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No survivors found after plane that flew over DC and led to fighter jet scramble crashes in Virginia – The Associated Press

Prince Harry a no-show on first day of court showdown with British tabloid publisher – The Associated Press

Defend ‘every inch’ of NATO territory? New strategy is a work in progress. – The Washington Post

The ‘Minnesota Miracle’ should serve as a model for Democrats – The Washington Post

How the Marvel Cinematic Universe Swallowed Hollywood – The New Yorker

The Perils and Potential of the Runaway Imagination – The New Yorker

US Postal Service releases national dog bite rankings – CNN

Supreme Court’s conservative majority to decide direction of law on race, elections and religious freedom this month – CNN

Steven Feifke – Catalyst (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris Move

DownBeat Hall of Fame – DownBeat


Indian railways official says error in signaling system led to crash that killed over 300 people – The Associated Press

Apple is expected to unveil sleek headset aimed at thrusting the masses into alternate realities – The Associated Press

NATO-trained units will serve as tip of spear in Ukraine’s counteroffensive – The Washington Post

One reason for the surprise jobs boom? Immigrants are back. –  The Washington Post

Child Labor Is on the Rise – The New Yorker

How Richard Hell Found His Vocation – The New Yorker

These decisions weren’t popular. Jimmy Carter made them anyway – CNN

Bear destroys 60 cupcakes after breaking into Connecticut bakery – CNN

Republican Mike Pence in the race for the presidency – Bayou Blue Radio

Final Bar: Kidd Jordan, Karl Berger, Harrison Bankhead –  DownBeat


India train crash kills over 280, injures 900 in one of nation’s worst rail disasters – The Associated Press

Tragedy that left 5 dead or missing puts spotlight on safety in Alaska charter fishing industry – The Associated Press

One reason for the surprise jobs boom? Immigrants are back. – The Washington Post

Are you middle class? – The Washington Post

Look What Taylor Made Us Do – The New Yorker

Ted Koppel on Covering—and Befriending—Henry Kissinger – The New Yorker

Why full planes and small seats could be a problem – CNN

How to end Trumpism – CNN

AZURA (Maxime Perrin Group) – Ardente Abissu – reedition 2023 (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris Move

End of an Avant-Festival Era in Victoriaville – DownBeat


Just days to spare, Senate gives final approval to debt ceiling deal, sending it to Biden – The associated Press

Meta tests blocking news content on Instagram, Facebook for some Canadians – The Associated Press

Senate approves debt ceiling deal. Here’s how your senators voted. – The Washington Post

In Washington, a minor debt deal is worthy of major admiration – The Washington Post

The Secret Sound of Stax – The New Yorker

The Abortion Fight Has Voters Turning to Ballot Initiatives – The New Yorker

US court to hear challenge over Prince Harry’s visa following drug revelations –  CNN

Why the Trump tape is so important for the documents investigation – CNN

Marc Ciprut – Blue House (ENG review) – Bayou Bleu Radio/Paris Move

David Hajdu Finds Love, Anarchy in a Single NYC Building – DownBeat


Prosecutors have tape of Trump discussing holding onto classified doc after leaving office – The Associated Press

After sailing though House on bipartisan vote, Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling deal now goes to Senate – The Associated Press

Sidestepping crisis, Biden and McCarthy claim victory in debt deal – The Washington Post

In a deep red Florida county, a student-teacher revolt shames the right– The Washington Post

A Confession Exposes India’s Secret Hacking Industry – The New Yorker

Who Is Matty Healy? -The New Yorker

Talk of Racism Proves Thorny for G.O.P. Candidates of Color – The New York Times

Danny Masterson, ‘That ’70s Show’ actor, found guilty of rape – CNN

US defense secretary says ongoing lack of communication with China could lead to incident that could ‘spiral out of control’ – CNN

Editorial June 2023 – Bayou Blue Radio

Lucy Yeghiazaryan’s Raw Solitude – DownBeat


Ahead of debt ceiling vote, Biden shores up Democrats and McCarthy scrambles for GOP support – The Associated Press

Nevada Republican governor approves abortion protections in cross-party move – The Associated Press

At Harvard, Tom Hanks offered an increasingly rare moment of grace – The Washington Post

Kari Lake’s apparent VP ambitions should make the GOP nervous – The Washington Post

Kim Petras Wants to Be a Superstar – The New Yorker

The Long Afterlife of Libertarianism – The New Yorker

Alleged Russian ‘spy’ whale now in Swedish waters – CNN

Xi Jinping tells China’s national security chiefs to prepare for ‘worst case’ scenarios – CNN

