAX box set is going to make many people dream… starting with myself, because even though I specialize in jazz, I’ve always had a passion for this genre of music, which I share with my friend and great specialist of this music, Jay Myers from Release It Radio, who is also our partner. I must thank another friend, without whom we would never have had the opportunity to review this little marvel, Gilbert Guyonnet, a great blues specialist (ABS magazine/ Radio Clapas, France). Continue to read, here!

Written In Their Soul: The STAX Songwriter Demos (FR review)

STAX – Available

Je sens que rien que le titre de ce coffret de STAX va en faire rêver plus d’un… en commençant par moi-même, car bien que spécialisé dans le jazz, j’ai toujours eu une passion pour ce genre musical que je partage avec mon ami le grand spécialiste de cette musique, Jay Myers de la radio Release It qui est également notre partenaire, et il me faut remercier un autre ami, sans qui nous n’aurions jamais eu l’occasion de chroniquer cette petite merveille, Gilbert Guyonnet, grand spécialiste du blues (ABS magazine/ Radio Clapas, enFrance). A lire ici!

Angie Wells – Truth Be Told (ENG review)

Cafe Pacific Records – Available

Angie Wells is also known in France for having been programmed in numerous festivals, both in her home country, the USA, and abroad. A passionate and captivating vocalist, she offers us here an album of exceptional quality that is almost indefinable, as it encompasses jazz, blues, and soul music. Accompanied by remarkable musicians and produced by John Clayton, the album may seem somewhat classic at first glance, but the arrangements are so majestic and Angie Wells’ voice is so beautifully carried that it is impossible to resist the charm of this CD. Continue to read here!

Angie Wells – Truth Be Told (FR review)

Cafe Pacific Records – Available

Angie Wells est bien connue en France pour avoir été programmée dans de très nombreux festivals. Vocaliste passionnée et passionnante, accompagnée par de remarquables musiciens et produit par John Clayton, elle nous offre ici un album de très grande qualité et presque inclassable puisqu’il est autant jazz, blues, que soul music. Certes, à première vue, cet album parait un peu classique, mais les arrangements sont si majestueux et la voix de Angie Wells si bien portée qu’il est impossible de résister au charme de ce CD. A lire ici!

Chico Cesar – Vestido De Amor (ENG review)

Zamora Label – Available

Chico Cesar is the kind of Brazilian artist who is quite hard to classify, drawing inspiration from folklore that leads him towards pop or jazz on the same album, as is the case here. A former journalist, his lyrics are always rooted in reality and consistently politically charged. He is a man of many causes, fighting against racism and denouncing the current power structure, among other things. Therefore, this album should be seen as a whole. As a man of letters, a wordsmith, and a passionate musician, he presents his tenth original and perfectly executed album. He pours all his poetry into a track like “Amorinha,” reminiscent of the intensity of Chico Buarque in his most profound moments. Continue to read here!

Chico Cesar – Vestido De Amor (FR review)

Zamora Label – Available

Chico Cesar est de ce genre d’artiste brésilien assez inclassable, se servant d’inspirations folkloriques qui le mènent vers la pop ou vers le jazz sur un même album, comme c’est le cas ici. Ancien journaliste, ses textes sont toujours emprunts de la réalité, toujours très engagé politiquement, homme de tous les combats, contre le racisme, dénonçant le pouvoir actuel… Il faut donc voir cet album dans sa globalité. Homme de lettres, homme des mots, passionné de musiques, il nous propose ici un dixième album original et parfaitement réalisé, nous offrant toute sa poésie sur un titre comme “Amorinha” qui nous rappelle l’intensité d’un Chico Buarque dans ses moments le plus intenses. A lire ici!

Sammy Figueroa – Searching For A Memory (ENG review)

Busco Tu Recuerdo // Ashé Records – Street date 07/03/2023

There are albums whose style you don’t even need to understand, and they captivate you from the first notes of the first track… “Searching For A Memory” (Busco Tu Recuerdo) is one of those albums, and honestly, to overlook it would be a real crime! available…
“My father Charlie Figueroa was a singer of romantic boleros in the 1950s, one of the best, whose records still sell to this day. But he passed away as a young man, when I was just a little boy, a victim of his ‘bohemian lifestyle.’ But those who knew him, from Eddie Palmieri and Yomo Toro to Charlie’s sister, my Aunt Blanca, all say that I look like him, that I have the same sense of humor and that I inherited his musical talent”, Figueroa reflected. Continue to read here!

Sammy Figueroa – Searching For A Memory (FR review)

Busco Tu Recuerdo // Ashé Records – Street date 07/03/2023

Il est des albums dont on ne cherche pas à comprendre le style et qui vous envoutent dès les premières notes de la première piste… Searching For A Memory (Busco Tu Recuerdo) est de ceux-là et franchement, passer à côté serait un véritable crime!
“Mon père Charlie Figueroa était un chanteur de boléros romantiques dans les années 1950, l’un des meilleurs, dont les disques se vendent encore aujourd’hui. Mais il est décédé jeune, quand j’étais encore un petit garçon, victime de son ‘mode de vie bohème’. Mais ceux qui l’ont connu, d’Eddie Palmieri et Yomo Toro à la sœur de Charlie, ma tante Blanca, disent tous que je lui ressemble, que j’ai le même sens de l’humour et que j’ai hérité de son talent musical”, nous a dit Figueroa. A lire ici!

Lennie Moore – Mentors (ENG review)

Street date June 9th 2023

Here is an album that I didn’t select for Bayou Blue Radio, but it might interest some of you. Like all albums born out of the pandemic, it has its good and less exciting aspects. In the case of this album, although it is performed with talent, it feels more like a business card to return to the stage after the crisis rather than a genuine effort to offer an original album. Continue to read here!

Lennie Moore – Mentors (FR review)

Street date June 9th 2023

Voici un album que je n’ai pas sélectionné pour Bayou Blue Radio, mais qui pourra toutefois intéresser certain d’entre vous. En effet, parmi tous les albums nés de la pandémie, il y a du bon, du très bon, et du moins passionnant… et c’est le cas de cet album qui, s’il est interprété avec talent, donne plus l’impression d’être une sorte de carte de visite pour retrouver la scène en sortie de crise que de la volonté de proposer un album original. A lire ici!

The Park Avenue Experience – Time and Time Again (Italian review)


Ecco un eccellente album di smooth jazz proposto da Fabio Puglisi, multi-strumentista originario di Siracusa, in Italia, noto per il suo progetto Soul Basement con il cantante Jay Nemor, che ha sviluppato il progetto The Park Avenue Experience. Dopo un primo album pubblicato nel 2020, ecco il secondo, “Time and Time Again”. The Park Avenue Experience è composto da: Fabio Puglisi – Piano e tastiere Tony Vinci – Chitarra Darius Martin – Basso Enrico Aprile – Batteria Ci si lascia completamente trasportare da questo album al punto di sentirsi come se si stesse ascoltando uno dei nostri amici americani del smooth jazz, che, come sapete, ha i suoi codici e i suoi valori propri. Da leggere qui!

The Park Avenue Experience – Time and Time Again (ENG review)


Here is an excellent smooth jazz album presented to us by Fabio Puglisi, a multi-instrumentalist from Syracuse, Italy, known for his project Soul Basement with singer Jay Nemor. He has now developed the project called The Park Avenue Experience. After their first album released in 2020, here comes their second one, “Time and Time Again.” Continue to read here!

The Park Avenue Experience – Time and Time Again (FR review)


Voici un excellent album de smooth jazz qui nous est proposé par Fabio Puglisi, multi-instrumentiste originaire de Syracuse, en Italie, connu pour son projet Soul Basement avec le chanteur Jay Nemor, et qui a développé le projet The Park Avenue Experience. Après un premier album paru en 2020, voici le second, Time and Time again. A lire ici!

Kait Dunton – Keyboards (ENG review)

Real & Imagined Records – Street Date July 17th, 2023

But why the title “Keyboards”? It’s a celebration of retro rhythms and classic keyboards – specifically the Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond organ, and Clavinet. With Sean Hurley on bass and Jake Reed on drums, Kait and her band evoke the classic instrumental funk of the 70s, referencing Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, Richard Tee’s Stuff, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Weather Report, Earth, Wind & Fire, Hall and Oates, and Michael McDonald. Continue to read here!

Kait Dunton – Keyboards (FR review)

Real & Imagined Records – Street Date July 17th, 2023

Mais pourquoi ce titre “Keyboards”? Parce que c’est une célébration des rythmes rétro et des claviers classiques, en particulier le Fender Rhodes, le Wurlitzer, l’orgue Hammond et le Clavinet. Avec Sean Hurley à la basse et Jake Reed à la batterie, Kait et son groupe évoquent le funk instrumental classique des années 70, faisant référence aux Headhunters de Herbie Hancock, à Stuff de Richard Tee, à Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Weather Report, Earth, Wind & Fire, Hall and Oates et Michael McDonald. A lire ici!

Claire Daly & George Garzone – VuVu for Frances (ENG review)

Daly Bread Records // Street Date – July 14

This album is primarily valuable for what it represents, namely a part of jazz history in the USA and the performers who offer us both their passion for this history and their passion for instrumental play.
But then you may ask, what is this history? To Read Here!

Claire Daly & George Garzone – VuVu for Frances (FR review)

Daly Bread Records // Street Date – July 14

Cet album vaut principalement pour ce qu’il est, à savoir une part de l’histoire du jazz aux USA et des interprètes qui nous offrent à la fois cette passion pour cette histoire, mais également leur passion du jeu instrumental.
Mais alors, me direz-vous, quelle est cette histoire? To read here!

Michael Malone – Just Released – The Grease (ENG review)

Release 2007

Just Released has been together for almost three years now, and they are the ones behind the CD “The Grease.” With influences from traditional jazz, hip-hop, funk, soul, and R&B, Just Released pushes boundaries and defines the Neo-Jazz movement.
Michael Malone (saxophone, EWI, samples, composer) has been playing the saxophone for over 20 years, having his first professional concert at the age of 15. He has performed with Cindy Blackmon (former drummer for Lenny Kravitz), Othello Mollineaux (Weather Report), pianists Billy Childs and Marcus Roberts, and guitarist Mark Whitfield. He traveled the world with jazz organ legend Jimmy Smith for three years. He was a founding member and composer for the Austin-based group Blaze for 5 years, which toured in Asia. He has been a session musician on numerous CD projects. Continue to read here!

Michael Malone – Just Released – The Grease (FR review)

Release 2007

Just Released est un ensemble formé il y a presque trois ans maintenant, et à l’origine de ce CD, The Grease. Avec des influences du jazz traditionnel, du hip-hop, du funk, de la soul et du R&B, Just Released pousse les limites et définit le mouvement Neo-Jazz. Michael Malone (saxophone, EWI, échantillons, compositeur) joue du saxophone depuis plus de 20 ans. Il assurait son premier concert professionnel à l’âge de 15 ans. Il a joué avec Cindy Blackmon (ancienne batteuse de Lenny Kravitz), Othello Mollineaux (Weather Report), les pianistes Billy Childs et Marcus Roberts, et le guitariste Mark Whitfield. Il a parcouru le monde avec la légende de l’orgue jazz Jimmy Smith pendant trois ans et a été membre fondateur et compositeur du groupe Blaze, basé à Austin, au Texas, pendant 5 ans, qui a tourné en Asie. Il a été musicien d’accompagnement sur de nombreux projets de CD. A lire ici!

Douyé – The Golden SÈKÈRÈ (ENG review)

Street date: July 7th 2023

You were able to discover the Nigerian-born singer based in Los Angeles, Douyé, thanks to Bayou Blue Radio a few years ago. I talked about her in this 2020 article in French, and HERE in English. Her deep, profound, and magical voice is now showcased in a very personal album where she offers us exceptional Afro-jazz by infusing African rhythms and arrangements into songs from the Great American Songbook. This breathes new life into well-known standards on “The Golden Sèkèrè,” her fifth album titled after the unique bead percussion instrument from her homeland. She blends her polyrhythmic African heritage with the musicality of Western jazz to create a collection of fourteen songs of sublime beauty and percussive festivity. It stands out as a special source of creative innovation. Continue to read here!

Douyé – The Golden SÈKÈRÈ (FR review)

Street date: July 7th 2023

Vous avez pu découvrir Douyé, la chanteuse d’origine nigérienne basée à Los Angeles, grâce à Bayou Blue Radio il y a quelques années, et je vous en parlais en 2020 dans cet article en français, ICI, dont vous pouvez trouver la version anglaise ICI. Sa voix grave, profonde, magique, qui vient cette fois se placer dans un album très personnel où elle nous propose un afro-jazz de qualité exceptionnelle en nous envoyant des rythmes et des arrangements africains sur des titres issus du Great American Songbook, insufflant une nouvelle vie à ces standards éprouvés sur The Golden Sèkèrè, son cinquième album, intitulé d’après l’instrument de percussion à perles de sa terre natale. Elle mêle son héritage africain polyrythmique à la musicalité du jazz occidental pour créer une collection de quatorze chansons d’une beauté sublime et d’une festivité percussive. Il se distingue comme une source spéciale d’innovation créative. A lire ici!

Roberto Tola – Under The Leo Sign (Italian review)

La musica solare del nostro amico Roberto Tola arriva con questo nuovo album. È jazz, è smooth, è fusion, ma soprattutto è un universo di piacere che questo chitarrista e compositore coltiva con amore sulla sua isola della Sardegna. Con otto composizioni originali e una cover del brano “Roof Garden” di Al Jarreau, diventa evidente che Roberto Tola potrebbe benissimo essere californiano, poiché il suo stile si avvicina molto alla costa ovest degli Stati Uniti. Se non lo conoscete, potreste essere praticamente certi che si tratti di un’opera americana. Da leggere qui!

Roberto Tola – Under The Leo Sign (ENG review)

Our friend Roberto Tola’s sunny music arrives with this new album. It’s jazz, it’s smooth, it’s fusion, but above all, it’s a universe of pleasure that this guitarist and composer cultivates with love on his island of Sardinia. With eight original compositions and a cover of Al Jarreau’s “Roof Garden,” it becomes evident that Roberto Tola could very well be Californian, as his sound closely resembles the West Coast of the USA. If you don’t know him, you could almost be certain that it’s an American work. Continue to read here!

Roberto Tola – Under The Leo Sign (FR review)

La musique ensoleillée de notre ami Roberto Tola arrive avec ce nouvel album. C’est jazz, c’est smooth, c’est fusion, c’est avant tout un univers de plaisir que ce guitariste compositeur cultive avec amour sur son île de Sardaigne. En huit compositions originales et une reprise du titre “Roof Garden” de Al Jarreau, il faut se rendre à l’évidence, Robero Tola aurait tout aussi bien pu être californien, car son univers se rapproche énormément de la côte ouest des USA, ce qui fait que si vous ne le connaissez pas, vous pourriez être pratiquement certain qu’il s’agit d’une œuvre américaine. A lire ici!

Naïfs – Les Nouveaux Souvenirs (ENG review)

Naïfs, they are two artists from the region of Le Mans in France, you know, the city of the 24 Hours of Le Mans famous for its car racing circuit and the Yoplait Yogurt factory. And even though we have definitely left France and Europe, we are happy to keep in touch with these unique artists, here the duo Naïfs, composed of guitarist Maxime Vétillard, who has a keen sense of melodies, and Florian Guérant, who is a lyricist and singer deeply in love with words. Their new album, “Nouveaux Souvenirs,” is therefore an alchemy of words and pop/folk music, on which they received assistance from Gaëtan Coutable on the violin, and their friend Tom Tom, who took care of the recording and mixing. Continue to read here!

