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The far right has been feuding with McCarthy for weeks. Here’s how it’s spiraling into a shutdown – The Associated Press

McCarthy rejects Senate spending bill while scrambling for a House plan that averts a shutdown – The Associated Press

Hard-liners plot to replace McCarthy with a deputy as shutdown looms – The Washington Post

Amid GOP confusion, U.S. braces for ‘first-ever shutdown about nothing’ – The Washington Post

The Violent End of Nagorno-Karabakh’s Fight for Independence – The New Yorker

The Latino Question at the Second Republican Debate – The New Yorker

GOP leaders push for early and mail-in voting despite Trump-fueled skepticism within party – CNN

‘Harry Potter’: Over two dozen actors have been lost from the film franchise – CNN

The Belgian Soundtrack (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

The 2024 DownBeat College Guide – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


American soldier who crossed into North Korea arrives back in the US, video appears to show –  The Associated Press

Analysis: American soldier’s release from detention was quick by North Korean standards – The Associated Press

Big takeaways from the second Republican debate The Washington Post

The winners and losers of the second Republican debate  – The Washington Post

“Thank You for Speaking While I’m Interrupting”: The Crosstalk Chaos of the Second Republican Debate – The New Yorker

Takeaways from the second Republican presidential debate – CNN

Trump can get away with skipping a debate but can’t evade legal consequences –  CNN

KAU – The Cycle Repeat – Bayou Blue Radio –  Paris-Move

Paal Nilssen-Love Lives & Loves Large –  DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Republicans face growing urgency to stop Trump as they enter the second presidential debate – The Associated Press

Judge rules Donald Trump defrauded banks and insurers while building real estate empire – The Associated Press

Inside the vast digital campaign by Hindu nationalists to inflame India – The Washington Post

North Korea to expel U.S. soldier Travis King, who ran across border – The Washington Post

Joe Biden’s Visit to a U.A.W. Picket Line Was a Powerful Political Gesture -The New Yorker

Stephen Satterfield Puts Black Cuisine at the Center of U.S. History – The New Yorker

Trump to make play for Michigan’s working-class voters as he skips GOP debate – CNN

Cassidy Hutchinson tells CNN’s Jake Tapper that Trump is the ‘most grave threat’ to American democracy – CNN

Hip Holland Hip – Modern Jazz In The Netherlands 1950-1970 – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Blindfold Test: Sullivan Fortner – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


7 candidates have qualified for the second Republican presidential debate. Here’s who missed the cut – The Associated Press

Donald Trump, skipping GOP debate, eyes California delegate sweep in the state he loves to hate – The Associated Press

‘Hard to know’ if Bruce Willis is aware of dementia condition, wife says – The Washington Post

Ralph Nader, wary of Trump, offers to help Joe Biden win – The Washington Post

Joy in Los Angeles as the Writers Reach a Tentative Deal – The New Yorker

Inside Sam Bankman-Fried’s Family Bubble – New Yorker

Hunter Biden sues Rudy Giuliani and his former attorney, alleging they tried to hack his devices –  CNN

Cassidy Hutchinson’s new book reveals a Trump White House even more chaotic than previously known –  CNN

Seulah Noh Jazz Orchestra – NOhMAD (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Hollywood’s writers strike is on the verge of ending. What happens next? – The Associated Press

As writers reach tentative deal and actors look ahead, here are the Hollywood Strikes’ key players – The Associated Press

Could a discharge petition keep the government open? – The Washington Post

Across GOP, many see Trump as likely nominee — including some rival supporters – The Washington Post

The Villa Where a Doctor Experimented on Children – The New Yorker

London’s Feisty Music Scene – The New Yorker

GOP shutdown politics rock Washington as Trump and Biden head for a swing-state showdown – CNN

Opinion: Democrats’ response to the Menendez indictment tells all you need to know about today’s GOP – CNN

Azmari – Maelström (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Mid-Atlantic coast under flood warnings as Ophelia weakens to post-tropical low and moves north –  The Associated Press

Nikki Haley’s approach to abortion is rooted in her earliest days in South Carolina politics – The Associated Press

Post-ABC poll: Biden faces criticism on economy, immigration and age – The Washington Post

Writing a paranoid political thriller offered a look at the ugly truth – The Washington Post