Marc Ciprut – Blue House (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Blindfold Test: Dave Liebman – DownBeat


Russia says drones damage Moscow buildings in pre-dawn attack, blames Ukraine – The Associated Press

Jan. 6 rioters are raking in thousands in donations. Now the US is coming after their haul – The Associated Press

We need more politicians as fluent in ‘lower middlebrow’ as Biden and Trump – The Washington Post

Biden’s underrated deal-making prowess strikes again – The Washington Post

The Case For and Against Ed Sheeran – The New Yorker

The Rise of Latino White Supremacy – The New Yorker

Obama agreed to $2.1 trillion in spending cuts to end 2011 debt ceiling crisis. Here’s what happened next. – CNN

A Maine state trooper shot at a truck approaching the US-Canada border with a sign indicating there was an explosive on board, police say – CNN

Fuat Tuaç – Immigrant (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

David Murray/Brad Jones/Hamid Drake – Seriana Promethea – DownBeat


Debt ceiling deal: What’s in, what’s out of the bill to avert US default – The Associated Press

Trump’s welcome of Scott into 2024 race shows his calculus: The more GOP rivals, the better for him – The Associated Press

What the Memorial Day weekend debt ceiling deal teaches us about politics – The Washington Post

Technical issues weren’t Ron DeSantis’s biggest problem – The Washington Post

How to Hire a Pop Star for Your Private Party – The New Yorker

How “Barry” Went from Hollywood Satire to Existential Epic – The New Yorker

The Mystery of the Disappearing van Gogh – The New York Times

China says it wants peace in Ukraine, but is it only on Russia’s terms? – CNN

4 great white sharks detected in waters off New York and New Jersey ahead of Memorial Day – CNN

Jean-Louis Murat – his poetic legacy – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

SFJAZZ Collective New Works Reflecting The Moment – DownBeat


Biden, GOP reach debt-ceiling deal, now Congress must approve it to prevent calamitous default – The Associated Press

Why Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s impeachment fight isn’t finished yet – The Associated Press

Biden, McCarthy reach ‘agreement in principle’ to raise debt ceiling as default looms – The Washington Post

Give D.C.’s grand movie palace a Hollywood ending – The Washington Post

Tom Hanks on the Rewards and “Vicious Reality” of Making Movies – The New Yorker

What Can Ron DeSantis Do Now? – The New Yorker

Check the price tag before grabbing a bottle of ketchup for your barbecue – CNN

Americans to spend $1.6 billion less on gas this Memorial Day weekend – CNN

Dhaivat Jani Plus – Sum//Parts (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Hancock Institute Piano Competition Finals To Happen Oct. 14–15 – DownBeat

Biden says debt deal ‘very close’ even as two sides far apart on work requirements – The Associated Press

Teen workers are in high demand for summer and commanding better pay – The Associated Press

Congress wants to regulate AI. Here’s where to start. – The Washington Post

Debt ceiling negotiators race to cement deal before June 5 deadline – The Washington Post

E. Jean Carroll Discusses Trump’s Comeuppance – The New Yorker

A New Way to Hear Some Revelatory Charlie Parker Bootlegs – The New Yorker

‘Murderers’ and ‘criminals’: Meteorologists face unprecedented harassment from conspiracy theorists – CNN

Man who terrified passengers by opening aircraft door midair ‘wanted to get off quickly’ – CNN

Jan Cronin – I Thought About you (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris Move

Mentorship Initiative To Honor Michele Rosewoman – DownBeat


What to know about Texas’ extraordinary move to impeach GOP Attorney General Ken Paxton – The Associated Press

Movie Review: Disenchantment under the sea in live-action ‘The Little Mermaid’ – The Associated Press

Sunny weather in southern Ukraine suggests new fighting season has begun – The Washington Post

For Republicans, Ron DeSantis offers the best of two worlds – The Washington Post

The History of Nepo Babies Is the History of Humanity – The New Yorker

It Was More Than a #DeSaster – The New Yorker

FBI file reveals 1983 plot to kill Queen Elizabeth II during US visit – CNN

Washington Post: Trump employees moved boxes day before DOJ went to Mar-a-Lago – CNN

Goodbye Tina… – Bayou Blue Radio

Jazzahead! Showcases Eclectic Fluidity – DownBeat

Elon Musk wants to build a digital town square. But his debut for DeSantis had a tech failure. – The Associated Press