Naïfs – Les Nouveaux Souvenirs (FR review)


Naïfs, ce sont deux artistes de la région du Mans, en France. Vous savez, la ville des 24 heures du Mans connue pour son circuit de course de voitures et son usine de Yogourt Yoplait, et on a beau avoir définitivement quitté la France et l’Europe, pour autant on est heureux de garder contact avec des artistes si particuliers et si talentueux, comme ici le duo Naïfs, composé du guitariste Maxime Vétillard qui a un sens aigu de mélodies et Florian Guérant, qui est un auteurs amoureux des mots et chanteur. Les nouveaux souvenirs, c’est donc une alchimie de mots et de musique pop/folk, pour laquelle ils se sont fait aider de Gaëtan Coutable au violon et de leur ami Tom Tom qui a assuré l’enregistrement et le mixage. A lire ici!

Olivia Maisel – A Moment in Time (ENG review)

Olivia Maisel is a French-American singer from Toulouse, now based in Montreal. Here is her debut album, which is as exciting and interesting to discover as albums from artists on their fourth or fifth record. It features impeccable interpretation, and when I say interpretation, I mean that an artist is able to go beyond the technical aspect of their voice and incorporate almost an actor’s work. Continue to read here!

Olivia Maisel – A Moment in Time (FR review)

Olivia Maisel est une chanteuse franco-americaine originaire de Toulouse et installée à Montréal. Voici son premier album, qui est aussi passionnant et intéressant à découvrir que ceux de certains artistes qui en sont à leur quatrième ou cinquième album, car il offre une interprétation irréprochable, et lorsque je parle d’interprétation je veux dire qu’un/e artiste est capable de dépasser le côté technique de sa voix, pour presque y intégrer presque un travail d’acteur. A lire ici!

Les Trois Lezards – Gli Uomini Poetici (Italian review)

Dodicilune: Street date June 27th 2023

Ecco un album molto divertente, senza classificazione precisa, un po’ jazz, un po’ musica balcanica o valzer, canzone francese, con Emmanuel Ferrari (già all’origine del progetto Les Troublamours), insieme ai tre apuli Giovanni Chirico (sassofono contralto e baritono, voce), Giorgio Distante (tuba, tromba, eufonio, voce) e Roberto Chiga (tamburello, grancassa, voce). Propongono dieci canzoni originali di musica popolare del paese ipotetico di Tadjiguinia. Da leggere qui!

Les Trois Lezards – Gli Uomini Poetici (ENG review)

Dodicilune: Street date June 27th 2023

Here is a very funny album, unclassifiable, a bit of jazz, a bit of Balkan music or waltz, French songs, featuring Emmanuel Ferrari (already behind the project Les Troublamours), as well as the three Apulians Giovanni Chirico (alto and baritone saxophone, vocals), Giorgio Distante (tuba, trumpet, euphonium, vocals), and Roberto Chiga (tambourine, bass drum, vocals). They offer ten original songs of popular music from the hypothetical country of Tadjiguinia. Continue to read here!

Les Trois Lezards – Gli Uomini Poetici (FR review)

Dodicilune: Street date June 27th 2023

Voici un bien drôle album, inclassable, un peu jazz, un peu musique des Balkans, valse et chanson française, avec Emmanuel Ferrari (déjà à l’origine du projet Les Troublamours), ainsi que des trois Apuliens Giovanni Chirico (saxophone alto et baryton, voix), Giorgio Distante (tuba, trompette, euphonium, voix) et Roberto Chiga (tambourin, grosse caisse, voix).  A lire ici!

Texas – The Very Best Of (1989-2023) – ENG review

Pias – Available

Being in Texas to talk about this Very Best Of album from the Scottish band Texas is amusing. Indeed, once again, the label Pias releases a high-quality Best Of compilation to celebrate this band that has been active since 1986. They have consistently delivered hit songs, decade after decade, while maintaining their unique blend of pop and folk. The beautiful voice of lead singer Sharleen Spiteri and the band’s creative songwriting are the cornerstone of their magnificent international success. Continue to read here!

Texas – The Very Best Of (1989-2023) – FR review

Pias – Available

Pour moi, être au Texas pour vous parler de ce “Very Best Of” du groupe écossais TEXAS, est amusant. En effet, une fois de plus, le label Pias sort un Best Of de grande qualité pour célébrer ce groupe qui officie depuis… 1986, enchaînant les tubes, décennies après décennies, tout en conservant son originalité de groupe pop/folk, avec la jolie voix de la chanteuse Sharleen Pietri, ainsi que la belle originalité des compositions du groupe qui sont le ciment de ce magnifique succès international.A lire ici!

Michael Malone at Cactus Cafe Austin TX (ENG report)

Michael Malone, Brannen Temple & Red Young at Cactus Cafe, Austin, Texas
June 14th 2023
Thierry Docmac, Correspondent in USA, Bayou Blue News, Bayou Blue Radio, Paris-Move

What I particularly love about the jazz concerts organized by Michael Malone at the Cactus Cafe is not only the joyful atmosphere and the sincerity and quality of his playing but also his ability to bring along highly skilled musicians like he did last night with Brannen Temple on drums and Red Young on the Hammond organ. To Read here!

Michael Malone au Cactus Cafe Austin TX (FR report)

Michael Malone, Brannen Temple et Red Young au Cactus Cafe, Austin, Texas
June 14th 2023
Thierry Docmac, Correspondent in USA, Bayou Blue News, Bayou Blue Radio, Paris-Move

Ce que j’aime particulièrement, dans les concerts jazz proposés par Michael Malone au Cactus Cafe, c’est non seulement la joyeuse ambiance et la sincérité et la qualité de son jeu, mais également sa capacite à amener avec lui des musiciens de très haut niveau, comme c’était le cas hier soir avec Brannen Temple à la batterie et Red Young à l’orgue Hammond.A lire ici!

James McGowan – Reaching In (ENG review)

Street June 23th 2023

Note: Reaching In is the first half of an extended story told through music, spoken-word program notes, and visual art. It depicts the protagonist’s journey from struggles of isolation, low self-worth, social anxiety, addiction, and loss, to finding peace, acceptance, belonging, and a sense of community. This multi-movement suite, composed and performed by pianist James McGowan, blends classical and jazz styles with influences of free improvisation, hip-hop, and Latin styles. It combines the Modasaurus jazz-fusion quartet with the Despax string quartet at its core, and several pieces also feature an expanded ensemble with Petr Cancura and Mike Tremblay on tenor saxophone, Ed Lister on trumpet, and Mark Ferguson on trombone.
The work is at times theatrical in its parts, sometimes classical, sometimes jazz-inspired, but undoubtedly a grand and beautiful artistic creation, somewhat radical, which will only appeal to those of you capable of being moved by a work of art to the point of feeling the need to discuss it among friends. Few works of this style are created nowadays, which is all the more reason to take an interest in it. To be honest, it takes several listens to fully grasp the richness of this work, as it can be bewildering at times. But after all, true art is meant to make us look, read, or listen deeply, and Reaching In encompasses all of that. To read here!

James McGowan – Reaching In (FR review)

Street June 23th 2023

A savoir: Reaching In est la première moitié d’une histoire étendue racontée à travers la musique, les notes de programme parlées et l’art visuel. Il dépeint le voyage d’un protagoniste des luttes de l’isolement, de la faible estime de soi, de l’anxiété sociale, de la dépendance et de la perte, à la recherche de la paix, de l’acceptation, de l’appartenance et d’un sentiment de communauté. Cette suite à mouvements multiples, composée et interprétée par le compositeur et pianiste James McGowan, est créée dans une fusion de styles classique et jazz, avec d’autres influences d’improvisation libre, de hip-hop et de styles latins. En associant le quartet de jazz-fusion Modasaurus au quatuor à cordes Despax, plusieurs morceaux mettent également en vedette un ensemble élargi avec Petr Cancura et Mike Tremblay au saxophone ténor, Ed Lister à la trompette et Mark Ferguson au trombone. A lire ici!

The Pacific Jazz Group (ENG review)

Street Date June 23th 2023

This particularly enjoyable project is the initiative of pianist Dred Scott (Liza Minnelli, Courtney Love, Anthony Braxton, Pete Seeger, Nina Hagen, Patti Smith, Zigaboo Modeliste, Joe Henderson, Joe Morello, Andrew Cyrille, Moby, and Ricki Lee Jones). Previously, he has produced 10 solo albums (including 5 for Ropeadope). The lineup for this group consists of Dred Scott on piano, Eric Crystal on tenor saxophone, John Wiitala on bass, and Smith Dobson on drums. The Pacific Jazz Group for Dred Scott is the culmination of a jazz style he has great affinity for. To read here!

The Pacific Jazz Group (FR review)

Street Date June 23th 2023

Ce projet particulièrement agréable à l’écoute est à l’initiative du pianiste Dred Scott (Liza Minnelli, Courtney Love, Anthony Braxton, Pete Seeger, Nina Hagen, Patti Smith, Zigaboo Modeliste, Joe Henderson, Joe Morello, Andrew Cyrille, Moby et Ricki Lee Jones). Auparavant, il a produit 10 albums en solo (dont 5 pour Ropeadope). A lire ici!

Will Bonness – Is This A Dream? (ENG review)

Street date: June 16th 2023

This fourth album by composer and pianist Will Bonness is a source of wonder, both in terms of compositions and arrangements, as well as the sheer joy of the musicians’ performances featured on this album. Following the success of his JUNO award-winning album “Change of Plans”, Bonness drew inspiration from his time in Toronto, where he met and collaborated with clarinetist Virginia MacDonald, double bassist Daniel Fortin, and saxophonist Allison Au. Completing the ensemble are vocalist Jocelyn Gould and drummer Fabio Ragnelli, both of whom were present on his previous recording. “Is This a Dream” presents a blend of original compositions by Will Bonness and covers of renowned composers such as Hoagy Carmichael, Billy Strayhorn, Cole Porter, and Tom Harrell. To Read here!

Will Bonness – Is This A Dream? (FR review)

Street date: June 16th 2023

Ce quatrième album du compositeur et pianiste Will Bonness est une source d’émerveillement, tant du point de vue des compositions et des arrangements que du plaisir du jeu des musiciens présents sur cet album. Faisant suite au succès de son album “Change of Plans” récompensé par un JUNO, Bonness s’est inspiré de son séjour à Toronto où il a rencontré et collaboré avec la clarinettiste Virginia MacDonald, le contrebassiste Daniel Fortin et la saxophoniste Allison Au. Complétant l’ensemble, on retrouve la chanteuse Jocelyn Gould et le batteur Fabio Ragnelli, tous deux également présents sur son précédent enregistrement. A lire ici!

Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip – Colors Of Jealousy (ENG review)

Street date June 16th 2023

There are artists we meet only once and with whom the bond is never broken, such is the case with Micke Bjorklof, one of the few blues artists we feature and one of the few Europeans in this category on Bayou Blue Radio. The reason is simple: we prioritize quality and originality over quantity, whether it’s blues or jazz. To read here!

Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip – Colors Of Jealousy (FR review)

Street date June 16th 2023

Il y a des artistes que nous rencontrons une seule fois et avec qui le lien n’est jamais rompu. C’est le cas avec Micke Bjorklof, un des rare artistes blues que nous diffusons et un des rares européens, dans cette catégorie, présents sur Bayou Blue Radio. La raison en est simple, sur Bayou Blue Radio nous privilégions la qualité et l’originalité à la quantité, que ce soit pour le blues ou le jazz. A lire ici!

Olivier Cahours & Thierry Colson – Les Enfants de La Nature (ENG review)

MusicBox Publishing – available

Olivier Cahours is certainly one of the most inventive guitarists today. I have proof of this from having seen him work on Ilene Martinez’s upcoming album, which will be released soon. Armed with his seven-string guitar, this guitarist and composer’s vast knowledge knows no bounds. Ideas flow effortlessly, always in good spirits, which is also reflected in his playing. To read here!

Olivier Cahours & Thierry Colson – Les Enfants de La Nature (FR review)

MusicBox Publishing – available

Olivier Cahours est certainement un des guitaristes actuels les plus inventifs, et j’en veux pour preuve de l’avoir vu travailler sur le prochain album de Ilene Martinez qui sortira dans quelques temps, car avec la (très) large culture de ce guitariste et compositeur armé de sa guitare sept cordes, rien ne lui résiste, les idées fusent, toujours dans la bonne humeur, ce qui se ressent également dans son jeu. A lire ici!

Orchid – Eclosion (ENG review)

Directed by Thomas Julienne // Deluge – album available

A lot of time goes by between France and the USA, a message from Thomas Julienne. We chat, and he tells me about this collective of musicians that he leads, something that piques my senses. A few days later, the album arrives at the office. Despite being overwhelmed with albums lately, that lovely flower singing on the cover seems to say to me, “Come on, my boy, make one more effort…” To read here!

Orchid – Eclosion (FR review)

Sous la direction de Thomas Julienne // Deluge – album available

Le temps passe, entre la France et les USA: un message de Thomas Julienne, nous discutons, et il me parle de ce collectif de musiciens qu’il dirige. De quoi mettre mes sens en éveils, et quelques jours plus tard l’album arrive à la rédaction. Bien que surchargée d’albums, ces derniers temps, la jolie fleur qui chante sur la pochette de l’opus semble me dire “Allez, mon garçon, encore un effort…”. A lire ici!

Opus Trio – In Studio (ENG review)

A.M.A records – Street Date June 9th 2023

Originally conceived by tour director Nico Scotti, Opus Trio features Ralph Moore, hailing from Brixton, on tenor saxophone (Horace Silver, Roy Haynes, Darrel Grant, Freddie Hubbard, Gene Harris), New York-based drummer Anthony Pinciotti (Pat Metheny, Hush Point, Jeremy Steig, Randy Brecker, Gary Bartz), and bassist Giuseppe Bassi, hailing from Puglia and aptly named (Schema Quartet, La Banda degli Ornesti, Street Jazz Unit). To read here!

Opus Trio – In Studio (FR review)

A.M.A records – Street Date June 9th 2023

À l’origine conçu par le directeur de tournée Nico Scotti, Opus Trio met en vedette Ralph Moore, originaire de Brixton, au saxophone ténor (Horace Silver, Roy Haynes, Darrel Grant, Freddie Hubbard, Gene Harris), le batteur basé à New York Anthony Pinciotti (Pat Metheny, Hush Point, Jeremy Steig, Randy Brecker, Gary Bartz), et le bassiste Giuseppe Bassi, originaire des Pouilles, judicieusement nommé (Schema Quartet, La Banda degli Ornesti, Street Jazz Unit).
Ce trio nous embarque dans un jazz qui sent bon les clubs nocturnes de jazz New-yorkais, avec des compositions chaleureuses et une basse ronde comme un Koala, un jazz qui vous donne envie de danser entre deux verres de Whisky, avec Ralph Moore au saxophone, plus brillant que jamais, le batteur Henry Pinciotti qui, comme toujours, est d’une justesse incroyable, et pour moi la découverte est celle de ce contrebassiste de génie, Giuseppe Bassi, inventif, surprenant et parfaitement intégré à ce trio remarquable.A lire ici!

Opus Trio – In Studio (Italian review)

A.M.A records – Street Date June 9th 2023

Originariamente concepito dal direttore del tour Nico Scotti, Opus Trio vanta Ralph Moore, originario di Brixton, al sax tenore (Horace Silver, Roy Haynes, Darrel Grant, Freddie Hubbard, Gene Harris), il batterista di New York Anthony Pinciotti (Pat Metheny, Hush Point, Jeremy Steig, Randy Brecker, Gary Bartz) e il bassista Giuseppe Bassi, nativo delle Puglie, saggiamente soprannominato (Schema Quartet, La Banda degli Ornesti, Street Jazz Unit). Da leggere qui!

The Nimmons Tribute – Volume 2 – Generational (ENG review)

Street date June 30th 2023

Note: Generational by The Nimmons Tribute is the second volume of a tribute project honoring the legacy of Canadian jazz legend Phil Nimmons (O.C., O. Ont.), who celebrates his 100th birthday in 2023. This album breathes new life into Nimmons’ classic compositions with fresh arrangements by Sean Nimmons, Phil’s grandson, who is a pianist, arranger, and composer himself. Sean also contributes two beautiful original compositions to the album. To read here!

