August 28th and beyond?

August 28th marks the start date of the trial for the former American president. It is a fact that this man with blonde implants and a red tie cannot deny or claim to be a chimera. Thus, everyone will have witnessed him playing the victim on camera, a true showman addressing his base – a predominantly white, highly religious, poorly educated, deeply racist, and largely conspiracy-minded population. There are also other voters who habitually vote Republican without any conviction other than a sense of duty, as they believe no other option exists.

The trauma has been significant since January 6th. While some of these conspiracy theorists are now in prison, the likes of Trump or DeSantis, due to their posture, repeated lies, and delusional decisions, have caused America to fear. Fear of a future that might resemble a distant past, where the former president has already promised, if elected, to engage in witch hunts. This has led the magistrates at the heart of investigating Trump’s cases to demand protection. Understandingly so, given the violence seen on January 6th – it’s clear why they’d be afraid.

Fear is not an emotion that the majority of Americans are familiar with. The fear of the trial’s aftermath and even the trial itself, which could bring about more violence, is palpable. The January 6th participants care little for democracy; their aim is to impose their medieval vision of society through force. Despite all assurances to ensure the security of this historic trial, doubt still lingers in everyone’s minds. What if the former president were to be convicted? What comes next? It’s hard to say, given the complexity of the situation, especially since a conviction wouldn’t prevent him from running or being elected again. It’s truly difficult to fathom.

In this pre-election period, in such a context, many things are being questioned for the current administration – geopolitically and domestically. One can only imagine the complexity of each decision made or to be made, all while considering the post-election scenario, whether it’s with Trump’s election or President Biden’s re-election. The current government has been doing a remarkable job in safeguarding democracy. However, it’s hopeful that the upcoming Trump trial proceeds without issues. Of course, in the event of complications, one can easily envision the current Republicans fanning the flames at every opportunity, dealing a severe blow to all the efforts put in since Mr. Joe Biden’s election.

So, before the fateful date of August 28th, let’s enjoy the sunshine and collectively contemplate the kind of society we desire. It’s high time that lovers of freedom and democracy unite to definitively block the path for these Republicans, who are anything but democrats at the moment and are preparing to further endanger democracy. To be convinced of this, one need only read and listen to the speeches of current Republican leaders and observe their actions.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief, Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News