The Washington Gerontocracy – The New Yorker

Astra Taylor’s Age of Insecurity – The New Yorker

This is what it looks like when a Chinese naval vessel bears down on your fishing boat. – The New York Times

Missing toddler found sleeping in woods using her dog as a pillow after walking 3 miles barefoot – CNN

The Biden administration has a new student loan repayment plan. Use this tool to see how much your bill would be – CNN

BONEY FIELDS – Just Give Me Some Mo’ – Bayou Blue Radio-Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


The federal government is headed into a shutdown. What does it mean, who’s hit and what’s next? – The Associated Press

Hard-right Republicans push closer to a disruptive federal shutdown – The Associated Press

Misinformation research is buckling under GOP legal attacks – The Washington Post

House Republicans eye long-term funding without deal yet to avert shutdown – The Washington Post

The Last Gun I Shot – The New Yorker

Rupert Murdoch Takes a Step Back—Not Away – The New Yorker

Tropical Storm Ophelia makes landfall in North Carolina and will now trek up the East Coast – CNN

Fall equinox: Why the first day of fall isn’t as equal as you might think – CNN

Erroll Garner – Symphony Hall Concert (Vinyl – 1 LP) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Operatic Re-invention with Some Jazz DNA – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Hard-right Republicans push dangerously closer to a disruptive federal shutdown – The Associated Press

Zelenskyy delivers upbeat message to US lawmakers on war progress as some Republican support softens – The Associated Press

China has scooped up human DNA from nations around the world, spurring fears of a genetic arms race –  The Washington Post

U.S. braces for calamitous, costly government shutdown in eight days – The Washington Post

House Republicans Refuse to Host Zelensky Because They’re Too Busy Fighting One Another – The New Yorer

McCarthy visibly frustrated after GOP hardliners put his plan to avoid a shutdown on – CNN

Amazon is bringing ads to Prime Video and will charge you to avoid them – CNN

Teri Parker – Shaping The Invisible (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

New Jazz Underground Wins DCJazzPrix – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Behind all the speechmaking at the UN lies a basic, unspoken question: Is the world governable? -The Associated Press

No Labels push in closely divided Arizona fuels Democratic anxiety about a Biden spoiler – The Associated Press

Senate confirms Joint Chiefs chair in respite from Tuberville blockade – The Washington Post

Trump, who paved way for Roe repeal, faces abortion blowback from right – The Washington Post

The Bloomsbury Group Is Back in Vogue – The New Yorker

The Replacements Are Still a Puzzle – The New Yorker

‘Are you kidding me?!’: Lawmaker calls out Jim Jordan at hearing – CNN

Trump is not invincible in Republican race – but still lacks a single strong challenge – CNN

The Moore-McColl Jazz Society – Up and Gone (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris Move

Jazz Saxophonist, Avant-Gardist Charles Gayle Dies at 84 – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Russia has turned food, energy and even children into weapons against Ukraine, Zelenskyy says at UN – The Associated Press

A Black student was suspended for his hairstyle. The school says it wasn’t discrimination – The Associated Press

House flounders as GOP fails to appease hard-right members on funding – The Washington Post

Explore the evolution of beer, from Stone Age sludge to craft brews – The Washington Post

A Young Architect’s Designs for the Climate Apocalypse – The New Yorker

What Is Mom Rage, Actually? – The New Yorker

Trump ramps up attention on Iowa even as he keeps one eye on the general election – CNN

GOP donors grapple with Trump’s staying power as second Republican presidential debate looms – CNN

Verneri Pohjola – Monkey Mind (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Warren Wolf: Beyond Vibes – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Americans detained for years in Iran arrive home after release and tearfully embrace loved ones – The Associated Press

Heading for UN, Ukraine’s president questions why Russia still has a place there – The Associated Press

India, Canada expel diplomats over accusations Delhi killed Sikh separatist – The Washington Post

EV makers’ use of Chinese suppliers raises concerns about forced labor – The Washington Post

Jeremy O. Harris, Before and After “Slave Play” – The New-Yorker

How Larry McMurtry Defined and Undermined the Idea of Texas – The New Yorker

New Hampshire’s 2024 primary will be a crucial early test of Trump’s comeback bid – CNN