The Nimmons Tribute – Volume 2 – Generational (FR review)

Street date June 30th 2023

A savoir: “Generational”, de The Nimmons Tribute, est le deuxième volume d’un projet de tribute rendant hommage à l’héritage de la légende du jazz canadien, Phil Nimmons (O.C., O. Ont.), qui fête ses 100 ans en 2023. Cet album donne une nouvelle vie aux compositions classiques de Nimmons avec de tous nouveaux arrangements signés Sean Nimmons, le petit-fils de Phil, pianiste, arrangeur et compositeur, qui contribue également avec deux belles compositions originales. A lire ici!

Joel Goodman – An Exquisite Moment (ENG review)

A64 Records – Street Date June 19th 2033

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Joel Goodman offers us a fascinating album that captivates us from the first few seconds. He is surrounded by a formidable team of musicians who enhance his work from the first to the last track of this album. The lineup includes Randy Brecker (flugelhorn, trumpet), Brandee Younger (harp), Lisa Fischer (vocals), John Patitucci (bass), and Philippe Saisse (piano, vibraphone, marimba), joining a top-notch core group consisting of Donny McCaslin (saxophones), Eric Harland (drums), Adam Rogers (guitar), Mino Cinelu (percussion), Scott Colley (bass), and Joel Goodman (keyboards and bass). To read here!

Joel Goodman – An Exquisite Moment (FR review)

A64 Records – Street Date June 19th 2033

Compositeur et multi instrumentiste, Joel Goodman nous offre ici un album fascinant avec lequel on se fait envouter dès les premières secondes, il est entouré d’une redoutable équipe de musiciens qui subliment son œuvre du premier au dernier titre de cet album où l’on retrouve ainsi: Randy Brecker (bugle, trompette), Brandee Younger (harpe), Lisa Fischer (voix), John Patitucci (basse) et Philippe Saisse (piano, vibraphone, marimba) qui rejoignent un groupe de base de première classe composé de Donny McCaslin (saxophones), Eric Harland (batterie), Adam Rogers (guitare), Mino Cinelu (percussions), Scott Colley (basse) et Joel Goodman (claviers et basse). A lire ici!

Javier Nero Jazz Orchestra – Kemet: The Black Land (ENG review)

Outside in Music – Street date June 23th 2023

This is the second recording by trombonist, composer, arranger, and educator Dr. Javier Nero, titled “Kemet: The Black Land,” featuring the Javier Nero Jazz Orchestra. The album meditates on Kemet, the ancient Egyptian Black civilization, highly advanced. Fascinated by this great society, a birthplace of higher education and a pillar of Western ideas and democracy, Nero presents his ambitious new work in the spirit of this prosperous land, often overlooked by history. To read here!

Javier Nero Jazz Orchestra – Kemet: The Black Land (FR review)

Outside in Music – Street date June 23th 2023

C’est le deuxième enregistrement du tromboniste, compositeur, arrangeur et éducateur Dr Javier Nero, intitulé “Kemet: The Black Land”, mettant en vedette le Javier Nero Jazz Orchestra. L’album médite sur Kemet, l’ancienne civilisation noire égyptienne, hautement avancée. Fasciné par cette grande société, berceau de l’enseignement supérieur et pilier des idées occidentales et de la démocratie, Nero présente son nouvel opus ambitieux dans l’esprit de cette terre prospère, souvent négligée par l’histoire.A lire ici!

Steven Feifke – Catalyst (ENG review)

La Reserve / Bandstand – Street date June 12th

To know… right after Feifke’s recent victory at the 2023 GRAMMY Awards: it was a historic first-time win for Steven Feifke, who became the youngest ever winner in the category of Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album, which has been in existence for six decades. The GRAMMY comes during an incredibly prolific period for Feifke – Catalyst will be his sixth album released in two years. Steven Feifke’s music is recognizable above all, his way of managing large ensembles, very rhythmic and melodic, incorporating vocals, makes it a music that contagiously brings a smile to your face. To read here!

Steven Feifke – Catalyst (FR review)

La Reserve / Bandstand – Street date June 12th

A savoir… juste après la récente victoire de Feifke aux GRAMMY Awards 2023: c’était une première victoire historique pour Feifke, qui est devenu le plus jeune gagnant de tous les temps dans la catégorie du meilleur album de grand ensemble de jazz, catégorie existant depuis six décennies. Et ce GRAMMY arrive pendant une période incroyablement prolifique pour Feifke, car Catalyst sera son sixième album publié en deux ans. A lire ici!

AZURA (Maxime Perrin Group) – Ardente Abissu – reedition 2023 (ENG review)

Available – Music Box publishing

My friend, composer, and accordionist Maxime Perrin released this album Ardente Abissu with his band in 2009, and I am even happier about the return of this album because, in my opinion, it is certainly the one that resembles him the most. To read here!

AZURA (Maxime Perrin Group) – Ardente Abissu – reedition 2023 (FR review)

Available – Music Box publishing

Mon ami le compositeur et accordéoniste Maxime Perrin avait sorti cet album, Ardente Abissu, avec son groupe en 2009, et je suis d’autant plus heureux de la réédition de cet album, car il est certainement, selon moi, celui qui lui ressemble le plus. En effet, la très large culture de Maxime Perrin va de la musique classique en passant par la pop, le rock, le jazz et les musiques du Monde, et autant il serait bien difficile de résumer son œuvre par des mots, autant cet album le fait parfaitement, en musique. A lire ici!

Marc Ciprut – Blue House (ENG review)

White Label – Available

Here is a beautiful album by New York guitarist Marc Ciprut, whose music is influenced by the many different musicians he listened to while growing up. From Jimi Hendrix, Wes Montgomery, George Benson, and Grant Green to Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Donny Hathaway… In fact, while this album may fall under the jazz category, it is primarily defined by the intentions behind its composition. However, you will find sources of blues, rock, and many other musical styles in it. To read here!

Marc Ciprut – Blue House (FR review)

White Label – Available

Voici un superbe album du guitariste New Yorkais Marc Ciprut dont la musique est influencée par les nombreux musiciens différents qu’il a écoutés en grandissant, de Jimi Hendrix à Wes Montgomery, en pasant par George Benson et Grant Green, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Donny Hathaway… De fait, si cet album est classé dans la rubrique jazz, c’est avant tout par les intentions de son écriture, mais vous y trouverez des sources de blues, de rock et de bien d’autres styles musicaux, c’est pourquoi il est également répertorié en rock. A lire ici!

Fuat Tuaç – Immigrant (ENG review)

Here is an album as fascinating as it is entertaining. Fuat Tuaç is a Turkish artist who is passionate about the world around him, playing with the rhythms of different musical eras. The Turkish-Canadian singer explores his experiences as a single man seeking love online, all while maintaining a sense of humor… To read here!

Fuat Tuaç – Immigrant (FR review)

Voici un album autant fascinant qu’amusant. Fuat Tuaç est un artiste turc qui se passionne pour le monde qui l’entoure, se jouant des rythmes des périodes musicales. Le chanteur turco-canadien développe ses expériences en tant qu’homme célibataire cherchant l’amour en ligne, mais il garde toujours le sens de l’humour… A lire ici!

Jean-Louis Murat – son héritage poétique

We crossed paths on numerous occasions in the 80s. I was struck by his writing style, as he claimed to be influenced by Charles Baudelaire. He most likely surpassed his master, becoming more inspired, more passionate, and remarkably modern. He left no room for chance, deeply structuring his thoughts. To realize this, there is still that document, in French, of course, called “1451… To read here!

Dhaivat Jani Plus – Sum//Parts (ENG review)

Street date : June 9th 2023

Here is an exciting album, Dhaivat Jani PLUS, the brainchild of composer, drummer, and tabla player based in Toronto, Dhaivat Jani. Hailing from Ahmedabad, India – the city of love, pleasure, food, and warmth – Dhaivat Jani and his band offer original contemporary jazz music with a generous dose of Indian classical music, rock, and seamless improvisation. Right from the first track of this album, one can’t let go, captivated by Dhaivat Jani’s musical offerings, providing enjoyment throughout the entire CD. Imagining this artist as a true stage beast, successfully infusing his culture into a highly contemporary jazz that is perfectly accessible to our Western ears. To read here!

Dhaivat Jani Plus – Sum//Parts (FR review)

Street date : June 9th 2023

Voici un album passionnant! Dhaivat Jani PLUS est le fruit de la réflexion du compositeur, batteur et joueur de tabla basé à Toronto, Dhaivat Jani. Originaire d’Ahmedabad, en Inde, la ville de l’amour, du plaisir, de la nourriture et de la chaleur, Dhaivat Jani et son groupe proposent une musique de jazz contemporaine originale avec une bonne dose de musique classique indienne, de rock et d’improvisation fluide. Et il est vrai que dès le premier titre de cet album, on n’arrive pas à le lâcher, fasciné par les propositions musicales de Dhaivat Jani. De quoi prendre plaisir à l’écoute du CD, et jusqu’à la fin, imaginant cet artiste comme une véritable bête de scène qui réussit le tour de force de faire passer sa culture dans un jazz très contemporain et parfaitement absorbable par nos petites oreilles d’occidentaux. A lire ici!

Jan Cronin – I Thought About you (ENG review)

Scootermusic – Street date: June 2th 2023

Here is an album that we did not select for Bayou Blue Radio, as its style does not match our programming. However, I wanted to talk to you about it because of the quality of the performances on this CD. Jan Cronin is known for her exceptional interpretation skills, which make for an excellent listening experience with this album. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that seeing Jan Cronin live in concert is highly recommended for an unforgettable experience. To read here!

Jan Cronin – I Thought About you (FR review)

Scootermusic – Street date: June 2th 2023

Voici un album que nous n’avons pas retenu pour Bayou Blue Radio, question de style qui ne correspond pas à notre programmation, mais dont j’avais envie de vous parler, pour la qualité des interprétations des titres qui sont sur ce CD, car ce qui caractérise Jan Cronin, c’est avant tout sa grande qualité d’interprétation, de quoi passer un excellent moment à l’écoute de cet album, et je pense tout de même que voir Jan Cronin en concert est recommandé, pour passer un très bon moment. A lire ici!

Jean-Louis Murat – Best of (ENG review)

Pias – Street date: May 26th, 2023

remember those tours in the early 80s when I would go on the road with about twenty artists on a bus to perform shows in cities across France. On several occasions, Jean-Louis Murat was there, different, a bit apart, the intellectual of the group, often scribbling a few lines on the corner of a table in a bar, where surely some songs were born. Because Jean-Louis Murat is above all a lover of words, of lyrics, with that distinctive dragging voice that highlights his texts, which some will study for a long time. To read here!

Jean-Louis Murat – Best of (Fr review)
Pias – Street date: May 26th, 2023

Je me souviens de ces tournées, au début des années 80, où je partais en bus avec une vingtaine d’artistes pour faire des spectacles dans des villes de France, et à plusieurs reprises Jean-Louis Murat était des nôtres, différent, un peu à part, considéré comme l’intello de la bande, souvent à griffonner quelques lignes sur le coin d’une table, dans un bar, et c’est certainement là que sont nées quelques chansons, car Jean-Louis Murat est avant tout un amoureux des mots, des textes, avec cette voix trainante qui le caractérise et qui met justement en valeur ses textes que certains étudieront encore longtemps. A lire ici!

Projet Seb Parent (ENG review)

Street date: June 2th 2023

Seb Parent, of course, is the Montreal drummer Sébastien Parent, who was nurtured on rock to become a devotee of Big Band jazz, in which he puts a little, a lot, passionately, madly… from his rock culture, which is particularly evident on the first track of this CD.
The album was recorded entirely during the depths of the Covid pandemic, between the summer of 2021 and the winter of 2022. To read here!

Projet Seb Parent (FR review)

Street date: June 2th 2023

Seb Parent, c’est bien entendu le batteur Montréalais Sébastien Parent, qui a biberonné au rock pour devenir un adepte du Big Band jazz dans lequel il y met un peu, beaucoup, passionnément, à la folie de sa culture rock, ce qui s’entend particulièrement sur la première piste de ce superbe CD. L’album a été enregistré entièrement pendant les profondeurs de la pandémie de Covid, entre l’été 2021 et l’hiver 2022. A lire ici!

Anthony Hervey – Words From My Horn (ENG review)

Outside In Music – Street date June 9th 2023

A beautifully found title for an album that is indeed beautifully written, enhancing the personality of this artist. One can feel the joy of writing, the arrangements, and a sense of humor in the playing of this composer/trumpeter, and the pleasure remains intact from the beginning to the end of this album. To read here!

Anthony Hervey – Words From My Horn (FR review)

Outside In Music – Street date June 9th 2023

Un titre joliment trouvé pour un album effectivement magnifiquement écrit et renforçant la personnalité de cet artiste. On y ressent à la fois le plaisir de l’écriture et des arrangements ainsi qu’une forme d’humour dans le jeu de ce compositeur/ trompettiste, et le plaisir est entier, du début à la fin de cet album. A lire ici!


Anthony E. Nelson Jr. – Swinging Sunset (ENG review)

Mouthpiece Music – Street date June 9th 2023

Anthony E. NELSON Jr. pays tribute to the great jazz organ trios that were particularly popular in clubs during the 1950s and 1960s. This is Nelson’s 5th album as a leader. Jazz Music Archives declares, “As a saxophonist, flutist, clarinetist, and bass clarinetist, Nelson possesses an innate talent that knows no bounds in its ability to transcend generations and genres.” To read here!

Anthony E. Nelson Jr. – Swinging Sunset (FR review)

Mouthpiece Music – Street date June 9th 2023

Anthony E. Nelson Jr. rend ici hommage aux grands trios d’orgue jazz qui étaient particulièrement populaires dans les clubs des années 1950 et 1960. Il s’agit du 5ème album de Nelson en tant que leader. Jazz Music Archives déclare: “Saxophoniste, flûtiste, clarinettiste et clarinettiste basse, Nelson est doté d’un talent inné qui est sans limites dans sa capacité à transcender les générations et les genres.” A lire ici!

Hazelrigg Brothers – Synchronicity II (ENG review)

Street date: May 26th

If you are fans of The Police and jazz, you’re in for a treat with George Hazelrigg on piano, Geoff Hazelrigg on bass, and John O’Reilly Jr. on drums, who revisit or rather commemorate the celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Police’s fifth and final studio album… To read here!

Hazelrigg Brothers – Synchronicity II (FR review)

Street date: May 26th

Si vous êtes fan du groupe Police et de jazz, vous allez sans doute vous régaler avec George Hazelrigg au piano, Geoff Hazelrigg à la basse et John O’ Reilly Jr. à la batterie qui revisitent, ou plutôt commémorent, la célébration du quarantième anniversaire de l’album de The Police… A lire ici!


Blue Note – Street Date May 19th 2023

Let us embark on this delightful, unmistakably groovy jazz-funk journey offered to us by saxophonist Dave McMurray, which is a follow-up to his previous album paying homage to the Grateful Dead. Let Dave tell us about this project… To read here!

Dave McMurray – Grateful Deadication 2 (FR review)

Blue Note – Street Date May 19th 2023

Laissons-nous embarquer dans ce délicieux jazz-funk au groove inimitable que nous propose le saxophoniste Dave McMurray, qui est la suite de l’album précèdent ou il rendait hommage au groupe Grateful Dead.
Laissons Dave nous parler de ce projet… A lire ici!

Joachim Kühn New Trio – Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic XIV – Komeda (ENG review)

Atom String Quartet – Chris Jennings – Eric Shaeffer // Street date: June 30th 2023

Joachim Kühn is one of the greatest European composers and pianists. For a few years now, he has been touring as a trio with two excellent musicians, bassist Chris Jennings and drummer Eric Schaeffer. This time, they are featured in the prestigious ACT label’s “Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic” collection, delivering once again an exceptional album. To read here!

