News selected from US press by the editor of Bayou Blue Radio:

Widespread flight delays in US after FAA computer outage – The Associated Press 11/01/2023

Biden ‘surprised’ government records found at old office – The Associated Press 11/01/2023

House Republicans form committee to investigate the government – The Washington Post 11/01/2023

Golden Globes 2023: Jerrod Carmichael’s jokes, Jennifer Coolidge’s joy and 8 other highlights – The Washington Post 11/01/2023

The Crisis of Missing Migrants – The New Yorker 11/01/2023

“M3GAN,” Reviewed: A Clever, Hollow A.I. Spin on “Frankenstein” – The New Yorker 11/01/2023

Lynette Hardaway, of pro-Trump duo Diamond and Silk, has died – CNN 11/01/2023

A romance author was believed to be dead. When she appeared to return, the story got more complicated – CNN 1101/2023

For the Love of Motian – DownBeat 10/01/2023

Rain to persist as storm weary Californians face evacuations – The Associated Press 10/01/2023

‘No amnesty!’: Brazilian protests demand jail for rioters – The Associated Press 10/01/223

Justice Dept. reviewing classified documents found in Biden’s post-VP office – The Washington Post 10/01/2023

An examination of a Jan. 6 defendant missed an important point – The Washington Post 10/01/2023

UPS and the Package Wars – The New Yorker 10/01/2023

Vicky Krieps Meets Her Painted Doppelgänger – The New Yorker 10/01/2023

The key takeaways from Prince Harry’s explosive memoir – CNN 10/01/2023

Quinn K. Redeker, longtime soap star on ‘Days of Our Lives’ and co-writer of ‘The Deer Hunter,’ dead at 86 – CNN 10/01/2023

Kenny Barron “The Source” – DownBeat January 2023

Arrest of suspect in killings ‘a relief’ to Idaho campus – The Associated Press 12/30/2022

Queen guitarist, women’s soccer team top UK honors list –  The Associated Press 12/31/2022

No resolutions for me, but here’s hoping there’s a reckoning for Trump – The Washington Post 12/31/2022

Barbara Walters, trail-blazing journalist and TV personality, dies at 93 – The Washington Post 12/31/2022

2022 Could Have Been Worse—Much, Much Worse –  Ther New Yorker 12/31/2022

Annals of Activism – The New Yorker 12/31/2022

‘Determined to have her story told’: Retrospective casts new light on Yayoi Kusama’s seven-decade career – CNN 12/31/2022

The full lyrics to ‘Auld Lang Syne’ so you don’t mumble your way through it – CNN 12/31/2022

Miguel Zenón’s Pandemic History Lesson – DownBeat 12/27/2022

Trump’s tax returns to be released Friday after long fight – The Associated Press12/30/2022

Evidence of Russian crimes mounts as war in Ukraine drags on – The Associated Press 12/30/2022

Why 2022 was a very good year – The Washington Post 12/30/2022

Joe Biden is in the Oval Office. So are Elizabeth Warren’s ideas. – The Washington Post 12/30/2022

The Best Things I Ate in 2022 –  The New Yorker 12/30/2022

Marguerite Duras and the Domestication of Desire – The New Yorker 12/30/2022

‘I had to do it to save everyone’: Man breaks into school and shelters nearly a dozen people from blizzard – CNN 12/30/2022

Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer and style icon, dies at 81 – CNN 12/30/2022

Les annulations de vols de Southwest Airlines continuent de faire boule de neige – The Associated Press 12/29/2022

New year expected to bring more changes to state voting laws – The Associated Press 12/29/2022

Newspapers are disappearing where democracy needs them most –  The Washington Post 12/29/2022

District attorney in New York opens investigation into Rep.-elect George Santos – The Washington Post 12/29/2022

Eight Times Science Exceeded Expectations in 2022 – The New Yorker 12/29/2022

A Media Mogul Pivots to Paper – The New Yorker -12/29/2022

Twitter down: Thousands of global users struggle to login but Elon Musk says it ‘works for me’ – CNN 12/29/2022

Crystal Ball:What’s in store for 2023? – CNN 12/29/2022

Claudia Acuña: El Arte del Duo – DownBeat 12/27/2022

US Supreme Court keeps asylum limits in place for now – The Associated Press 12/28/2022

On the ballot in 2023: Southern governors, big-city mayors – The Associated Press 12/28/2022

15 reasons you should be hopeful for 2023 – The Washington Post 12/28/2022

The 10 best things Joe Biden did in 2022 – The Washington Post 12/28/2022

Eight Times Science Exceeded Expectations in 2022 – The New Yorker 12/28/2022

The Best Music of 2022 – The New Yorker 12/28/2022

Former Trump White House aide told Jan. 6 panel Mark Meadows burned documents a dozen times during the transition period – CNN 12/28/2022