McCarthy’s Republicans push debt ceiling talks to brink, lawmakers leaving town for weekend – The Associated Press

Democrats’ worry grows over White House approach to debt talks – The Washington Post

A Fla. school restricted Amanda Gorman’s book. Here’s what to know. – The Washington Post

The Discovery of a Little-Known History of the Nuremberg Trials – The New Yorker

From an Amazon Warehouse to the Whitney – The New Yorker

Why DeSantis is just as dangerous as Trump – or more – CNN

The DeSantis-Musk alliance was a year in the making – CNN

Are Republicans obsessed with sexuality? – Bayou Blue Radio

Cory Wong’s Funky Pep Rally – DownBeat


One year after Uvalde shooting, investigation of police response continues – The Associated Press

Super Typhoon Mawar passing over Guam as Category 4 storm with strong winds, rain – The Associated Press

A year after Uvalde, officers who botched response face few consequences – The Washington Post

Invoking the 14th Amendment to resolve the debt crisis is a bad idea – The Washington Post

Stephen Satterfield Puts Black Cuisine at the Center of U.S. History – The New Yorker

What Is Biden’s Endgame in the Debt-Ceiling Standoff? – The New Yorker

Yellowstone National Park says encounter between park visitor and bison calf forced authorities to euthanize animal – CNN

Emma Heming Willis shares update on Bruce Willis’ health – CNN

Projet Seb Parent (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Kendrick Scott: In Search of Implied Harmony – DownBeat


How to structural racism create heath disparities for black americans – from birth to death – The Associated Press

No debt ceiling agreement, but Biden and McCarthy call White House talks productive – The Associated Press

Texas pushes church into state with bills on school chaplains, Ten Commandments– The Washington Post

CNN needs a new chief. Here’s the ideal candidate. – The Washington Post

What We Owe Our Trees – The New Yorker

Why the Pro-Life Movement Can’t Quit Trump – The New Yorker

Prince Harry loses legal bid to pay for police protection while in UK – CNN

Trump’s legal dramas overshadow his campaign as GOP field grows – CNN

The downfall of a former president. – Bayou Blue Radio

Blindfold Test: Orrin Evans – DownBeat


With all the politics and maneuvering, how is life in Florida changing for its residents? – The Associated Press

Debt ceiling explained: Why it’s a struggle in Washington and how the impasse could end – The Associated Press

Why Montana is emerging as a must-watch climate battleground – The Washington Post

Audiences want a different climate change message. Hollywood should deliver. – The Washington Post

The Tortured Bond of Alice Sebold and the Man Wrongfully Convicted of Her Rape – The New Yorker

Ed Templeton’s Unsparing Photographic Diary of Skateboarding Life – The New Yorker

The latest on Bakhmut and Russia’s war in Ukraine – CNN

A cerebral rock star is dead – CNN

Anthony Hervey – Words From My Horn (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris – Move

The Marco Polo of MoonJune Records – DownBeat


Biden: GOP must move off ‘extreme’ positions, no debt limit deal solely on its ‘partisan terms’ – The Associated Press

Lawyer who quit Trump legal team cites disagreements with Trump adviser as basis for departure – The Associated Press

With Bakhmut ‘only in our hearts,’ Zelensky makes impassioned G-7 plea – The Washington Post

For one family, Florida abortion law made a devastating loss into ‘torture’ – The Washington Post

Guns, Trump, and the G.O.P. – The New Yorker

Martin Amis’s Comic Music – The New Yorker

Why foldable phones are so incredibly expensive – CNN

The multiracial aristocracy depicted in ‘Queen Charlotte’ is a dangerous distortion – CNN

Anthony E. Nelson Jr. – Swinging Sunset (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Book Review: ‘Rhythm Man: Chick Webb and the Beat that Changed America’ – DownBeat


2024 Republican hopefuls rush to defend Marine who put NYC subway rider in fatal chokehold – The Associated Press

In Cannes, Harrison Ford bids adieu to Indiana Jones – The Associated Press

Gun and abortion laws have made Texas a woman’s nightmare – The Washington Post

For one family, Florida abortion law made a devastating loss into ‘torture’ – The Washington Post

Upstaged by Marlon Brando – The New Yorker

“Debt-Limit Terror” Is No Way to Run a Superpower – The New Yorker

NYC to give out 500 Apple AirTags for residents to put in their cars to combat car theft – CNN

What really happened during Prince Harry and Meghan’s New York car chase? – CNN

Hazelrigg Brothers – Synchronicity II (ENG review) – Paris-Move

Anthony Branker Explores Sense of Place – DownBeat


Zelenskyy to attend G7 summit Sunday as world leaders tighten sanctions against Russia over Ukraine – The Associated Press