Tensions flare inside House GOP as moderates explore new plan to avoid shutdown – CNN

Adrian Dennis – Moon Rising (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Iran-US prisoner swap likely set in motion as $6 billion of once-frozen Iranian assets reaches Qatar – The Associated Press

Trump refuses to say in a TV interview how he watched the Jan. 6 attack unfold at the US Capitol – The Associated Press

Her students reported her for a lesson on race. Can she trust them again? – The Washington Post

During the pandemic, I lost the ability to read – The Washington Post

How Thom Browne’s Gray Suit Conquered American Fashion – The New Yorker

Jeremy O. Harris, Before and After “Slave Play” – The New Yorker

Multiple crises batter Washington and set up a fateful 2024 election – CNN

Fact-checking Trump’s ‘Meet the Press’ interview – CNN

Boney Fields – Give Me some Mo’ (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Atlantic storm Lee delivers high winds and rain before forecasters call off warnings in some areas – The Associated Press

Climate change could bring more monster storms like Hurricane Lee to New England – The Associated Press

Speaker McCarthy steps into the breach as his conference toils – The Washington Post

Trump keeps distance from impeachment inquiry while assailing Biden – The Washington Post

John Waters Is Ready for His Hollywood Closeup – The New Yorker

The Fugitive Princesses of Dubai – The New Yorker

5 things to know for Sept. 15: Auto strike, Hunter Biden, Gas prices, Cyberattack, UFOs – CNN

Border authorities separated some migrant families amid overcrowding in facilities, report says – CNN

Jazzrausch Big Band – Malher’s Break Down – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Nicholas Payton Wins Top Grant to Record Symphonic Work – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


What’s at stake as 13,000 workers go on strike at major US auto makers – The Associated Press

A Jan. 6 rioter was convicted and sentenced in secret. No one will say why – The Associated Press

Bashing boosters, DeSantis contrasts with Trump and worries health experts – The Washington Post

Tensions flare between House GOP and Justice Dept. over witnesses– The Washington Post

The Futility of the Never Trump Billionaires – The New Yorker

An Elvis Impersonator’s Summer of Extreme-Weather Weddings – The New Yorker

Florida GOP scraps planned loyalty oath in win for Trump over DeSantis in their shared home state – CNN

Reporter asks CEO about her nearly $29 million in compensation as workers strike – CNN

The Republican Party has indeed become an extreme right-wing party. – Bayou Blue Radio

Erica Seguine & Shon Baker: Reinventing the Big Band – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Workers are on strike at all 3 Detroit auto makers for the first time in their union’s history – The Associated Press

Angry and frustrated, McCarthy challenges right-flank colleagues to try to oust him from his post – The Associated Press

Double blows of inquiry and son’s indictment create tough stretch for Biden – The Washington Post

Ralph Lauren knows everyone wants to be Ralph Lauren – The Washington Post

The Rage of the Toddler Caucus on Capitol Hill – The New Yorker

New York City Ballet Celebrates Seventy-five Years of Mr. B. – The New Yorker

Buying a car? What the UAW strike means – and doesn’t mean – for auto sales – CNN

Hunter Biden indicted on gun charges – CNN

Hutchinson Andrew Trio – The Senator – A Tribute to Tommy Banks – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Virtuoso Bassist, Longtime Educator Richard Davis Dies at 93 – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Biden has been preparing to fight an impeachment for almost a year. This is his strategy – The Associated Press

What’s ahead now that Republicans are opening an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden – The Associated Press

DeSantis took undisclosed private flights and lodging through wealthy donors – The Washington Post

Romney bows out, leaving a legacy that would make his father proud – The Washington Post

Isabel Allende’s Vision of History – The New Yorker

Ross Douthat’s Theories of Persuasion – The New Yorker

Saso Popovski – Steps (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Dan Auerbach Tells Everybody! – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


North Korea’s Kim vows full support for Russia’s ‘just fight’ after viewing launch pads with Putin -.The Associated Press

The flood death toll in eastern Libya’s city of Derna has surpassed 5,100, a health official says – The Associated Press

30 years later, ‘Lois and Clark’ is still the hottest thing DC ever did – The Washington Post

Tech titans including Musk, Zuckerberg head to Capitol Hill to talk AI – The Washington Post