Should you attend that New Year’s Eve party? Our medical analyst weighs in – CNN 12/28/2022

Alex Acuña Offers His Gift – DownBeat -12/27/2022

Southwest under scrutiny after wave of storm cancellations – The Associated Press – 12/27/2022

First Congress revealed Biden’s generational ambition – The Associated Press 12/27/2022

How a tool that’s supposed to help you save could be wasting your time – The Washington Post 12/27/2022

Art at Capitol honors 140 enslavers and 13 Confederates. Who are they? – The Washington Post 12/27/2022

A Dangerous Moment in the Hollywood Economy – The New Yorker 12/27/2022

A Jazz Album Made to Last – The New Yorker 12/27/2022

Rep.-elect George Santos admits to lying about resume, says he’s ‘not a criminal’ – CNN 12/27/2022

The best and worst TV endings of 2022, from ‘Better Call Saul’ to ‘Killing Eve’ – CNN 12/27/2022

Charles Lloyd: Tender Warrior – DownmBeat

Extreme cold, travel chaos: Woes from deadly storm continue – The Associated Press 12/26/2022

The Year of the Slap: Pop culture moments in 2022 – The Associated Press 12/26/2022

Dave Barry’s Year in Review: No one cared how you did on ‘Wordle.’ And democracy died at least 3 times. The Washington Posat 12/26/2022

Republicans making moves toward entering 2024 primary against Trump – The Washington Post 12/26/2022

John Ahearn and Rigoberto Torres’s Portraits of the South Bronx – The New Yorker 12/26/2022

An Emmy-Winning Year in New Yorker Video – The New Yorker 12/26/2022

Opinion: What Jamie Lee Curtis gets right about ‘nepo babies’ – CNN 12/26/2022

This dog was abandoned at the San Francisco airport. Then a pilot adopted him – CNN 12/26/2022

Mahalia Jackson Finds Her Way – DownBeat 2020

Millions in US hunker down from frigid, deadly monster storm – The Associated Press 12/25/2022

AP’s Top Photos of 2022 – The Associated Press 12/25/2022

Here’s who helped Elon Musk buy Twitter – The Washington Post 12/25/2022

The war on ‘Happy Holidays’ isn’t about Christmas – The Washington Post 12/25/2022

Dick Cavett Takes a Few Questions – The New Yorker 12/25/2022

An Evocative Year in New Yorker Illustrations – The New Yorker 12/25/2022

Police found missing kidnapped baby when they stopped to eat – CNN 12/25/2022

Confessions of a 1980s flight attendant – CNN 12/25/2022

Tony Williams’ Two Decades Of Drum Innovation – Downbeat

Wild winter storm envelops US, snarling Christmas travel – The Associated Press – 12/24/2022

Police: 19-year-old killed in shooting at Mall of America – The Associated Press 12/24/2022

Jan. 6 committee recommendations would (mostly) help preserve democracy – The Washington Post 12/24/2022

Readers critique The Post: Please keep Date Lab – The Washington Post 11/24/2022 

Violent airline passenger incidents have surged. Time for a ‘no-fly’ list. – The Washington Post 12/23/2022

CNN boss promises surprises in prime-time lineup – The Washington Post 12/23/2022

Volodymyr Zelensky’s Critical Visit to Washington, D.C. – The New Yorker 12/23/2022

My Year in Listening – The New Yorker 12/23/2022

French serial killer Charles ‘The Serpent’ Sobhraj released from Nepali jail – CNN 12/23/2022

Dolly Parton has both a secret song and the secret to being married for 56 years – CNN 12/23/2022

Ahmad Jamal -Emerald City Nights: Live At The Penthouse (1963–1964) / (1965–1966) – DownBeat Published December 2022

People Are Canceling Tesla Orders Because They’re So Disgusted With Elon Musk – The Byte 12/22/2022

Zelenskyy thanks ‘every American,’ sees ‘turning point’ – The Associated Press 12/22/2019

IRS mandatory presidential audit policy goes under spotlight – YThe Associated Press 12/22/2022

European Parliament corruption probe is a gift to the bloc’s critics – The Washington Post 12/22/2022

Biden has more reason for economic optimism than critics contend – The Washington Post 12/22/2022

The Inescapable Charm of Steve Lacy’s “Bad Habit” – The New Yorker 12/22/2022

Tragicomic Creatures Great and Small – The New Yorker 12/22/2022

What Is the Polar Vortex? And Other Cold-Weather Climate Questions – The New York Time 12/22/2022

5 takeaways from Volodymyr Zelensky’s historic visit to Washington – CNN 12/22/2022

6 Nearly Secret Things To Do If You Use Apple Pay – CNN 12/22/2022

Lincoln Center Moments Program Uplifts Listeners with Dementia – DownBeat 12/20/2022