FBI employees testify on GOP politicization claims after losing clearances – The Associated Press

U.S. officials walk back claim drone strike killed senior al-Qaeda leader – The Washington Post

The West fiddles as Haiti unravels – The Washington Post

“Debt-Limit Terror” Is No Way to Run a Superpower – The New Yorker

The Birth of the Personal Computer – The New Yorker

Disney rocks DeSantis ahead of expected White House bid announcement – CNN

What really happened during Prince Harry and Meghan’s New York car chase? – CNN

Harry and Meghan, victims of the English media system! –  Bayou Blue Radio

Very Very Circus Strikes a Threadgill Groove at Long Play Festival – DownBeat


China’s loans pushing world’s poorest countries to brink of collapse – The Associated Press

Russia fires 30 cruise missiles at Ukrainian targets; Ukraine says 29 were shot down – The Associated Press

Texas lawmakers vote to ban gender-affirming care for trans children – The Washington Post

DeSantis’s book banners face a tough new foe: Angry moms with lawyers – The Washington Post

How to Quit Cars – The New Yorker

The Fight for the Soul of a School Board – The New Yorker

New glimpse into documents case suggests a fateful new reckoning is looming over Trump –  CNN

Prince Harry and Meghan allege ‘near catastrophic’ paparazzi car chase in NY – CNN

Hazelrigg Brothers – Synchronicity II (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Nik Bärtsch Delivers Meditative Solo Piano Concert at Bergamo Jazz Fest – DownBeat


North Carolina GOP overrides veto of 12-week abortion limit, allowing it to become law– The Associated Press

Black victims of violenct crime disproportionaly denied aid in many states – The Associated Press

North Carolina bans abortion past 12 weeks, overriding governor veto – The Washington Post

McCarthy’s big breakthrough – The Washington Post

How Philipp Plein Became the King of Lowbrow High Fashion – The New Yorker

Carole King on Capitol Hill – The New Yorker


A lonely nation: Has the notion of the ‘American way’ promoted isolation across history? – The Associated Press

Special prosecutor ends Trump-Russia investigation, saying FBI acted hastily – The Associated Press

Ukraine intercepts missiles as Russia steps up strikes on Kyiv – The Washington Post

Banning AI saved humanity in ‘Dune.’ So why can’t this work for us? – The Washington Post

How a Disaster Expert Prepares for the Worst – The New Yorker

The Vanishing Acts of Vladimir Putin – The New Yorker

Best Vacation Spots in Europe for Summer 2023 – Bayou Blue Radio

Tomasz Stańko: Soundtrack to Freedom – DownBeat


AI presents political peril for 2024 with threat to mislead voters – The Associated Press

Minneapolis city council nomination brawlers could be expelled from Minnesota Democratic Party – The Associated Press

Wagner chief offered to give Russian troop locations to Ukraine, leak says – The Washington Post

Nancy Pelosi explains: San Francisco values are American values – The Washington Post

Earth League International Hunts the Hunters – The New Yorker

Chicago’s Unlikeliest Mayor, Brandon Johnson – The New Yorker

Brace yourselves, travelers: This summer could be ‘one for the record books’ – CNN

2 dead, 5 injured following shooting involving teens in Yuma, Arizona – CNN

Towards the end of AM radios in the USA – Bayou Blue Radio

The Marco Polo of MoonJune Records – DownBeat


Ukrainian president says counteroffensive does not aim to attack Russian territory – The Associated Press

A year after mass shooting at Buffalo supermarket, bells to toll for victims – The Associated Press

My grandma has always made the hardest things seem simple — even living to 100 – The Washington Post

Who is conservative activist Leonard Leo? A friend of Clarence Thomas. – The Washington Post

Remembering My Hijacking – The New Yorker

Joan Baez Is Still Doing Beautiful, Cool Stuff – The New Yorker

A mother was raising her son in a city she loved. Then San Francisco changed and stole her boy – CNN

Florida teen is arrested after fake bomb threats force disruptions at Ft. Lauderdale airport, multiple schools – CNN

Towards the end of AM radios in the USA – Bayou Blue Radio

Snidero Writes to Rosenwinkel’s Sounds, Concepts & Range – DownBeat


DeSantis, Trump look to sway Iowa GOP activists at dueling events – The Associated Press

‘Why can’t there be a system?’: Tribe pushes to ease US border crossings for Native Americans – The Associated Press