How a Culture War Over Race Engulfed a School District – The New Yorker

Olivia Rodrigo’s Star-Making “Guts” – The New Yorker

China unveils ‘blueprint’ for Taiwan integration while sending warships around the self-ruled island –  CNN

Dashcam shows unusual object fly down highway and smash windshield – CNN

Marvin Gaye – Let’s Going On (2023 edition – ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Marc Ribot’s Rock Dreams – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Libyan city buries 700 people killed in devastating floods as 10,000 are reported missing – The Associated Press

Elon Musk’s refusal to have Starlink support Ukraine attack in Crimea raises questions for Pentagon – The Associated Press

Morocco’s reluctance to accept quake aid baffles foreign governments – The Washington Post

Tim Scott’s girlfriend – The Washington Post

The U.A.W. Strike Threat Poses a Tricky Political Challenge for Biden – The NEw Yorker

Briefly Noted – The New Yorker

McCarthy needs to pull off his most impossible balancing act yet – CNN

Russia’s war in Ukraine – CNN

Alyssa Giammaria – In Time (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

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Morocco earthquake live briefing: Almost 2,500 dead; officials accept search-and-rescue help – The Washington Post

Pretrial-palooza underway for Trump – The Washington Post

How Elon Musk Went from Superhero to Supervillain – The New Yorker

Romy’s Exuberant Eurodance Revival – The New Yorker

Trump is explaining exactly how wild and extreme his second term would be – CNN

The 9/11 photos we will never forget – CNN

Will Clements – Compass (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Moroccan villagers mourn after earthquake brings destruction to their rural mountain home – The Associated Press

Prominent activist’s son convicted of storming Capitol and invading Senate floor in Jan. 6 riot –  The Associated Press

Rescue teams in desperate search for survivors after deadly quake in Morocco – The Washington Post

Once-abandoned dogs are now trained to sniff out environmental clues – The Washington Post

The Challenges Facing Joe Biden – The New Yorker

The Wisconsin G.O.P.’s Looming Judicial Attack – The New Yorker

The Top U.S. Colleges With the Greatest Economic Diversity – The New York Times

Demolition of Marilyn Monroe’s former home in Los Angeles is on hold for now – CNN

Multiple sightings of convicted killer who escaped Pennsylvania prison confirmed within search area as manhunt continues – CNN

The Diva Jazz Orchestra – “30” Live at Dizzy’s Club – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

‘Tokyo Jazz Joints’ Chronicles Transient Beauty of Intimate Music Haunts – DownBeat

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Appeals court scales back order squelching Biden administration contact with social media platforms –  The Associated Press

Powerful quake in Morocco kills more than 800 people and damages historic buildings in Marrakech – The Associated Press

Jan. 6 shattered her family. Now they’re trying to forgive. – The Washington Post

Lost your ID, phone or credit card? Here’s how to travel without them. – The Washington Post

The Force Behind Film Forum – The New Yorker

Will the Rains Extinguish Burning Man? – The New Yorker

Why Does Duke Have So Few Low-Income Students? – The New York Times

Rudy Giuliani files new legal challenge to Georgia election interference case – CNN

G20 countries agree nations should not use force to gain new territory – a major win for Modi amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine/ – CNN

China and Europe: Economically Linked Destinies – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Jazz em Agosto Fest Programming Bucks Circuit-Based Trends – DownBeat

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Biden and Modi are looking to tighten US-India ties as concerns over China rise – The Associated Press

Trump hosts $100,000-per-person Bedminster fundraiser to help Giuliani pay legal bills – The Associated Press

The Florida Supreme Court will hear a major abortion case toda – The Washington Post

What to know about Bruce Springsteen’s postponed shows, peptic ulcer disease – The Washington Post

Matthew Wong Turned Loneliness Into a Landscape – The New Yorker

Did Authoritarianism Cause China’s Economic Crisis? – The New Yorker

How a former Trump official’s conviction could echo in ex-president’s cases – CNN

FBI Director Wray issues warning about number of Russian spies in the US – CNN

Layla Zoe – Back To The Spirit Of 66 (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Tyshawn Sorey Plays It His Way – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Presidential centers from Hoover to Bush and Obama unite to warn of fragile state of US democracy – The Associated Press