Trump tax audits required by IRS were delayed, panel says – The Associated Press 12/21/2022

Holiday advice for home bartenders, plus 4 festive cocktails – The Associated Press 12/21/2022

RIP P-22, Hollywood’s coolest celebrity cat – The Washington Post 12/21/2022

Zelensky to visit White House and Capitol Hill today – The Washington Post 12/21/2022

The Best Podcasts of 2022 – The New Yorker 12/21/2022

What Susan Miller Would Have Told Louis Vuitton’s Mother – The New Yorker 12/21/2022

Zelensky spotted arriving in Poland by train and leaving by plane to the US, according to Polish TV – CNN 12/21/2022

Sonya Eddy, star of ‘General Hospital,’ dead at 55 – CNN 12/21/2022

Big Ears Festival Expands 2023 Edition – DownBeat 12/20/2022

GOP’s usual embrace of Trump muted after criminal referral – The Associated Press 12/20/2022

Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape in Los Angeles trial – The Associated Press 12/20/2022

Congress unveils $1.7 trillion deal to fund government, avert shutdown – The Washington Post 12/20/2022

How a 1987 Christmas album changed the way the holiday sounds – The Washington Post 12/20/2022

How a Great Audiobook Narrator Finds Her Voices – The New Yorker 12/20/2022

The Other Party – The New Yorker 12/20/2022

2022 Holiday Gift Guide – The New York Times 12/20/2022

Thousands without power after 6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Northern California – CNN 12/20/2022

Why we can’t get enough of the ‘Wednesday’ dance – CNN 12/20/2022

Kamasi Washington: L.A. Luminary – DowbBeat

Jan. 6 panel pushes Trump’s prosecution in forceful finish – The Associated Press 12/19/2022

Twitter poll closes with users voting for Musk exit as chief – The Associated Press 12/19/2022

How Trump jettisoned restraints at Mar-a-Lago and prompted legal peril – The Washington Post 12/19/2022

Book banning is bad policy. Let’s make it bad politics. – The Washington Post 12/19/2022

The Top Twenty-five New Yorker Stories of 2022 – The New Yorker 12/19/2022

The Year in New Yorker Photography – The New Yorker 12/19/2022

Trump Faces a Week of Headaches on Jan. 6 and His Taxes – The New York Times 12/19/2022

5 people killed in a ‘horrendous’ condo shooting in Canada, police say – CNN 12/19/2022

This mechanical engineer is building robots to harvest raspberries –  CNN 12/19/2022

Black Americans’ complex response to Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series – BBC 18/12/2022

The Expatriate Life of Stan Getz – DownBeat April 14, 1960

What to watch as Jan. 6 committee wraps up its investigation – The Associated Press 12/18/2022

XPLAINER: How do parties and states set presidential votes? – The Associated Press 12/18/2022

Holiday gloom at The Washington Post – The Washington Post 12/18/2022

To build a delightful library for kids, start with these 99 books – The Washington Post 12/18/2022

Brittney Griner and the Role of Race in Diplomacy – The New Yorker 12/17/2022

A Witching Hour with Sarah Ruhl – The New Yorker 12/18/2022

Why we can’t get enough of the ‘Wednesday’ dance – 12/18/2022

Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti arrested after criticizing execution of protester – 12/18/2022

Jazz To Read By – DownBeat 12/13/2022

McCarthy’s race for speaker risks upending House on Day One – The Associated Press 12/17/2022

More questions than answers as EU corruption scandal unfolds – The Associated Press 12/17/2022

Musk reinstates some reporters on Twitter. But their companies never left. –  The Washington Post 12/17/2022

Twitter’s action against journalists exposes its transparency problem – The Washington Post 12/ 17/20202

The Year in Cat Eyes – The New Yorker 12/17/2022

How the Families of American Hostages Created Bipartisan Support for Prisoner Swaps – The New Yorker 12/17/2022

Putin’s War Secret battle plans, intercepted communications and Russian soldiers explain how a “walk in the park” became a catastrophe for Russia. – The New York Times 12/17/2022

January 6 defendant arrested for allegedly planning to kill FBI agents who had investigated him – CNN 12/17/2022

Appeals court rejects bid by GOP-led states to keep Title 42 border policy in force – CNN 12/17/2022

Great New Boxed Sets – DownBeat 12/13/2022

Twitter suspends journalists who wrote about owner Elon Musk – The Associated Press 12/16/2022

Germany: Huge Berlin aquarium bursts, releases flood of fish – The Associated Press 12/16/2022

War in Ukraine has decimated a once-feared Russian brigade – The Washington Post 11/16/2022

Pelosi prepares for her exit — but her work will endure – The Washington Post 11/16/2022