What Joe Biden needs to say to Howard’s Class of 2023 – The Washington Post

Milk shake-up: High school student sues school district over dairy flap – The Washington Post

The Price of a Father’s Labor – The New Yorker

What Bluesky Tells Us About the Future of Social Media – The New Yorker

The Superbloom Is a Glimpse of California’s Past – The New Yorker

Germany to supply Ukraine with largest aid package yet, worth nearly $3 billion – CNN

Where to travel in 2023: The best destinations to visit – CNN

Kurt Elling & Charlie Hunter – SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris Move

Snidero Writes to Rosenwinkel’s Sounds, Concepts & Range – DownBeat


Title 42 has ended. Here’s what it did, and how US immigration policy is changing – The Associated Press

Trump’s sexual assault verdict marks a rare moment of accountability. And women are noticing – The Associated Press

How to correctly host a town hall with Trump – The Washington Post

What does the GOP have on Biden? A whole lot of nothin’. The Washington Post

Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Perilous Power of Respectability – The New Yorker – The New Yorker

The Anonymous Postcard That Inspired a French Best-Seller –  The New Yorker

Anderson Cooper addresses criticism about Trump town hall – CNN

8 takeaways from Trump’s CNN town hall in New Hampshire – CNN

Patricia Brennan: Blindfold Test – DownBeat

Artificial intelligence – virtual intelligence – Bayou Blue Radio


Takeaways from Trump’s CNN town hall: election lies and attacks on E. Jean Carroll – The Associated Press

Expel George Santos? GOP leaders aren’t ready to take that step – The Associated Press

Texas uses aggressive tactics to arrest migrants as Title 42 ends – The Washington Post

Donald Trump steamrolls CNN’s town hall – The Washington Post

The System That Failed Jordan Neely – The New Yorker

The Vindication of E. Jean Carroll – The New Yorker

8 takeaways from Trump’s CNN town hall in New Hampshire – CNN

The most popular search engine in the world is about to look different – CNN

The downfall of a former president. – Bayou Blue Radio

The Newark Flash – DownBeat


CNN’s town hall with Trump takes on higher stakes after sexual abuse verdict – The Associated Press

New York Rep. George Santos facing federal criminal charges, AP sources say – The Associated Press

Sexual abuse verdict renews Republican doubts about Trump’s electability – The Washington Post

At last, a measure of justice for Donald Trump – The Washington Post

Notes from Prince Harry’s Ghostwriter – The New Yorker

The Vindication of E. Jean Carroll – The New Yorker

Trump’s latest court loss may not hurt primary bid, but some Republicans raise alarm about 2024 viability – CNN

How to watch CNN’s town hall with former President Donald Trump – CNN

Dara Starr Tucker (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

Wayne Shorter: The Final Interview – DownBeat


Texas shooter who killed 8 wore ‘RWDS’ patch linked to far-right extremists – The Associated Press

Trump forum a big test for CNN, moderator Kaitlan Collins – The Associated Press

Most U.S. adults say the abortion pill mifepristone should stay on the market, Post-ABC poll finds – The Washington Post

Google promised to delete data about visits to abortion clinics. It hasn’t. – The Washington Post

Turkey’s Earthquake Election – The New Yorker

How Joe Biden’s Economic Ratings Could Rebound with Voters – The New Yorker

Fox News anchor Bret Baier’s reputation takes hit after text messages reveal what he said in wake of 2020 election – CNN

Three experts explain America’s gun politics – CNN

Growing Up Monk – DownBeat

EDITO Bayou Blue Radio is back! – Bayou Blue Radio


Source: Investigators examine ideology of Texas gunman – The Associated Press

Far-right activist Ammon Bundy’s latest standoff is in court – The Associated Press

Investigators examine Texas gunman’s white-supremacist views after 8 killed – The Washington Post

Washington and Wall Street brace for White House debt ceiling talks – The Washington Post

Notes from Prince Harry’s Ghostwriter – The New Yorker

Watching “Succession” Amid the Fox News Scandals – The New Yorker

New details emerge about Texas outlet mall shooter as investigators continue to probe for motive – CNN

Witnesses describe horrifying crash that left 8 dead outside a Texas shelter housing migrants – CNN

Benny Golson: Fortunate Whispers – DownBeat

Lauren Henderson – Conjuring (ENG review) – BayouBlue Radio – Paris-Move


‘We started running’: 8 killed in Texas outlet mall shooting – The Associated Press