A lawsuit seeks to bar Trump from the primary in Colorado, citing Constitution’s insurrection clause – The Associated Press

Michigan Democrats are lining up to replace Republican Rep. John James in his battleground district – The Associated Press

A few schools mandated masks. Conservatives hit back hard. – The Washington Post

Women win Mexican primaries; one is likely to be first female president – The Washington Post

My Cheesecake-Shaped Poverty – The New Yorker

The New Yorker Documentary – The New Yorker

CNN Poll: Biden faces negative job ratings and concerns about his age as he gears up for 2024 – CNN

In New Hampshire, Republicans divide over party’s future as they weigh Trump and his primary opponents – CNN

Big Daddy Wilson – Plan B (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Kris Davis at the Vanguard – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


The AP Interview: Harris says Trump can’t be spared accountability for Jan. 6 – The Associated Press

Complaints over campaign comments by Wisconsin Supreme Court justice are dismissed – The Associated Press

Behind the lines of Texas A&M’s diversity war – The Washington Post

Your guide to sleeping in an airport– The Washington Post

Play the Worst Version of Yourself – The New Yorker

Clashes mount between Trump and his legal nemesis – CNN

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio sentenced to 22 years in prison, longest for a January 6 defendant – CNN

Andrew Rathbun – The Speed Of Time – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


The next presidential campaign is coming into focus. It might look a lot like the last one – The Associated Press

Congress returns to try to prevent a government shutdown while the GOP weighs an impeachment inquiry – The Associated Press

Bosses mean it this time: Return to the office or get a new job! – The Washington Post

Is Trump disqualified for 2024? Here’s how we’ll soon find out. – The Washington Post

Can Teachers and Parents Get Better at Talking to One Another? – The New Yorker

The Power of Food for People with Dementia – The New Yorker

Peter Navarro, second ex-Trump aide to be prosecuted for contempt of Congress, faces trial Tuesday – CNN

Sen. Tim Kaine says ‘powerful argument’ 14th Amendment could disqualify Trump – CNN

Ivan Lins – My Heart Speaks – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Biden says he went to his house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, because he can’t go ‘home home’ –  The Associoated Press

In the pivotal South Carolina primary, Republican candidates search for a path against Donald Trump – The Associated Press

China’s economic woes may leave U.S. and others all but unscathed – The Washington Post

This Alaskan glacier holds back billions of gallons of water. Until it doesn’t. – The Washington Post

Virtual-Reality School Is the Next Frontier of the School-Choice Movement – The New Yorker

The Parents Who Fight the City for a “Free Appropriate Public Education” – The New Yorker

Anderson Cooper Is Still Learning to Live With Loss – The New York Times

One year out, here’s what we know about how the presidential race will look on Labor Day 2024 – CNN

Rep. Nancy Mace says Republicans in swing districts are ‘walking the plank’ because of abortion restrictions – CNN

Doug Richards Orchestra – Through a Somic Prism – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Biden tells Idalia’s Florida victims ‘your nation has your back.’ DeSantis rejects meeting with him – The Associated Press

Berlin Wall relic gets a ‘second life’ on US-Mexico border as Biden adds barriers – The Associated Press

Republican race remains stuck as Trump dominates heading into fall – The Washington Post

9 late summer recipes to celebrate the end of the season – The Washington Post

Donald Trump and the Pardon Debate – The New Yorker

2024 Preview: Bidenomics Versus the Trump Freak Show – The New Yorker

Paranormal Festivity: A Small Town Celebrates U.F.O. Lore – The New York Times

‘Little Richard’ filmmaker found a lesson in the late singer’s spirited rock and roll life – CNN

Buster Murdaugh admits his father has characteristics of a ‘psychopath’ but says he’s innocent in Fox Nation documentary – CNN

Joshua Espinoza – Songs From Yesterday – Bayou Blue Radio-Paris-Move

Houston Person’s Foot-Tapping Soul – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


From strikes to new union contracts, Labor Day’s organizing roots are especially strong this year – The Associated Press

Proud Boy convicted of helping spearhead Capitol attack ties Jan. 6 sentence record with 18 years – The Associated Press

Jimmy Buffett, musical ‘mayor of Margaritaville,’ dies at 76 – The Washington Post

Abortion fight unites the left and rattles the right in key Wis. battleground – The Washington Post