A Proper Sendoff for the Legendary Nancy Pelosi – The New Yorker 11/16/2022

“Merrily We Roll Along” and “Some Like It Hot” Bring Blockbuster Energy to the Stage – The New Yorker 12/16/2022

Inside Mar-a-Lago, Where Thousands Partied Near Secret Files – The New York Time – 12/16/2022

‘He ultimately was a child’: Pelosi, Schumer describe dealing with Trump in exclusive joint sit-down interview – CNN 12/16/2022

H.E.R. as guitar-shredding Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ live is the princess vibe we deserve – CNN 12/16/2022

Mahalia Jackson Finds Her Way – DownBeat

EXPLAINER: What can the Patriot missile do for Ukraine? – The Associated Press 12/15/2022

Harry, Meghan vent grievances in final Netflix episodes – The Associated Press 12/15/2022

Free bus rides are a wonderful solution to multiple issues – The Washington Post 12/15/2022

Why the E.U.’s carbon border tax is a very bad idea – The Washington Post 12/15/2022

Missed Out on Black Friday Deals? Try Government Surplus – The New Yorker 12/15/2022

Notable Performances and Recordings of 2022 – The New Yorker 12/15/2022

Tornadoes leave a trail of destruction in Louisiana and the Southeast, killing at least 3, collapsing homes and knocking out power – CNN 12/15/2022

Young boy killed in France after being hit by car following World Cup semifinal win – CNN 12/15/2022

Laid off tech workers from Meta, Google and Twitter are being wooed by the federal government – CNBC 12/15/2022

Ella Fitzgerald Tells of Trouble in Mind Concerning Discs, Television – Downbeat

Ukraine: Russian strikes thwarted, wreckage hits buildings – The Associated Press 12/14/2022

Fed set to extend inflation fight with 7th rate hike of 2022 – The Associated Press 12/14/2022

To live and die in Tijuana, Mexico’s new fentanyl capital – The Washington Post 12/14/2022

The plan to stop a future Trumpist coup moves closer to reality – The Washingtom Post 12/14/2022

“Empire of Light,” Reviewed: Sam Mendes’s Synthetic Paean to Movie Magic – The New Yorker 12/14/2022

Some Good News on Inflation – The New Yorker 12/14/2022

Jay Leno details how his ‘face caught on fire’ in first interview since accident – CNN 12/14/2022

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ rekindles the wonder in a way that demands to be seen – CNN 12/14/2022

Chet Baker’s Tale of Woe – DownBeat

SEC charges former FTX CEO with defrauding crypto investors – The Associated Press 12/13/2022

Musk’s Twitter disbands its Trust and Safety advisory group – The Associated Press 12/13/2022

Cartels reach deep into U.S. heartland as geography of drug demand shifts – The Washington Post 12/13/2022

Ukraine live briefing: International aid conference begins in Paris; U.S. to discuss Whelan with Russia – The Washington Post 12/13/2022

The Fusion Breakthrough Suggests That Maybe Someday We’ll Have a Second Sun – The New Yorker 12/13/2022

The Economics at the Heart of the Times Union Standoff – The New Yorker 12/13/2022

A moment of truth is fast approaching for both Trump and the DOJ – CNN 12/13/2022

Alexandra Pelosi reflects on her father’s attack: ‘At some point, you’re just done’ – CNN 12/13/2022

Sarah Vaughan and Greatness – Downbeat 2022

2nd Oath Keepers Jan. 6 sedition trial to get underway – The Associated Press 12/12/2022

‘Tár,’ ‘Everything Everywhere’ tie for LA critics’ top award – The Associated Press – 12/12/2022

U.S. to report fusion breakthrough in quest to create zero-carbon power – The Washington Post 12/12/2022

Harry and Meghan’s Netflix yawner – The Washington Post 12/12/2022

The Most Memorable Theatre of 2022 – The New Yorker 12/12/2022

A Supreme Court Case That Threatens the Mechanisms of Democracy – The New Yorker 12/12/2022

Special Counsel Smith speeds ahead on criminal probes surrounding Trump – CNN 12/12/2022

Congress faces looming government shutdown deadline at end of the week – CNN 12/12/2022

Transcontinental Tenorist: Dexter Gordon – DownBeat 12/12/2022

Scottish officials: Lockerbie bomb suspect is in US custody – The Associated Press 12/11/2022

Biden aims to narrow trust gap with US-Africa leaders summit – The Associated Press 12/11/2022

The grinch who stole the Democrats’ victory – The Washington Post 12/11/2022

No magic in this visit to a Disney theme park – The Washington Post 12/11/2022

A Supreme Court Case That Threatens the Mechanisms of Democracy – The New Yorker 12/11/2022

A Sackful of Seeds – The New Yorker 12/11/2022

Major storm to bring feet of snow, heavy rain and possible tornadoes – CNN 12/11/2022

