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Coast-to-coast Super Tuesday contests poised to move Biden and Trump closer to November rematch – The Associated Press

Four new astronauts head to the International Space Station for a 6-month stay – The Associated Press

Supreme Court ballot ruling darkens critics’ hopes for a judicial curb on Trump – The Washington Post

Voters in 15 states head to the polls on Super Tuesday – The Washington Post

Forty-Three Mexican Students Went Missing. What Really Happened to Them? – The New Yorker

The Sterile Spectacle of “Dune: Part Two” – The New Yorker

The Supreme Court Just Erased Part of the Constitution – The new York Tines

Nikki Haley’s Unspoken Disadvantage in the G.O.P. – The New York Times

Monster blizzard shatters California ‘snow drought’ with up to 10 feet of new snow –  The Los Angeles Times

Brit Turner, drummer for Blackberry Smoke, dies at 57 after brain cancer battle –  The Los Angeles Times

Trump faces resistance from a significant minority of voters – CNN

While the primaries underscored Trump’s grip on the GOP, they have also demonstrated a vulnerability – CNN

Jean-Jacques Milteau – Key to The Highway (ENG review)

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Nikki Haley wins the District of Columbia’s Republican primary and gets her first 2024 victory – The Associated Press

Texas wildfire burns more than one million acres – The Associated Press

Latest 2024 election news: Haley wins a primary, but Trump poised for Super Tuesday romp – The Washington Post

Abraham Lincoln’s second inauguration – The Washington Post

Joe Biden’s Last Campaign –  The New Yorker

Yet More Donald Trump Cases Head to the Supreme Court –  The New Yorker

Forced to Change: Tech Giants Bow to Global Onslaught of Rules –  The New York Times

How Democrats Can Win Anywhere and Everywhere – The New York Times

After years of rapid growth, California’s almond industry struggles amid low prices –  The Los Angeles Times

Hollywood crew members take center stage as IATSE negotiations kick off – The Los Angeles Times

Why ‘My Way’ won’t go away – CNN

How Biden can win the State of the Union –  CNN

Ernesto Cervini Turboprop – A Canadian Songbook – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


In Hawaii, coral is the foundation of life. What happened to it after the Lahaina wildfire? – The Associated Press

They are TV’s ghosts — networks that somehow survive with little reason to watch them anymore – The Associated Press

Inside Ukraine’s last stand in Avdiivka and its ‘road of death’ – The Washington Post

As Gaza crisis intensifies, U.S. conducts first airdrop of aid – The Washington Post

How the Village Voice Met Its – The New Yorker

Thinking About A.I. with Stanisław Lem –  The New Yorker

How Bad Can It Get for Hollywood? – The New York Times

A Master of Dance Was Captured in a Film That Was Little Seen for Decades. Until Now. –   The New York Times

Powerful California blizzard shuts roads to Tahoe, Mammoth; 190-mph winds reported – The Los Angeles Times

10 books to add to your reading list in March –  The Los Angeles Times

Hot on the trail of cherry blossoms — predicted peak times for 2024 – CNN

Sony World Photography Awards: The year’s best images unveiled – CNN

Kelly Green – Seems (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton beat impeachment. Now he wants Super Tuesday revenge on his foes – The Associated Press

Peace, music and memories: As the 1960s fade, historians scramble to capture Woodstock’s voices –  The Associated Press

Desperation and death surround an aid delivery in northern Gaza – The Washington Post

An extreme blizzard is unfolding in the Sierra Nevada – The Washington Post

Catching the Fire Bug – The New Yorker

UNESCO’s Quest to Save the World’s Intangible Heritage –  The New Yorker

As Trump’s Criminal Trial Approaches, He May Be His Own Worst Enemy –  The New York Times

Iris Apfel, Eye-Catcher With a Kaleidoscopic Wardrobe, Dies at 102 – The new York Times

Orca slays great white shark in first observed solo kill, scientists say – CNN

What Oprah’s departure from WW means for the rest of usWhat Oprah’s departure from WW means for the rest of us – CNN

Richard Lewis, stand-up comic and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star, dies at 76 –  The Los Angeles Times

Malted Milk – 1975 (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Lara Downes: Not Your Daddy’s ‘Rhapsody In Blue’ – Downbeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Texts show prosecutor’s ex-law partner gave info for effort to remove Fani Willis from election case -The Associated Press

Watergate figures indicted –  The Associated Press

Russian opposition leader’s body headed to cemetery as thousands follow – The Washington Post

Erik Wemple answers your questions on the media – The Washington Post

RuPaul Doesn’t See How That’s Any of Your Business – The New Yorker

How the Village Voice Met Its Moment – The New Yorker

Epic blizzard hitting Tahoe, Mammoth, Sierra Nevada ‘with a vengeance’ – The New York Times

Inside the Massive Repair Shops Where Subway Cars Go for a Makeover – The New York Times

New high-speed train from Vegas to SoCal will be a model for the nation — if it succeeds – The Los Angeles Times

Newsom’s office calls allegations about Panera Bread franchisee ‘absurd,’ says company is not exempt from law – The Los Angeles Times

Jamie Lee Curtis credits Richard Lewis with her sobriety: ‘Rest in laughter’ – CNN

Was this 19th century portrait painter also the first celebrity stylist? – CNN

Chris Rottmayer – Being (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Yuhan Su’s Liberation Suite – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


The Supreme Court will decide whether Trump is immune from federal prosecution. Here’s what’s next –  The Associated Press

Michigan’s largest Arab American cities reject Biden over his handling of Israel-Hamas war – The Associated Press

Biden and Trump visits to Texas offer a tale of two border cities –  The Washington Post

Gaza Health Ministry says death toll exceeds 30,000 – The Washington Post

A Professor Claimed to Be Native American. Did She Know She Wasn’t? – The New Yorker

The Weirdest Night in Pop – The New Yorker

What It’s Like to Be a Sociopath – The New York Times

An Illinois judge ordered that Donald Trump be removed from the state’s primary ballot. – The New York Times

California effort to crack down on legacy and donor admissions could hit USC, Stanford  – The Los Angeles Times

Democratic Party chair Rusty Hicks assailed as outsider in bid for North Coast Assembly seat – The Los Angeles Times

Meta accused of ‘massive, illegal’ data processing by European consumer groups – CNN

Gerald Cannon: Conjuring Spirits –  DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Cargo vessel partially submerged off Yemen after being hit by Houthi attack – The Associated Press

US Army is slashing thousands of posts in major revamp to prepare for future wars – The Associated Press

Biden prevails in Michigan amid ‘uncommitted’ protest vote – The Washington Post

I’m begging you not to Google for airline customer service numbers – The Washington Post

“Dune” and the Delicate Art of Making Fictional Languages – The New Yorker

The Increasing Attacks on Kamala Harris –  The New Yorker

Nikki Haley has said she intends to stay in the Republican race at least through Super Tuesday on March 5. – The New York Times

How the Media Industry Keeps Losing the Future – The New York Times

Nearing 80, she can no longer afford to own Arcadia’s Book Rack — or live in California – The Los Angeles Times

Experts urge California to avoid pitfalls in water deals in the delta – The Los Angeles Times

Walt Disney World has raised ticket prices – CNN

The world’s largest cinema chain, aiming to pull out of a slump, is tweaking the way we watch movies – CNN