Deciphering the Wagner Group’s Love for Wagner – The New Yorker

CNN’s New White Knight – The New Yorker

‘Crooked Coffee’: The alleged election office breach in the Trump indictment was part of a years-long pattern, some locals say – CNN

How to rest this Labor Day weekend – CNN

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


In final hours before landfall, Hurricane Idalia stopped intensifying and turned from Tallahassee – The Associated Press

A look inside Donald Trump’s deposition: Defiance, deflection and the ‘hottest brand in the world’ – The Associated Press

Families crossing U.S. border illegally reached all-time high in August – The Washington Post

Highways are the next antiabortion target. One Texas town is resisting. – The Washington Post

The Twilight of Mitch McConnell and the Spectre of 2024 – The New Yorker

“In the Mood for Love” – The New Yorker

A net of justice is tightening around 2020 election deniers and may be closing in on Trump – CNN

Dire Straits guitarist Jack Sonni dies age 68 – CNN

Editorial – September 2023 – Bayou Blue Radio

16th Annual Angel City Jazz Festival Finalizes 2023 Lineup – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Tropical Storm Idalia descends on North Carolina after pounding Florida, Georgia and South Carolina –  The Associated Press

Trump dismissive as New York attorney general accuses him of inflating his net worth by $2 billion – The Associated Press

Rural areas sacrificed for Xi Jinping’s new city, satellite imagery shows – The Washington Post

Mitch McConnell appears to freeze again while talking with reporters – The Washington Post

Hurricane Idalia’s Explosive Power Comes from Abnormally Hot Oceans – The New Yorker

The Preparatory School – The New Yorker

Jimmy Kimmel says he was ‘intent on retiring’ prior to Hollywood strikes – CNN

ABBA legend Agnetha Fältskog releases new single – CNN

Veronica Swift – Veronica Swift (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

Ben Wendel’s Big Love of Community – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Category 4 Hurricane Idalia projected to hit Florida with ‘catastrophic’ storm surge – The Associated Press

Millions more workers would be entitled to overtime pay under a proposed Biden administration rule – The Associated Press

Idalia gains steam, expected to hit Gulf Coast as Category 4 hurricane – The Washington Post

Don’t miss this week’s super blue moon. Your next chance is 14 years away.– The Washington Post

How Anna May Wong Became the First Chinese American Movie Star – The New Yorker

Letter from the South – The New Yorker

Trump cited the ‘Scottsboro Boys’ case when he asked for a 2026 trial. Judge Chutkan rejected any comparison – CNN

Hundreds of flights are canceled as Hurricane Idalia disrupts air travel –  CNN

Relief (2LP) Mack Avenue – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Blindfold Test: Christian McBride – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis faces Black leaders’ anger after racist killings in Jacksonville – The Associated Press

Trump chief of staff Meadows says actions laid out in Georgia indictment were part of his job – The Associated Press

Mark Meadows, former Trump chief of staff, testifies in Georgia – The Washington Post

Storm strengthens into hurricane, expected to rapidly intensify before hitting Florida – The Washington Post

The Trump Mug Shot’s Art-Historical Lineage – The New Yorker

Police are working to determine motive and find the gun used in fatal shooting of University of North Carolina faculty member – CNN

Nordstrom closes its San Francisco store after 35 years – CNN

Aguankó – Unidad (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Jacksonville killings refocus attention on the city’s racist past and the struggle to move on – The Associated Press

Florida Governor Ron Desantis booed at vigil as hundreds mourn more racist killings – The Associated Press

Biden’s course for U.S. on trade breaks with Clinton and Obama – The Washington Post

Wisconsin Supreme Court flips liberal, creating a ‘seismic shift’ – The Washington Post

When Writers Go Crackers for Animals – The New Yorker

New York City’s Eternal War on Rats – The New Yorker

Drama unfolds on two fronts Monday as Trump cases enter new phase – CNN

The ‘Star Wars’ timeline is confusing. Here’s when ‘The Mandalorian,’ ‘Ahsoka’ and more take place – CNN

Artful Dodgers – Three Story Sandbox (ENG review) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


White shooter kills 3 Black people in Florida hate crime as Washington celebrates King’s dream – The Associated Press

Thousands converge on National Mall to mark the March on Washington’s 60th anniversary – The Associated Press