Apple sued by two women alleging their exes used AirTags to stalk them – CNN 12/11/2022

Portland Jazz Festival Celebrates 20th Anniversary In Style this February – DownBeat 2022

Sinema party switch highlights 2024 obstacles for Democrats – The Associated Press 12/10/2022

Russia grinds on in eastern Ukraine; Bakhmut ‘destroyed’ – The Associated Press 12/10/2022

D.C.’s judicial nominees need a push from the president – The Washington Post 12/10/2022

In Griner prisoner swap, Biden faced resistance abroad and at home – The Washington Post 12/10/2022

How “The Daily Show” Squandered the Opportunity That Was Trevor Noah –  The New Yorker 12/10/2022

Could an A.I. Chatbot Rewrite My Novel? – The New Yorker 12/10/2022

Spat Over Patriot Missiles Reveals Deepening Rifts in Europe Over Ukraine – The New York Times 12/10/2022

Federal judge declines to hold Trump in contempt of court – CNN 12/10/2022

See all the times Steve Martin hosted ‘SNL’ – CNN 12/10/2022

Saxophonist-Composer Le Boeuf Joins Nordkraft Big Band as Chief Conductor – DownBeat 12/06/2022

Democratic Sen. Sinema has registered as an independent – The Associated Press 12/09/2022

Brittney Griner back home in US after Russian prisoner swap – The Associated Press 12/09/2022

Democrats and Republicans agree on this tech privacy bill. But can it pass?The Washington Post 12/09/2022 

Democrats and Republicans agree on this tech privacy bill. But can it pass? – The Washington Post 12/09/2022

Trump’s 2024 Campaign So Far Is an Epic Act of Self-Sabotage – The New Yorker 12/09/2022

The Best Performances of 2022 –  The New Yorker 12/09/2022

The NTY Cooking Recipes You Loved in 2022 – The New York Times 12/09/2022

December 8, 2022 Brittney Griner and Russia-Ukraine news – CNN 12/09/2022

Philadelphia police reveal identity of child found dead inside a box 65 years ago – CNN 12/09/2022

Double Blindfold Test: Jim McNeely & Ryan Truesdell – DownBeat 12/06/2022

New York Times journalists, other workers on 24-hour strike –  The Associated Press 12/08/2022

UK royals brace as Harry-Meghan doc promises ‘full truth’ – The Associated Press 12/08/2022

Iran conducts first known execution of prisoner arrested in anti-government protests, state media reports – The Washington Post 12/08/2022

Donald Trump is begging for attention. Nobody cares. – The Washington Post 12/08/2022

“The Whale” and the Fat Suit – The New Yorker 12/08/2022

The Best Books Of 2022 – The New Yorker 12/08/2022

‘Trump obsession is very bad’: Senate Republicans confront their problems after poor election showing – CNN 12/08/2022

Trump poses with QAnon, Pizzagate conspiracy theorist at Mar-a-Lago – CNN 12/08/2022

NYC Winter Jazzfest Announces Initial Artist Lineup – DownBeat 12/06/2022

Democratic Sen. Warnock wins Georgia runoff against Walker – The Associated Press 12/07/2022

Germany: 25 arrested on suspicion of planning armed coup – The Associated Press 12/07/2022

What you should consider when you attend or skip your company holiday party – The Washington Post 12/07/2022

4 takeaways from the Georgia Senate runoff – The Washington Post 12/07/2022

Cormac McCarthy Peers Into the Abyss – The New Yorker 12/07/2022

The Despair of Generation “Notti Bop” – The New Yorker 12/07/2022

Jan. 6 committee member previews details in panel’s upcoming report – CNN 12/08/2022

Federal appeals court considers Trump’s plea to grant him immunity from Capitol riot lawsuits – 12/08/2022

The Musical World of Basquiat – DownBeat 12/06/2022

Many kids are struggling. Is special education the answer? – The Associated Press 12/06/2022

Officers to receive Congressional Gold Medals for Jan. 6 – The Associated Press 12/06/2022

Trump’s political action committee paying for lawyers of key Mar-a-Lago witnesses – The Washington Post 12/06/2022

Facing a divided Congress, Biden should dust off a powerful but simple tool – The Washington Post 12/06/2022

The Revelatory Tedium of the New “Greatest Film of All Time” – The New Yorker 12/06/2022

The Most Popular Shouts of 2022 – The New Yorker  12/06/2022

Kirstie Alley, ‘Cheers’ and ‘Veronica’s Closet’ star, dead at 71 – CNN 12/06/2022

Neil Diamond surprises audience with ‘Sweet Caroline’ performance at Broadway opening of ‘A Beautiful Noise – CNN 12/06/2022