Moppa Elliott – Acceleration due to Gravity (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Blindfold Test: Charles McPherson – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


From birth to death, Black Americans fare worse in measures of health compared to their white counterparts – The Associated Press

Emmett Till images have multigenerational impact on artists – The Associated Press

The economy is roaring. Immigration is a key reason. – The Washington Post

Biden convenes congressional leaders as federal shutdown deadline nears – The Washington Post

What a Major Solar Storm Could Do to Our Planet – The New Yorker

Can You Really Want an Oscar Too Much? – The New Yorker

Spring’s most classic look requires just a few elements. – The New Yorker

What to Watch in Today’s Michigan Primaries – The New Yorker

Immigration rises to top of voters’ minds ahead of Super Tuesday, polls find – The Los Angeles Times

Want to romanticize your life? Try these 11 L.A. activities for quality solo time – The Los Angeles Times

Johnson holds the fate of a nation’s democracy in his hands – CNN

Biden addresses Israel-Hamas ceasefire negotiations – CNN

Ross Pederson & Individualism – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Off to Michigan, Haley is staying in the race despite Trump’s easy primary win in South Carolin –  The Associated Press

Concerned parents are beginning to see progress on their push for healthier electric school buses – The Associated Press

He builds lifelike replicas of D.C. landmarks — brick by Lego brick – The Washington Post

Deal to dodge government shutdown appears to stall amid GOP policy demands – The Washington Post

Inside North Korea’s Forced-Labor Program – The New Yorker

What a Major Solar Storm Could Do to Our Planet – TheNew Yorker

Supreme Court to Hear Free Speech Challenges to Social Media Laws – The New York Times

Should You Consider Buying Your Childhood Home? – The new York Times

This activist investor is behind Disney’s boardroom drama, but he faces long odds –  The Los Angeles Times

L.A. Affairs: He turned our romantic getaway into a stress test. Did I pass? – The Los Angeles Times

Jennifer Aniston in a silver gown plus more fashion highlights from the SAG Awards red carpet – CNN

Google halts AI tool’s ability to produce images of people after backlash – CNN

Moppa Elliott – Advancing On A Wild Pitch – Disasters Vol II –  Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Celebrity owl Flaco dies a year after becoming beloved by New York City for zoo escape – The Associated Press

A deep-sea robot discovered dozens of new species – The Washington Post

Even with new chefs, the Tabard Inn’s history outshines its food – The Washington Post

My Family’s Daily Struggle to Find Food in Gaza –  The New Yorker

The Crazy Collapse of the House G.O.P.’s Impeachment Case Against Biden – The New Yorker

Nikki Haley’s High-Stakes Gamble on Her Home State –  The New York Times

Danielle Brooks Has an Oscar Nomination. So Why Is She in Mourning? – The New York Times

Hollywood musicians reach tentative deal with major studios in ‘watershed moment for artists’ –  The Los Angeles Times

A postcard from home: Greg Yee’s L.A. The Los Angeles Times

Why isn’t the Supreme Court moving faster on Trump’s immunity challenge? – CNN

A road winding through two states is the most popular National Park Service site – CNN

DAGGERBOARD – ESCAPEMENT (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Rotem Sivan Dreams Out Loud – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Some Republicans are voicing doubt over Alabama IVF ruling. Democrats see an opportunity – The Associated Press

With Ukraine aid stuck in Congress, Chuck Schumer makes a surprise trip to meet Zelenskyy – The Associated Press

AT&T says massive cell outage caused by technical error, not cyberattack – The Washington Post

The sun just launched three huge solar flares in 24 hours. Here’s what it means. – The Washington Post

Nikki Haley Lost the South Carolina Primary Back When She Was Still Governor – The New Yorker

From House Arrest to the Oscars Circuit – The New Yorker

Alabama I.V.F. Ruling Opens New Front in Election-Year Abortion Battles – The New York Times

Jimmy Carter’s Long Goodbye – The New York Times

A scholar’s Native American heritage was questioned. Who gets to decide her identity? – The Los Angeles Times

The battle brewing over California workers’ unique right to sue their bosses – The Los Angeles Times

While eyes are on Trump, Supreme Court conservatives prepare to rewrite the rulebook – CNN

Steven Spielberg, Bradley Cooper and dozens of filmmakers acquire historic Los Angeles movie theater – CNN

Lynne Arriale Trio – Being Human (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio-Paris-Move

Keyon Harrold: Real Life – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


New York AG says she’ll seize Donald Trump’s property if he can’t pay $454 million civil fraud debt – The Associated Press

Boeing ousts head of 737 jetliner program weeks after panel blowout on a flight over Oregon – The Associated Press

Leaked files from Chinese firm show vast international hacking effort – The Washington Post

California mansions on the brink after atmospheric rivers – The Washington Post

Did the Year 2020 Change Us Forever? – The New Yorker

“Freedom on My Mind”: A Symphony of Voices for Civil Rights – The New Yorker

Abortion Shield Laws Pit U.S. States Against One Another – The New York Times

Biden Allies in Michigan Are Worried About Protest Votes Over Gaza – The New York Times

How we made tacos a Black thing in L.A.  The Los Angeles Times

Jason Reitman and a group of directors have bought Westwood’s iconic Village Theater –  The Los Angeles Times

‘The Space Race’ brings an out-of-this-world perspective to Black History Month – CNN

We could be getting so much more out of Black History Month. Here’s how – CNN

Delgres – Promis le Ciel (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Larry Goldings: The Variety of Fun – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Malcolm X shot and killed at age 39 – The Associated Press

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner’s divorce is finalized, officially ending their marriage – The Associated Press

Shock, anger, confusion grip Alabama after court ruling on embryos – The Washington Post

How (and why) to peacefully coexist with squirrels – The Washington Post

Sarah Isgur’s Majority Report – The New Yorker

Cindy Sherman’s Grotesque Digital Creations – The New Yorker

Supreme Court turns down challenge to N.Y. rent control with implications for California – The New York Times

What to Know About This Crazily Crowded Broadway Spring Season – The New York Times

After heavy storms, Death Valley is now open to kayakers: The return of ghostly Lake Manly –  The Los Angeles Times

A slime museum is coming to L.A. — and it’s bringing the healing power of play  – The Los Angeles Times

The Beatles’ ‘Fab Four’ members each have a separate biopic in the works – CNN

‘True Detective: Night Country’ reveals whodunit in a finale more about the why and how – CNN

Willy Rodriguez – Seeing Sounds (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move





News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Nikki Haley is sharpening contrasts with Donald Trump in the South Carolina primary’s closing day – The Associated Press

Welcome to the ‘Hotel California’ case: The trial over handwritten lyrics to an Eagles classic – The Associated Press

Skipping your dog’s walk is a bigger deal than you think – The Washington Post

Live updates: Trump, Haley eye South Carolina showdown on Saturday – The Washington Post

Two Comic Playwrights Find Dark Humor in Russian Aggression – The New Yorker

How Noah Kahan Went from Vermont to TikTok to the Grammys –  The New Yorker

Capital One to Acquire Discover, Creating a Consumer Lending Colossus – The New York Times

Wall Street Is Already Placing Bets on the Biden-Trump Rematch –  The New Yorker

How freeing rivers can help California ease flood risks and revive ecosystems – The Los Angeles Times