Black voters backing Biden, but not with 2020 enthusiasm – The Associated Press

Senior Ukrainian officials fear counterattack may not live up to hype – The Washington Post

At least 9 killed, including gunman, after Texas mall shooting – The Washington Post

Will Trump’s Crimes Matter on the Campaign Trail? – The New Yorker

Ending the Covid Public Health Emergency Isn’t All Good News – The New Yorker

Prince Harry is already back in the US after quick coronation appearance – CNN

Her dad was diagnosed with cancer. To honor him, this teen has donated thousands of books to kids in hospitals – CNN

JJA Announces 2023 Jazz Award Nominations – DownBeat

Lauren Henderson – Conjuring (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move


King Charles III crowned in ancient rite at uncertain moment – The Associated Press

Charges in NYC chokehold death may hinge on ‘reasonableness’ – The Associated Press

Charles III, Camilla crowned amid fanfare – The Washington Post

DeSantis’s Disney attacks are pointless political pantomime – The Washington Post

In the Post-Roe Era, Letting Pregnant Patients Get Sicker—by Design – The New Yorker

Will the (Russian) Empire Strike Back? – The New Yorker

Anti-monarchists see an opportunity to prove their point in the coronation events. – The New York Times

King Charles III and Queen Camilla are crowned – CNN

Fashion at the Coronation: What the guests wore – CNN

Samara Joy To Release Expanded Versions of ‘Linger Awhile’ – DownBeat

Miles Electric Band (MEB) – That You Not Dare to Forget (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move


Russia’s Wagner boss threatens to pull his troops out of Bakhmut – The Associated Press

King’s coronation draws apathy, criticism in former colonies – The Associated Press

Judicial activist directed fees to Clarence Thomas’s wife, urged ‘no mention of Ginni’ – The Washington Post

‘Financial Armageddon’: What would U.S. default actually look like? – The Washington Post

Jordan Neely’s Death and a Critical Moment in the Homelessness Crisis – The New Yorker

“BlackBerry” Tracks a Tech Dream That Died – The New Yorker

Fresh January 6 convictions raise the stakes for Trump – CNN

Arrest made in killing of woman found dead along a hiking trail in Phoenix – CNN

Isaiah J. Thompson Wins American Pianists Awards – DownBeat

Charles III, the unpopular king, the end of the monarchy? – Bayou Blue Radio


Police arrest suspect in Atlanta shooting; 1 dead, 4 wounded – The Associated Press

Trump calls rape claim ‘ridiculous’ in video deposition – The Associated Press

Behind Trump’s musical tribute to some of the most violent Jan. 6 rioters – The Washington Post

In (grudging) defense of Ed Sheeran — and all musicians – The Washington Post

A Fire Started in Waco. Thirty Years Later, It’s Still Burning – The New Yorker

Jonah Peretti Has Regrets About BuzzFeed News – The New Yorker

Little makes sense about a drone attack on the Kremlin. Except this –  CNN

Trump doesn’t plan to put on a defense case in E. Jean Carroll trial, his lawyer says – CNN

The Orchestral Jazz Musings of Vince Mendoza – DownBeat

Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke – Lean In (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move


Texas manhunt ends after suspect accused of killing 5 found hiding in laundry pile – The Associated Press

Kevin Costner and wife of nearly 19 years begin divorce – The Associated Press

Guess what, White House correspondents: Biden’s joke was on you – The Washington Post

Tucker Carlson text on ‘how white men fight’ alarmed Fox board members – The Washington Post

The Making of Jackie Kennedy – The New Yorker

Dancing to Ward Off Evil in “Kukeri” – The New Yorker

New documents show how Sandra Day O’Connor helped George W. Bush win the 2000 election – CNN

Former FBI supervisor arrested on January 6-related charges allegedly encouraged mob to ‘kill’ police – CNN

The Baylor Project’s Storefront Church Jazz – DownBeat

Elga Paoli – Una Vita Fatta A Mano (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move


Treasury’s Yellen says US could default on its debt as soon as June 1 – The Associated Press

Hollywood writers, slamming ‘gig economy,’ go on strike – The Associated Press

See how the national debt grew to $31 trillion – The Washington Post

A gun transforms another commonplace interaction into carnage – The Washington Post