Joachim Kühn New Trio – Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic XIV – Komeda (FR review)

Atom String Quartet – Chris Jennings – Eric Shaeffer // Street date: June 30th 2023

Joachim Kühn est incontestablement l’un des plus grands compositeurs et pianiste européen. Il tourne depuis quelques années sous forme de trio avec deux excellents musiciens, le contrebassiste Chris Jennings et le batteur Eric Schaeffer, et cette fois ils entrent dans la prestigieuse collection du label ACT “Jazz at Berlin Philharmonique”, nous livrant une fois de plus un album d’exception. A lire ici!

Kurt Elling & Charlie Hunter – SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree (ENG review)

Edition Records – Street date: September 2023

The Edition Records press release reads: SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree is the highly anticipated follow-up to the 2021 GRAMMY-nominated eponymous album created by genre-bending trailblazers Kurt Elling & Charlie Hunter. Joining forces with multi-instrumentalist duo drummer Corey Fonville and bassist-keyboardist DJ Harrison (of Richmond, VA-based jazz-funk fusion quintet Butcher Brown). To read here!

Kurt Elling & Charlie Hunter – SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree (FR review)

Edition Records – Street date: September 2023

Le communiqué de Edition Records l’annonce d’entrée: SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree est la suite très attendue de l’album éponyme nominé aux GRAMMY en 2021 et réalisé par les pionniers novateurs Kurt Elling et Charlie Hunter, s’associant avec le duo composé du batteur Corey Fonville et du bassiste-claviériste DJ Harrison (du quintette de jazz-funk fusion de Richmond, en Virginie, Butcher Brown). A lire ici!

Dara Starr Tucker (ENG review)

Green Music Hill – Street Date: June 03th 2023

Good things often happen at the same time, and it must be said that at the moment, in terms of vocal jazz, we are rather spoiled, with the album by Gretchen Parlato and Lionel Loueke that I spoke to you about recently (review on PARIS-MOVE), that of Lauren Henderson, that of Kurt Elling and Charlie Hunter which I will tell you about soon, and this sixth eponymous album from singer Dara Starr Tucker which comes to slip into your ears and which is faultless, both creatively and in interpretation. To read Here!

Dara Starr Tucker (FR review)

Green Music Hill – Street Date: June 03th 2023

Les bonnes choses arrivent souvent en même temps, et il faut dire qu’en ce moment au niveau jazz vocal nous sommes plutôt gâtés, avec l’album de Gretchen Parlato et Lionel Loueke dont je vous parlais il y a peu (chronique ICI), celui de Lauren Henderson, celui de Kurt Elling et Charlie Hunter dont je vous parlerai bientôt, et ce sixième album éponyme de la chanteuse Dara Starr Tucker qui vient se glisser au creux de vos oreilles et qui est un sans-faute, tant du côté créatif que de l’interprétation. A lire ici!

Lauren Henderson – Conjuring (ENG review)

Brontosaurus Records

Not all of Lauren Henderson’s albums are of equal quality. Like many artists, she goes through more experimental periods. For example, her previous album “Musa” did not convince us, whereas this one is a marvel of interpretation. What makes Lauren’s albums so charming is the comedic aspect that she manages perfectly, thanks to her background as an actress.
Conjuring benefits from top-notch musicians, including Joel Ross on vibraphones, Eric Wheeler on bass, and Joe Dyson on drums, while Gabe Schneider and Nick Tannura share guitar duties, as do pianists Sean Mason and John Chin, who all contributed to the lush magic of “La Bruja” and “expertly support the seductive atmosphere of Latin-Black-Jazz fusion” (Alex Henderson, New York City Jazz Record). To Read Here!

Lauren Henderson – Conjuring (FR review)

Brontosaurus Records

ous les albums de Lauren Henderson ne sont pas de qualité égale, comme ceux d’un certain nombre d’artiste, car elle passe par des périodes plus expérimentales et le précèdent album, Musa, par exemple, ne nous avait pas convaincu, alors que celui-ci est une merveille d’interprétation. Ce qui fait le charme des albums de Lauren, c’est le côté ‘comédie’ qu’elle gère parfaitement… du fait qu’elle soit comédienne. A lire ici!

Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke – Lean In (ENG review)

Edition Records – Street date: May 19th 2023

Edition Records offers us an album showcasing their expertise in producing vocal and rhythmic albums. The wonderful voice of Gretchen Parlato, in duo with the excellent Lionel Loueke, is simply a pure moment of happiness. Reflecting on the great musical duos of our time and what makes them essential, it seems plausible that there is at least a short list of fundamental common factors necessary for success. For prominent artists like singer-arranger Gretchen Parlato and singer-guitarist Lionel Loueke, their formula is rooted in what might initially seem like contrasting components – an intrinsic grounding associated with freedom, spontaneity, and impulse. Developing a down-to-earth connection lays the foundation for the trust and confidence necessary for experimentation and ascent. From their palpable emotional synergy, Loueke affectionately coined the term “musical soulmates”. To read here!

Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke – Lean In (FR review)

Edition Records – Street date: May 19th 2023

Edition Records nous offre un album dans ce qu’ils savent le mieux faire, c’est-à-dire un album vocal et rythmique, et la merveilleuse voix de Gretchen Parlato en duo avec l’excellent Lionel Loueke est juste un pur moment de bonheur. En réfléchissant sur les grands duos musicaux de notre époque et sur ce qui les rend essentiels, il semblerait plausible qu’il y ait au moins une courte liste de facteurs fondamentaux communs nécessaires pour réussir. Pour la chanteuse/ arrangeuse Gretchen Parlato et le guitariste/ chanteur Lionel Loueke, leur formule est ancrée dans ce qui pourrait initialement sembler être des composants contrastants, un enracinement intrinsèque associé à la liberté, la spontanéité et l’impulsion. A lire ici!

Elga Paoli – Una Vita Fatta A Mano (ENG review)

Dodicilune – Italy

Elga Paoli already has an impressive career behind her, in Italy of course, and if I take the time to talk about her, it’s because from my point of view, we have an exceptional album here. Following “Profumo di jazz” (2010) and “Il lato vulnerabile” (2016), the collaboration continues between the Ligurian singer-songwriter Elga Paoli and the Apulian label Dodicilune. To read here!

Elga Paoli – Una Vita Fatta A Mano (Italian review)

Dodicilune – Italy

Elga Paoli ha già una bella carriera alle spalle, in Italia naturalmente, e se mi prendo il tempo di parlarvene è perché dal mio punto di vista, abbiamo qui un album d’eccezione. Dopo “Profumo di jazz” (2010) e “Il lato vulnerabile” (2016), la collaborazione continua tra la cantante e autrice-compositrice ligure Elga Paoli e l’etichetta pugliese Dodicilune. Leggi qui AQ!

Elga Paoli – Una Vita Fatta A Mano (FR review)

Dodicilune – Italy

Elga Paoli a déjà une belle carrière derrière elle, en Italie bien entendu, et si je prends le temps de vous en parler, c’est que de mon point de vue, nous avons ici un album d’exception, Après “Profumo di jazz” (2010) et “Il lato vulnerabile” (2016), la collaboration continue entre la chanteuse et auteure/ compositrice ligurienne Elga Paoli et le label pugliese Dodicilune. A lire ici!

Nils Kugelmann – Stormy Beauty (ENG review)

ACT – Available June 30th

On the website of the ACT label, you can read: “Stormy Beauty clearly shows why Nils Kugelmann is already, at a young age, one of the best German bassists. As promised by the album title, he is interested in the most important things that music can convey: beauty, tension, passion. A strong debut album, full of power and passion.” To read here!

Nils Kugelmann – Stormy Beauty (FR review)

ACT – Available June 30th

On peut lire sur le site web du label ACT: “Stormy Beauty montre clairement pourquoi Nils Kugelmann est déjà, à un jeune âge, l’un des meilleurs bassistes allemands. Comme le promet le titre de l’album, il s’intéresse aux choses les plus importantes que la musique peut véhiculer: beauté, tension, passion. Un premier album fort, plein de puissance et de passion.” A lire ici!

Enrico Le Noci – Electric Nuts (ENG review)

A.M.A records

There’s no need to boast about the exceptional quality of productions from the Italian label A.M.A Records, which is on the verge of becoming the leading European record label specialized in jazz. The label features remarkable artists, not only Italian but also from other countries, and not just instrumentalists.
For this new album, Enrico Le Noci’s guitar trio, accompanied by Matthijs Geerts on keyboards and electric piano, and Egidio Gentile on drums, merged the influences of jazz organ trios led by Grant Green, Jimmy Smith, and Wes Montgomery with Jimi Hendrix’s blues guitar and the compositional styles of Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, resulting in the creation of “Electric Nuts.” This album, released on A.M.A Records, reflects the Afro-American rhythms that have permeated our fathers’ music to the dynamic sounds of our current era. To read here!

Enrico Le Noci – Electric Nuts (FR review)

A.M.A records

Inutile de vous vanter la très grande qualité des productions du label italien A.M.A records qui est en passe de devenir le leader des maisons de disque Européennes spécialisées dans le jazz et sur lequel on retrouve de remarquables artistes, pas seulement italiens et pas seulement instrumentistes.
Pour ce nouvel album, c’est le Trio du guitariste Enrico Le Noci, accompagné de Matthijs Geerts aux keyboards et piano électrique, et Egidio Gentile à la batterie. En fusionnant les influences des trios de jazz à l’orgue dirigés par Grant Green, Jimmy Smith et Wes Montgomery avec la guitare blues de Jimi Hendrix et les styles des compos de Herbie Hancock et Wayne Shorter, le trio d’Enrico Le Noci a créé Electric Nuts, un album sorti sur le label A.MA Records et qui reflète les rythmes afro-américains qui imprègnent la musique de nos pères jusqu’aux sons dynamiques de notre époque actuelle. A lire ici!

Enrico Le Noci – Electric Nuts (Italian review)

A.M.A Records

Non serve vantarsi della grande qualità delle produzioni della casa discografica italiana A.M.A records, che sta diventando il leader delle case discografiche europee specializzate nel jazz e sulla quale si trovano notevoli artisti non solo italiani e non solo strumentisti. Per questo nuovo album, è il Trio del chitarrista Enrico Noci, accompagnato da Matthijs Geerts alle tastiere e pianoforte elettrico e Egidio Gentile alla batteria, a fondere le influenze dei trii jazz all’organo guidati da Grant Green, Jimmy Smith e Wes Montgomery con la chitarra blues di Jimi Hendrix e gli stili compositivi di Herbie Hancock e Wayne Shorter, creando Electric Nuts. Leggi qui AQ!

Paul Litteral – Legacy (ENG review)

Outrageous8 Records

he trumpet player Paul Litteral has an impressive career behind him. If you don’t know him, you’ve certainly heard him on an album by Tom Waits, Bronski Beat, Darryl Hal & John Oates, Graham Parker, Joan Jett, and the list is impossible to give in just one article. So here’s an excerpt from his biography: “Hollywood” Paul Litteral (trumpet player) is originally from Kentucky. He moved to New York City for a brief period in the Navy music program after high school. To read here!

Paul Litteral – Legacy (FR review)

Outrageous8 Records

Le trompettiste Paul Litteral a déjà derrière lui une carrière impressionnante. Si vous ne le connaissez pas sous son nom, vous l’avez très certainement déjà entendu sur un album de Tom Waits, Bronski Beat, Darryl Hal & John Oates, Graham Parker, Joan Jett, et la liste est impossible à vous donner sur un simple article tant il a joué avec beaucoup de monde.
Voici un court extrait de sa biographie: “Hollywood” Paul Litteral (joueur de trompette), est originaire du Kentucky. Il a déménagé à New York City pendant une brève période dans le programme de musique de la marine après le lycée. A lire ici!

Jewel Brown – Thanks for Good Ole’ music and Memories (ENG review)

As often happens in this musical genre, my discoveries come thanks to my friend Gilbert Guyonnet from Radio Clapas in France. So, as soon as I received it, I started listening to this CD that I would have a hard time classifying into a well-defined genre, just like my iTunes which displays ->genre (blues, country, folk). Jewel Brown has an immense musical culture, so there’s no risk with her wonderful voice, and I’m off on a nice acoustic journey… To read here!

Jewel Brown – Thanks for Good Ole’ music and Memories (FR review)

Comme souvent dans ce genre musical, les découvertes se font pour moi grâce a mon ami Gilbert Guyonnet de Radio Clapas, en France. C’est ainsi qu’a peine reçu, je commence à écouter ce CD que j’aurai bien du mal à classer dans un genre bien défini, tout comme mon iTunes qui affiche ->genre: Blues, Country, Folk… Jewel Brown ayant une immense culture musicale, aucun risque avec sa merveilleuse voix, et je suis donc parti pour un joli voyage acoustique. A lire ici!

Lonnie Liston Smith, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad – JID 17 (ENG review)

Jazz is Dead – available April 28th 2023

Keyboardist Lonnie Liston Smith has worked with Max Roach, Art Blakey, Gato Barbieri, Miles Davis, and Rahsaan Roland Kirk. As always, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad seek out lesser-known but remarkable artists, giving them a chance to step into the spotlight.
In this case, Lonnie Liston Smith leads his own jazz-funk group that continually explores new paths. Smith began recording as a sideman for heavyweights Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders, Gato Barbieri, and Leon Thomas. He then formed his own group, Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes… To read here!

JID 17 – Lonnie Liston Smith, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad (FR review)

Jazz is Dead – available April 28th 2023

Le claviériste Lonnie Liston Smith a travaillé avec Max Roach, Art Blakey, Gato Barbieri, Miles Davis et Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Comme toujours, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad vont rechercher des personnalités pas toujours très connues du grand public mais qui sont de remarquables artistes, leur donnant ainsi une possibilité d’être à la lumière. Dans le cas présent, c’est Lonnie Liston Smith qui est mis à l’honneur, un artiste qui a son propre groupe de Jazz Funk explorant sans cesse de nouvelles pistes. Smith a fait ses débuts d’enregistrement en tant que sideman pour les poids lourds Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders, Gato Barbieri et Leon Thomas. Il a ensuite créé sa propre formation… Lire la suite ici!

The Peplowski Project – David Larsen & Ken Peplowski (ENG review)

Larsen Jazz

No, you won’t have the pleasure of hearing explosive jazz like the excellent musicians Céline Bonacina or David Krakauer here. Everything here is classical, even ultra-classical, with a dive into the 1950s. While it’s not the type of jazz that Bayou Blue Radio defends, it must be admitted that the clarinet and saxophone, especially the baritone, are rarely in the spotlight, which makes us want to talk about this album. To read here!

The Peplowski Project – David Larsen & Ken Peplowski (FR review)

Larsen Jazz

Non, vous n’aurez pas ici la joie d’entendre un jazz explosif tels que peuvent nous servir d’excellents musiciens comme Céline Bonacina ou David Krakaueur, car ici tout est plutôt classique, voir ultra classique avec une plongée dans les années ’50. Comme ce n’est pas le type de jazz que nous défendons habituellement sur Bayou Blue Radio, car il faut bien avouer que la clarinette et le saxophone, surtout le baryton, y sont rarement à l’honneur, cela nous a donné envie de vous parler de cet album. A lire Ici!

Alison Crockett – Echoes Of An Era Redux (ENG review)

Antidot Sounds

For her fifth album, Alison Crockett remains vocally impressive as this is where the album truly excels, featuring compositions by renowned songwriters such as Cole Porter and Chick Corea, rather than original works. The story of the album begins with Crockett’s father, a music enthusiast. “The house we lived in had a bar, and next to it were huge speakers connected to a state-of-the-art audio system. Every evening in his home nightclub, which my mother called ‘the Florida room,’ my father would sit down after work and play music for up to eight hours every night of my childhood. That’s how I learned about music.” To read here!

Alison Crockett – Echoes Of An Era Redux (FR review)

Antidot Sounds

Pour son cinquième album, Alison Crockett reste vocalement toujours aussi impressionnante, et c’est sur ce terrain là que cet album est proprement passionnant, car il n’y a aucune création, les titres ayant déjà été composés par des musiciens comme Cole Porter, ou Chick Corea par exemple. A lire ici!