Commentary: Sunset Sound is one of the last great L.A. recording studios. To lose it would be a disaster. – The Los Angeles Times

Old hair, new fashion: A report from London Fashion Week –  CNN

Biden draws in $42 million in January amid a fresh round of Democratic handwringing – CNN

Grace Kelly – At The Movie (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Some video game actors are letting AI clone their voices. They just don’t want it to replace them – The Associated Press

Flowers, chocolates and flash mobs: Valentine’s Day celebrations around the world– The Associated Press

Iran, wary of wider war, urges its proxies to avoid provoking U.S. – The Washington Post

Biden administration weighs slowing the shift to electric vehicles – The Washington Post

Matt Gaetz’s Chaos Agenda – The New Yorker

The Bartender and the Lost Literary Masterpiece – The New Yorker

Anti-Trump Burnout: The Resistance Says It’s Exhausted – The New York Times

South Carolina’s Republican primary is Saturday. Here’s what to know. – The New York Times

New storm to bring more rain across L.A. County Monday – The Los Angeles Times

Who (or what) killed the scientists? Issa López explains the ‘True Detective: Night Country’ finale –  The Los Angeles Times

Michael J. Fox gets standing ovation for surprise BAFTAs appearance – CNN

Kate McKinnon reprises Weird Barbie role for another hilarious Oscars spot with Jimmy Kimmel – CNN

The design of most electric cars is lacking. – Bayou Blue Radio

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Emmett Till images have multigenerational impact on artists – The Associated Press

Review: ‘Bob Marley: One Love’ doesn’t stir – The Associated Press

A.J. Finn had a spectacular rise and fall. Now he has a new novel. – The Washington Post

What to know about the plan to move the Capitals, Wizards to Virginia – The Washington Post

Our Favorite Bookstores in New York City – The New Yorker

“Feud: Capote vs. the Swans” Is a Simulacrum of a Scandal – The New Yorker

OpenAI Unveils A.I. That Instantly Generates Eye-Popping Videos – The New York Times

Paul McCartney and his stolen bass come together after more than 50 years: ‘Grateful’ – The Los Angeles Times

L.A. is a place where romance can flourish. Just ask Pharrell Williams and Louis Vuitton – The Los Angeles Times

Dakota Johnson is not watching her movie ‘Madame Web’ as a form of ‘self care’ – CNN

Inside Kamala Harris’ quiet effort to break through the Biden campaign’s information bubble – CNN

Jean-Paul Raffit & Paamath – Mburu (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


A $355 million penalty and business ban: Takeaways from Trump’s New York civil fraud verdict – The Associated Press

What to stream this weekend: ‘Young Sheldon,’ Amy Schumer, ‘Oppenheimer’ and lots and lots of JLo – The Associated Press

10 of the most promising movies on tap this spring – The Washington Post

How Americans define a middle-class lifestyle — and why they can’t reach it – The Washington Post

The Death of Alexey Navalny, Putin’s Most Formidable Opponent – The New Yorker

Our Favorite Bookstores in New York City – The New Yorker

Blaxit: Tired of Racism, Black Americans Try Life in Africa – The new York Times

Biden Administration Is Said to Slow Early Stage of Shift to Electric Cars – The New York Times

Another storm is expected to hit Presidents Day weekend. How much rain could we get?  – The Los Angeles Times

12 vibrant spots where jazz still reigns in L.A. – The Los Angeles Times

The 2024 Met Gala theme has been announced — along with four superstar co-chairs – CNN

Jane Fonda offers Jennifer Lopez some astrological advice in ‘This Is Me… Now’ – CNN

Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra – Tidal Currents: East Meets West (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Jonah Tolchin’s Spiritual Blues – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Verdict in Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial expected Friday, capping busy week of court action – The Associated Press

Russia’s prison service says that imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny has died – The Associated Press

Former FBI informant charged with lying about Biden business – The Washington Post

Fani Willis accuses defense of lying in fiery testimony at Georgia hearing –  The Washington Post

The Haunted Juror – The New Yorker

“ ’Round Midnight,” Revisited: A Feast of Music and Acting – The New Yorker

Trial Will Test Trump’s Limits of Reaping Political Gain From Legal Woes –  The New York Times

Donald Trump is moving to fully eradicate the G.O.P. establishment’s independence, and remake it in his own image. – The New York Times

Will moving to the middle on immigration deliver electoral success to Democrats in 2024? – The Los Angeles Times

Southern California home prices flat in January as rents decline –  The Los Angeles Times

‘The Sims 4’ adds a new skin feature to diversify representation in the game – CNN

Discovery of a 1940 shipwreck revisits an old mystery – CNN

Andy Watts – The Way Back From Here (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Yuhan Su’s Liberation Suite – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


One killed and 21 are wounded in a shooting at Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade – The Associated Press

Democrats embrace tougher border enforcement, seeing Trump’s demolition of deal as a ‘gift’ – The Associated Press

Trump hearings set for today in N.Y., Georgia as trial schedule comes into focus – The Washington Post

Democrats look to Nebraska to shore up Biden’s blue wall – The Washington Post

The Ghost of Bush v. Gore Haunts the Supreme Court’s Colorado Case – The New Yorker

“Argylle” Is the I.P. Ouroboros That Hollywood Hath Wrought – The New Yorker

Investigators Seek Answers in Kansas City Super Bowl Celebration Shooting –  The New York Times

Trump Faces Pivotal Decision in Manhattan Criminal Case – The New York Times

These poets define what love and Latinidad mean to them  The Los Angeles Times

12 vibrant spots where jazz still reigns in L.A. – The Los Angeles Times

Special counsel urges Supreme Court to deny Trump’s request for delay in immunity case –  CNN

Usher, Alicia Keys and Beyoncé made Super Bowl a night to remember for Dolce & Gabbana – CNN

Gianluca Vigliar – Eclipse (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

All Hail, Memories of Max – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


The House has impeached the Homeland Security secretary. Here’s what you should know and what’s next –  The Associated Press

Democrat Tom Suozzi wins New York race to succeed George Santos in Congress – The Associated Press

These 5 science-based tips can improve your relationship – The Washington Post

The anti-Valentine’s Day movement is gaining strength –  The Washington Post

The Tangled Fates of Fani Willis and Her Biggest Case –  The New Yorker

“Argylle” Is the I.P. Ouroboros That Hollywood Hath Wrought – The New Yorker

They Know Haley’s Chances, but They’re Voting for Her Anyway –  The New York Times

Why the Case Against Fani Willis Feels Familiar to Black Women – The New York Times

Disproportionate arrest levels for Black and Latino populations in suburban L.A. County – The Los Angeles Times

Column: Why we need “Rhapsody in Blue” more than ever as it turns 100 –  The Los Angeles Times

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, lands new podcast deal after parting ways with Spotify –  CNN

Leather masks and rear cleavage: Ludovic de Saint Sernin makes New York Fashion Week debut – CNN

Ulysses Owens Jr. and Generation Y – A New Beat (ENG review) –  Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Elektric Memories & More – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


House speaker casts doubts on Ukraine and Israel aid package as senators grind toward final vote – The Associated Press

What to expect from the Northeast snowstorm and why you should stay home, according to authorities – The Associated Press

See which NATO countries spend less than 2% of their GDP on defense – The Washington Post