Paul Schrader Wants to Make Another Movie – The New Yorker

The Limits of Joe Biden’s Calls for Press Freedom – The New Yorker

McCarthy to meet with Biden on debt ceiling – CNN

AI pioneer quits Google to warn about the technology’s ‘dangers’ – CNN

Detroit Jazz Fest Soldiers On, Dreams Big – DownBeat

Enrico Le Noci – Electric Nuts (ENG review) – Paris-Move/Bayou Blue Radio


First Republic Bank seized, sold to JPMorgan Chase – The Associated Press

Aerosmith announces farewell tour starting in September – The Associated Press

How the latest bank failures size up against the nation’s biggest banks – The Washington Post

Opinion E. Jean Carroll might deliver the first significant hit to Trump – The Washington Post

The Fugitive Princesses of Dubai – The New Yorker

On “Succession,” Logan Roy Is Living+ – The New Yorker

Met Gala 2023: Everything we know about the theme, hosts and guests – CNN

Father whose wife and child were among 5 shot and killed by a neighbor in Texas recalls how the attack unfolded – CNN

Video Premiere: John Pizzarelli, ‘You’re All The World To Me’ – DownBeat

Nils Kugelmann – Stormy Beauty (ENG review) – Paris-Move/Bayou Blue Radio


Russian official: Ukrainian drones strike Crimea oil depot – The Associated Press

Battle for late Johnny Winter’s music to play out in court – The Associated Press

Key nations sit out U.S. standoff with Russia and China, leaks show – The Washington Post

It’s time for Switzerland to ditch neutrality –  The Washington Post

Why Are TV Writers So Miserable? – The New Yorker

Florida’s Right Turn on Immigration – The New Yorker

The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2024 – CNN

Analysis: Whether it’s Trump or Biden, some in Europe see the US as an unreliable ally – CNN

DC Takes the International Stage – DownBeat

IIRO RANTALA – Veneziana (ENG review) – Paris-Move/Bayou Blue Radio


Georgia’s Kemp veers from Trump, but state GOP not moving on – The Associated Press

Facing revolt, GOP spares ethanol in drive to cut spending – The Associated Press

Why Supreme Court ‘ethics’ legislation would do more harm than good – The Washington Post

Judgment day for Trump? It comes Nov. 5, 2024. – The Washington Post

Can Charles Keep Quiet as King? – The New Yorker

The Greatest Independent Films of the Twentieth Century – The New Yorker

Hear Arnold Schwarzenegger’s prediction about Trump – CNN

Six months into Elon Musk’s Twitter: The fall of verification and birth of Twitter Blue in one very long chart – CNN

Umbria Jazz Festival Turns 50 with Grace – DownBeat

Paul Litteral – Legacy (ENG review) – Paris-Move-Bayou Blue Radio


GOP uses state capitol protests to redefine ‘insurrection’ – The Associated Press

Pence testifies before election probe grand jury: AP source – The Associated Press

Conservative dissenters block abortion limits in Nebraska, South Carolina – The Washington Post

The Sad Dads of the National – The New Yorker

A Natural-History Museum for a Post-Truth Age – The New Yorker

The 150-year-old chastity law that may be the next big fight over abortion – CNN

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex signs with WME for representation – CNN

It’s Jazz Festival Season! – DownBeat

Jewel Brown – Thanks for Good Ole’ music and Memories (ENG review) – Paris-Move


Releasing leak suspect a national security risk, feds say – The Associated Press

Food prices fall on world markets but not on kitchen tables – The Associated Press

Buildup resumed at suspected Chinese military site in UAE, leak says – The Washington Post

The GOP wonks trying to get their party not to detonate the debt limit bomb – The Washington Post

What Little Richard Deserved – The New Yorker

How to Choose a Jury of Trump’s Peers – The New Yorker

36 Hours in Philadelphia – The New York Times

Large hail drops on parts of Texas and Florida as South remains at risk of severe storms – CNN

Hear what Donald Trump accuser said in court – CNN

USA – The upcoming presidential elections don’t inspire enthusiasm – Bayou Blue Radio

Sharel Cassity Finds Comfort – DownBeat

The Peplowski Project – David Larsen & Ken Peplowski (ENG review) – Paris-Move


US to send nuclear ballistic submarines to Korean Peninsula – The Associated Press

Black parents seek schools affirming their history amid bans – The Associated Press

GOP adopts middle-of-the-night changes to debt ceiling package – The Washington Post

The Comic-Strip Writer Who Became a Legend – The New Yorker

John Mulaney Confronts Addiction in His New Netflix Special – The New Yorker

The US in 2022 saw highest number of ‘active shooter’ casualties – deaths or injuries – of the past 5 years, FBI report finds – CNN

Fiery opening statements mark beginning of E. Jean Carroll battery and defamation trial against Trump – CNN