London Brew (ENG review)

Concord Jazz

Straight out of the last period of Miles Davis, this sublime double album is packed with international stars: “London Brew” is a 12-member group based in London, featuring Benji B, Raven Bush, Theon Cross, Nubya Garcia, Tom Herbert, Shabaka Hutchings, Nikolaj Torp Larsen, Dave Okumu, Nick Ramm, Dan See, Tom Skinner, and Martin Terefe. The group came together for a three-day recording session at London’s Church Studios on December 7th, 2020 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bitches Brew. To read here!

London Brew (FR review)

Concord Jazz

Tout droit inspiré de la dernière période de Miles Davis, ce sublime double album regorge de vedettes internationales. London Brew est un groupe de 12 artistes basés à Londres: Benji B, Raven Bush, Theon Cross, Nubya Garcia, Tom Herbert, Shabaka Hutchings, Nikolaj Torp Larsen, Dave Okumu, Nick Ramm, Dan See, Tom Skinner et Martin Terefe. Le groupe s’est réuni pour une session d’enregistrement de trois jours aux Church Studios de Londres le 7 décembre 2020 pour célébrer le 50ème anniversaire de Bitches Brew. A lire ici!

History of Jazz at Cactus Cafe – Austin TX

After being stuck in Austin traffic, we arrived late to the concert already underway at a packed Cactus Cafe. The evening’s offering was an intimate and welcoming setting for engaging with Austin’s top jazz musicians during a night of conversation and music. We explored the lives and journeys of various jazz artists and through their music, tackled important themes in our world. The event was produced by Rabbi Neil Blumofe, a recognized jazz historian. To read here!

Histoire du Jazz au Cactus Cafe, Austin TX

Après avoir été bloqués dans la circulation du soir à Austin, nous sommes arrivés en retard au Cactus Cafe. Le concert veiant de démarrer, la salle était pleine à craquer et impossible de rentrer pour cette proposition de soirée: “Dans le cadre intime et accueillant du Cactus Cafe, engagez-vous avec les principaux musiciens de jazz d’Austin lors d’une soirée de conversation et de musique. Nous explorerons les vies et les parcours de divers artistes de jazz, et à travers leur musique, nous aborderons des thèmes importants de notre monde. Produit par le rabbin Neil Blumofe, historien du jazz reconnu.”A lire ici!

Emily Braden – Cannon & Sparrow (ENG review)

As soon as we received this album, we launched it onto our CD player and it began to vibrate through our KRK speakers… Wow! What a voice! What a style! What class! How could I have overlooked such talent until now? To be honest, the jazz production is so dense that to explore it fully, one would need nine lives… To read here!

Emily Braden – Cannon & Sparrow (FR review)

A peine avons-nous reçu cet album que le voici lancé sur notre platine CD et qu’il se met à vibrer dans nos enceintes KRK… Waouh! Quelle voix! Quel style! Quelle Classe (avec un ‘c’ majuscule, oui)! Comment ai-je pu ignorer l’existence d’un tel talent jusqu’à aujourd’hui…? A vrai dire, la production jazz est si dense que pour en faire le tour il faudrait avoir neufs vies… A Lire ici!

Xavier Faro – Sagittarius (ENG review)

Mazeto Square

The composer and pianist Xavier Faro, a member of the excellent group Meajam, is releasing his album Sagittarius, as always with a melodic care and a poetic scope that is his hallmark. We enter through “the Garden,” with no time to settle in, “Sagittarius” opens up to us with a gentle melancholy that transports us to “Ghetto”, as many journeys constructed like short films that engage us, amuse us, or make us contemplative, for Xavier has a deep sense of dramaturgy. To read here!

Xavier Faro – Sagittarius (FR review)

Mazeto Square

Le compositeur et pianiste Xavier Faro, membre de l’excellent groupe Meajam, sort son album Sagittarius, comme toujours avec un soin mélodique et une portée poétique qui sont sa marque de fabrique. On entre par “The Garden”, pas le temps de s’installer que “Sagittarius” s’ouvre a nous, une douce mélancolie qui nous transporte vers “Ghetto”. Autant de voyages construits comme des court métrages qui nous interpellent, nous amusent ou nous rendent contemplatifs, car Xavier a un sens profond de la dramaturgie. A lire ici!

Troy Roberts NU​-​JIVE – Live at Perth Jazz Festival (ENG review)


Troy Roberts is quickly becoming one of the leading artists on the jazz scene. As a top-notch saxophonist, his name graces several essential recordings ranging from the legendary Joey DeFrancesco to the iconic Van Morrison, to the essential Jeff “Tain” Watts, the tireless jazz band Orrin Evans Captain Black Big Band, the critically acclaimed Kurt Elling, the stunning Veronica Swift, as well as many other jazz veterans and up-and-coming trendsetters of their generation. To Read Here!

 Troy Roberts NU​-​JIVE – Live at Perth Jazz Festival (FR review)


Troy Roberts est rapidement en train de devenir l’un des artistes de premier plan de la scène jazz. En tant que saxophoniste de premier choix, son nom orne plusieurs enregistrements essentiels allant du légendaire Joey DeFrancesco à l’emblématique Van Morrison, en passant par l’essentiel Jeff “Tain” Watts, lçinfatigable groupe de jazz Orrin Evans Captain Black Big Band, le Kurt Elling acclamé par la critique, la stupéfiante Veronica Swift, ainsi que de nombreux autres vétérans du jazz et nouveaux venus considérés comme des faiseurs de tendances de leur génération. A lire ici!

Michael Feinberg – Blues Variant (ENG review)

Criss Cross Jazz – available May 1st, 2023

The double bassist Michael Feinberg refers to Duke Ellington’s use of the double bass as “background”. For the sake of comparison, I will stop there; one is completely enchanted by this album with its diverse inspirations incorporating themes that musicians will recognize, variations that recall both certain Miles Davis titles and other artists, to be taken as a thoughtful tribute to the artists who gave jazz its nobility. To read here!

Michael Feinberg – Blues Variant (FR review)

Criss Cross Jazz – available May 1st, 2023

Le contrebassiste Michael Feinberg fait référence a l’utilisation de la contrebasse chez Duke Ellington “en arrière-plan”. Pour les comparaisons je m’arrêterai là, car on se laisse totalement envouter par cet album aux inspirations diverses incorporant des thématiques que les musiciens sauront reconnaitre, des variations qui rappellent autant certains titres de Miles que d’autre artistes, et à prendre donc comme un hommage soigné aux artistes qui ont donné son titre de noblesse au jazz. A lire ici!

Michael Malone’s interview


Michael Malone’s interview
Conducted by Thierry De Clemensat
Correspondent in USA – Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

Thierry – Paris-Move (PM): Hi Michael and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Can you tell us what inspired you to become a saxophonist and jazz musician?
Michael Malone: I knew since the age of four that I wanted to perform and be on stage in some manner. My father was a jazz fan (not a musician himself) and he had a great record collection that I would sit and listen to for hours on end starting at the age of five. To read here!

Michael Malone – interview (version française)

ITW de Michael Malone
Interview préparée et réalisée par Thierry De Clemensat
Correspondent in USA – Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

Thierry – Paris Move (PM): Bonjour Michael et merci d’avoir pris le temps de répondre à nos questions. Pouvez-vous nous dire ce qui vous a inspiré pour devenir saxophoniste et musicien de jazz?
Michael Malone: Depuis l’âge de quatre ans, je savais que je voulais me produire et être sur scène d’une manière ou d’une autre. Mon père était un fan de jazz, mais pas musicien lui-même, et il avait une grande collection de disques que j’écoutais pendant des heures dès l’âge de cinq ans. Le premier album que je me souviens avoir entendu était “Ole” de John Coltrane. Ensuite, c’était “Kind of Blue” et c’était la musique qui me parlait même à cet âge précoce. A lire ici!

Yelena Eckemoff – Lonely Man and His Fish (ENG review)

2 CD’s // L & H Production – Street Date: April 28th, 2023

Here is the latest creation from Yelena Eckemoff. Of course, one can find a structure that comes from classical music in this composition, which is the hallmark of all composers from Europe. However, this is indeed a high-quality jazz album where the excellent cornetist Kirk Knuffke is the central instrument, along with the equally impressive musicians Eric Harland and Masaru Koga on shakuhachi and other flutes. Lonely Man and His Fish tells a story of elegant simplicity that unfolds to the rhythm of the evocation of the life of a young man, a woman or a man. To read here!

Yelena Eckemoff – Lonely Man and His Fish (FR review)

2 CD’s // L & H Production – Street Date: April 28th, 2023

Voici la dernière création de Yelena Eckemoff, et bien entendu on retrouve une structure provenant de la musique classique dans cette composition qui est le panache de tous les compositeurs venus d’Europe. Cependant il s’agit bien d’un album de jazz de grande qualité où l’on retrouve comme instrument central l’excellent cornettiste Kirk Knuffke et les tout aussi impressionnants musiciens que sont Eric Harland et Masaru Koga au shakuhachi et autres flûtes. Lonely Man and His Fish retrace une histoire d’une élégante simplicité qui se déroule au rythme de l’évocation de la vie d’un jeune homme, d’une femme ou d’un homme. A lire ici!

GoGo Penguin – Everything is going to be OK (ENG review)

XXIM Records – Release date April 14th 2023

When I listen to a GoGo Penguin album, I always think of Monty Python. They consistently incorporate irony into highly structured compositions, which is what makes their style unique, and like Monty Python, they share English nationality.
The band declares about their new album Everything Is Going to Be OK: it was born out of a period of turbulence and loss. During a difficult time for the group, including a profound personal loss and grieving, the studio provided the group with a sanctuary away from real life. The resulting project, given such vibrant life here, draws its strength from a shared understanding and empathy. Life has many formidable aspects and despite the lows, we should be aware and grateful to celebrate the highs at every turn. Through our trials, together, we will emerge stronger… Everything is going to be OK. To read here!

GoGo Penguin – Everything is going to be OK (FR review)

XXIM Records – Release date April 14th 2023

Lorsque j’entends un album de GoGo Penguin, je pense systématiquement aux Monthy Python, car on y retrouve toujours une part ironique sur des bases très structurées, c’est ce qui fait leur style unique et tout comme les Monthy Python, ils partagent la nationalité anglaise. Le groupe nous explique que leur nouvel album Everything Is Going to Be OK est né d’une période de turbulence et de perte. – A lire ici!



IIRO RANTALA – Veneziana (ENG review)

Jazz at Berlin Philarmonique XIII // ACT – available May 26th 2023

With each album, the excellent composer and pianist Iiro Rantala reinvents himself and surprises us, this time by returning to the tracks of his classical music education, as is the case with most European jazz musicians. The principle of the famous “Jazz At Berlin Philharmonic” being to jazzify classical works or vice versa.
“Venezia – For Chamber Ensemble” was composed by Iiro Rantala between 2021 and 2022. In this work, Iiro Rantala pays tribute in turn to Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Mozart, Casanova, and Lorenzo, ending with his vision of “Death in Venice”. To read here!

IIRO RANTALA – Veneziana (FR review)

Jazz at Berlin Philarmonique XIII // ACT – available May 26th 2023


A chaque album, l’excellent compositeur et pianiste Iiro Rantala se renouvelle et nous surprend, cette fois en retournant sur les pistes de son éducation musicale classique, comme c’est le cas de la plupart les jazzman européens, le principe des fameux “Jazz At Berlin Philarmonique” étant de jazzifier des œuvres classiques ou inversement.
Venezia – For Chamber Ensemble avait été composé par Iiro Rantala entre 2021 et 2022. Dans cet œuvre, Iro rend hommage à tour de rôle à Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Mozart, Casanova et Lorenzo… terminant par sa vision de “Mort à Venise”.A lire ici!

Miles Electric Band (MEB) – That You Not Dare to Forget (ENG review)

Once upon a time, a press release dropped into our mailbox to announce a great album of only 5 tracks… But what tracks they are! So here’s the press release:
“On February 16, 2023, in New York, NY – Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, is pleased to announce the release of That You Not Dare To Forget, the first full studio album of new compositions and performances from M.E.B. To read here!

Miles Electric Band (MEB) – That You Not Dare to Forget (FR review)

Il était une fois, un communiqué de presse tombé dans notre boîte mail pour annoncer un grand album de 5 pistes seulement… Mais quelles pistes! Alors voici le communiqué:
“Le 16 février 2023, à New York, NY – Legacy Recordings, une division de Sony Music Entertainment, est heureuse d’annoncer la sortie de That You Not Dare To Forget, le premier album studio complet de nouvelles compositions et performances de M.E.B. A lire ici!

Live: Michael Malone at Cactus Café – Austin, TX

April 1st, 2023
Thierry Docmac, Correspondent in USA, Bayou Blue News, Bayou Blue Radio, Paris-Move

No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. At 7 pm on April 1st, I arrived at the Cactus Café for the first time, searching for the entrance, which wasn’t easy to find because it was located inside the University. The reception was very friendly, and I noticed that the room was designed for excellent listening, with a capacity of about 100 seats. I took a discreet look at the sound equipment and felt that the evening would be good. To read here!

Michael Malone au Cactus Café – Austin, Texas

1er Avril 2023
Thierry Docmac, Correspondent in USA, Bayou Blue News, Bayou Blue Radio, Paris-Move

Non, ce n’est pas un poisson d’avril. Il est 19 heures ce premier avril, j’arrive devant le Cactus Café, et comme c’est la première fois, je cherche l’entrée… Pas facile à trouver, car l’entrée se trouve dans l’Université. L’accueil est des plus sympathiques et je remarque que la salle est réellement prévue pour une belle écoute, avec une capacité d’environ 100 places. Je jette un œil discret au matériel de sonorisation… la soirée devrait être bonne! – A lire ici!

Tito Carillo – Urbanessence (ENG review)

Here is the new album from trumpeter Tito Carrillo. If you love jazz and lively Cuban rhythms, you’ll be served well. As he is probably unknown in Europe, here is an excerpt from his biography:
Tito Carrillo is a trumpeter, composer, and educator whose music blurs the lines between Afro-Caribbean music traditions and modern jazz. Born and raised in Austin, TX, by a Puerto Rican father and Mexican-American mother, Carrillo came to prominence in the mid-nineties of Chicago’s rich jazz and Latin music scenes, becoming a top call soloist, sideman, and bandleader.To read here!

Tito Carillo – Urbanessence (FR review)

Voici le nouvel album du trompettiste Tito Carillo, et si vous aimez le jazz et les rythmes cubains endiablés, vous allez être servis! Et comme en Europe vous ne le connaissez probablement pas, voici un extrait de sa biographie:
Tito Carrillo est un trompettiste, compositeur et enseignant dont la musique brouille les frontières entre les traditions musicales afro-caribéennes et le jazz moderne. Né et élevé à Austin, au Texas, d’un père portoricain et d’une mère mexicano-américaine, Carrillo a fait sensation au milieu des années 90 sur les riches scènes de jazz et de musique latine de Chicago, devenant un soliste, sideman et chef d’orchestre très demandé. Le Chicago Tribune le décrit comme ayant “acquis une réputation d’improvisateur fluide, doué d’un style lyrique chaleureux et d’une technique infaillible”. A lire ici!

Matthieu Saglio – Voices (ENG review)

ACT – available April 28th 2023

This is a beautiful tribute to voices, the voices of the world, and it’s through these voices that we are intoxicated and amazed… Susana Baca, Alim Qasimov, Natacha Atlas, Nils Landgren, Wasis Diop, Anna Colom, Camille Saglio Vega, and Tomás. And on the musical side, we have of course Matthieu Saglio on cello and vocals, Steve Shehan on percussion and drums, Christian Belhomme on piano and keys, and Léo Ullmann on violin. To read here!

Matthieu Saglio – Voices (FR review)

ACT – available April 28th 2023

C’est un magnifique hommage aux voix, aux voix du monde, des voix pour nous enivrer, nous émerveiller… Susana Baca, Alim Qasimov, Natacha Atlas, Nils Landgren, Wasis Diop, Anna Colom, Camille Saglio Vega, and Tomás… Et côté musical on retrouve bien entendu Matthieu Saglio (cello & vocals), Steve Shehan (percussion & drums), Christian Belhomme (piano & keys), et Léo Ullmann (violin). A lire ici!