An essential part of a healthy life: Time with your friends – The Washington Post

What Do We Owe a Prison Informant? –  The New Yorker

A Fuller Picture of the Oscars’ Best Picture Race – The New Yorker

Haley’s Hard-Line Immigration Record Runs Counter to Trump’s Attacks –  The New York Times

‘Now Where Was I?’ Jon Stewart Is Back in His Old ‘Daily Show’ Seat – The New York Times

California Senate candidates grilled in second debate, asked if Biden and Trump are too old –  The Los Angeles Times

Why Bob Iger’s second act at Disney is looking brighter after a rough start – The Los Angeles Times

Trump’s new Supreme Court gambit is clearly a delay tactic – CNN

Dolly Parton wants fans to ‘forgive and forget’ Elle King’s Grand Ole Opry tribute – CNN

Garry Dial & Rich DeRosa – Keep Swingin’ (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Rio’s Carnival parade makes urgent plea to stop illegal mining in Indigenous lands – The Associated Press

Composer and pianist Eubie Blake dies at 96– The Associated Press

Trump’s NATO-bashing comments rile allies, rekindle European fears – The Washington Post

Nextdoor has gotten way out of hand – The Washington Post

The Art World Before and After Thelma Golden – The New Yorker

Tucker Carlson Promised an Unedited Putin. The Result Was Boring – The New Yorker

The Ethicist columnist is asked: My mother-in-law hasn’t saved for retirement. Are we on the hook? – The New York Times

It’s a Myth That Americans Don’t Understand the Economy – The New York Times

Voter guide to the 2024 California primary election – The Los Angels Times

Opinion: When my son stopped piano, I took over his lessons. Here’s how that went – The Los Angeles Times

They’ve spent eight years traveling the world with their kids. But there’s one thing they miss – CNN

David LaChapelle’s controversial high fashion hurricane, two decades on – CNN

Gustavo Cortiñas – Live in Chicago (ENG review) –  Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Here’s how to beat the hype and overcome loneliness on Valentine’s Day – The Associated Press

Toby Keith wrote all kinds of country songs. His legacy might be post-9/11 American anger – The Associated Press

Democrats’ worries grow over claims about Biden’s memory lapses – The Washington Post

How designers brought a historic home with ‘great bones’ up to date –  The Washington Post

Is the Media Prepared for an Extinction-Level Event? – The New Yorker

The Artist Holding Valuable Art Hostage to Protect Julian Assange –  The New Yorker

Democrats Can No Longer Stay Silent About Biden – The New York Times

To Save Museums, Treat Them Like Highways – The New York Times

Locked gates in historic L.A. neighborhood spark debate in City Council election – The Los Angeles Times

‘Nobody’s coming’ for L.A.’s doomed shelter dogs. This volunteer superstar is changing that –  The Los Angeles Times

Cyclists pass world’s largest mirrored building in surreal image. Skiers cast surreal shadows. The week in photos – CNN

The Year of the Dragon is upon us and there are some things you shouldn’t do – CNN

Myles Wright – Gamer (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Biden angrily pushes back at special counsel’s report that questioned his memory, handling of doc – The Associated Press

Takeaways from the Supreme Court arguments over whether Trump is ineligible to be president again – The Associated Press

The big problem with the hyped interview – The Washington Post

For British Vogue’s editor in chief, the March cover is a mic drop – The Washington Post

Greg Abbott’s Anti-Migrant Standoff at the Border – The New Yorker

The Supreme Court and the Risks of January 6, 2025 – The New Yorker

Parents Are Highly Involved in Their Adult Children’s Lives, and Fine With It – The New Times

On the World’s Largest Cruise Ship, Thrills and Space to Chill – The New York Times

This L.A. suburb buckles under extreme heat and record rain. ‘Something’s going on.’ – The Los Angeles Times

L.A. Times electoral endorsements for 2024 March primary – The Los Angeles Times

‘We’re all f —ing tied up in knots’: US officials confront limits of federal response to possible election threats – CNN

Biden says Israel’s Gaza response ‘has been over the top – CNN

The Afro Caribbean Jazz Collective – Fiesta At Caroga (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

South African Musician Tony Cedras Dies at 72 – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


The Supreme Court hears landmark election case seeking to kick Trump off ballot over Capitol attack  – The Associated Press

Countdown begins for April’s total solar eclipse. What to know about watch parties and safe viewing  – The Associated Press

GOP leaders face unrest amid chaotic, bungled votes – The Washington Post

What to expect when Supreme Court weighs whether to disqualify Trump from office – The Washington Post

Will Plants Ever Fertilize Themselves? – The New Yorker

Sarah Isgur’s Majority Report – The New Yorker

Why is it OK for rich guys to steal my work? –  The Los Angeles Times

12 readers tell us about their favorite trees in L.A.  – The Los Angeles Times

Opinion: Congress has already disqualified Trump from the ballot – CNN

‘The Greatest Night in Pop’ makes a trip down memory lane for you and me – CNN

Andrew Binder – Conspiracy Deliracy (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Immediacy Meets Intensity at NYC Winter Jazzfest – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


‘None of these candidates’ wins Nevada in a blowout defeat to Haley – The Associated Press

Coke hopes to excite younger drinkers with new raspberry-flavored Coca-Cola Spiced – The Associated Press

In stunning vote, House fails to impeach Mayorkas over border issues – The Washington Post

Hamas response to deal to free hostages calls for full withdrawal from Gaza – The Washington Post

A Safe Haven for Late Abortions – The New Yorker

The Second Death of Pablo Neruda – The New Yorker

Dysfunction Reigns in Congress as G.O.P. Defeats Multiply – The New York Times

The Royal Line of Succession – The New York Times

Death toll at 9 as storm destruction mounts in Southern California – The Los Angeles Times

Abcarian: In a righteous world, Trump couldn’t run. Does the Supreme Court live in that world? – The Los Angeles Times

The House speaker, already struggling to wield a thin majority, suffered a spectacular embarrassment Tuesday – CNN

Could royal health crisis mend split with Harry and Meghan? – CNN

Last Ark Out – Lift (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

From the Abyss to Minimalism – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Nevada will hold presidential primaries and caucuses, creating voter confusion but little suspense – The Associated press

Country singer-songwriter Toby Keith has died after battling stomach cancer – The Associated Press

Republicans fear they will be targets in Trump’s ‘retribution’ campaign – The Washington Post

Republican-Led House to Vote on Impeaching Mayorkas Over Border – The Washington Post

A Philosophy of Pleasure in “The Taste of Things” – The New Yorker

When Women Commit Violence – The New Yorker

A Democratic group in Michigan is urging a protest vote against President Biden in the primary over the Israel-Hamas war. – The New York Times

Republican-Led House to Vote on Impeaching Mayorkas Over Border – The New York Times

Death toll at 3 as California storm brings heavy rain, flooding, mudslides – The Los Angeles Times

Racist history lives on in millions of housing records. L.A. County is about to fix that – The Los Angeles Times

Nevada holds its presidential primaries — but Trump isn’t on the ballot – CNN

Ethan Iverson – Technically Acceptable (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Boeing flags potential delays after its supplier finds another problem with some 737 fuselages – The Associated Press

Fed on track to cut rates this year with inflation slowing and the economy healthy, Powell says – The Associated Press