5,000 pilots suspected of hiding major health issues. Most are still flying. – The Washington Post

Hollywood writers are still on strike. Here’s where WGA, studios stand. – The Washington Post

A Close Listen to “Rich Men North of Richmond” – The New-Yorker

What Kind of Artist Was Wayne Shorter? – The New Yorker

Colleen Hoover is the hottest author in America. She also may be the most controversial – CNN

Requests to ban books hit a 21-year high. See which titles were the most challenged – CNN

Christian McBride – New Jam (2 Red LPs) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


At March on Washington’s 60th anniversary, leaders seek energy of original movement for civil rights – The Associated Press

British Museum’s director resigns, says he didn’t take warning about possible theft seriously enough – The Associated Press

How a small-town feud in Kansas sent a shock through American journalism – The Washington Post

An oral history of the March on Washington, the day that forced America to change – The Washington Post

Watching Childhood End in My Back Yard – The New Yorker

The Cosmic Comedy of “The Plot Against Harry” – The New Yorker

This week was a perfect snapshot of America’s political mess – CNN

Newly declassified US intel claims Russia is laundering propaganda through unwitting Westerners – CNN

Jeremy Dutton’s Debut in the Spotlight – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


One image, one face, one American moment: The Donald Trump mug shot – The Associated Press

Trump has surrendered for a fourth time this year. Here’s where all the cases against him stand – The Associated Press

Trump’s Georgia co-defendants, their charges and mug shots – The Washington Post

Could sand be the next lithium? – The Washington Post

Waiting for Trump at the Fulton County Jail – The New Yorker

The Harsh Glare of Justice – The New Yorker

The booking of Trump is only the start of a long legal process. – The New York Times

Presidential mug shot of inmate No. P01135809 is stark in its simplicity – CNN

The identities behind the 30 unindicted co-conspirators in Trump’s Georgia case – CNN

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Trump won’t be at the GOP’s first presidential debate. But his presence will be felt – The Associated Press

In session reacting to school shooting, Tennessee GOP lawmaker orders removal of public from hearing – The Associated Press

State lawmakers move to ban Chinese land ownership – The Washington Post

Special counsel says D.C. grand jury on Trump documents case has ended – The Washington Post

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh – The New Yorker

Insurrectionabilia at the Smithsonian – The New Yorker

A remarkable day at Fulton County jail as Trump’s surrender looms – CNN

The latest developments in the Fulton County election subversion case – CNN

Kenny Garrett – Do You Dance (2LP) – Bayou Blue Radio/Paris-Move

Houston Person’s Foot-Tapping Soul – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


How Trump’s attacks on prosecutors build on history of using racist language and stereotypes – The Associated Press

Haiti and Dominican Republic brace for Tropical Storm Franklin as Harold approaches Texas coast – The Associated Press

In Trump cases, experts say defendant’s rhetoric will be hard to police – The Washington Post

A Black man’s brutal murder has faded from a Texas town’s memory – The Washington Post

The Mobster Cosplay of Donald Trump – The New Yorker

Tits Out Under the Verrazzano – The New Yorker

Trump’s $200,000 bond drives home the unique peril of his Georgia indictment – CNN

Tropical Storm Harold heads toward South Texas, threatening floods and dangerous storm surge – CNN

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Southern California prepares for more floods as post-Tropical Storm Hilary brings more rain – The Associated Press

Court documents suggest reason for police raid of Kansas newspaper – The Associated Press

The states that produce the most creative types, and more! – The Washington Post

I am secretary of the Smithsonian. We commit to a long-overdue reckoning. – The Washington Post

The Invention of a Neighborhood – The New Yorker

Elon Musk’s Shadow Rule – The New Yorker

California Quake Rattled Nerves, but Didn’t Appear to Cause Major Damage – The New York Times

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News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


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Shiri Zorn Finds Her Voice – DownBeat

News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Trump lawyers seek April 2026 trial date in federal election subversion case – The Associated Press

Authorities investigating threats to grand jurors who indicted Trump in Georgia – The Associated Press

Russia recruited operatives online to target weapons crossing Poland – The Washington Post

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News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio


Texas woman accused of threatening to kill judge overseeing Trump election case and a congresswoman – The Associated Press

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