Jane Irving – Don’t Quit Now (ENG review)

Available March 31st 2023

While this album may not shine with originality, it is dazzling due to the beautiful voice of Jane Irving. It’s clear that we are in a very classic form of jazz, which we respect when an exceptional artist like Jane puts this genre of music in the spotlight as she does here. On this album, we find pianist Josh Richman, bassist Kevin Hailey, and drummer Kayvon Gordon performing a collection of songs by Ivan Lins, Al Cohn/ Dave Frishberg, Dizzy Gillespie, and Jay Leonhart. Don’t Quit Now is a reminder and remedy for the uncertainty caused by the Covid shutdown. Jane’s narrative quality gives this material plenty of space to showcase her nuanced and intimate interpretation. To Read here!

Jane Irving – Don’t Quit Now (FR review)

Available March 31st 2023

Si cet album ne brille pas par son originalité, il est éblouissant par la belle voix de Jane Irving. Vous l’aurez compris, nous sommes ici dans une forme de jazz très classique, que nous respectons dès lors qu’un artiste met ce genre musical en relief, comme c’est le cas ici. A lire ici!

Michael Dease – The Over Shoe: The Music of Gregg Hill (ENG review)

Here is a highly enjoyable album from trombonist Michael Dease, who skillfully tackles the musical universe of composer Gregg Hill. A permanent winner of the DownBeat Critics Poll, trombonist Michael Dease has embraced his role as a torchbearer for his mentors and jazz ancestors in his 15 commercially-released recordings that are deeply swinging and cutting-edge. For The Other Shoe, Dease teams up with the formidable composer Gregg Hill, expanding his rhythmic and harmonic palette with a flexible, contemporary perspective, while remaining true to the sensibilities that are at the heart of his music. With the prodigiously talented pianist Geoffrey Keezer, Dease is joined by a wide range of musicians, each recruited for their unique perspectives and talents, including clarinetist Virginia MacDonald, bassist Liany Mateo, and drummer Colleen Clark, among others. To read here!

Michael Dease – The Over Shoe: The Music of Gregg Hill (FR review)

Voici un album fort réjouissant du tromboniste Michael Dease qui s’attaque avec talent à l’univers musical du compositeur Gregg Hill. Gagnant permanent du DownBeat Critics Poll, le tromboniste Michael Dease a assumé son rôle de porte-flambeau de ses mentors et des grands ancêtres du jazz au cours de ses 15 enregistrements grand public, profondément swinguants et à la pointe de la technologie. Pour The Other Shoe, Dease fait équipe avec le formidable compositeur Gregg Hill, élargissant sa palette rythmique et harmonique avec une perspective souple, dans l’air du temps, tout en restant fidèle aux sensibilités qui sont au cœur de sa musique. A lire ici!

Mr Chair – Better Days (ENG review)

Mr Chair, despite its name, is not just another furniture store, but a band founded by Chicago guitarist Jose Guzman. The band consists of Eddie Barbash on saxophone (Steven Colbert, Cory Wong), Ben Ferris on bass, Mark Hertzler on trombone, Mika Kozewski on drums, Jason Kurtz on keyboards, and Buzz Kemper on spoken word. This group is particularly appreciated for its original compositions with a unique style, offering beautiful arrangements and featuring remarkable musicians: Buzz Kemper’s voice adds even more to the group’s artistic and intellectual value. Listeners are taken on a journey through atmospheres that could be scenes from a movie. To read Here!

Mr Chair – Better Days (FR review)

Mr Chair, contrairement à son nom, n’est pas un énième magasin de mobilier mais un groupe fondé par le guitariste de Chicago Jose Guzman, le groupe est composé de Eddie Barbash au saxophone (Steven Colbert, Cory Wong), Ben Ferris à la basse, Mark Hertzler au trombone, Mika Kozewski à la batterie, Jason Kurtz aux claviers, Buzz Kemper aux Spoken Word. A lire ici!

Astrocolor – Moonlighting – Astrojazz vol.1 (ENG review)

Amelia Recordings – Available March 31st 2023

Here’s another album that will keep you smiling all day. In 2022, this Canadian group won the “Instrumental Artist Of The Year” award at the Western Canadian Music Awards, a well-deserved recognition given the pleasure that comes from listening to this album. The music is a mix of jazz, funk, and some soul influences in the arrangements that sometimes remind us of the early 80s. There is an artistic approach and an original sound that flows from this album. To read here!

Astrocolor – Moonlighting – Astrojazz vol.1 (FR review)

Amelia Recordings – Available March 31th 2023

Voici encore un album qui vous donnera de quoi garder le sourire toute la journée. En 2022 ce groupe canadien avait emporté le label “Instrumental Artist Of The Year” au Western Canadian Music Awards, récompense largement méritée tant on prend plaisir a l’écoute de cet album, entre jazz, funk et quelques inspirations soul de par les arrangements qui nous rappellent parfois le tout début des années 80. Il y a assurément une belle démarche artistique et une couleur originale qui se découle de cet album. A lire ici!


Daniel Stein – R for Romeo (ENG review)

Moondo Music

If you don’t know keyboardist and composer Daniel Stein yet, here’s an excerpt from his impressive biography: Daniel had a successful career as a session musician, composer and producer, which began after graduating from Berklee College of Music. After a brief stint in New York, he moved to Los Angeles over the past 30 years. Daniel has worked on records for James Taylor, Joe Cocker, Jim Henson and Disney. He has composed music for Super Bowl commercials, animated films, scripted and unscripted television shows. To read Here!

Daniel Stein – R for Romeo (FR review)

Moondo Music – Available

Si vous ne connaissez pas encore le claviériste et compositeur Daniel Stein, voici un extrait de son impressionnante biographie: Daniel a eu une carrière fructueuse en tant que musicien de studio, compositeur et producteur, qui a commencé après l’obtention de son diplôme au Berklee College of Music. Après un bref passage à New York, il s’est installé à Los Angeles au cours des 30 dernières années. A lire ici!

Hervé Samb – Jolof (ENG review)

Those who have followed the career of this excellent guitarist/composer and arranger will not be surprised by the excellence of this album. We remember his early jazz albums recorded in the USA (Cross Over and Time to Feel) that showcased his artistic qualities, which have since also seduced great artists such as Marcus Miller, Oumou Sangaré, Salif Keta… and the list could almost go on like a phone book. To read here!

Hervé Samb – Jolof (FR review)

Ceux qui suivent la carrière de cet excellent guitariste/ compositeur et arrangeur, ne seront pas surpris de l’excellence de cet album. On se rappelle de ses premiers albums très jazz enregistrés aux USA (Cross Over et Time To Feel) qui donnaient la dimension de ses qualités artistiques qui, depuis, auront également séduit de grands artistes tels que Marcus Miller, Oumou Sangaré, Salif Keta… Lire la suite ici!


Aimée Allen – Love and the Catalysts (ENG review)

Azuline Music

This excellent album marks the beginning of our collaboration with Kari On Productions, which is home to many great artists. In the large pile of CDs we received, which we will discuss soon, one of them immediately caught my attention upon seeing the name François Moutin on the cover. This French double bassist, based in New York, is always involved in excellent projects, starting with his own. To read here!

Aimée Allen – Love and the Catalysts (FR review)

Azuline Music

Cet excellent album marque le début de notre collaboration avec Kari On Productions, qui regorge d’excellents artistes. Dans la grosse pile de CD reçus dont nous vous parlerons bientôt, l’un d’eux a tout de suite retenu mon attention en voyant le nom de François Moutin sur la pochette, ce contrebassiste français installé à New-York étant toujours sur d’excellents projets, à commencer par les siens. A lire ici!

Billy Childs – The Winds of Change (ENG review)

Mack Avenue Records

On his third album for Mack Avenue Records, five-time GRAMMY® Award winner Billy Childs has brought together a quartet of stars featuring trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire, bassist Scott Colley, and drummer Brian Blade. This composer and pianist invites us into his brilliant universe, and the excellent group effortlessly and inspiringly delves into the compositions of this album, leaving plenty of space for the trumpeter to indulge in for our listening pleasure. You can catch this trumpeter on Bayou Blue Radio. To Read Here!

Billy Childs – The Winds of Change (FR review)

Mack Avenue Records

Pour son troisième album chez Mack Avenue Records, Billy Childs, lauréat de cinq GRAMMY® Awards, a réuni un quartet d’étoiles avec le trompettiste Ambrose Akinmusire, le bassiste Scott Colley et le batteur Brian Blade. Genial, contemporain, sublime… si vous ne m’arrêtez pas je laisserai couler de ma bouche les superlatifs que mérite ce compositeur et pianiste qui nous invite dans son merveilleux univers. A lire ici!

Taj Mahal – Savoy (ENG review)

Stony Plain Records – available April 28th

Taj Mahal is a true legend of American music, weaving his immense talent between blues and jazz as he does on this album, Savoy, blending retro and contemporary influences to create a soundtrack that could easily stand alone as the score for a film or television series. To Read here!

Taj Mahal – Savoy (FR review)

Stony Plain Records – available April 28th

Taj Mahal est une véritable légende de la musique américaine, zigzagant avec son immense talent entre le blues et le jazz, entre des inspirations rétro et contemporaines, déployant dans nos oreilles cette bande son qui à elle seule permettrait d’écrire un scénario de film ou de série télévisée. A lire ici!

Pippo D’Ambrosio – Beyond The Sky (ENG review)

A.M.A Records – available March 15th 2023

Three years ago, we were amazed by the album “Peaceful” by Italian drummer Pippo D’Ambrosio. Here is the new opus from this talented composer and musician, a thematic conceptual album that explores the imposed order of the universe and juxtaposes it with the chaos created by humans on Earth. Pippo has created an album that blends the drums, keys, double bass, and alto saxophone of the quartet of musicians in a cosmic journey where jazz underlies the soulful grooves of all ten album tracks.To read here!

Pippo D’Ambrosio – Beyond The Sky (FR review)

A.M.A Records – available March 15th 2023

Il y a trois ans nous avions été émerveillés par l’album Peaceful du batteur italien Pipo D’Ambrosio, et voici le nouvel opus de ce compositeur et musicien talentueux, un album conceptuel thématique, conceptuel car il explore l’ordre imposé de l’univers et juxtapose cet ordre au chaos créé par les humains sur Terre. Pippo a créé un album qui fusionne la batterie, les clés, la contrebasse et le saxophone alto du quatuor de musiciens dans un voyage cosmologique où le jazz est à la base des grooves soul.A lire ici!

Natalie Merchant – Keep Your Courage (ENG review)

Nonesuch Records – available April 14th 2023

How far Natalie Merchant has come since her days with 10,000 Maniacs, with a career even more brilliant since she decided to pursue her solo career. Nonesuch Records has been kind enough to send us a very early copy of this great vintage, allowing us to write this review. On this new album, we even have the pleasure of two duets with singer Abena Koomson-Davis (Resistance Revival Chorus), contributions from the Celtic folk group Lúnasa and virtuoso Syrian clarinetist Kinan Azmeh, as well as brass arrangements from jazz trombonist Steve Davis. To read here!

Natalie Merchant – Keep Your Courage (FR review)

Nonesuch Records – available April 14th 2023

Que de chemin parcouru depuis les 10000 Maniacs, avec une carrière encore plus reluisante depuis qu’elle a décidé de poursuivre sa carrière en solo. C’est un très grand cru que Nonesuch Records a eu la gentillesse de nous faire parvenir très en avance, nous permettant ainsi de réaliser cette review. Sur ce nouvel opus nous avons même droit à deux duos avec la chanteuse Abena Koomson-Davis (Resistance Revival Chorus), des contributions du groupe folklorique celtique Lúnasa et du clarinettiste virtuose syrien Kinan Azmeh, ainsi que des arrangements de cuivres du tromboniste de jazz Steve Davis. A lire ici!

Dom Flemons – Traveling Wildfire (ENG review)

Smithsonian Folkways – available March 24th 2023

With patience we awaited news from the Smithsonian Folkways team, a wait that was rewarded with this gem of American culture. Regarding the project, Flemons states: “Traveling Wildfire is not only a statement of my personal travel experiences, but also a metaphor for renaissance in the wake of destruction. It reminded me that the album is, in its own way, a statement about emerging from the depths of uncertainty to find new relevance in this unprecedented moment in modern history. At the same time, the image of the traveling wildfire reminded me of how music and stories can travel from generation to generation, bringing important lessons from the past into the present and future.” To read here!

Dom Flemons – Traveling Wildfire (FR review)

Smithsonian Folkways – available March 24th 2023

Avec patience nous attendions des nouvelles de l’équipe du Smithsonian Folkways, une attente récompensée en recevant ce joyaux de la culture américaine. À propos de ce projet, Flemons déclare: “Traveling Wildfire n’est pas seulement une déclaration de mes expériences personnelles de voyage, mais aussi une métaphore de la renaissance dans le sillage de la destruction. Cela m’a rappelé que l’album est, à sa manière, une déclaration sur l’émergence des profondeurs de l’incertitude pour trouver une nouvelle pertinence dans ce moment sans précédent de l’histoire moderne. En même temps, l’image du feu de forêt itinérant m’a rappelé comment la musique et les histoires peuvent voyager d’une génération à l’autre en apportant des leçons importantes du passé dans le présent et l’avenir.” A lire ici!


Yann Cléry – Yann Solo (ENG review)

It’s quite difficult to talk about Yann Cléry’s music. With each album comes beautiful surprises, and the talent of this flutist and composer eventually reminds me of Ryuichi Sakamoto, whom I admire tremendously. In both cases, despite their different origins, these artists strive to challenge codes and boundaries, assembling a patchwork of cultures in their art.
Another similarity between these two artists is their attention to aesthetics, whether in their music or in their fashion. Listening to Yann Cléry’s music is just as enjoyable as listening to the Asian master’s music because he has always been on this artistic path, and all of his albums are pure wonders. To read here!

Yann Cléry – Yann Solo (FR review)

Pour être franc, il est bien difficile de parler de la musique de Yann Cléry… En effet, d’album en album et de belle surprise en belle surprise, le talent du flûtiste et compositeur finit par me rappeler Ryuichy Sakamoto à qui je voue une admiration sans borne. Dans les deux cas, même si leurs origines sont diagonalement différentes, ces deux artistes passent leur temps à bousculer les codes et les frontières pour assembler dans leur art un patchwork de cultures glanées ici ou là. Autre similarité de ces deux artistes, le souci de l’esthétique, que ce soit dans leur musique ou dans leur façon de s’habiller. On prend d’ailleurs toujours autant de plaisir à l’écoute des opus du maître asiatique, et depuis toujours Yann Cléry nous semble être dans la même démarche, et ses albums sont tous de pures merveilles. Alire ici!

Laurent Bonnot (Oulipo Quartet) – Songs for Louisa (ENG review)

Juste une Trace // Available April 7th

“Songs For Louisa” is the follow-up to bassist and composer Laurent Bonnot’s previous album “Songs for Oscar”. For this new opus, Laurent is surrounded by excellent saxophonists Christophe Monniot and Ricardo Izquierdo, and drummer Eric Échampard. A beautiful touch of originality emerges from the whole album, which is the result of the collaboration of these musicians, allowing Laurent to find a particular expressive mode on the electric bass. The artistic radicality of some of his companions is drowned out by the melodic weapon imposed by the composer, which provides a particular sound emotion.
One could compare this album to a painting where the layers overlap and/or mix here and there to bring out the light or the detail of a face.To read here!