Atmospheric river slams California with life-threatening flooding – The Washington Post

Grammy performances, ranked from best to worst – The Washington Post

A Teen’s Fatal Plunge Into the London Underworld – The New Yorker

The Immigration Battle in Washington, and the Real Crisis at the Border – The New Yorker

Best and Worst Moments From the 2024 Grammys – The New York Times

At Rally, Biden Promotes Promises Kept to Black and Hispanic Voters – The New York Times

‘Extremely dangerous situation’ unfolding in Hollywood Hills amid major mudslides, floodin – The Los Angeles Times

Monster storm forecast worsens for L.A., O.C.: The danger zones, the forecast, the warnings – The Los Angeles Times

Trump, his lawyers and opponents are braced for huge developments in legal battles – CNN

Senate’s proposed border deal could dramatically change immigration law – CNN

Scott Petito – Many Words (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Supreme Court to decide if Donald Trump is eligible to run in 2024 Election – The Associated Press

Energizing South Carolina’s Black voters is crucial to Biden as campaign looks ahead to swing states – The Associated Press

How one man’s advance planning brought Beatlemania to America – The Washington Post

I took the Margaritaville cruise. It’s like basic economy at sea. – The Washington Post

Lily Gladstone Is Holding the Door Open – The New Yorker

Where Will Virtual Reality Take Us? – The New Yorker

“Saturday Night Live” brought Nikki Haley into the mix. – The New York Times

President Biden won his first primary in South Carolina, where his 2020 victory began. – The New York Times

Thinking about romantic dining options in February? Our critic has 22 suggestions – The Los Angeles Times

James Dean made his last stop at this lonely gas station. Memories of him are fading – The Los Angeles Times

Nadia Washington – Hope Resurgence (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Slow & Steady Goes Beyond Jazz – DownBeat

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An Iranian-backed militia official downplays the US strikes in Iraq, hints at deescalation – The Associated Press

Target stops selling product dedicated to Civil Rights icons after TikTok video shows errors – The Associated Press

U.S. launches retaliatory strikes in Iraq and Syria, says more to come – The Washington Post

Northern Ireland gets its first Sinn Féin first minister in historic shift – The Washington Post

The Perverse Policies That Fuel Wildfires – The New Yorker

The Point of “Point Break” – The New Yorker

A City Built on Steel Tries to Reverse Its Decline – The New York Times

The Year Flaco the Owl Roamed Free – The New York Times

‘Prepare now’: California’s next storm may bring ‘life-threatening’ flooding – The Los Angeles Times

Column: Vandalism or street art? What the graffiti-tagged high-rises say about L.A. – The Los Angeles Times

Mark Zuckerberg made more than $28 billion this morning after Meta stock makes record surge – CNN

Carl Weathers, prolific actor famous for ‘Rocky’ and ‘The Mandalorian,’ dead at 76 – CNN

Danette McMahon – No More Excuses (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Sean Mason’s Southern Spirit of Celebration – DownBeat

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Haley insists she’s staying in the GOP race. Here’s how that could cause problems for Trump – The Associated Press

Groundhog Day Live Updates | Watch as Punxsutawney Phil makes his prediction – The Associated Press

‘Loud budgeting’ viral trend makes it chic to be cheap – The Washington Post

3 social media safety settings to check  – The Washington Post

“Feud: Capote vs. the Swans” Is a Simulacrum of a Scandal – The New Yorker

“How to Have Sex”: A Sharp Drama with Blank Characters – The New Yorker

China and the U.S. Are Talking, but Their Détente Has Limits – The New York Times

The Home of Carter G. Woodson, the Man Behind Black History Month – The New York Times

The Grammys have reformed, but the Recording Academy faces scrutiny over lingering abuse claims – The Los Angeles Times

How much rain is coming to L.A. County over the next week? A lot – The Los Angeles Times

Haley attacks Trump’s morals, age and wealth as she looks to stave off home state loss – CNN

Elmo asked us all how we were doing. Jake Tapper decided to ask him too – CNN

Andrea Superstein – Oh Mother (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Herb Alpert Proves That Dreams Do Come True – DownBeat

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Republican lawsuits challenge mail ballot deadlines. Could they upend voting across the country? – The Associated Press

Explosion strikes near vessel in the Red Sea off Yemen as Houthi rebel attacks continue – The Associated Press

House votes to expand child tax credit, beef up corporate tax breaks – The Washington Post

She was reprimanded for teaching a book on race. Then she tried again. – The Washington Post

The Opera “Chornobyldorf” Channels Ukrainian Rage and Sorrow – The New Yorker

How “Co-regulation” Became the Parenting Buzzword of the Day – The New Yorker

Elmo asked how everyone is doing on X. Elmo was not expecting it to open a yawning chasm of despair. – The New York Times

Can This A.I.-Powered Search Engine Replace Google? It Has for Our Columnist.– The New York Times

The planet is dangerously close to this climate threshold. Here’s what 1.5°C really means – The Los Angeles Times

This social service hotline you’ve never heard of could help pinpoint California’s next big crisis – The Los Angeles Times

Deadly drone attack caught Iran by surprise, officials say – CNN

This company is driving some of the first Tesla Semi trucks. Here’s what they’re learning – CNN

The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Live From The Northwest, 1959 (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Johnathan Blake: Story Teller – DownBeat

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2024 Grammys Preview: Five big questions ahead of Sunday’s award show– The Associated Press

NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ series has become a gigantic pop culture phenomeno – The Associated Press

Republicans advance Mayorkas’s impeachment as Democrats decry process as a sham – The Washington Post

Judge orders Tesla to undo Elon Musk’s $56 billion pay package – The Washington Post

How the Stanley Cup Went Viral – The New Yorker

Consider the Vulture – The New Yorker

The Women of ‘Feud: Capote vs. the Swans’ Are Birds of a Feather – The New York Times

Meta, TikTok and Other Tech Chiefs to Face Lawmakers on Child Safety Online – The New York Times

Democrats and Republicans find middle ground on California’s Prop. 1 to fund mental health care – The Los Angeles Times

A warm winter has left California’s snowpack in a dismal state. Will the new storms help? – The Los Angeles Times

Texas seized part of the US-Mexico border and blocked federal Border Patrol agents. Here’s what happened next – CNN

Top Biden super PAC set to make $250 million investment in fall ad campaign – CNN

Sanah Koudara – Duality (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move


News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


NASA’s retired Space Shuttle Endeavour moved to new home – The Associated Press

Documentary on ‘We Are the World’ goes deep inside recording session of starry 1985 charity single – The Associated Press

Biden faces treacherous political choices in answering deadly attack – The Washington Post

I was young and fit, and suddenly too exhausted to get out of bed – The Washington Post

Ukraine’s Democracy in Darkness – The New Yorker

Nine Regular People Tell Trump to Shut Up and Pay Up – The New Yorker

Biden Super PAC Plans a Historic $250 Million Ad Blitz – The New York Times

Focused Cuts and Fewer Layers: Tech Layoffs Enter a New Phase – The New York Times

As LAUSD enrollment plunges, only one school is overcrowded. Proposed fixes panic parents – The Los Angeles Times

Howdy Glenn, one of L.A.’s unsung Black country singers, finally gets his due from the Grammys – The Los Angeles Times

Retired conservative federal judge urges Supreme Court to disqualify Trump from office – CNN

