Artificial intelligence – virtual intelligence

In the world of AI, as they are commonly called, new ones are born almost every day, but few of them seem truly useful and efficient, and we are starting to hear the same fears as when the first train, the first plane, the industrial period arrived… In Europe, there is even talk of banning Chat GPT, for example. Such a ban marks the spirit of European obscurantism, which is declining because it cannot keep up with technology.

Yes, obviously, artificial intelligences will cause a certain number of jobs to be lost, but the more they evolve, the more they will create, not the same ones, certainly, but they are just as many jobs that will be created, here for the core of intelligence, there for its derivatives, there for its licenses, etc…

Artificial intelligence will also change the way we approach things, our language learning, for example, or writing, in programming, research, sound, light, and many other applications that we have not yet thought of, and in the end, they will only be a translation of who we are.

Refusing this kind of evolution is therefore unnatural. Some regret the freedom of speech on the Net and want to repress it, but the Net is only the expression of groups or individuals who express their thoughts, good or bad, no matter as long as everyone is educated to form their own opinion, and for what strange reason should only the media and political sphere have the use of it? As some European countries want, too happy through repression to silence any form of thought that goes against the imposed single thought.

Let’s take three examples of artificial intelligence: Chat GPT – BARD AI and PI AI. Chat GPT is undoubtedly the purest and most gifted, impossible to fully grasp its capabilities. It must be said that from the start, this company was created solely for this purpose with very high-level engineering. Chat GPT is certainly improvable and improves over time, and proves to be a valuable aid for any type of user.

Bard AI, for the moment, is a joke, poorly programmed, with very little capacity in its beta phase. One wonders even where Google is going with it, so much does the qualitative distance separate it from Chat GPT…

So what could be the next serious competitor to Chat GPT? Probably PI, still in beta phase, it is already very advanced (less than Chat GPT) but above all knows how to be funny and does not miss a moment to have fun with humans, is capable of having a conversation with you, but it will take a little more time for it to be truly effective, for the moment it is mainly its psychological profile that is fascinating.

Let us not be afraid of these new technologies, like all others, they will ultimately be just one more tool that will help us in almost all areas, and there is no more risk to your freedoms in frequenting AI than in walking on Google or other platforms, just take what you need and nothing more.

Thierry De Clemensat

Editor in chief