Laurent Bonnot (Oulipo Quartet) – Songs for Louisa (ENG review)

Juste une Trace // Available April 7th

Songs For Louisa fait suite au précèdent album du bassiste et compositeur Laurent Bonnot, Songs for Oscar. Pour ce nouvel opus, Laurent s’est entouré d’excellents musiciens: les saxophonistes Christophe Monniot et Ricardo Izquierdo, et du batteur Eric Échampard sous le nom de OuLiPo Quartet.
Une belle touche d’originalité se dégage de l’ensemble de l’album qui est le fruit de la collaboration entre ces musiciens, ce qui permet à Laurent de trouver un mode expressif particulier à la basse électrique. La radicalité artistique de certains de ses compères se noie sous l’arme mélodique imposée par le compositeur, ce qui procure une émotion sonore particulière. On pourrait comparer cet album à un tableau où les couches se superposent et/ou se mélangent ici ou là pour tantôt faire jaillir la lumière ou le détail d’un visage.A lire ici!

Jean-Pierre Como – Com O Paradis (ENG review)

Paradis Improvisé / L’autre Distribution

Jean-Pierre Como, the extraordinary pianist, is capable of taking us on a journey through parallel universes without us finding fault, here in a contemplative work that allows us to appreciate the musician’s entire technique.
All of his inspirations are found here, from classical to Latin to jazz, etc… To Read Here!

Jean-Pierre Como – Com O Paradis (FR review)

Paradis Improvisé / L’autre Distribution

Jean-Pierre Como, cet extraordinaire pianiste, est capable de nous emmener dans des univers parallèles sans même que nous y trouvions à redire. NOus avons ici une œuvre contemplative qui permet d’apprécier toute la technique du musicien. On y retrouve toutes ses inspirations, classique, latino, jazz… A Lire Ici!

Sara Caswell – The Way To You (ENG review)

I have never been a fan of jazz violin, but one should never say “never” because an artist like Sara Caswell can easily seduce any listener with 9 compositions on this jazz/world-flavored album, tinted with romantic shades. Let’s take a look at the references of this brilliant musician who undoubtedly serves as a source of inspiration for many young artists.
Elected in the DownBeat Magazine’s critics and readers’ polls every year since 2013, Sara has released two highly acclaimed albums under her own name – First Song and But Beautiful – and is releasing her third album in early 2023. To read here!

Sara Caswell – The Way To You (FR review)

Je n’ai jamais aimé le violon jazz, mais comme le savez, il ne faut jamais dire “fontaine je ne boirai jamais de ton eau”, car en effet il suffit qu’une artiste telle que Sara Caswell vous propose 9 compositions sur cet album aux saveurs jazz/world et aux teintes romantiques pour séduire n’importe quel auditeur, y compris votre auditeur.
Regardons donc du côté des références de cette brillante musicienne qui, a n’en pas douter, est (et sera) une source d’inspiration pour un grand nombre de jeunes artistes. Élue dans les sondages des critiques et des lecteurs du magazine DownBeat chaque année depuis 2013, Sara a sorti deux albums très appréciés sous son propre nom, First Song et But Beautiful, et elle sort son troisième album en ce début 2023.A lire ici!

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque – Playing with Fire (ENG review)

Available March 10th 2023

Cuban jazz with a feminine touch, perfect for dancing the night away! Jane Bunnett and Maqueque completely shatter the glass ceiling of Afro-Cuban jazz. “Afro-Cuban jazz” – Jon Garelick, Boston Globe. The international jazz community now knows the story of Maqueque, born from a jam session at the Cohiba Hotel in Havana. This session allowed the renowned jazz musician Jane Bunnett to collaborate with young female musicians and composers who had recently graduated from the Cuban conservatory. Over the past ten years, the group has created extraordinary jazz compositions and performances that have taken this all-female ensemble around the world. To read here!

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque – Playing with Fire (FR review)

Available March 10th 2023

Du jazz cubain au féminin, voilà de quoi danser jusqu’au bout de la nuit!
Jane Bunnett et Maqueque brisent complètement le plafond de verre du jazz afro-cubain.” – Jon Garelick, du Boston Globe.
La communauté internationale du jazz connaît désormais l’histoire de Maqueque, né d’une jam session à l’hôtel Cohiba de La Havane, qui a permis à la célèbre musicienne de jazz Jane Bunnett de jouer avec de jeunes musiciennes et compositrices récemment diplômées du conservatoire cubain. En dix ans, le groupe a créé des occasions de composer et d’interpréter un jazz extraordinaire qui a fait voyager cet ensemble féminin dans le monde entier. A Lire ici!

Chet Baker – Blue Room (ENG review)

The 1979 Vara Studio Sessions in Holland // Jazz Detective/Deep Digs music group

Oh, little marvel, where were you hiding? Out of anger and despair at no longer hearing the blue notes of this genius of Chet Baker, poetry from another time, with a voice as smooth as silk that sings at times… Here is this magical double album that plunges us back into that suspended moment of 1979, more modern than ever, with Chet in quartet version accompanied by… FRANS ELSEN, piano, VICTOR KAIHATU, bass, ERIC INEKE, drums, and you know what? From the first note of the album, the Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio editorial teams shouted in unison “ESSENTIAL”! To read here!

Chet Baker – Blue Room (FR review)

The 1979 Vara Studio Sessions in Holland // Jazz Detective/Deep Digs music group

Oh! Petite merveille, où te cachais tu? …de rage, de désespoir de ne plus entendre filer les notes bleues de ce génie de Chet Baker, poésie d’un autre temps, la rage au ventre, la voix suave qui chante par instant… Que voici ce magique double album qui nous replonge dans cet instant suspendu de 1979, plus moderne que jamais, où Chet est là en version quatuor accompagné de Frans Elsen au piano, Victor Kaihatu à la basse et Eric Ineke aux drums, et vous savez quoi? Dès la première note de l’album, les rédactions de Paris-Move et de Bayou Blue Radio ont hurlé en chœur “INDISPENSABLE “! A Lire ici!

Eric Bibb – Ridin’ (ENG review)

When Eric Bibb invites his friends to an album, it’s not just for show. Here, surrounded by Taj Mahal, Amar Sundy, Habib Koité, and Harrison Kennedy, Eric Bibb, one of the most brilliant bluesmen today, starts with a song about John Howard Griffin, an American writer and journalist best known for his book “Black Like Me,” published in 1961. In this book, Griffin tells of his experience passing as a black man in the southern United States in the early 1960s to better understand the life and experiences of African Americans in a segregated society. To read here!

Eric Bibb – Ridin’ (FR review)

Lorsque Eric Bibb invite ses amis sur un album, ce n’est pas pour faire de la figuration. Il est entouré de Taj Mahal, Amar Sundy, Habib Koité et Harrisson Kennedy. Eric Bibb, un des bluesmen les plus étincelants actuellement, commence par une chanson sur John Howard Griffin qui était un écrivain et journaliste américain surtout connu pour son livre “Black Like Me” (“Noir comme moi”) publié en 1961. A lire ici!

Lizzie Thomas – Duo Encounter (ENG review)

Diotime Records

Like all jazz singers in search of universal recognition, you’ll find the evergreen titles such as “Nature Boy” and “Both Sides” here, which have been so extensively covered by this type of singer that I can’t even listen to them anymore.To Read Here!

Lizzie Thomas – Duo Encounter (FR review)

Comme toutes les chanteuses de jazz en mal de reconnaissance universelle, vous retrouverez ici les inusables titres que sont “Nature Boy” et “Both Side”, tellement interprétés par ce genre de chanteuse que je n’arrive même plus à les écouter, alors que cet album a été parfaitement enregistré, la chanteuse a une voix techniquement irréprochable et les musiciens qui l’accompagnent sont tous des stars du jazz: Ron Carter, John Di Martino, Russel Malone, et les autres aussi… A Lire ici!

Marc Berthoumieux – Les Choses de la vie (live) – ENG review

Absilone / Socadisc

Marc Berthoumieux is one of the greatest French accordionists, as inspired as our friend Maxime Perrin, but in a different style, both with jazz and world music at heart. Following the prolonged deprivation of concerts, Marc Berthoumieux delved back into his archives and once again offers us an unreleased recording. This recording (there are also images) was made in 2014 during a private concert in a magnificent estate hidden in the Poitou region. To Read Here!

Marc Berthoumieux – Les Choses de la vie (live) – FR review

Absilone / Socadisc

Marc Berthoumieux est un des plus grands accordéonistes français, aussi inspiré que notre ami Maxime Perrin, mais dans un autre style, tous deux ayant le jazz et les musiques du monde au cœur. Suite à la privation durable de concerts, Marc Berthoumieux s’est replongé dans ses archives et nous offre encore une fois un enregistrement inédit. Cette captation (des images existent également) fut réalisée en 2014 lors d’un concert privé dans un magnifique domaine caché du Poitou. A lire ici!

Christian McBride – New Jam (ENG review)

Due out February 24, 2023 via Brother Mister Productions / Mack Avenue Music Group

Once again, we must thank our friend Casey Conroy at Mack Avenue for sending us this fantastic album, which is both a treasure trove of reinterpretations of some artists (Sonny Rollins, Ornette Coleman, and Larry Young) and original compositions.
Of course, if we are familiar with the themes of these covers, the magic worked as usual by Christian McBride’s extreme intelligence and delicacy is reinforced by equally fantastic musicians: JOSH EVANS on trumpet, MARCUS STRICKLAND on tenor sax and bass clarinet, and NASHEET WAITS on drums. To read here!

Christian McBride – New Jam (FR review)

Due out February 24, 2023 via Brother Mister Productions/ Mack Avenue Music Group

Il nous faut, une fois de plus, remercier notre ami Casey Conroy de Mack Avenue, qui nous a fait parvenir ce fantastique album qui est à la fois un trésor de réinterprétations de certains artistes (Sonny Rollins, Ornette Coleman et Larry Young) et de créations.
Bien entendu, si nous connaissons les thèmes de ces reprises, la magie opère comme à son habitude par l’intelligence extrême et la delicatesse de Christian McBride, renforcée par des musiciens tout aussi fantastiques, Josh Evans (trumpet), Marcus Strickland (tenor sax et bass clarinet), Nasheet Waits (drums). A lire ici!


Vince Mendoza & The Metropole Orchestra – Olympians (ENG review)

BMG // Release date: Friday, March 3rd 2023

Vince Mendoza, who has won seven Grammy Awards and has been nominated 36 times, reunites with his long-time collaborator Metropole Orkest to record Olympians, a selection of the composer/ conductor’s compositions for the orchestra over the course of their 28-year collaboration. The album follows Freedom Over Everything from 2021, his first award-winning album for BMG’s Modern Recordings. To read here!


Vince Mendoza & The Metropole Orchestra – Olympians (FR review)

Vince Mendoza, qui a déjà remporté sept Grammy Awards et a été nominé 36 fois, se réunit avec son collaborateur de longue date, Metropole Orkest, pour enregistrer Olympians, une sélection de compositions de l’auteur/ chef d’orchestre pour l’orchestre de leur collaboration de 28 ans. L’album suit Freedom Over Everything de 2021, son premier album primé pour Modern Recordings de BMG. Malgré ce joli palmarès, je reste bien moins réceptif à ce nouvel album de compositions et suis bien plus enthousiasmé l’excellent album What Place Can Be For Us de Anthony Branker, qui reste la référence de ce début d’année de par la qualité des compositions et le rôle social de cette œuvre. A lire ici!


Hakan Nyqvist Horncraft – Inside Looking (ENG review)

For fans of wind instruments, particularly the French horn, Inside Looking is an album tailored just for you. I’ll start by introducing you to the talented musician Hakan Nyqvist: Born in 1945, Hakan Nyqvist has a wealth of experience working in different ensembles and he has always tried to incorporate these experiences into his own writing. Playing both the French horn and trumpet in jazz contexts, he was a highly sought after musician who had the opportunity to perform with various groups such as the Swedish Radio Jazz Group, where Hakan worked with Thad Jones, Mel Lewis, Gil Evans, George Russell, and Kenny Wheeler, among others. He has also recorded with many top jazz artists such as Lars Gullin, Monica Zetterlund, and Nils Lindberg. To Read Here!


Hakan Nyqvist Horncraft – Inside Looking (FR review)


Avis aux amateurs d’instruments à vent et principalement du cor, Inside Looking est un album taillé sur mesure pour vous. Mais je vais commencer par vous dresser un portrait de cet excellent musicien qu’est Hakan Nyqvist: né en 1945, Hakan Nyqvist a beaucoup travaillé et joué avec différents ensembles et il a également toujours essayé d’incorporer ces expériences dans sa propre écriture. Jouant à la fois du cor et de la trompette dans des formations de jazz, il est un musicien très demandé qui a eu l’occasion de jouer dans diverses constellations telles que le Swedish Radio Jazz Group, où Hakan a travaillé avec, par exemple, Thad Jones, Mel Lewis, Gil Evans, George Russel et Kenny Wheeler.A lire ici!

“Intuitions”, The Fruitful Album by Nicolas Parent

L’Autre Distribution – Available March 31, 2023

We have been following this composer and guitarist for years because Nicolas Parent is always on the lookout for the world and travels and perfectly gathers notes here and there like an tireless walker, adding a beautiful dose of poetry to his compositions.
In this adventure, he invited Yom (clarinets), Pierre Durand (guitar), and Kentaro Suzuki (double bass) to his table, everything we need to invite us to experience his adventures through 12 equally delicious compositions. Total change of scenery, it is evident if we stick to the titles of this album, Nicolas takes us through paintings, landscapes, sometimes with a touch of nostalgia as on the title Bambino, with his melodies he knows how to move us, make us laugh or dance, we let ourselves be carried away in this delicate whirlwind of notes, as we would be caught by a Scorcese film, there are here intangible materials, magical moments, children’s dreams, moments of life… There are skies, suns of flowers and… fruits, his fruits produced by these four excellent artists who bring us dreams and hope in a period that badly needs it. To Read Here!




“Intuitions”: l’album fruité de Nicolas Parent

L’Autre Distribution – Available March 31, 2023

Cela fait des années que nous suivons ce compositeur et guitariste, car Nicolas Parent, depuis le début, est à l’affût du monde et des voyages, et il sait parfaitement glaner les notes ici ou là, comme le promeneur infatigable qu’il est, ajoutant à ses compositions une belle dose de poésies. Dans cette aventure il a convié à sa table Yom (clarinettes), Pierre Durand (guitare) et Kentaro Suzuki (contrebasse). Tout ce qu’il faut pour nous inviter à vivre ses aventures sur 12 compositions toutes aussi savoureuses les unes que les autres. A lire ici!

Danielle Wertz – Other Side (ENG review)

Outside Music

Danielle Wertz is an up-and-coming artist on the jazz scene, and her album Other Side draws more from classical music than jazz. Her voice resembles that of some artists from the German label ACT, making the album closer to the European scene than the American one.
The compositions and arrangements are luxurious, but the repetitive nature of the tracks leads to boredom towards the end. Despite the musical and vocal perfection, it’s difficult in this type of exercise to hold the listener’s attention until the end. The album has the atmosphere of some Swedish pop singer albums from the 90s, but it’s not enough to bring the originality that fans of the genre crave. To Read Here!



Danielle Wertz – Other Side (FR review)

Outside Music

Danielle Wert est une artiste qui monte depuis un bon moment au travers de la scène jazz. Son album Other Side est un album qui emprunte plus à la musique classique qu’au jazz ,et la voix de cette artiste se rapproche de certains artistes du label allemand ACT, ce qui en fait un album plus proche de la scène européenne que de la scène américaine. Les compositions et les arrangements sont somptueux, mais… l’aspect trop répétitif des titres conduit à un certain ennui avant la fin de l’écoute totale de l’opus.A lire ici!

Giovanni Battaglino – Ricominciare Dalle Parole (ENG review)

AlfaMusic Studio (Siae)

Giovanni Battaglino has already had a long musical career, and since 2015, he has been working on his own “solo” project with original and traditional songs, entitled Canzoni dell’eroe quotidiano (Songs of the Everyday Hero), with which he went on tour in Tuscany in 2018.
In spring 2018, he began work on what would become his first solo album, Alla Porta dei Sogni (At the Door of Dreams), which was released in May 2019 on the historic Roman label AlfaMusic and distributed by Egea music. The album was presented in June at the Jazzit Fest in Pompei (Na). To read here!