Jakob Bro & Joe Lovano “Once Around The Room: A Tribute To Paul Motian” – DownBeat 2022

Bob McGrath, ‘Sesame Street’ legend, dies at 90 – The Associated Press 12/05/2022

Warnock, Walker: Starkly different choices for Black voters – The Associated Press 11/05/2022

Ethiopian guards massacred scores of Tigrayan prisoners, witnesses say – The Washington Post 11/05/2022Post 12/05/2022

Wedding websites are the latest gay rights battleground in Colorado – The Washington Post 11/05/2022

The Best Movies of 2022 – The New Yorker 12/05/2022

Will Republicans Who Have Soured on Trump Turn Out for Herschel Walker? – The New Yorker 11/05/2022

How the fight over banned books is playing out in communities across the U.S. – NPR 11/04/2022

In Memoriam: DJ Michael G. Nastos – DownBeat 11/05/2022

US intel chief thinking ‘optimistically’ for Ukraine forces – The Associated Press 12/04/2022

Survivors of Brussels suicide attacks seek closure at trial – The Associated Press 12/04/2022

Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter Files’ ignite divisions, but haven’t changed minds – The Washington Post 12/04/2022

White House rebukes Trump’s suggestion to suspend Constitution over 2020 election – The Washington Post 12/04/2022

After the January 6th Committee – The New Yorker 12/04/2022

Nan Goldin’s Art, Addiction, and Activism in “All the Beauty and the Bloodshed” – The New Yorker 12/04/2022

Exclusive: China operating over 100 police stations across the world with the help of some host nations, report claims – CNN 12/04/2022

‘Saturday Night Live’ tackles Herschel Walker’s campaign in Georgia runoff election – CNN 12/04/2022

SteepleChase’s European Jazz Turns 50 – DownBeat 2022

Is This Little-Known Spirit Going to Be the Next Big Thing? – The Associated Press 12/03/2022

Macron hits New Orleans’ French Quarter, meets with Musk – The Associated Press 12/03/2022

In Georgia runoff election, GOP worries about Walker, Trump and party’s future – The Washington Post 12/03/2022

As Pelosi bows out, chaos enters (stage right) – The Washington Post 12/03/2022

Herschel Walker and the Fate of the Right-Wing Celebrity Populist – The New-Yorker 12/03/2022

Remembering the Artist Aline Kominsky-Crumb, a Trailblazing Funny Woman – The New Yorker 12/03/2022

A hard look at New York’s controversial new approach to the homeless – CNN 12/03/2022

Black Creeks expelled from tribe finally get their day in court, 43 years later – CNN 12/03/2022

Bill Charlap Solo Show at Mezzrow Reveals Pianist’s Expansive Outlook – DownBeat 2022

EU edges closer to $60-per-barrel Russian oil price cap – The Associated Peress  12/02/2022

High court to rule on Biden student loan cancellation plan – The Associated Press 12/02/2022

Biden pushes S.C. as first primary state, elevates Georgia and Michigan – The Washington Post 12/02/2022

Jill Biden’s twinkling state-dinner dress revived a first lady tradition – The Washington Post 12/02/2022

What Hollywood’s Ultimate Oral History Reveals – The New Yorker 12/02/2022

The Best Video Games of 2022 – The New Yorker 12/02/2022

36 hours in Rome – The New York Times 12/02/2022

Trump’s classic delay and divert legal strategy is running out of road – 12/02/2022

Lawsuit claims legislation used to fund DeSantis’ migrant flights is unconstitutional – 12/02/2022

Shabaka (Afrikan Culture) – Downbeat 2022

Biden hosts Macron amid friction over US climate law – The Associated Press 12/01/2022

Prosecutor suspended by DeSantis testifies as lawsuit begins – The Associated Press 12/01/2022

Trump’s dinner with antisemites provides test of GOP response to extremism – The Washington Post 12/01/2022

Drought may lower Colorado River to point of ‘complete doomsday scenario’ – The Washington Post 12/01/2022

A Hacked Newsroom Brings a Spyware Maker to U.S. Court – The New Yorker 12/01/2022

What’s at Stake in the University of California Graduate-Worker Strike – The New Yorker 12/01/2022

House committee receives Donald Trump’s federal tax returns from IRS – CNN 12/01/2022

What the Oath Keepers sedition verdict means for the Justice Department’s investigation of Trump – CNN 12/01/2022

London Jazz Festival Showcases New Means, Methods of Expression – Downbeat 12/01/2022

Twitter ends enforcement of COVID misinformation policy – The Associated Press 11/30/2022

Landmark same-sex marriage bill wins Senate passage – The Associated Press 11/30/2022

Biden to honor tribes with Nevada national monument, his biggest yet – The Washington Post 11/30/2022

McConnell: Anyone meeting with antisemites is ‘unlikely to ever be elected president’- The Washington Post 11/30/2022