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


US ‘shall respond’ after drone strike by Iran-backed group kills 3 US troops in Jordan, Biden says – The Associated Press

Taking away Trump’s business empire would stand alone under New York fraud law – The Associated Press

Surging Red Sea violence could imperil a fragile Yemen – The Washington Post

After Trump’s $88 million judgments, new penalty could come soon – The Washington Post

How to Have a More Productive Year – The New Yorker

Details Emerge on U.N. Workers Accused of Aiding Hamas Raid – The New York Times

After Vowing to Retaliate, Biden Must Weigh Risk of Wider War – The New York Times

Woman who clung to car to save stolen dog: ‘I held on to the windshield wipers’ – The Los Angeles Times

Joni Mitchell will perform at the 66th Grammy Awards next week – The Los Angeles Times

Derrick Gardner & The Jazz Prophets – Pan Africa (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Biden offers fresh assurances he would shut down border ‘right now’ if Congress sends him a deal – The Associated Press

A famed NYC museum is closing two Native American halls. Harvard and others have taken similar steps – The Associated Press

Haley taunts Trump. He takes the bait. Will she keep it up? –  The Washington Post

Black Americans aren’t enthusiastic about reparations yet. Here’s why. – The Washington Post

“Do I Have to Come Here Injured or Dead?” – The New Yorker

The Challenger Explosion – The New Yorker

Black Pastors Pressure Biden to Call for a Cease-Fire in Gaza – The New York Times

Carroll Promises to Do ‘Something Good’ With a Fortune Won From Trump – The New York Times

The 10 best movies we saw at Sundance – The Los Angeles Times

110 Freeway closures near downtown L.A. this weekend – The Los Angeles Times

The actual hidden truth on UFOs – CNN

Are Biden and Trump too old to run? – CNN

Markus Rutz – Storybook (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Donald Trump must pay an additional $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll in defamation case, jury says – The Associated Press

No diploma? No problem! Navy again lowers requirements as it struggles to meet recruitment goals – The Associated Press

One of Klimt’s ‘most beautiful’ portraits rediscovered after almost 100 years – The Washington Post

Cross burning in South Carolina stirs debate over hate-crimes laws – The Washington Post

The Future of Academic Freedom – The New Yorker

The One-Woman Show That Stars Two Women – The New Yorker

“America can do better than Donald Trump and Joe Biden,” Nikki Haley said after the verdict was announced. – The New York Times

Could the closure of Oakland’s only In-N-Out help the city with its crime problem? – The Los Angeles Times

12 don’t-miss home tours for Midcentury Modern fans at Palm Springs’ Modernism Week – The Los Angeles Times

Why the US economy is doing so much better than the rest of the world – CNN

Even Jenna Ortega can’t save the icky ‘90s throwback ‘Miller’s Girl’ – CNN

Jesse Davis – Live at Smalls Jazz Club (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Resourceful Talent on Display at South Beach Jazz Festival – DownBeat

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The top UN court is set to issue a preliminary ruling in a case accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza – The Associated Press

How To Tech: Why it’s important to turn on Apple’s new Stolen Device Protection – The Associated Press

U.N. court to deliver interim ruling in genocide case against Israel – The Washington Post

Haley presses on against Trump on the trail. Her fight is a lonely one. – The Washington Post

How to Eat a Tire in a Year – The New Yorker

The Meme-ification of American Politics – The New Yorker

Truman Capote Cashed In on His Friends’ Secrets. It Cost Him Everything. – The New York Times

White Columns Mixes Outsiders With Insiders – The New York Times

SAG-AFTRA defends Alec Baldwin after ‘Rust’ criminal charge: ‘An actor’s job is not to be a firearms or weapons expert’ – The Los Angeles Times

Taro iced coffee, ‘Turning Red’ and peach blossoms: Lunar New Year at Disneyland is here – The Los Angeles Times

Trump’s impatience is creating political risks for his campaign – CNN

Allan Harris – Live at Blue LLama (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Washington Ballet Celebrates Jazz’s Influence on Dance, Art – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


In-N-Out to close first location in its 75-year history due to a wave of car break-ins and robberies – The Associated Press

Martin Luther King’s daughter recalls late brother as strong guardian of their father’s legacy – The Associated Press

My first Sundance: Stars recall tales of couch surfing, bidding wars – The Washington Post

A Sherlock Holmes birthday itinerary: Trains, tweed and the Wessex Cup – The Washington Post

Rules for the Ruling Class – The New Yorker

The Best Books We Read This Week – The New Yorker

The Looming Contest Between Two Presidents and Two Americas – The New York Times

College Is All About Curiosity. And That Requires Free Speech. – The New York Times

‘Thousand-year storm’ leaves San Diego reeling from punishing rainfall, floods –  The Los Angeles Times

The mind-blowing comedy of Jacqueline Novak explodes in debut special ‘Get on Your Knees’ – The Los Angeles Times

Local GOP officials are predicting the return of many Republicans who were repulsed by Trump’s conduct in 2020 – CNN

These three African photographers are celebrating the birthplace of coffee – CNN

Dave Liebman – Live At Smalls (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Blindfold Test: Emmet Cohen – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Christopher Nolan talks ‘Oppenheimer’ Oscar success –  The Associated Press

Apple begins selling the Macintosh – The Associated Press

How Trump crushed Haley’s momentum and came closer to clinching the nomination – The Washington Post

NYPD investigates alleged chemical attack on pro-Palestinian protesters –  The Washington Post

The Campaign Against D.E.I. – The New Yorker

Dickson Despommier Wants Our Cities to Be Like Forests – The New Yorker

Nikki Haley, set to head to South Carolina, projected optimism despite the challenges facing her campaign. – The New York Times

The Lascivious, Decades-Long History Behind That Calvin Klein  – The New York Times

Broken chargers, lax oversight: How California’s troubled EV charging stations threaten emission goals –  The Los Angeles Times

A Black actor was denied a wig for a major Broadway tour. She’s now suing for racial discrimination – The Los Angeles Times

Martin Scorsese and John Williams just made Oscars history – CNN

More flowers are ‘selfing,’ scientists say. That could spell trouble for other species – CNN

Lakecia Benjamin – Phoenix (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

The Evolution of Nicholas Payton – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Live updates: Oscar nominations set to be released –  The Associated Press

Norman Jewison, acclaimed director of ‘In the Heat of the Night’ and ‘Moonstruck,’ dead at 97 – The Associated Press

Christopher Reeve doc ‘Super/Man’ leaves Sundance audience sobbing – The Washington Post

Supreme Court clears way for border agents to remove Texas wire barrier – The Washington Post

Will the Race Against Trump End in New Hampshire? – The New Yorker

Americans Are Finally Starting to Feel Better About the Economy – The New Yorker

In San Diego, Furious Deluge Floods Homes and Freeways – The New York Times

Dexter Scott King, Younger Son of Martin Luther King Jr., Dies at 62 – The New York Times

Oscar nominations 2024: Final predictions for all 23 categories – The Los Angeles Times

Rain soaks L.A. but shocks San Diego as deluge leads to hundreds of rescues amid flooding – The Los Angeles Times

Nicole Kidman shares update on possible third season of ‘Big Little Lies’ – CNN

‘Monsieur Spade’ casts Clive Owen in a series that’s nearly the stuff dreams are made of – CNN