Giovanni Battaglino – Ricominciare Dalle Parole (FR review)

AlfaMusic Studio (Siae)


Giovanni Battaglino a déjà une très longue carrière musicale derrière lui. Depuis 2015, il développe son propre projet “solo” avec des chansons originales et traditionnelles, intitulé Canzoni dell’eroe quotidiano (Chansons du héros du quotidien), avec lequel il a fait une tournée en Toscane en 2018. Au printemps 2018, il a commencé à travailler sur ce qui sera son premier album solo, Alla Porta dei Sogni (À la porte des rêves), sorti en mai 2019 sur le label historique romain AlfaMusic et distribué par Egea music. L’album a été présenté en juin au Jazzit Fest de Pompei (Na). A lire ici!


Rachel Therrien – Mi Hogar (ENG review)

Outside In Music – available February 13th 2023

Composer, trumpet player and conductor, Canadian Rachel Therrien showcases her talent through this album featuring a unique blend of world jazz and Latino music. A testament to her work with expert musicians from New York, Canada, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela.
“Mi Hogar,” which translates to “my home” in Spanish, is a special release for Therrien, who has honed her skills playing in Latino jazz ensembles over the years. The title of the album is a nod to the many places Therrien has called home throughout her life, from her family and friends to her travels.
The album was assembled from international recording sessions, showcasing Therrien’s agility in navigating between her culture and Latin cultures, primarily Cuban. Her years of playing with various groups and sharing the stage with musicians such as Tony Allen, Pedrito Martinez, Claudio Roditi, Billy Drummond, Anat Cohen, and Arturo O’Farrill have shaped her unique and fascinating style. To read here!

Rachel Therrien – Mi Hogar (FR review)

Outside In Music – available February 13th 2023

Compositrice, trompettiste et chef d’orchestre, la canadienne Rachel Therrien nous honore de son talent au travers de cet album aux saveurs world jazz/ latino. Un travail ambitieux avec des musiciens experts du genre de New York, du Canada, de Cuba, de Porto Rico et du Venezuela. Mi Hogar représente une sortie spéciale pour Rachel Therrien, qui a perfectionné ses compétences en jouant dans des ensembles de jazz latino pendant des années. Le titre de l’album, qui se traduit par “ma maison” en espagnol, est un clin d’œil aux nombreux endroits où Therrien a vécu au fil des ans, de son Canada natal à Cuba en passant par New York. Ce titre fait également référence à un autre sanctuaire de la vie de Therrien: le son et la communauté. Dans cet esprit global, Therrien a assemblé et réalisé Mi Hogar à partir d’une série de sessions internationales d’enregistrement. A lire ici!


Christopher McBride – Ramon (ENG review)

Label self-released // Available February, 17th 2023

Christopher McBride is a saxophonist based in Harlem whose work includes education, arrangement and composition, in addition to performance (saxophone). After a first album released in 2012, Quatuor de Force, he is back with this particularly successful album, Ramon, recently nominated for the Grammy Awards. This album also explores the various locations that inspired Christopher, from the Bronx in NY, and is Christopher’s first project since moving to New York. This is the unique aspect of this very urban album that bridges established jazz culture with contemporary urban influences. To read here!



Christopher McBride – Ramon

Label self-released // Available February, 17th 2023

Christopher McBride est un musicien basé à Harlem dont le travail comprend l’éducation, l’arrangement et la composition, en plus de l’interprétation (le saxophone). Après un premier album paru en 2012, Quatuor de Force, le voici de retour avec cet album particulièrement réussi, Ramon, récemment nommé aux Grammy Awards. Lire ici!

Billy Valentine and The Universal Truth

Available March 24th 2023

Here we are carried away by the fantastic voice of this artist, whose accompaniment by excellent artists that you regularly hear on Bayou Blue Radio, such as Immanuel Wilkins, Theo Crocker, Jeff Parker, Larry Goldins and bassist Pino Palladino, should come as no surprise. This album flirts with the shores of soul music and jazz. Billy Valentine may not be a household name, but he should be familiar to most people through Simply Red’s 1983 interpretation of the Valentine brothers’ song “Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)”. Originally written and recorded by Billy and his brother John, the song was a protest against President Ronald Reagan’s economic policy. To read here!

Billy Valentine and The Universal Truth

Ici on se laisse emporter à la fois par la fantastique voix de cet artiste, dont nous ne sommes même pas surpris qu’il soit accompagnés par d’excellents musiciens que vous entendez régulièrement sur Bayou Blue Radio, tels Immanuel Wilkins, Theo Crocker, Jeff Parker, Larry Goldins et le bassiste Pino Palladino. Un album qui flirte entre les rives de la soul music et du jazz. A Lire Ici!


Anthony Branker & Imagine – What Place Can Be For Us?

A suite in ten movements – Origin Records // Available – February 2nd, 2023

Anthony Branker is an American composer and conductor who is releasing his eighth album on the Origins Records label. He is certainly one of the most important current American composers, and this work makes us question the fundamental issues of inclusion and belonging, as well as the circumstances of exploitation and the zones of refuge experienced by people of African origin. To read here!

Anthony Branker & Imagine – What Place Can Be For Us?

Origin Records

Anthony Branker est un compositeur et chef d’orchestre américain qui sort son huitième album sur le label Origins Records. Il est certainement l’un des plus importants compositeurs américains actuels et il nous fait nous interroger par ce nouvel opus sur les questions primordiales d’inclusion et d’appartenance, ainsi que sur les circonstances d’exploitation et les zones de refuge vécues par les personnes d’origine africaine.
Il y a là un véritable engagement intellectuel dont la musique est le filigrane sur lequel se couche cette œuvre magistrale. Il est rare que je sois impressionné à ce point par un album. Ici, toutes les conditions sont réunies, à la fois le prétexte intellectuel, autant que la proposition musicale servie par d’excellents et grands artistes (ce qui explique leurs noms en lettres capitales): A lire ici!

Nguyên Lê Trio – Silk and Sand
ACT – Available January 24th 2023
It has been a long time since we heard from Nguyên Lê, but when we wait patiently, things happen like this wonderful album Silk and Sand which is certainly one of the most innovative jazz/world albums I have had in my hands in recent years. With the excellent bassist Chris Jennings and the equally excellent Rhani Krija on percussion, this CD will quickly become an essential addition to your music collection.To read here!

Nguyên Lê Trio – Silk and Sand

ACT – Available January 24th 2023

Cela faisait bien longtemps que nous n’avions plus entendu parler de Nguyên Lê… mais lorsque l’on sait attendre sagement, les choses arrivent sans prévenir, comme ce merveilleux album, Silk and Sand, qui est certainement un des plus inventifs album jazz/world que j’ai eu sous la main ses dernières années. Avec la présence et la participation de l’excellent contrebassiste Chris Jennings et le non moins excellent Rhani Krija aux percussions, ce CD va rapidement devenir un des “indispensables” de votre discothèque. Il faut dire que nos amis Nguyên Lê et Chris Jennings travaillent ensemble depuis très longtemps, un duo d’une efficacité redoutable auquel vient se rajouter pour cet enregistrement le percussionniste marocain Rhani Kidja (Keziah Jones ou Dominic Miller) avec lequel Nguyên souhaitait travailler de longue date. A lire ici!

Oan Kim & The Dirty Jazz – Oan Kim

Let yourself enter the crazy universe of his son Oan Kin, son of the Korean painter Kim Tschang-Yeul, in a post-rock electro-jazz universe, lulled in a universe where romance and poetry appear on the edges of notes, there is a unique charm here that certainly helped his consecration by Jazz News as “Revelation of the Year.”
What remains after listening, the sensation of an album that is too long and gives the impression of always repeating the same thing from title to title, it is probably intended, but it is difficult to hold on beyond 10 titles. However, there is a nice know-how here, which would fit more in my opinion to film music than to the “jazzophonic” work per se, but we must admit that there is a different vision here of everything we have heard in recent years, we can hear a certain pretentious Parisianism that adorns this artist, but here in the USA, we have so many innovative musicians who deserve these praises that I tend to stay hungry. To read here!

Oan Kim & The Dirty Jazz – Oan Kim
Laissez-vous entrer dans l’univers déjanté de Oan Kin, fils du peintre coréen Kim Tschang-Yeul, un univers electro-jazz post rock où vous serez bercé dans un monde où le romantisme et la poésie apparaissent au contour des notes. Il y a ici un charme certain qui a sans nul doute aidé à sa consécration par Jazz News de “révélation de l’année”.
Que reste t’il après écoute de cette “révélation”…? La sensation d’un album trop long, qui donne une impression de recommencer toujours la même chose, de titre en titre… Sans doute est-ce voulu, mais impossible de tenir l’écoute au-delà de 10 titres. A lire ici!

Kenny Barron – The Source

The Source is the first solo album by pianist Kenny Barron in a long time since his last solo album, Kenny Barron At The Piano, was released in 1981. This time, he offers original compositions mixed with compositions by Ellington, Monk, etc…
The artist’s interpretations feature a mix of classical music influences and a strong sense of improvisation. One can reasonably be carried away by Kenny Barron’s particularly clever arrangements. Here, everything is done to carry the listener, beyond their soul, towards contemplation. Kenny Barron is a well-rounded musician, having played with Dizzy Gillespie from 1962 to 1967, and then following other paths that led him to play with Stan Getz, James Moody, Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubard, Ornette Coleman, Chet Baker… To read here!

Kenny Barron – The Source


The Source est le nouvel album solo du pianiste Kenny Barron depuis de longues dates, puisque le précédent album solo de Kenny Barron était paru en… 1981 sous le titre “Kenny Barron At The Piano”. Mais cette fois ce sont des compositions originales, mêlées à des compositions de Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk et autres, que propose l’artiste. Des interprétations dans lesquelles ont ressent un emprunt à la musique classique et en même temps un grand sens des œuvres improvisées. On se laisse emporter avec plaisir par les arrangements particulièrement astucieux de Kenny Barron, car ici tout est fait pour porter l’auditeur au-delà de son âme, vers la contemplation. A lire ici!

Wolfgang Haffner – Silent World

ACT – Available January 27th 2023

Wolfgang Haffner est certainement l’un des batteurs européens les plus appréciés, mais c’est aussi un excellent compositeur qui, ici, avec le titre de cet album, Silent World, se remémore les années silencieuses dues à la pandémie… Le musicien a fait la synthèse de cette période et nous a déclaré: “Dans le cours normal des choses, tout ce que je fais s’accompagne d’un sentiment d’urgence intégré pour que ce soit fait, et d’en finir. Mais maintenant, je dois compter sur mes propres ressources, et sans aucun bruit de fond pour me distraire, j’ai pu me demander ce que je voulais vraiment faire. Ce à quoi ressemble mon empreinte personnelle.” A lire ici!

Sonny Troupé – Romance

Si vous vous rendez sur le site du percussionniste Sonny Troupé, vous pourrez lire: “Appelé par le réalisateur guyanais Stéphane Floricien pour composer et réaliser la musique de son prochain film “2SK – 2 semaines Krono”, après avoir lu le scénario, Sonny Troupé lui suggère que les personnages principaux soient représentés par des instruments, et que chacun ait sa propre mélodie.” A lire ici!

Tbone Paxton – Joys

Eastlawn Records

De son vrai nom, John “Tbone” Paxton est né et a grandi dans le quartier est de Detroit, et il est également diplômé de la Wayne State University. John (aka Tbone) est un tromboniste et chanteur chevronné, actif professionnellement dans le sud-est du Michigan depuis de nombreuses années. En plus de codiriger un groupe avec RJ Spangler, il est le chanteur vedette et le tromboniste soliste de l’ensemble de jazz primé Planet D Nonet.
Même si l’album Joys n’est pas à proprement parler un album jazz, il n’en reste pas moins que l’ambiance swing associée à la bonhomie du tromboniste et chanteur qui reprend des standards avec astuce et un véritable travail de recréation, est particulièrement joyeuse, festive et intéressante. A lire ici!

Ron Bosse – Burning Room Only
On peut lire dans la biographie de l’artiste: “Le guitariste et compositeur Ron Bosse, basé à Boston, s’est produit partout aux États-Unis et au Canada, et il a joué et enregistré avec les grands noms du jazz que sont Dave Liebman, Bob Mintzer, Lil’ John Roberts, Jeff Lorber, Norman Brown, Ben Shepherd, Gary Novak, MonoNeon, Hadrien Feraud, Jimmy Haslip, Sonny Emory, Bob Reynolds, Mike Stern, George Garzone et Jerry Bergonzi. Ron a été salué pour son travail dans Jazz Times, Downbeat, Jazz Now, Guitar Player Magazine, le Boston Globe et le New York Times.” A lire ici!

Chelsea Nichole – Love Letters
Si vous vous intéressez au Smooth jazz, la magnifique voix de Chelsea Nichole ne vous est certainement pas inconnue puisque son nom est associé aux productions de Jeff Lorber en 1998, car elle a collaboré à son album. Depuis, Chelsea collabore d’ailleurs avec de très nombreux artistes, comme Tabiha Faire, Martine Mai, Wah Wah Watson, Andre Delano, Fanatic, Chris Camozzi, Dave Koz, Victor Fields et l’artiste gospel Kenny Smith.
A écouter également, le dimanche, son émission sur la radio KJLH à Los Angeles. A lire ici!

Ben Wolfe – Unjust
Residents Arts Records
L’album Unjust sortira le 3 février 2023. C’est le dixième de Ben Wolfe en tant que leader et il ne comprend que des compositions originales. Comme indiqué dans les notes de pochette, “Ce projet a réuni des musiciens qui, je le pensais, trouveraient un terrain d’entente entre eux et trouveraient également une certaine magie au sein de l’ensemble. J’ai beaucoup apprécié le processus et je suis extrêmement fier de présenter Unjust”. A lire ici!

East Axis – No Subject
Mack Avenue Music Group / Brother Mister Productions
East Axis est un quartet d’improvisation visionnaire composé de musiciens de renom: Gerald Cleaver (batterie), Kevin Ray (basse), Scott Robinson (saxophone) et Matthew Shipp (piano). Leur deuxième album, No Subject, sort sur le label Mack Avenue Music Group/ Brother Mister Productions. Un album sans grande surprise qui replongera certains d’entre vous dans le Free Jazz des années 70. A lire ici!

Paul Carrack & The SWR BIG BAND – Don’t Wait Too Long
Paul Carrack, dont la “voix d’or” figure sur de nombreux classiques mondiaux tels “How Long” (ACE’), “Tempted” (Squeeze), “The Living Years”, “Over My Shoulder” (Mike and the Mechanics) fait équipe avec le SWR Big Band & Strings, lauréat d’un GRAMMY Award, pour un nouvel album épique intitulé “Don’t Wait Too Long”. A lire ici!


Z Note Records

Le nouvel album du trompettiste Gilbert Castellanos est un cadeau de Noël pour les amateurs de jazz.
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIE, le 14 décembre 2022: Après une interruption de 13 ans et alors que sa carrière semblait être sur le point de prendre fin, Castellanos annonce la sortie en ce mois de décembre 2022 de son nouvel album, Espérame en el Cielo, juste à temps pour les fêtes de fin d’année. Servant de feuille de route musicale, documentant ses épreuves personnelles, médicales et professionnelles, Castellanos a créé un nouvel album.A lire ici!

Jazz Is Dead 16
Le tromboniste Phil Ranelin et le saxophoniste Wendell Harrison sont parmi les dernières personnes à s’étonner du regain de popularité du jazz. Ensemble, ils ont consacré plus d’un demi-siècle à rendre l’enseignement et les concerts de jazz accessibles à tous. Au début des années 1970, à Detroit, Ranelin et Henderson ont fondé Tribe Records, un petit label de jazz qui est devenu une référence dans le monde entier. Un petit label de jazz qui est devenu un modèle d’entreprise et de propriété indépendantes. A Lire ici!