The Symphonic Testament of Erich Wolfgang Korngold –  The New Yorker 11/30/2022

Yam Karkai’s Illustrations Made Her an N.F.T. Sensation. Now What? – The New Yorker 11/30/2022

January 6 convictions bolster democracy, but McCarthy’s defense of Trump threatens it – CNN 11/30/2022

Ex-FBI Deputy Director on the message the Oath Keepers jury verdict sends to domestic extremists – CNN 11/30/2022

Portland Jazz Festival Celebrates 20th Anniversary In Style this February – Downbeat 11/29/2022

High court to hear arguments over Biden’s deportation policy – The Associated Press 11/29/2022

Biden, Macron ready to talk Ukraine, trade in state visit – The Associated Press 11/29/2022

Mastodon’s 29-year-old CEO wants his Twitter alternative to ‘replace’ its rival some day, but he’s taking an anti–Elon Musk approach to growing it – Fortune 28/11/2022

French man wins right to not be ‘fun’ at work – The Washington Post 11/28/2022

America’s homicide rate has surged. In 9 cities, loved ones tell the story of lives lost. – The Washington Post 11/29/2022

She was kidnapped as a baby in 1971. Her family just found her alive. – The Washington Post 11/29/2022

How Hospice Became a For-Profit Hustle – The New Yorker – 11/29/2022

The Year in Rereading – The New Yorker 11/29/2022

Mother loses peripheral vision from apparent exposure to mercury in beauty creams. Toxic levels in her home put family at risk, say experts – CNN 11/29/2022

Judge says Trump’s political actions around 2020 election not protected by ‘absolute immunity’ – CNN 11/29/2022

Readers Poll Winner / Pat Metheny Gets Lost In Translation – Downbeat 11/23/2022

China affirms zero-COVID stance, eases rules after protests – The Associoated Press 11/28/2022

Surgeons work by flashlight as Ukraine power grid battered – The Associated Press 11/28/2022

Calling out of the blue: Why would you do this to someone you love? – The Washington Post 11/28/2022

An island community moved to the mainland. Now the fast-rising sea is following. – The Washington Post 11/28/2022

A Board-Game Auteur Makes His Next Move – The New Yorker 11/28/2022

Neil Young Embraces Imperfection –  The New Yorker 11/28/2022

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Le 49.3 pour forcer l’adoption de la partie recette du budget en France. Bayou Blue News 10/17/2022

Le gouvernement macroniste en France n’ayant qu’une majorité plus que 5relative, c’est l’article 49.3 de la constitution qui sera adopté pour forcer l’adoption du texte.

C’est certainement la façon la plus anti-démocratique qui existe dans la constitution française puisque le texte ne sera pas débattu, encore une exception française qui prouve une fois de plus s’il était nécessaire que ce pays ne soit pas une démocratie.

On se souvient dans les années 80 Michel Rocard alors premier ministre en avait totalement abusé, avec les conséquences que l’on connait.

LE gouvernement macron n’étant que la caisse enregistreuse des directives de Bruxelles, on peut s’attendre a un automne et un hiver très agite en France comme dans le reste de l’Europe…

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La communauté Européenne, a toujours des décisions économiques totalement stupides sous le coude, comme cette directive qui oblige l’Energie à se calquer sur le prix du pétrole, du coup, comme il y a un grand nombre de personne qui se chauffent au mazout dans les villes et la campagne de province, avec l’inflation galopante, seul, les plus riches pourront se chauffer, les autres pourront porter leur manteau dans leur maison.

Il en va de même pour ceux qui ont un chauffage électrique, car peu de centrales nucléaires sont en fonction, et les clients payent la mauvaise gestion du secteur de ses 40 dernières années, ce qui va rapidement rendre beaucoup moins sexy les adeptes de la voiture électrique, qui eux aussi risquent d’avoir du mal à payer leur facture, du fait que sur l’Europe un hiver particulièrement froid et long est attendu.

Autant de raisons qui annonce un automne et un hiver particulièrement agite, il ne serait d’ailleurs pas surprenant de revoir les Gilets Jaunes sur les ronds-points.

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La France est un pays difficile à cerner pour les étrangers, avec son système issu de la royauté qui donne tout pouvoir à un président et un gouvernement élu par une minorité de citoyens puisque les français sont près de 60% à ne plus faire confiance aux élus, lasse par les politiques diverses et varie qui les ont conduits dans un état casi totalitaire.

Pour comprendre ce qui se passe avec  cette grevé dans les raffineries, il faut savoir que seuls quelques nantis et industriels s’en mettent plein les poches en France et que le reste de la population a du mal à s’en sortir, avec plus de 10 millions de pauvres dur 65 millions d’habitants, et compte tenu d’une taxation beaucoup trop importante, bon nombre d’industries ont quitte le territoire depuis quarante ans, et les conséquence économiques de la guerre en Ukraine pourrait entrainer la disparition totale de plusieurs centaine d’entreprises du fait du cout énorme de l’électricité.