Viktoria Tolstoy – Stealing Moments – Bayou Blue Radio-Paris-Move

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On Jan. 22, 1973 – Supreme Court declares right to abortion with Roe v Wade –  The Associated Press

Hearing complaints over property taxes, some Georgia lawmakers look to limit rising values – The Associated Press

Biden expands abortion, contraception protections on Roe anniversary – The Washington Post

Was the notion of a competitive Republican primary just a mirage? – The Washington Post

Sofia Coppola’s Path to Filming Gilded Adolescence – The New Yorker

Book:The Twins Obsession – The New Yorker

Haley Gets a Trump Matchup, but Now Faces the Trump Machine – The New York Times

The Lost DeSantis Moment – The New York Times

Thousands of CSU faculty vow to ‘shut down’ campuses in first systemwide strike – The Los Angeles Times

A California rep (and ex-Bernie booster) tries to get New Hampshire voters to write in Biden – The Los Angeles Times

What E. Jean Carroll must show to prevail in the defamation trial against Trump – CNN

Biden campaign puts reproductive rights front and center as it plans to tie Trump to abortion bans – CNN

Hot Club of Los Angeles – Nova – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

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Nikki Haley questions Trump’s mental fitness after he appears to confuse her for Nancy PelosiThe Associated Press

Grammys 2024: From how to watch the music-filled show to who’s nominated, here’s what to know – The Associated Press

New Hampshire’s independents could drive Republican primary outcome – The Washington Post

A daughter’s pregnancy and a life-or-death decision – The Washington Post

The Woman Who Spent Five Hundred Days in a Cave – The New Yorker

Ava DuVernay Wants to Build a New System – The New Yorker

Leave The Poor Princess Alone – The New York Times

Overlooked No More: Beatrix Potter, Author of ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ – The New York Times

The family and friend of slain ‘Rust’ cinematographer respond to Alec Baldwin’s new indictment – The Los Angeles Times

Patt Morrison: The death — or not? — of L.A.’s shopping malls – The Los Angeles Times

Marshall Gilkes and the WDR Big Band – Live Songs – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Why the back-to-back health announcements from King Charles III and Kate were so unusual – The Associated Press

Today in History: January 20, Franklin Roosevelt inaugurated on new, earlier date – The Associated Press

Biden advisers brainstorm best policy pitch to halt Trump’s rise – The Washington Post

Cartoon: Trump warns Supreme Court of ‘chaos and bedlam’ – The Washington Post

Portrait of the Artist as an Office Drone – The New Yorker

No One Painted Color Like Emily Mason – The New Yorker

For the Anti-Trump Wing of the G.O.P., It All Comes Down to Tuesday – The New York Times

The Legal Question at the Center of the Alec Baldwin Criminal Case – The New York Times

How IHeartComix’s super creativity took the event company from the L.A. music scene to Marvel – The Los Angeles Times

Malia Obama makes directorial debut with short film as part of Sundance Film Festival –  The Los Angels Times

Kirsten Edkins – Shapes and Soud (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Musicians 1st at Sam First – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


East and West coasts prepare for new rounds of snow and ice as deadly storms pound US – The Associated Press

Japan hopes to join an elite club by landing on the moon – The Asociated Press

Houthis target U.S.-owned tanker in 3rd attack in as many days – The Washington Post

Need advice? Join columnist Carolyn Hax’s weekly chat (Jan. 19 | 12 p.m. ET) – The Washington Post

Is A.I. the Death of I.P.? – The New Yorker

The Expansive Musical Range of Ryuichi Sakamoto –  The New Yorker

Sleater-Kinney’s “Little Rope” was born out of tragedy, but feels curiously restrained. – The New York Times

Sleater-Kinney’s “Little Rope” was born out of tragedy, but feels curiously restrained. – The New York Times

America needs an immigration debate — just not the one we’re having – The Los Angeles Times

Will a post-strike Sundance see a deal surge? What insiders are saying about the indie film market – The Los Angeles Times

Takeaways from Haley town hall – CNN

This train goes nowhere. Now it’s a luxury attraction – CNN

Youn Sun Nah – Elles – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

Billy Mohler’s Open Vision – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Pakistan’s retaliatory airstrikes in Iran kill 9 and raise tensions between the neighbors – The Associated Press

Trump lashes out at judge after he threatens to boot Trump from courtroom – The Associated Press

U.S. Navy carries out new round of strikes against Houthis in Yemen – The Washington Post

Election 2024 latest news: Anti-Trump Republicans seek to stall his momentum in N.H. – The Washington Post

Chance the Cat -(fiction) – The New Yorker

E. Jean Carroll and the Trump Doom Loop – The New Yorker

Falling Domestic Fares and an A.I. Arms Race: What Travelers Can Expect in 2024  – The New York Times

How Coffee Farmers in Hawaii Fought Counterfeit Kona Beans – The New York Times

Interview: California’s newest senator, Laphonza Butler, on Trump, Gaza and her future – The Los Angeles Times

Column: The George Carlin auto-generated comedy special is everything wrong with AI right now – The Los Angeles Times

Trump’s appointees are poised to give conservatives another long-sought reversal – CNN

Pierce Brosnan pleads not guilty to walking in thermal areas at Yellowstone National Park – CNN

Max Beesley’s High Vibes – Zeus (ENG review) –  Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

A Bounty of Documentaries – DownBeat

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DeSantis and Haley have a one-week sprint ahead of the New Hampshire primary as Trump leads the way – The Associated Press

Trump sex abuse accuser E. Jean Carroll is set to testify in the defamation trial over his denials – The Associated Press

Solving the mystery of Clive Owen’s staying power – The Washington Post

Trump can win the rural vote. But can he win where it counts? – The Washington Post

The Anxious Precision of Jacqueline Novak’s Comedy – The New Yorker

An Economics Lesson from Tolstoy – The New Yorker

For Biden, Another Trump Nomination Presents Opportunity, and Great Risk – The New York Times

Nikki Haley is looking to New Hampshire with a focus on independents. – The New York Times

Immigration debate deeply divides California Democrats, poll finds –  The Los Angeles Times

Nikki Haley’s best — and perhaps last — chance to beat Trump is next week in New Hampshire – The Los Angeles Times

More than 60,000 in the Northwest without power after freezing rain –  CNN

These mind-bending mirrors have appeared in Qatar’s desert. Here’s why – CNN

Menagerie – The Shores Of Infinity (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Trump leads GOP rightward march and other takeaways from the Iowa caucuse – The Associated Press

Ex-President Donald Trump set to face jury over sex abuse and defamation claims – The Associated Press

Bernie Sanders to force vote on Israel’s human rights practices in Gaza – The Washington Post

Roads are treacherous in the region as District posts first inch of snow in two years – The Washington Post

A New Life – The New Yorker

“All of Us Strangers” Is a Romantic Fantasy About Filmmaking – The New Yorker

The Point, Our New Opinion Blog: Iowa Reactions, Trump, the Emmys – The New York Times

In Frigid Texas, Will the Power Grid Be Able to Keep the Heat On? – The New York Times

Column: Soaked in nostalgia, the best Emmys in years showed how much TV has changed – The Los Angeles Times

Elton John joins the EGOT ranks as Dodger Stadium farewell special wins Emmy – The Los Angeles Times