Element of Rawness Permeates Big Ears’ Meticulously Crafted Sets – DownBEat

Harry Belafonte, the long journey of an exemplary man. – Bayou Blue Radio


Biden announces 2024 reelection bid: ‘Let’s finish this job’ – The Associated Press

Rape lawsuit trial against Donald Trump set to get underway – The Associated Press

Who is running for president in 2024? Tracking candidates. – The Washington Post

Democrats reluctant about Biden 2024, but they see no other choice – The Washington Post

A Heat Shield for the Most Important Ice on Earth – The New Yorker

Judy Blume’s Unfinished Endings – The New Yorker

‘Tennessee Three’ meets with Biden to discuss gun control – CNN

‘He’s lost that old twinkle’: When a young Joe Biden criticized his opponent’s age – CNN

Wolfgang Haffner Dream Band “Live In Concert” – DownBeat

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Bayou Blue News 29/01/2023

In a sick democratic system, if not non-existent, in which European countries are bogged down, each country taking its orders from Brussels, on an ultra-liberal background that removes all power from citizens, we see for example the vote for Macron in the last elections, a deplorable participation rate, elected with 18% of the votes expressed, which makes it anything but a majority, which does not prevent his government from forcing the passage of a whole bunch of laws through the famous article 49.3 while the majority of the population is against the laws passed.
This is the system established by Europe, an ultra-liberalism that is to the detriment of the people, which led Britain to withdraw, and with an inflation rate of over 12% in the Eurozone, it is possible that other countries will follow.
In fact, if Europe exists at a representative level in the eyes of the world, it is very far from being in the hearts of citizens, scalded by barbaric economic policies that have ravaged the economy for the benefit of the rich and industrialists.
In this context, the French government is about to vote on a pension law that nobody wants, that is not necessary and that is very likely to ignite socially in France, to please Brussels, and that will certainly be passed by 49.3, for lack of a majority.
In such conditions, expect very large demonstrations in France in February, March and certainly April, this government being deaf, blind and forms of people totally unable to carry out their mission without showing the worst provocations, which makes the Macron government very similar to what the Trump government was.
For travelers the consequences will be direct with strikes in all means of transportation, and the public sector as a whole, that is, everything that France has in terms of civil servants.
Under such conditions, anti-Europeans have all their chances for the next elections, and they are becoming increasingly numerous throughout Europe.

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Bayou Bue News – 24/01/2023

The French are increasingly leaving the country.

This is what an OECD report from 2021 argues, citing a 6% increase in departures abroad compared to the previous 15 years (see here). Of course, the French migrate mostly to neighboring countries, often for work-related reasons, but what is decisive for these populations is above all the feeling of discomfort felt in France that pushes them to leave in the hope of better days elsewhere. Outside of Europe, Canada and the USA are favored by French expatriates, currently between 5 and 6%, and it is certain that in the coming years migrations will become increasingly numerous.

Indeed, with an inflation rate of 12.8%, an extremely high cost of living and wages that have been stagnant for decades, a tax rate of over 50%, gasoline at 2 Euros per liter, energies that consumers and businesses can no longer afford, which leads to school and business closures, temporarily or permanently for some, not to mention the disguised taxes represented by the thousands of speed cameras that cover the roads and anger the population, expensive highway tolls, freedom of information that no longer exists because the main newspapers are in the hands of industrialists who make and undo policies in France, freedom of speech that no longer exists, censored social networks thanks to agreements between the state and networks… France is becoming less and less attractive to its citizens, not to mention the various social and societal problems that are becoming increasingly anxiety-provoking and a lack of prospects in the years to come, are all reasons that make France unattractive to its citizens. The novelty in these departures to other countries is also that it is not only freshly graduated who represent the migrating masses, but all social categories representing the middle class, are swelling the departures.

Nothing is going well in the Kingdom of France, which nonetheless maintains an outdated image from the 1950s for many foreigners. As long as this image holds, tourists will be present, but for how long?

Nothing is going well in the Kingdom of France, which nonetheless maintains an outdated image from the 1950s for many foreigners. As long as this image holds, tourists will be present, but for how long?

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Hello everyone! Recording in progress ! My new album is being prepared for release on Cristal Records this fall. I am wonderfully surrounded by Rachel Eckroth (USA) on piano, Fender Rhodes, synths, vocals as well as Chris Jennings (France/ Canada) on double bass and John Hadfield (USA) on drums/percussion. More sound and images coming soon!
Video production at Alhambra Studios by Sophie Mestre“.

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