Dans le monde du pétrole il y a la direction très grassement payée, et l’employé, payes avec des cacahuètes… Ou presque, et avec une inflation de plus de 10 % en France, contrairement à ce que déclare l’état, une grève de raffinerie qui s’installe dans le temps mettra des semaines à se réguler, il risque donc d’y avoir encore et encore de très longue queue aux stations d’essence.

Rappelons qu’en France il, y a plus de 60 % de taxes imposées par l’état, le prix est si élevé qu’il n’est plus rare de voir des vols d’essence en France.

On comprend donc parfaitement le courrier de l’ambassade des USA envoyés a ses ressortissants, le 14 octobre, qui visiblement a parfaitement compris le danger de ce pays qui est près à exploser tant la vie y devient impossible pour une majorité de personnes, en voici un extrait :


Demonstration Alert – U.S. Embassy Paris, France

(October 14, 2022)


Location:  Nationwide


Event:  Strikes by fuel industry employees have led to fuel shortages around France.  Travelers may find:

  • Gas stations closed, particularly Total and Esso
  • Long lines — some lasting several hours — for gas stations that are open
  • Fuel rationing in some parts of the country
  • Bans on filling fuel cans
  • Limited availability of taxis, rental vehicles, and some buses
  • For prepurchased travel, including tours, the possibility of cancellations or changes

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Traditionnellement en France le mois de septembre est le point de départ des grèves en France, il est donc recommandé aux touristes d’éviter la France en cette période, d’autant qu’avec un gouvernement et un président qui sont largement détestés par plus de la moitie de la population et avec toutes les mesures économiques imposées par Bruxelles qui ne passent pas, la France est actuellement comme une cocotte-minute qui peut exploser à tout moment.

Rappelons que ce gouvernement n’a pas de majorité représentative au parlement, ce qui leur complique les choses, même si globalement ils peuvent compter sur les LR pour soutenir les lois économiques les plus dures et les plus liberticides qui ont déjà fait plonger la France dans une forme d’autocratie.

D’ailleurs Macron laisse planer le doute sur une dissolution possible, qui pourrait tout à fait devenir une réalité dans les circonstances actuelle sil la rue finit par empêcher toute forme de reprise économique par des mouvements de grèves toujours plus importants.

Le problème est qu’en cas de dissolution Macron perdrait le peu de soutien qu’il a actuellement, et ferait entre l’extrême droite en force dans le gouvernement, imitant ainsi un mouvement qui touche tous les pays européens, même si la politique de Macron est assez proche de celle de l’extrême droite, reniant toute forme de dialogue et utilisant les mémés élément de langages absconds et mensongers, le pays dans un tel cas de figure, subirait alors un traumatisme encore plus grand.

Deux ans après le décès du professeur Samuel Paty, les craintes sont toujours là – Bayou Blue News 10/13/2022

« Montée en puissance de signalements pour port de tenues et d’accessoires religieux”, selon le ministre de l’Education Pap Ndiaye ». Propos du ministre de l’éducation rapportes par l’agence France presse.

Le résultat de la politique Européenne appliquée a la lettre par la France à force de laisser entrer sur le territoire n’importe qui et ka faute également aux partis politiques en France, de droite comme de gauche, qui suivant le sens du vent, ce sont servis des étrangers comme soupape sociale ou raciste suivant le cas pour servir leurs intérêts.

Il devient très difficile pour les enseignants de pouvoir parler de laïcité, car dans les milieux musulmans en France, ce sont les Frères Musulmans qui remportent l’adhésion des jeunes hommes et des jeunes filles, qu’ils instrumentalisent à des fins politiques.

Une situation devenue incontrôlable et on ne voit pas bien quel parti politique pourrait proposer un début de solution viable, alors que l’Europe ne permet plus à un pays membre d’être souverain autant su ces questions, que sur les questions économiques.

La bourse de Paris en chute libre. Bayou Blue News 10/12/2022

La bourse de Paris a reculé à nouveau de 4.7% ce jeudi, selon l’agence France Presse.

Avec une inflation certainement légèrement au-delà des 10% en France bien que l’Etat prétende le contraire et une grogne sociale qui s’amplifie sous fond de grèves sociales et un gouvernement aux abois qui brandi la peur du 49.3 pour faire passer des reformes économiques imposées par Bruxelles, les choses s’empirent non seulement en France mais dans toute la zone Euro.

Dans les scores de la bourse de Paris, comme toujours le luxe se porte bien, et c’est le seul domaine positif à signaler.

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