‘The Bear’ actor and real-life chef Matty Matheson cooks up wild Emmys acceptance speech –  CNN

Marius Van Den Brink – New York Knock (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Denmark will proclaim a new king as Queen Margrethe signs historic abdication – The Associated Press

US says Texas blocked border agents from entering park to try to save 3 migrants who drowned – The Associated Press

How Lloyd Austin’s medical mystery ignited a firestorm – The Washington Post

Tom Shales, Pulitzer-winning TV critic of fine-tuned wit, dies at 79 – The Washington Post

The Price of Netanyahu’s Ambition – The New Yorker

Dickson Despommier Wants Our Cities to Be Like Forests – The New Yorker

Leon Wildes, Immigration Lawyer Who Defended John Lennon, Dies at 90 – The New York Times

‘True Detective: Night Country’ – The New York Times

California bill paves way for psychedelic therapy after failure to legalize ‘magic mushrooms’ – The Los Angeles Times

A rising star at celebrity trials like O.J. Simpson’s. Then a quiet, mysterious death – The Los Angeles Times

Analysis $88 trillion in debt and a wave of elections. World leaders are hamstrung – CNN

Flights canceled across the US due to winter weather – CNN

Jun Lida – Evergreen (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

The Caroline House – Bed and Breakfast – Bayou Blue Radio

Jun Lida – Evergreen (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Winter storm to bring snow, winds, ice and life-threatening chill to US, forecasters warn – The Associated Press

Donald Trump ordered to pay The New York Times and its reporters nearly $400,000 in legal fees – The Associated Press

In Yemen’s Houthis, U.S. and Britain face a ready, war-tested foe – The Washington Post

He spent his life building a $1 million stereo. The real cost was unfathomable. – The Washington Post

“True Detective: Night Country” Finds the Heart of Darkness – The New Yorker

Coming of Age at the Dawn of the Social Internet – The New Yorker

‘Succession’ Auctions Off ‘Ludicrously Capacious Bag’ and Other Props – The New York Times

Microsoft Tops Apple to Become Most Valuable Public Company – The New York Times

Opinion: How the International Court of Justice can hold Israel accountable in Gaza – The Los Angeles Times

Jonathan Majors dropped from Dennis Rodman movie following conviction – The Los Angeles Times

Huge network of ancient cities uncovered in the Amazon rainforest – CNN

For many Iowa voters, Trump’s legal troubles are a selling point – CNN

Jacob Manz – The Answer (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Fred Irby III: Hall of Fame for Jazz Education – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Houthi rebels say US-led strikes in Yemen killed 5 of their forces, raising Mideast tensions – The Associated Press

Worried about losing in 2024, Iowa’s Republican voters are less interested in talking about abortion – The Associated Press

Planet’s most abnormally cold air to surge into Lower 48 states – The Washington Post

Trump assails judge in courtroom speech as N.Y. fraud trial winds down – The Washington Post

Nikki Haley Seeks an Iowa Surge as the Last G.O.P. Moderate in the Race – The New Yorker

The Shareable Feast of Jeremy Allen White’s Calvin Klein Ad – The New Yorker

The Cultural Catastrophe of a Second Trump Term – The New York Times

Much of what you think about California grizzlies is wrong – The Los Angeles Times

Jo Koy grades himself on the Golden Globes, prepares for Kia Forum shows – The Los Angeles Times

In ‘True Detective: Night Country,’ Jodie Foster gets snowed in by side plots – CNN

Hertz is selling 20,000 electric vehicles to buy gasoline cars instead – CNN

Phil’s Roadhouse & Grill – Bayou Blue Radio

Tim Jackson: Lifetime Achievement for Presenting – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Over 50 countries go to the polls in 2024. The year will test even the most robust democracies – The Associated Press

Speaker Johnson is facing conservative pushback over the spending deal he struck with Democrats– The Associated Press

Haley, DeSantis bicker in fierce Iowa debate without Trump – The Washington Post

Chinese research vessels linked to country’s army map the Indian Ocean for submarine warfare – The Washington Post

Kate Zambreno Collects Herself – The New Yorker

Queen of Crime (Agatha Christie) – The New Yorker

With Christie Out, Haley Is Poised to Benefit in New Hampshire – The New York Times

Subway Delayed Again? Might Be Caused by a Brake Prank. – The New York Times

Forecast warned of ‘considerable’ avalanche danger ahead of Tahoe fatality – The Los Angeles Times

California’s biggest winter storm so far is on its way. Will it put a dent in the ‘snow drought’? – The Los Angeles Times

McDonald’s is bringing back a fan favorite after four years – CNN

Ashley Judd on the power of loving and letting go – CNN

Gerald Cannon – Live at Dizzy’s Club (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Winter Festivals, Conferences to Fuel Intense Week of Jazz in New York – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


A one-on-one debate between Haley and DeSantis could help decide the Republican alternative to Trump – The Associated Press

Trump warns of ‘Pandora’s box’ of perpetual presidential prosecutions if charges against him stand – The Associated Press

Violent political threats surge as 2024 begins, haunting American democracy – The Washington Post

New Hampshire looms as Haley’s last chance to stop Trump – The Washington Post

The Playwright Has a Few More Changes – The New Yorker

Has School Become Optional? – The New Yorker

Tornadoes, Blizzards, Floods: Severe Storms Hit Vast Sections of U.S. – The New York Times

Aliens Have Never Been More Alluring – The New York Times

How will the Boeing 737 Max 9 problem affect air travel? – The Los Angeles Times

How one acclaimed poet’s long, private letter became a short, stunning novel – The Los Angeles Times

Francesco Crosara – Circular Motion (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio-Paris-Move

Blue Note Quintet to Tour in Support of Label’s 85th Year – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Central US walloped by blizzard conditions, closing highways, schools and government offices – The Associated Press

Trump to return to federal court as judges hear arguments on whether he is immune from prosecution – The Associated Press

Austin leaves intensive care amid growing scrutiny of Pentagon secrecy – The Washington Post

United finds loose bolts on Boeing jets grounded after blowout incident – The Washington Post

What Could Tip the Balance in the War in Ukraine? – The New Yorker

Did an Abortion Ban Cost a Young Texas Woman Her Life? – The New Yorker

Here’s a timeline of former President Trump’s pressure campaign to overturn the 2020 election. – The New York Times

Panel on Boeing Plane May Not Have Been Properly Attached, Agency Says – The New York Times

Questions about NASA’s Mars Sample Return mission put JPL jobs in jeopardy – The Los Angeles Times

The best looks from the 2024 Golden Globes – The Los Angeles Times

CNN Poll: Haley trims Trump’s lead to single digits in New Hampshire – CNN

Willem Dafoe honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame –  CNN

Andrea Sabatino feat. Vince Abbracciante – Melodico (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


A chaotic Golden Globes night had a bit of everything: The silly, the serious, and Taylor Swift, tooThe Associated Press

Trump is promising to reduce inflation. His plans may reignite it. – The Washington Post

Where is the voice to unite a divided America? – The Washington Post

How Trump Captured Iowa’s Religious Right – The New Yorker

What Frantz Fanon and Ian Fleming Agreed On – The New Yorker

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Hundreds of convictions, but a major mystery is still unsolved 3 years after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot – The Associated Press

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News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


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News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


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